The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats and Safety Procedures


We don’t have taboos. Get to know our guide on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats.


Using FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats: Yes or No ?


Before anything else there’s a matter of morality: is it right to use cheats on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team? The answer is each to their own, it is up to each player. The question depends mainly on the cheats we are talking about.

We want to let it be known that we are against any kind of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cheats. They all tend to spoil the game. Imagine if everyone could have all the coins they wanted. At the start it would seem good to all the players but after a while the game would lose its standing and integrity t and everyone would agree that cheats are harmful to the game, Do not follow the path of fraud. You’ll be fooling yourself and hurting all of the other players.


The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats


Fortunately, FUT 14 is a game almost immune to cheats. However, this is one of the characteristics that makes it so appealing. The honest players know that all their effort won’t be in vain and that they’ll be playing in equal conditions with everyone else. Or almost…everyone else…

The truth is there are some FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cheats. If you want to follow that path, the best thing for you to do is to read our guide. Be careful because it’s easy to lose everything you have…

Everyone is different and because of that not all of you have the same notion of what is a cheat. A cheat to us may or not be to you or vice-versa. Buying coins for an example was very badly seen by the community in the first editions of this game mode. However, people’s mentalities have been changing, it has become globalized and today few consider it a cheat. EA Sports itself just doesn’t allow it because it damages its business, particularly buying packs. But aren’t these in a way a much similar way of trading real money for coins? The answer seems obvious.

Considering that a cheat is used by a group of players which offers the a wide advantage over others, which is not part of the game and is not accepted in the community, we can group the m by the following categories:


Auto-click Software;
AutoBuyer or AutoBidder Software (AB);
Software exclusive to the PC platform.

Offer Methods;
Bid Jumping.

Card Multipliers and Coin Generators;


The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats

Using cheats makes it easier to reach the best players of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team



External Software Support


There are those who use software to gain a competitive advantage and therefore reaching better results. They can just automate a task they would do manually or they can go to hard core of illegality and transforming the game in something that has nothing to do with fun. Get to know one by one the three types of software most used for these objectives.


Auto-Click Software


There are various tasks in this game mode that are repetitive and tiresome. One of them is reaching the page at the 59 minutes in the transfer market. To top, after hundreds of click to advance page there’s always a reasonable probability of an error occurring and all that work have been made in vain.

If you have access to the FUT 14 Web App, the use of the Auto-Click software may be it’s main use. You only have to define where the next page button is in the transfer market and the program does the rest. You can occupy your time with something else and you’ll only need to pay attention to the game again when it has reached the wanted page.

In a scale of cheats this one seems the most little and even acceptable.


The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats

Although it’s not an Auto-Click software, the Cheat Engine allows you to reach the 59 minutes page a lot faster


Autobuyer or Autobidder Software (AB)


The types of auto-click programs replace the player in the browsing of the transfer markets pages, but there are other programs that are more complete when talking about the automatization of the processes. It’s the case of AB’S.

A bit to the similarity of what happens with the databases its permanently sending requests to the EA servers in order to stay updated, The owner just has to indicate the price he’s interested in buying certain cards and when they appear the program makes the buy for him. The majority of these programs also automatizes the sales. The player indicates the minimum price he’s willing to receive for the cards and the software puts them on sale. In other words, so at one time it buys and puts cards for sale, saving the player a lot of time.

These programs do everything super fast, managing to achieve card purchases few seconds after they are put up for sale. Competing with machines in the 59 minute method is too much of an unequal struggle. Trading stopped being fun to the point where the use of these programs peaked. They unvirtualize the market by complete, calling into question the games balance and harmony.

The big difference between an AutoBuyer and an AutoBidder is that the first buys by BIN (Buy it now) and the other one by bid. In other words, in the first you are limited card wise due to few cards having BIN defined and in the second you’ll make a bid to all of the cards you want but you won’t be guaranteed that you will buy them. The Autobuyer exists since 2010, while the AutoBidder new and very recently released in the market.

