When the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App Will Be Released?

When the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App Will Be Released ?


Do you want to know when the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App will be released ?

The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App will be released worldwide at September 15th.

What is the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App


The WebApp, also known as FUT Web, is an on line extension where you can manage your FUT club. Both names are abbreviations for FIFA Ultimate Team Web App.
The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App is the central for all FUT 14 enthusiastics. You can do almost everything you do on the platform (PS3, XBox ou PC). Obviously, playing matches is one of the exceptions.

The big advantage of using the Web App is that it is a faster and more comfortable way to managing one’s club. Most traders use it for searching, selling and buying cards because these actions imply frequent quick visits to the market during the day. Doing it on the console or on the menus of the FIFA PC version would be too slow and unpractical.

Here are the main functions of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App:

    Searching, selling and trading cards;
    Organizing and testing the chemistry of the squads;
    Sharing your squads with your friends;
    Seeing and sharing the squads of previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team;
    Buying and opening packs;
    Checking the Team of the Week;
    Consulting and interacting with all the cards you have on the club;
    Consulting the leader boards.

FUT 14 Web App is available on all PC’s with an internet connection and with the last version of Flash installed.
To access FUT 13 Web App, you need to be registered on EA/Origin. If you’re not, just type ‘www.ea.com/soccer‘ on your browser’s adress bar and select ‘Register’.


When the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App Will Be Released ?


FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App Release Date


The most important thing now is to know when the Web App will be available. As you probably now, the FUT 13 players will have early access, before the official release date of the game, to the accounts created before August 15th, 2013. They will be rewarded with packs according to their antiquity.

The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App Release Date has not been announced yet. According to FIFA Game News, it will be released in Tuesday, September 17th, 2013. This was the first website to announce the FIFA 14 release date in April. They also predicted the FIFA 14 demo release date in June, missing by a single day. Since they are very reliable, there is a good chance to be September 17th.

However, not everyone has the same opinion. The French FIFA Gamers Blog is announcing that the Web App will be available two days earlier. They base their suspicions on news disseminated at Gamescom.

It seems obvious that you will have the chance to start playing FUT 14 between September 15th and September 17th. We will update this article with new details when something happens.

FUT 13 Web App was launched on September 18th, 2012.


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  1. Hello Rodrigo! Great site by the way, very helpful, many thanks!
    I am still quite new to Fifa FUT, having only started on Fifa 14 on my new XBONE. My question is, when FIFA 15 is released at the end of the year, will my whole team/club/consumables/staff/coins etc be moved to the new title? Or do i have to start all over again? Thanks again!….

  2. The players I’ve right now are poor. Not even one of them has ratings in 60. But still thanks, you cleared a lot of confusion from my mind.

    It might be a bit unrelated to this topic but can you give me some hints about how to work with this “multiple account” thing. I have heard a lot about this but I have no idea how to work with multiple accounts. I mean only one account can be associated with the FIFA 14 copy that I have. How can I associate more than one account with it?

    1. Hi.
      We do not recommend more than one account That is cheating and will give you a lot of work to deal. To have more than one account just register on Origin website.

  3. Hi. I lost my gold packs which I got in the beginning after purchasing the game. I used them once and then I deleted my club and it was all lost
    Now, I have created a new club but I can’t redeem my code as it says, ” This code is in use already”
    So basically I lost what I got at the start.
    Can I get them back ?
    I am new to this and I am playing FUT for first time.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply.
        And since I am starting from scrap with no players and 0 gold coins, is there anything I can do to gain coins. I don’t mean unethically but any trick that can set me back on track.

        1. The best way thing to do is to use your untradeable players and play. Every match you play, you earn coins.
          You can also take a look to THIS article and see if you can do any of those things.
          For example: if you are good enough, we not changelling the TOTW in a advanced difficulty level ? You can also use your FC credits to buy things on EAS FC catalogue (contracts, for example). And you also have the manager tasks that will give you a gold pack on the end.

