FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Leagues the Community Want ?

FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Leagues the Community Want ?


It is time to hear the community about what they want. Let’s build a FIFA 14 Whishlist with the most wanted new leagues.


EA Sports has announced four new leagues: the Chilean, the Argentine, the Colombian and the Polish, the last one to be announced. There will be no more leagues.
The Brazilian league is incomplete. Bahia is the only club missing.

FIFA 14 WishList


This is the time of the year in which everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams with the perfect FIFA. This time we will do it in a different way. We will not show to you our whishlist. You can check HERE what we asked to FIFA 13, last year. We still want better servers and a stronger fight against cheaters.

This year, it is the FIFA community who have the chance to tell us what they want. We will publish three subjects to discuss: new leagues, new stadiums and players ratings. We asked in our social channels what the community want to FIFA 14. Now, we bring here the results. Today, we will talk about the new leagues.


Which New Leagues the Community Want ?


We have asked to our community which new leagues they want to see in FIFA 14 and now we bring here the results.

The results are unequivocal. There is a group of four leagues which appear to be the most desired. The most wanted is the Brazilian League Serie A. Even to the second division there are many players interested. Also from the South America, the Argentine league is one of the favourites to the community. The League from Turkey and the league from Ukraine are the other two from this group of four.

But the community wants more. They also want other new leagues, as the Japanese and the Colombian.

Will the EA satisfy the community wishes? Continue reading to find out…


FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Leagues the Community Want ?

Here are the results


Which New Leagues Will Be Included in FIFA 14


Everybody wants new leagues fully licensed in FIFA 14. But it is extremely unlikely to see many new leagues on the new game. What new leagues may we expect to find in FIFA 14 ?

  • Serie A from Brazil
  • It is official that EA Sports already has an agreement with all the Serie A clubs, except with two of them. They are trying to get the all Brazilian League licensed.

  • Spor Toto Süper Lig from Turkey
  • According to FGN, there is a good chance to see the Turkish League fully licensed in FIFA 14. A Fenerbahce agent has revealed negotiations with EA and the Turkish Union of Clubs marketing department has confirmed the presence of the Turkey League in FIFA 14. It will be enough ?

  • Ekstraklasa League from Poland
  • There are some rumours about the inclusion of the Ekstraklasa League in FIFA 14. The main rumour started when the Star-Typ Sport, one of the main sponsors of Polish Ekstraklasa League, posted in their official facebook page that the league will get fully licensed in FIFA 14. You can read more about it HERE.

  • Primera División from Argentina
  • Argentinian Primera División is another league that is making its way to FIFA 14. According to PuntoaPunto website, nine Argentinian clubs signed an agreement with EA Sports to feature in the next FIFA title.

  • Primera A from Colômbia
  • The national newspaper El Tiempo, from Colômbia, has announced that the major league of this country will be included in FIFA 14. We’ll see if it is true or not…

  • UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores Tournament
  • has announced on their twitter account that UEFA Champions League will be part of FIFA 14. The same happened with the Copa Libertadores Tournament that was announced by theUniverso Kits website. It is highly unlikely that this will happen since Konami holds the exclusive rights of both competitions. However, who knows if EA Sports will not include it and uses a fake name.


345 thoughts on “FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Leagues the Community Want ?”

  1. please, add the Honduran league ,primera division. we have qualified at least 3 times now and we have good players (spanish and english premier league). that would make FIFA the best soccer game ever!

  2. Rodrigo can you add romania league?Steaua Bucharest is a good team and it qualify in champions league group.Please

  3. Julen fernandez

    Hello rodrigo. By any chance, will ex Real Madrid player, Raul Gonzales blanco, be in fifa 14? Please reply, thank you

  4. hey rodrigo I know FIFA 14 came out but is there any chance of getting raúl gonzález and then changing a players nation like in FIFA 11 and 12

  5. VIettungvuong

    Can you please have Holland Jupiler League in FIFA 14 Update for Android? My favorite team, Sparta Rotterdam in that league!