These programs won’t do you any good if you’re not a good trader. Their function is helping you. They don’t replace you. They merely fulfil what you order them to do so that you don’t have to be constantly on your PC. If you don’t know what to do in the market to win coins, then we advise you to read our GUIDE. It has all the information you need.

If you’re trying out one of these programs we caution you to be careful. Regardless of them being all over the internet, the smashing majority don’t work properly or include files that will damage and compromise the safety of your computer. Furthermore, if it’s use is detected by EA Sports you may be banished. Yes, that means losing everything you have. You don’t want that do you? If you want to know where you can one you can trust, contact us.


Software Exclusive to the PC Platform


Of the three main platforms of FUT 14, the PC is the one more susceptible to cheats. Unlike what happens on the Playstation or the Xbox, it’s relatively easier to link a program to the game.

Currently the most popular program is called ‘’Trainer’’. Among other functions, it enables the alteration of the result and the match time. In other game modes it’s possible to change your clubs budget and the salary budget (career mode) or even editing your Virtual Pros stats. Anyway, only use it on offline mode if you don’t want to be banished. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

There are a lot more softwares capable of making alterations on FUT 14 on the PC, but all of them are too dangerous. We highly discourage those who want to follow this path.


The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats

If you use the Trainer online mode you’ll be immediately detected and banished


Account Multiplication


Anyone can have more than one account. It’s extremely easy and EA Sports little has done to prevent it. It’s not enough for Origin to ask us if we want to merge our various registers in one account. Something more has to be done to prevent account multiplication, responsible for some of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cheats.

Get to know the motives that make a lot of players create more than a dozen accounts.


Offer Method


Every time you create a new club, by elimination of the previous one or by registering, you’re given a pack with more than 30 cards. This starter pack supposedly is used exclusively for the start of a club, but in previous years it could be sold and transformed into coins. If you created many registrations you could sell all the cards of all those packs and transfer them into your main account. It’s obvious that the profit of selling a bronze pack is relatively low. But the profit of selling dozens of bronze packs might just be attractive enough to many players to lose some hours applying this method.

In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has fight against this cheat, turning the Starter Pack cards untradeable. As compensation, the first players cards comes now with 45 contracts. That is, those who want to make coins with the starter pack need to play matches. However, having more than one account may be still very useful in the beginning of the game. Besides the starter pack, the previous players are compensated with welcome back packs. This offer is just as much interesting as much as your antiquity in Ultimate Team. If you’ve created various accounts to benefit from all these gifts, don’t erase them. Keep them and you might have a much more comfortable economically wise FUT 15 beginning. But, it’s convenient to keep the accounts activated and created before the 1st of August. This is the way that EA Sports has to identify which accounts were created just for this purpose.

Being the owner of various accounts doesn’t just let you benefit from starter packs. There are other various offers that can be deposited in each account throughout the season. If you’ve created various accounts to be able to benefit from starter packs, keep them and access the same when EA are offering gifts. It’s the case of Christmas season, of the previously announced daily gifts or the compensation received from service interruption. Sell all your cards and transfer the coins to your main account. Easy?

There are also those who possess various accounts in order to increase the size of their trade pile, Instead of being limited by 30 or 40 items, they can effectuate transaction at a higher scale. This tactic is very useful if you’re trying to fix the prices.


The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats

You can not quick sell with profit or send to transfer market an untradeable item


Bid Jumping


Unlike the other FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cheats before here presented, Bid Jumping hurt directly the other player. It’s an extremely dishonest tactic that take advantage of a common mistake and that is becoming a lot more popular.

To put it in practice, Bid Jacking or Price jacking, names for which it’s known, only need two accounts. If you have more the result can be a lot bigger, but two are enough. The cheat is to start placing the card on sale at a welcoming price, normally 10 to 20% below the minimum price of the card. As soon as the auction has some bids, what normally happens in the end is winner bids its own card with an unrealistically high price. If you’re not lucky you’ll win the auction and transfer the card again to the account you wish. If things go right, then someone makes a bid right after bid was made and you’ll collect a highly overinflated value for a card.