  4. ola, por favor sabe dizer se as moedas do clube , mais os fifa points que tenho atualmente no ultimate fifa 13, vou conseguir aproveita-las no 14, se sim como faço pra transferir.

  5. Matty Metcalfe

    I have FIFA 13 and played ultimate team. I have downloaded the app for the new fut, however when I log in it says I can’t use it as I do not have a copy of FIFA 14 registered to my account? I want to start using the ultimate team app to be ready for when I buy the game on release. Can you explain why I can’t use the app? I tried going through the website on my phone and I just get the ‘getting started’ screen telling me to buy FIFA 14. Any help? Cheers

  6. my club is Est 2011 and i have not recieved any gold packs and my brother who started playing after new year have gotten 2 gold packs.

    please help ty

  7. I have an xbox at the moment but i am planing to buy a ps4 so i’ve made a psn account on the sony website because ultimate team doesn’t see me as a previous user of fut when will i be able to use the web app?

    1. You will be able to use the web app after open your FIFA 14 in your PS4.
      You can do it right now but you will not be able to transfer your coins and coins from your XBox to your Playstation.

  8. Hi. If I preordered fifa 14 ultimate edition that includes 24 gold packs will I then be able to retrieve the 24 packs on the release date of FUT web app taking into consideration that I would not have my fifa 14 by then? Thanks

      1. Sorry just to clarify, will I get the 24 packs in 24 weeks broken into 1 pack per week or all 24 at once? Just to let you know that I am a PC gamer and my fifa 14 copy is PC download which means no hard copy I guess.

          1. hi. in FUT 14 would players get an additional 1 chemistry bonus with LOYALITY even if they already receiving 10 chemistry? If so what is the highest chemistry a player can receive?
            “I appreciate your time and answer”

          2. Heyyyy. Does chemistry have any affect on the substitutes brought in during games in FUT 14? E.g. If my squad has an overall chemistry of 100 and during a gameplay I substitute a player from my squad with someone who would not link with the rest of the squad, would that affect his play in any way what so ever?

          3. hi. I have bid on a player in the transfer market but its stuck at “completing” the transfer and I can’t do anything with it. it has been like that for several hours now what should I do!!!

  9. Zack Robinson

    Hi I’m Zack, I was just wondering I have played FUT since FIFA 12 but I only joined the web app on FIFA 13. Will I receive 4 ‘Welcome Back Packs’ or just the 2? Thank you

  10. i played fut 13 (ps3) since january but did you need to have used the webapp? because i’ve never used the web app, does that mean i can’t get the early web access for fut 14? i also preordered fifa 14 if that matters

  11. Hi, this is a little off topic but I hope you can still help me, does the EASFC level carry on? I’m currently lvl 82 on xbox 360, so in fifa 14 will I still be a 82? Or is everyone gunna start at level 1? I’m mainly concerned as for pro clubs, thanks.

  12. Hello Sir, i was wondering if you can tell me how much loyalty packs i will get if, I don’t get on the web app that often (last time i got on was in July) but i play fut 3-4 times a week and my club was established. Jan 2012!! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello!
      It is not an official information but we expect to get 2 gold packs for each year. In your case, you should get the starter pack and two extra gold packs. Once again: this was what happened last year. It is not 100% sure.

  13. i have played UT fifa 12, and have had early access to web app on fifa 13 abut i have not actually played fifa 13, can i get early access to the fifa 14 web app?

  14. it would be nice if you could access it by having fifa 12
    seeing as those of us who use the 14 app have already pre ordered it anyway!

  15. how will i be able to buy packs? how will i put my playstation cards money into fifa points in the web app? should i buy fifa points in fifa 13, and use the same points in fifa 14 web app? please answer ty

    1. Hi Samuel.
      You can wait for the FIFA 14 release or do it right now in FIFA 13. However, we don’t know when it will be possible to transfer your FIFA Points from FIFA 13 to FIFA 14: if in September 15th or in September 27th.

  16. So you said in one of your comments that the date that is after ” EST ” matters… Oct. 2012 will get me 2 gold packs 🙂 ?