  6. Do you think that the Ecuadorian league will be in FIFA 15 we have successful teams like liga de quito who won 1 copa libertadores and 3 copa sudamericana and barcelona sc going up to copa libertadores runner ups 3 times and my favorite team emelec who won the league this season and by the way there is so many good young players in ecuador one of the most successful clubs in South America

  7. Francisco Navarro

    I would love to play with the Ecuadorian league teams in FIFA 15 for PS4. That’d be awesome. It’d make copa libertadores so much better! And the whole Ecuadorian costumer base would love it! South American fotball all the way!

  8. Add Some Asian National Squads, like.. Japan, Nepal, China, Philippines, and Afghanistan in the next release EA’s game (may be FIFA 15). Also add offline Tournaments for several regions. Like SAFF Championship for South Asian Region, EAFF Championship for East Asian Region, WAFF Championship for West Asian Region, AFC Champions League for good Asian clubs, AFC President Cup for average Asian clubs, AFC Challenge Cup for lower ranked National Teams, AFC Asian Cup for higher rank team within Asian Level.

    After this, surely EA Sprots will grow 10 times more than this.
    PLEASE Think About It… Twice Before Making FIFA 15!

  9. Vasil Sadzhakliev

    Include Bulgarian football league. You will get the license from the Bulgarian federation quite cheap when at the same time you will get at least 100k new customers.

  10. Hey there, what about the Bulgarian League, many people in Bulgaria play FIFA so I think that many will buy the game if it includes our league. Another things is, there are some good teams with a great potential, for example Ludogorets Razgrad is one of them.

  11. What abou Liga 1 (Romanian League) it is a great league and aldi will boost sales in Romania as people will buy the game

  12. i beleive the AFC champions league should be added this will help with sales in the asia area

    1. You can try this:
      Go to CUSTOMISE then ONLINE SETTINGS. Then go to PRIVACY SETTINGS and uncheck “Connect to your club in real life by sharing your account information and EAS FC progress subject to the club’s privacy policy.”

  13. I have watched Trabzonspor his Europa league match in cyrpus against apollon and Trabzonspor has very good players like Malouda(man of the match) bosingwa, didier zokora, onur kivrak, adrian why doesn’t EA take this super turkish club? they have no problems with uefa and they have no problems about match fixing.
    I was in the technical help support I said Trabzonspor is not available in the ultimate team web app, is this the official list of the teams? and the helper said’I’m sorry I can’t answer this’ disconnected.
    Why don’t they take Trabzonspor? why are they rude?

  14. Hi Rodrigo , i thinck know is the biggest chance to license Trabonszpor in Fifa 14 , because it will not be in pes 2014

  15. I don’t understand EA… Why is there no update/news about Trabzonspor in fifa 14?! We have Malouda, Bosingwa, Zokora, Onur Kivrak, Adrian Mierzejewski, Paulo Henrique. but why don’t EA put Trabzonspor in the game?

  16. Whats happening with the 5th Division league (Blu Square Bet premier) in England that I thought was confirmed already???

  17. Hi Rodrigo
    Trabzonspor will not be in Pes 14. Is it true EA is speaking with Trabzonspor for a license?
    Trabzonspor from Turkey in the Europa League group stage no problems about match fixing and no problems with Uefa.

    1. Hi!
      The only thing that we really know is that Galatasaray will be the only Turkish team when the game gets released.
      But there are some “noise” about including Trabzonspor later in the game, as a update. We don’t know if it is true or not.

  18. True EA is going to make an update about Trabzonspor in the future we will see Trabzonspor in fifa 14
    – EA Technical Support-

  19. An EA help center worker said Trabzonspor from Turkey will be included in fifa 14.
    Trabzonspor has no problems about match fixing they are in the Europa League group stage.

  20. Hello romanian leage are a good idea and I think you are going to create this league.Or even Steaua Bucharest in rest of world.I do not think it is hard to create a few more players to the team and put it on rest of world.Please it`s a great team and i think I think this year will go far in Champions League.Thanks for your time.

  21. Hello Rodrigo.Will there be the option of Rest of World teams in FIFA 14?Will there be any Greek teams in this menu?I’m asking mainly about PAOK,PANATHINAIKOS and Olumpiakos.If you know anything about it,please answer me.