This technique reaches best results if the bid is done with a second account during the last 15 seconds of the auction. In this period it’s normal for a card to be disputed, in virtue of its low price and someone bids without confirming the amount of their last offer.

If you don’t want to be harmed by this technique pay special attention when buying players cards. Especially the more expensive versions like TOTY and TOTS, they’re the cheaters favourites. Every time you find cards considerably cheaper than their average market price and without a BIN defined or with a very high BIN, make sure that the actual club (seller) didn’t show up on previous auctions exactly with the same card and same prices. Always carefully check the price you’re bidding. Always remember that after your bid is made it only stops being effective after someone bids on the same item.


The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats

On FUT 14, the Seller became Actual Club


Fake cheats


The world of cheats on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is extremely dangerous. It’s very easy to lose everything you have if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ll explain you which cheats you should never try. Never ever.


Card Duplicators and Coin generators


Everything you need to know is that card duplicators and coins generators don’t exist. All you’ll find will be nothing more than scams.If you insist on going through this path, the most certain thing is you’l lose all your coins and your best cards.

Every day we get to know people that have been scammed. The players change but the story is always the same: they wanted an easy solution to get more coins and players, they found a program that could solve all their problems and they decided to try. Big mistake.

In most of the cases, these programs ask for your data to access your account. Once transmitted the scammer enters it and transfer all you have of worth. When the owner of the same account is back, which is only possible resorting to the safety question, note that you will not have any coins and that your squad has been replaced with bronze players of a low value (necessary to remove the players that were there).

Despite our warnings, there still exists those who ask how it is possible that so many great teams and so many valuable cards are on auction at the same time in the market. The answer is simple: there are those who are good and dedicated traders, there are those who know how to use well the cheats we described in the chapter above and there are those who win a lot with pseudo coin generators and card duplicators. It’s probably the most profitable cheat but not to all users. Scammers to everything they can to convince you into giving them your data. They offer themselves to help you through softwares so pompous like card duplicators and coin generators, fifa ultimate team hack, etc…

The first supposedly duplicates the cards you have. Normally they ask for access to your account and to choose the cards you want to duplicate. It’s a well thought tactic because no one has interest in duplicating a card that is not valuable. And the scammers want exactly that: to fool everyone who has an very filled account.

Coin generators are few but simple: you are asked that you indicate your accounts data so that it can be inserted with a coin quantity in your account. There are scammers that turn their idea more believable ask for a payment for their service. They win double.

To give these programs credibility, scammers diversify their solicitation channels. They create software specific for the result is downloaded by the user, including torrents. They open the pages on social networks publicizing the programs, recurring to fake feedback and giveaways. They insert videos on Youtube exhibiting their fantastic fake teams and soliciting direct or indirect your account data. They pass on as Ea Sports functionaries in forums and blog commentaries, fooling many times those who are just in need of technical support. They replicate almost perfectly the EA Sports login page. Create share links of teams that redirect you to other sited not the editors. Everything is fair for enriching yourself.

By the quantity, variety and quality of the scams, it seems a lucrative business. Parts of stores legitimately sell FUT Coins, they are provided by scammers that use the methods we’ve revealed here. They want to get rich no matter what it takes. Overall, you can avoid all of these schemes by following these 5 basic safety rules:


  1. Certify and recertify if the page always starts with a URL of the type;
  2. Always certify that the link doesn’t redirect you to another site;
  3. Never click on e-mail links that ask for access data or say that your account is allegedly compromised;
  4. Never give your data to anyone, not even EA Sports:
  5. Don’t search for card duplicators, coin generators and other schemes to win coins easily (they don’t exist!).


If you’ve been harmed by any of these techniques, know that you’re the only one responsible. You can complain to EA Sports (see HERE how to do it) but they’ll always answer that you didn’t follow their safety recommendations. And unfortunately that is really true.