  17. I’ve played Fifa 13 UT on PC last year, now i want to play Fifa 14 UT on Xbox360. Can i still access the webapp and start building a team for Xbox360?

  18. scott everard

    Just to confirm, does that mean anything i do on Fifa 14 on the ps3 wont be transferred to the ps4?

    1. No!
      Almost everything you do in your PS3 FIFA 14 will be transferred to your PS4 FIFA 14, including coins, players, trophies, FIFA Points, other cards, etc… But you will need to buy FIFA 14 for both consoles.

  19. So looking forward to this game, mt club was est in december 2010 how many packs would i be likely to expect? thanks, and great info you have supplied

  20. If I already play FUT 13 on Xbox 360, can I get early access to FUT 14 if I want to play on the PS4 when it comes out?

  21. I have fut13 on my ipad, will I have uninstall that app then download a new app, or will my fyt 13 app automatically change to fut 14

  22. how to I buy fifa points with the web app only though? on Ps3 I always had to buy the points through the console

  23. Hi there, mine est. says fut founder. What does that mean? There isn’t any date or something.


    1. Sorry for the delayed answer.
      “FUT Founder” ? Really ? That means that nobody will get more packs than you. 🙂
      “Founder” was the title given to the first players of Ultimate Team mode. You probably are been playing UT for a while, since it was paid. Now, you will be rewarded with something like… 8-10 packs. Great, not?

  24. How can I buy packs on the web app on release date?? I donot think there is any provision for that??

  25. When you preorder Fifa 14 Ultimate Edition, you get 24 premium gold packs or something for free, Is it possible to open these on the Web app the first week?

    1. Hi. Nice to meet you.
      Your question is very important. Many people don’t realize how Ultimate Edition works until they have it in their hands. The difference between standard and Ultimate edition is that you get 24 gold packs by less money. But attention: you can not open all the packs in the first week. In fact, you only get once per week (always in the same day of the week). Which means that you will get the last pack 6 months after the game release. That’s why we don’t recommend the Ultimate Edition.

  26. ugh then its march, how much will i recive, i need a second squad and I have 30k to spend i like formatios with 3 cb at least 2 fast cb and i like thruogh passes, what formation and team do you suggest me, im doing this so my friends get interested on my players and buy them with real money for fut14 do you know any website that will trade fut 13 coins for fut14 coins

  27. I started playing fut since christmas when I got my xbox but I deleted my club and started playing again on March so will that count as xmas or march how many packs will i get

    1. How do you do that?? we can’t buy fifa points because the game is not out and you can’t buy anything on the web app. Or am I missing something?? Thanks!

  28. danny falconer

    Hi I have been playing fifa from the start but why is there lucky people who always get the team of the week or team of the year I must of spent 600pound on it an got nothing what so ever what the hell do u fix the packs I think u do because you see people get 2 totw players

  29. I started playing FUT this year and I like it a lot and I sure I’ll keep on playing it in Fifa 14 , so I was wondering how many gold packs do I get for only 1 year of FUT ? Or do I get any at all ? Thanks !

    1. Antiquity is not the number of matches you have played. It is how many FUT’s you have played.
      For example: We started to play FUT in FUT10. We expect to get 2 packs for each one of these 4 years.

  30. What free packs will you get at the start?

    And also will you be able to trade before the actual game is out?

    1. Hi.
      You will be able to trade in September 15th, when the FUT Web App is launched (if you are a returner player).
      At the start you get one Starter Packs with +30 bronze cards and a couple of silver. And you also get Welcome Back Packs (Gold Packs). This one depends of your antiquity. More FUT’s you have played, more packs you will get.

  31. So all you have to do to access the FUT 14 Web App and loyalty pack is just play FUT 13 basically?

    1. Hi.
      Not exactly. You need also to have created a answer/question of security for that account between March and September. If you played FUT 13 all over the year it should not be a problem. It is only a way to EA Sports check if you are not duplicating accounts.

    1. hi there could you tell me me if i am able to play fut web on 15th september via the web using my laptop also could you give me your twitter account name so that i can follow you please kind regards joe.

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