FIFA 14 Tips: Using Custom Tactics

FIFA 14 Tips: Using Custom Tactics


You can find here some FIFA 14 tips about how to set custom tactics.


FIFA 14 Tips: Using Custom Tactics


Setting up custom tactics can really influence the manner in which the game is played. To change tactics, go to the Customise FIFA menu, Edit Teams and then select a squad whose base tactics are best suited to your style of play. When this is complete head over to custom tactics and adjust the sliders to suit your preference. When your tactic is complete, you can assign it a position in quick tactics on the D-Pad to allow for quick alterations in game. If you prefer, you can simply apply an existing team’s tactics to your D-Pad if you are a fan of their style of play.

Play around with the sliders to find what works for you. Pushing the crossing slider up can give you more options in the box when you put the ball in or doing the same with shooting will encourage your AI players to join the attack further up the pitch. A common tactic that appears is the use of high pressure defending. By moving the pressure slider up, players will become more aggressive when defending which means they will push higher up the pitch and chase down an opponent that has the ball. Remember that tactics will have consequences as well; pressing high for example will mean that your players tire quicker and leave spaces in defence.

Check that your sliders work well together and won’t cause you problems in game. Having pressure and shooting high could really leave you exposed at the back as your whole team will be pushing up the pitch to get the ball. The trick with custom tactics isn’t just to make your tactics suit yourself, but to also suit each other.


FIFA 14 Custom Tactics Video


This week tips on The Boot Room, Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares in a video how to set Custom Tactics in FIFA 14.



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