The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats

There are hundreds of swindle attempts with this type of software




The Handicap is a theory that says that a artificial advantage is given to the weaker teams when they play against a stronger team through the alteration of the adversaries game conditions such as: poorly executed passes, uncoordinated movement, decrease of pace, etc…

For us, the Handicap isn’t a cheat because neither party uses it for personal benefit. It’s supposedly created by the game itself. We’ve only added it to the article because there are those who consider it a cheat and we wanted to respect every interpretation.

It’s probably the most controversial theme of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, capable of separating a whole community. We won’t prolong a lot more because it’s existence or not is matter enough for another big article.


The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats


In this guide we tried to explain to you without taboos the cheats in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. However, it’s extremely important that you understand that in general all of them are bad to the game. It’s up to each and every one of us to avoid using them or at least use them in a moderate way. It’s also up to EA Sports to fight against them, principally the most serious ones, like the start of FUT 13 which caused the interruption of the game for some days or the second week of FUT 14 that forced the deactivation of part of the EASFC. If you can resist, don’t use them.


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  1. Hi,
    does my fut 14 origin id work in FUT 15? can i have the same coins and player in fut 15 too?

    1. Yes your origin ID will stay the same accross all the same Fifa (and EA) games. But you’ll lose your FUT coins and players but each new installment, it’s the idea of the game to start from scratch each year.

  2. Same issue here ! I’m trying to bid over 15millions but i can’t ! Some other people do It. Any idea ?

      1. The App ? What App ? Because Web App & iOs App don’t allow us to bid over 15 millions.

          1. Thanks Rodrigo. Do you know a good/trusted website in order to do that ? I don’t know Cheat Engine. I’ve used but few players (MotM, inForm etc.) aren’t available to place a bid ! Ty,

  3. hello… using that software i cant bid more than 15 million…. so any solution for that i have got 100 million coins but total waste…

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  6. Help!!! I was playing ultimate team on my ios device and I finished a season then I chose a cup to go on another season but I chose cup that requires a chemistry of 90 and above but I just started the game so I’m far down the margin for that. How do I quit the season to choose a different one?

  7. Hey I just started playing Fifa 14 on my ios device and so far it’s pretty good. I just had one minor problem with ultimate team. I finished my first season and now I moved onto division 9 but I think I chose the wrong season to play in as in I chose the wrong cup and now when I try and play to says my team has to have a chemistry of 90 or more and since I’ve only just started that is really hard to get to. So how do I quit a season and choose another one??? Thank u

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    Can I have some coins please and also what are the best way to earn them.
    Also do you work for EA?

  9. miro vukovic

    I’ve had the lead in games and my opponent leaves or there is a connection problem and it’s like the game was never played.

    Is this a cheat or some kind of glitch. It is very annoying especially when you are winning and you don’t get credit for your hard work.

    Thanks, Miro

    1. Hi.
      Free contracts ? You don’t. You may buy packs with contracts but it is not free. You can also win a tournament or a offline season which first prize is a pack or finishing the manager tasks.

  10. Someone on Facebook asked me to help him out. he wants to delete his club and wants to send me his players, (Me putting 3 bronze players and him giving me his starting 11 via trade offer). Then after he creates a new club I should give him his players back. Is this a scam of some sorts?

    1. It looks safe. If the only thing you do is to accept his players and to give him 3 bronze players, you should be safe. Pay attention to NEVER give your account details. That is the most important.

  11. I am getting loads of messages on XBL Saying message me for coin glitch Ivan I get bNned for doing it is it real?!

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  13. Latham renshaw

    Hey I’ve lost my team and I have started again but I need 100k to get my team the same as it was

  14. Nathan OCallaghan

    Hi, I have a hybrid team in fifa 14 which os 85 overall. I never have a lotof coins ( max-2000/500 )My team is worth only around 50k. Is there any way I can make more coins without buying them?

  15. Fabianus Ruspandy

    Hi Rodrigo,

    I have a question, what would happen if I play the Single Season FUT games (the one with 10 games, the first winner gets 7,500ish coins + gold pack), but I quit every time I almost got beaten by the computer resulting a 0 lost, is like restarting the game.. Will I get banned from EA? I know this is like cheating, but is not hurting other online gamers right? Thanks.