    1. Sorry.
      We didn’t have the chance to test the demo yet. We are preparing some amazing content to release in the following weeks. So we can’t help you. We just know that IFA 14 has a new camera (we though it was that).

  22. If there are 32 leagues and EA said that there would be 33, what is the 33rd one, surely Poland doesn’t count as an extra league because it was on FIFA 13, it was just unlicensed

  23. hello rodrigo i have played the fifa 14 demo but the dynamic camera has changed why is this you cannot zoom in enough anymore i like playing close

  24. Trabzonspor from Turkey is agreement with Pes 14. So Trabzonspor will be in Pes 14 I have seen it in the Official Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 website… So no Trabzonspor boys… I’m really sad I’m a Trabzonspor fan!!! my city my team!

  25. I want APOEL Nicosia in FIFA 14!!
    PES will have APOEL for first time and I choose this beacause I am from Cyprus

    These are teams in PES and not FIFA Maccabi Tel Aviv,Fenerbaxte,Viktoria Plzeň,Steaua București,APOEL Nicosia,Dinamo Zagrep but are important

    1. Why fenerbahce? Fenerbahce is a match fixer about what are you talking dude?
      Trabzonspor MUST be in fifa

  26. Hi Rodrigo.I want to make a simple question.Will EA add in the Greek Superleague in the content of Fifa 14? At least will they include some well-known Greek teams,as Panathinaikos,Olympiakos and Paok Thessaloniki in the game?And they do this till now(till the more recent version of the game-Fifa 13).

  27. Will they add the Turkish and Ukrainian, south African,agretian,Asian, leagues and what new teams will be in rest of the world and what new players will be in free agents

  28. Hi Rodrigo . So the two teams new in Rest of the world teams will be shaktar donetsk and trabzonspor. Will be more or just two teams

  29. Hi Rodrigo,
    Do you know if there have been talks between EA and the Greek Superleague for the inclusion of the Greek league in the game? And if there have been, do you know which is the obstacle to have an agreement?

  30. Is the turkish league in fifa 14? can we see new news about the turkish league in the future?

    1. Sorry, but Turkish League should not be in FIFA 14. The new leagues will be the Argentine, Chilean, Colombian and Polish.
      EA Sports gave up of having the Turkish League on FIFA 14 after Fenerbahce and Besiktas have been banned from European competition next season over a domestic match-fixing scandal. As it happened on the past, EA Sports has dropped this league. They have stopped the negotiations with the clubs in July.

  31. I have spoken with an EA helper and he said:
    Trabzonspor will be 60% in the group ‘next of the world’ like Galatasaray…

  32. Will Trabzonspor from Turkey be in fifa 14? any news?
    Trabzonspor has Florent Malouda, Jose Bosingwa, Didier Zokora…

  33. Honestly i don’t belive that licesing a league should be done only if the game has big sales in the country,did you ever consider that maybey if you include the league in the game sales may be much better?for example i am romanian and i have been playing fifa since 98,15 years have passed and my favourite team steaua bucharest hasn’t been included in the game,we are a pretty big country with a lot of fifa players and over 50% of the country are steaua fans,on top of this steaua have been getting really good results in europe for the last 10 years we qualified 9 times in a row in el and cl,and i really belive that the romanian,turkish,greek,ukranian even the cyprus league and croatian league are better than the polish league,i don’t want the polish hatting on me but really…there are so many good teams that you are ignoring,this year i will buy pes because it has cl license and i can play my favourite team and lots of romanians will do the same,stop being so greedy and try making more people happy

    1. the reason why they are not adding none of these teams or leagues is because ea make more money by the big teams if they added these leagues they wont really make anything .

  34. It will be great if fifa will add galatasaray tranbspor and bursaspor at rest of world teams . Please Rodrigo add this teams that is my wish

  35. Hi Rodrigo i think fifa 14 should add trabszpor too. I mean till now it made a good season in europe league and it had players like malouda zokora janko or bosingwa and the most important thing is that it didn’t had probelms with uefa like fenerbache and besiktas . It will be great that will be this team in fifa 14 so why not?

