Everything about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends

Everything about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends will be an exclusive content for XBox Consoles. Do you want to know more ?


    November 25th 2013
    Added the Legends Spotlight feature
    Updated several details
    November 20th 2013
    Added a new picture
    Added the new release date
    Changed the availability of the cards during the year
    Added the FUT Legends Challenge feature
    October 23rd 2013
    Added Figo, Nedved and Romario to the Legends List
    Added first cards release date


Everything about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends


If you want to know a bit more about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends, you are in the right place. We will try to explain you what it is and how it will work.


    What is FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends ?

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends are special cards that will be included in the game as any other card. The players of these cards are some of the greatest football players of all time. Each football legend will have unique attributes based on their skills and flair during the peak of their careers. They will be probably the best cards of the game.


    For which consoles FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends will be available ?

You should know that FUT Legends is an exclusive content for XBox users. It means that if you are a Playstation or PC user, you will not see it on your game. Then, it is also important to clarify that this special content is available for XBox One and for XBox 360. You don’t need to buy the new Microsoft console to play with it.


Everything about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends


    How will be the cards of these players ?

The Legends cards will be white. They will be randomly inserted into FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Gold Packs as it happens with any other card. It will be possible to sell or buy them on the transfer market. As you may imagine, these cards will be very expensive.


    What is the FUT Legends Challenge ?

Each week, EA Sports will highlight a particular Legend, whom players can then challenge along with a few of his legendary friends in Legends Team Challenge. Gamers will be able to earn coins for defeating that week’s featured Legend and their squad (only the first time). It’s just like FUT Team of the Week, but with the world’s finest footballers. Be sure to check Legends Team Challenge every week as the squad and featured Legend will change every week on Friday at 6pm UK time.


    What is a Legends “Spotlight” and how it works ?

During the week in which a Legend is featured in the Spotlight, you are more likely to find this item than at any other time of the year. During a Legends Spotlight, all other Legends will still available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. The Spotlight will change to a new Legend each week on Friday at 6pm UK time (9am Pacific).


    When these cards will be available ?

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends will not be available in the current-gen FIFA 14 release date. They will be inserted in packs only at XBox One release date. In this way, they will be available for the two consoles at the same time. The first cards will be added to packs on November 20th. All the cards will be available whole the year. You can find them on any pack that contains Gold Rare slots.


Everything about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends


    It will be possible to join a legend to a normal squad ?

Sure. Legends work as any other card with the exception that it is only possible to play with them in specific tournaments (to be confirmed).


    Which Legends cards will be available ?

EA Sports may add some more legends but until now there are 42 players (you can check all the stats HERE):

De Boer
Rui Costa
Van Basten
Van Der Sar
Van Nistelrooy


Everything about the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends


Here is an intro video of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends:



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  1. hi I would like to ask if the legends team is there in offline play and if it is which league.


      1. Haha well of course not, do you have any date on the release of the legends for ps and will it be available for both ps3 and ps4 (I know thats maybe a stupid question but who knows)

          1. Okay thanks alot for taking your time and answering my questions i really appreciate that!

  2. Hello Rodrigo

    Just to clarify can I 100% only use these legend cards for certain matches?
    Even offline matches, tourneys leagues etc?

  3. I’m curious. Is it possible to get a legend on the web app, and then use it on the PS3/4?

  4. Why legends don’t have traits like the normal cards? I mean the traits as they appear on futhead such us flair, finesse shot, power header, etc.

  5. now that the legends cards are working are they made to work for PS3 at all?

  6. omar shiltawi

    Hi man, When will be their price drop? i have 2.3M and i want Crespo! Shall i buy him or wait?

  7. i really want to have a legend. what says the statistics about having a legend?

  8. You can see there stats in futhead had go to create player in easfc and they create the player and put him in any team.That is the way you can get legends on PS4,PS3 and PC

  9. Brenton McLean

    I have the same issue, I also spend silly amounts of money on this game and still to tbis day not one legendary player!! So frustrating! It needs to be fair ive seen some p we ople with 5-6 legendary players for sale and I cant even get one after spending £100’s! Makes me angry and I WILL STOP PLAYING FIFA!!

  10. No reply thought not not happy Lopez my friend but I’ll carry on fighting its still awesome

  11. This is waste of many I was on fut last nyt spent 50 pound on packs not 1 legend player not even any decent players tbh proper rip

  12. It would be nice to use them, paying (in fifa 14 shop), also for matches offline! 😉
    Today go out Pelé skills! 😀

  13. What about their team and league? The chemistry is only using nation, as their league and team es “legends”?

  14. Ok, I understood! But if they given the rights to use them in FUT cards, there would be not problems to allow at users to download for match OFFline! 😉

  15. It’s a true mistake! 🙁 It would has been nice to unlock them from EAS FC and use them when we want. For you how much will be the price of Pelé&C? See you!

    1. We all agree with you but they can not do it since it is an agreement between EA Sports and Microsoft. They can not unlock for Playstation users.
      Pelé will be extremely expensive but don’t forget that these cards can not be used exactly like the other ones.

  16. Why are legends only on xbox and not on any other console. I hope to get a reply from you because you talk too much but when we ask a question you shut up.

    1. Hi.
      You probably are confusing us. We answer to all questions people ask us, as you may see for the comments of any article of our website.
      Legends is an exclusive for XBox. That’s what they make. It’s business.
      Next time try to be more honest.

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