  16. hi, ive spent to much money on points. and havent had any luck in packs.. is there any legitsite where I could buy ccoins? ive already lost my valuable players in unfair trades where I cant see my traders card. any help please. or any good website I could buy coins from? 🙁

  17. Hi!

    When I started my club I was a bit below average at fifa, but I have since perfected my strategies and am now quite good (not trying to gloat). The problem is that my record is horrendous, and I really need a fresh start. I would just delete my club and start from scratch, but I have Ronaldo, Neymar, SIF Aguerro, etc. Would it be possible to make a second account and trade all of my players to that account, delete my club, and then trade the players back to the new club on my original account? I’m nervous to try it as I am terrified of losing all of my players. Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, it is possible. I think the record is not so important but if you want to do it, go ahead. I already did more than once.
      Just be sure that the second account is friend of the first one. In that case, you can use the ‘transfer offer’ feature and avoid the 5% taxes.

  18. Hi!

    First of all, compliments to a great site. Now to my question. I’ve bought coins from a coinseller. I sold a bronze player and got 500k. When I bought the coins, 6 days ago, I didn’t know that EA saw cointrades as a cheat.. I just read about it yesterday. Do you think I’m going to be banned? I’m starting to freaking out. I’m a really good player who plays in div.1 and I’ve fought so hard for my team (exept for those 500k which I really didn’t need anyway, bought them because I was bored and thought it was legit)..

    1. Hi.
      It is against Terms of Use and EA Conditions. It means that it is not allowed. However, I think you will not be banned. Their fight is against who sells and not against who buys.

  19. Why when I play fut online seasons especialy in division 1 there are some people who play against me play with a low rated team and then they quit in the first seconds of the match. This is so annoying, because of them I only win little amount of coins and I am costed a lot of contracts.

  20. Hi Rodrigo,

    First of all keep the good job,that you are making with this site, now my question is:

    How a team with 69 chemistry, all the lines red, can beat my team with 85 and 100 chemistry? and I am talking not just one goal, but a 4.
    You talk about handicap? There is have to be some kind of cheat or trainer for PS3.

    1. Thank you.
      No there is not. You may have played against some one that pays FIFA every day, many hours per day. There is no cheat for PS3. And about handicap, it would be better not talk about it. We don’t believe in it…

  21. Tannan Groenewald

    Hi Rodrigo.

    Will a gold squad with 30 chemistry perform better than a bronze squad with 100 chemistry?

    Also, how do you start off with coins? Because, I never have more than 10000 coins. Thanks

  22. Is there a way you could put me through to ea help desk?, I have been hacked and all my players and coins have been taken off me and I dont know what to do

  23. Is the Cheat Engine a good FREE autobuyer? And are there any ways to get free instant coins? Is real?

          1. Thanks for the reply, but there is no free autobuyer? I’m confused. Anyway, is there a way to get 1 million coins in a day apart from trading and maintenance?

  24. mezmerizin on360

    Is there any updates coming all other games get patches or hot fixes to make them play better or do have to wait till November to find out same the problem’s or a little tweek here or there ..thanks PS are things I posted more apparent Now people have pointed them out

  25. mezmerizin on360

    Fut offline has to be fixed because I have the same problems I can’t win. this game needs a update … As the fifa rules state that if the player makes contact with the ball before the man its not a foul but I still give away free kicks why .. Why can’t switch to an inactive player once I have played a though ball when the ball is always passed to the man that’s offside …. For anyone who play’s real world football these are the basics were these bits of programming done by (EA US)because they do not understand the concept of offside ..thanks …rant over.. PS please get back to me on the things raised …rodrigo

  26. Why when I play fut 14 offline seasons, there are some matches (even if they are world class difficulty) the computer does not let me win and does many things like it makes my players spoil easy chances and the team that I am playing against becomes difficult more than ultimate difficulty and even the refree becomes unfair. This is although there are other matches that even if they are ultimate difficulty, they are very easy. Why does that happen in fut 14? It didnot ever happen in fut 13.