  36. Will FIFA 14 include Saudi Arabia National team?
    Last year in FIFA 13 incredibly there was Saudi league, but there was not Saudi National Team !

  37. hi rodrigo you said that this year fifa 14 will with south america leagues so till now fifa added chilian argentinean and columbian and you that will be one last league. the last league will be paraguay or uruguay?

  38. hi rodrigo who will be the last league ? it’s a chance to be qatar league or chinese? please reply soon

      1. Thanks for your reply. Just as a commentary… It is just not good for a futbol game not to reflect the reality of the futbol .. How come there will not be a lot of national teams that will make it to the world cup? I as a videogame fan that like soccer would like that reflection of reality on my futbol game…its a shame… I used to have fifa since road to world cup fifa 98 … Stop buying it since 2003 … Its a shame you guys dont do that rtwc games or put the teams of the moment…. Well gurss I’ll buy pes 2014 but thanks anyway

  39. Oh i was asking if u knew who was similar to marlos i didnt know myself. oh and i was wondering wht trading methods should i do to get ronaldo next year

  40. Hi Rodrigo

    How likely is it that the Turkish league will appear in Fifa 14? How the Colombian league is better the the Turkish league? We’ve been waiting this league for many years.

  41. Hi Rodrigo

    What new leagues would you want in FIFA 14

    Also what are the chances of the J-League (Japan). Chinese league, UAE Ukranian and Qatari leagues being in FIFA 14/15

  42. I think we really need the turkish league!!!! Pretty much all of the world wants them on THIS fifa I really could care less about the Colombian league I can see the argentine league ok but really the Colombian league and the Chilean league? I think we also need shaktar dynamo kyev dinamo Zagreb and steau Bucharest I mean we already have the Romanian national team so why not please tell me how the Colombian league is better the the tukish league?!?!??






  44. hi rodrigo i think trabzonspor should be added in fifa 14 because it qualified in europa league group stages it isn ‘ t had problems like fenerbache and besiktas with uefa and it had players like malouda bonsingwa zokora and janko . if fifa will have galatasaray and trabzonspor will be very good for fifa players from turkey.

    1. i agree with him and maybe with be added bursaspor too because is a very good teams with players like frey taiwo and tuncay

  45. hi rodrigo which team from ukraine will be in fifa 14 ? i mean the most important teams like shaktar donetsk dinamo kiev dniepr and metalist kharkiv will be ?

  46. Hi Rodrigo just wondering what new international teams might be added to Fifa 14 ?

  47. Hi Rodrigo!
    Is there a chance that the remaining league will be the greek league? And if not, do you know which greek teams will be in the Rest of the world?
    Thank you!

  48. But i saw a interview in Gamescom with David Rutter about FIFA 14, and he said that this type of defense works better than FIFA 11(legacy) so im confuse, you guys are almost 100% shore that auto contain was removed but David Rutter says something like this.
    And a youtuber called NephenteZ that came to Gamescom play FIFA 14 current and next gen said that contain has been there all time but the auto tackle was toned down. Im so confuse 🙁

  49. Hi Rodrigo!

    Do you know something about FC STEAUA BUCHAREST ? Its from Romanian League and this years will play in CL. Last year did it well in EL.


  50. Thank you for the information, i ve seen the link,you answer all the questions and you are cool, so a last question, will that remove auto contain and auto tackle only in FIFA 14 UT or other mods like Pro Clubs, Seasons, etc.

  51. Rodrigo im so so sorry to bother you again but i need to ask where you saw or heard that auto contain and auto tackle has been gone? Can you give me some link, that you said its very important to me and my friends. All hate contain.
    Again sorry to ask

  52. Hey rodrigo do u know the player that is the most similar to marlos from last year in fifa 13?

  53. gokhan kutanis

    Hi rodrigo will be turkish league? We knows 32 league.. when ea announcement 33. League?