    1. No. I’m not saying that. I’m saying that there is absolutely no way to get FREE coins with cards duplicators and things like that.
      But you can find HERE several ways to get free coins.

  27. Niklas Clement

    is here anyone who plays PC has 500k+ coins and wants to pricefix a player with me? (it would be perfect if there is already a experience of pricefixing)

  28. Hi, i realy have a problem! I bought fut14 coins and sinds i bought them i cannot win anymore i was used to be in div2 and now its even hard to stay in div5 is this posible that this comes from the coins i bought? I spoild my game it realy sucks what can i do?

          1. Looool i bought a 79 pl team and im making back my way up. I think the reason of my losses was that ea dosnt allow me to play whit a 5star team

  29. the ma who wishes to remain 'un-named'

    Hi, how can i get coins easily without having to spend all day sweating on fifa but also not having to spend £££ (i spent the last year & a half saving up for an xbox360 & i was BORED TO HELL doing that) and by the way is buying coins from websites like MMOGA and fif coin trader going to get you banned if EA find out you are? please help!!! D:

    1. Hi.
      Trading and buying coins with real money are the best ways. If you want an alternative way, read THIS please.
      Yes, you can get banned but it will not happen. EA should focus on sellers. Not buyers. If you buy by MMOGA, please do it by the banner of our website.

  30. Hi,
    Is there a difference in difficulty between FUT and other modes?
    I’ve found I can play on ultimate mode and win quite easily except when I play fut the best I can do is on professional.
    I’ve played almost 300 games in fut so I’ve had lots of practice.
    Buying packs has proved to be a waste of time. Where/how can I get coins?

    1. Hi.
      FUT is different from other modes. Most of this difference is due to chemistry. The game is usually faster. It may be easier or not, depending if you have played more FUT matches or more other game mode matches.
      Buying packs is a huge waste of time and of money/coins. To get coins you need to become a good trader or to buy them to someone you trust. If you want we can advise you one.

  31. When will you cover the handicap/momentum problem I hate it so much I have a great team on fut nd would say im a good player(div 1 seasons 96 12 16) but on fut seasons its impossible!?

  32. Hi, so I won a pack from a tournament, i open it and before sending anything to club or consumables list I sold an stadium, it gave me the money then sent me to the main fut page and everything else from the pack was lost, players, uniforms, etc and i couldnt have press sell all cuz I only got like 100 coins for thr stadium… I search for everything on club and itw not there.. What could have happen or where can evertyhing else be?

    1. Hi.
      Are you sure you did not have quick sell everything ? The items you lost have a real low discard price.
      If you believe that it was something else, you can contact the EA Support HERE.

  33. hi Rodrigo

    thanks for the articles, been very useful!
    im from south arfica and would like to know which best way to buy FUT 14 coins for PS3. have signed up with MMOGA and dont seem to be having any luck using the payment methods offered ( tried credit card facility and the pay pal facility but both dont seem to work ) is there another better alternative for me, maybe someone from this side of the world i could be directed too?

  34. I have team with 100 chemistry and it shows 100 when I view the squad,but when I go to squad selector it shows 85 chemistry.

        1. Let’s see if I understand…
          You have a team chemistry that you see in right top corner of active squad screen of your FUT Web App, for example.
          Then, you have a squad selector that doesn’t show you the chemistry but that guide you to the active squad screen. You see a different chemistry in squad selector screen? If yes, it may be a bug…

  35. I am not sure about it but I fifa 13 I went to a coin generator and entered my details and it started.Someone else started to play for me and changed my 2k to 350k!But after that he changed the email.I was mad for allowing him to play because of my greediness for coins,But I call ea and go back my account and found it banned and sent them and email and a reply came that they have reactivated the account.Now,should I use the coin generator for fifa 14 too?

    1. No, no, no. Never! It doesn’t exist. Someone used your account and transfer coins to it but never gave it back. Never use this kind of cheats. Never give your credentials, not even to EA Sports.

  36. Also, to make a sustainable team where you’ll never have to worry about contracts and therefore not running out of money, you should; sell everything from all your starter packs and use the contract method to make at least 30k. Then continue but buy managers until you have +50% contracts as they add together. This was you’ll never need to apply more than one contract per player unless playing loads of games. Buy all the coin boosts in the catalogue and rather than buying fitness cards just rotate your squad, even play offline. Once you have lots of coins you can buy good players at night for cheap and sell during the day (5-7pm best) for profit.

  37. Buy contracts for 150 (there are hundreds going) and sell for 200 BIN 250. That is the EASIEST way to make coins. You can start with 1,000 and end up with 100,000 in a week or so.

  38. I have spent many thousands on gold packs over 2 yrs and only got shit. So now im going to buy coins instead. But who can i trust?

  39. Ea sports obviously make a lot of money ripping people off with gold packs and all the promo packs. Can they banish you if they find out you’ve brought coins or sold yours?

    1. Hi.
      Yes, they can. You are absolutely right but in their opinion ” the sale of players and coins by anyone not authorized by EA, and the purchase of players and coins from a source other than EA or without EA’s consent, is a violation of EA’s Terms of Service”.

  40. Ive spent over250$ can on packs and the best pack is tiago the cb?…Why am i never Getting anything i keep buying and Getting there à spécial time and day like wtf

  41. george reaney

    Hackers like to use trade offers when you play them you can see there team and see the good players they later say ill give you …..k for ………. player and they trade offer but the coins are never actually there

  42. Rodrigo,
    I’m playing FUT14 on Android Tablet. Have two accounts on Origin and want to send coins from one account to the other. You’re talking about the “main account”… but it seems it’s just two accounts and it doesn’t give me an option to transfer to a main account. Any thoughts??

    1. If you have access in both accounts, add as a friend the two accounts. Then place a card in the market and try, with the second account, to find that card. Finally, you just need to click on ‘trade’ and transfer the coins.

        1. If you have two accounts on Origin and want to send coins from one account to the other, just place a card on the market and with the other account click on ‘transfer offer’.

          1. how to place a card on android fifa14 ut ??? i mean how to transfer coins and players frm one account to another?????? and one more thing, how to find friends for a match i.e how to get somebody’s email id frm net ( i don’t have friends dat play fifa14 ut) ??????/

  43. Hey,
    I have been struggling to make coins in FifaUT.. I don’t have the time to play all day and every method I try seems to fail(after many attempts) I have read all the tradin article but I can’t seem to make money,
    Please reply with haste,
    Me 🙂

  44. Hi, a quick question. I’ve created a second account in Origin and I’m playing games in FUT and then sending the money I earn to my other team/account. Is this “legal” or can my accounts be banned?


  45. hi I want to buy items on the transfer market but they say you have to dlete items of your follow list but the problem I dont know were I can find the followlist please help me !!!

    1. Hi.
      In FIFA 14 you have four lists and none is called follow list. There is the transfer market, transfer list, transfer targets and unassigned. Check which one you need to empty but it will be probably the unassigned list that is the one on the right in FUT 14 Web App.

    1. Hi.
      We respect and also agree with you that posting this could attract cheaters to use it. But it is the only way to alert EA Sports that they need to do something to fix it.
      FIFA 14 for PC is much worse due to cheaters. It must to stop! They really need to do something about it in offline matches.
      We will think about your request.

  46. Actually I wanted to say that I am getting a lot of problems playing matches with semi-pro,professional and world class difficulty in fifa ultimate team

      1. you don’t support cheats ,but you do support autobuyers and coin sellers


        1. Hi.
          It is your opinion and we respect it but we disagree in some points:
          1) for us, buying coins is not cheating. At least it isn’t while EA Sports is selling packs. It is exactly the same thing: you pay to get coins or you pay to get cards that you may sell to get coins.
          2) we do not support AB. We already wrote that in the article. We are supported by a company that sells tutorials, in order to keep this website alive.

  47. Are fifa 13 Nd 14 trainers same ? Like i used 3k per match in fifa 13 by playing ultimate cup , can u pls tel me if the process will run in fifa 14 too ?

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