  54. Rodrigo, will FIFA 14 have contain or you know if they fixed?
    Contain its a problem, i manually attack, i dont press any button on the attack for players passing throuh defenders automatic so in defending is the same, why press only press a button and the defender contains automatic, in real football isnt like that, real players cant always contain, “Play FIFA so, in there, all players contain without fails”
    Sorry for bad english, im Portuguese 🙂

    1. You are Portuguese, so I will answer you in Portuguese.
      Primeiro que tudo, você pode aceder à versão portuguesa de FIFA U Team através deste URL:
      De acordo com informações cedidas pela EA Sports, “Auto contain and auto tackling are gone”. Achamos que era exatamente isto que você queria que acontecesse.
      Também pensamos que FIFA 14 vai trazer mais mudanças a nível de jogabilidade do que as versões mais recentes.
      Se quiser estar mais atualizado com notícias de FUT, junte-se a nós no Facebook.
      À sua disposição para o que precisar.

  55. Hi Rodrigo, so UEFA Champions League and Europa League have a small chance to be in FIFA 14 and a great chance to be in FIFA 15? If that why have bigger chances on FIFA 15?

    1. Hi Ramos.
      UEFA Champions League and Europa League have a really small small chance to be in FIFA 14. It have bigger chances in FIFA 15 because it ends the exclusivity agreement with Konami.

  56. Hi Rodrigo is there any chance for Croatian League or just Dinamo Zagreb in FIFA 14 or 15??

      1. Ok but I think that Dinamo Zagreb should be on FIFA because he was in the UCL 2years in a row and now he is in the Europe League.

      2. Oh I forgot to ask is there in FIFA 14 gonna be Croatia National team?

        And Regards too You

  57. Wil metalIst kharkiv be in fifa 14 oh and what do u think the next league wil
    Be? Ukranian?

  58. Licensed UEFA Champions and Europa League, Copa Libertadores, CONCACAF Champions League. Fully Licensed FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship, Copa America. Turkish Super Lig, Ukranian Premier League, Argentina Primera Division, Greek Super Lig, Croatian Premier League, Czech Republic Super Lig, Serbian Premier League, Blue Square Premier League, Uruguay Primera Division. Miles more countries and all of them if the FIFA World Cup License is approved. Also in career mode players attributes don’t decrease because they’re getting older only their physical side should be affected. Also have more options of things to say when you can speak to the press. Also improve the Fans Graphics and the Mangers and the teams Dugouts.

  59. How soon do you think until female lineswomen are introduced or even a few female national teams???

  60. Will there be a Creation Centre? & how about a Stadium Creator? That would be great to make stadiums that aren’t in the game like from the Liga Portuguesa and other leagues as well. PES does this but Fifa is so much better that’s why I wish Fifa had Uefa Champions League and Europa too.

    1. Olá. Pode visitar a versão portuguesa da página em
      It will have the same creation center and stadium creator of FUT 13. 🙂
      There is a great chance to have the UEFA competitions in… FIFA 15.

  61. George Cojocaru

    Hi! I would like to know if there is any possibility for the Romanian League to be in FIFA 14.It would be great,I mean it’s still a better league than the Norwegian,Swedish,Hungarian or the Swiss one.Also,the Champions League wouldn’t be complete without Steaua (knocked out Ajax from Europa League and won 1-0 against Chelsea) and some other fairly good Romanian teams.

  62. Hi.why fifa doesn’t add iran in national teams and iranian League? but put india on national teams? Doesn’t iran better than india? Where’s place of india on national ranking? Next year iran is on world cup 2014.

      1. i think There are more FIFA buyers in India than in Iran because iran national teams isn’t in EA. if Iran national teams added than fifa buyers in iran will be more than india and every where

          1. its very fun!!!!!!!
            india is better than iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????
            in asia iran is the first ! japan is the seccond
            and in the fifa ranks iran is 33.
            but india and china and japan and s-korea added to fifa14 but iran not!

  63. Justin Guebert

    Any chance that we will be able to get a concacaf champions league? I like playing with an MLS club early in my career as a player and I think that by adding this it will make my experience that much better.

  64. Hi rodrigo i want to ask you four intersting question:

    1.It ‘ s true that fifa will add one more league and if it’s true what is that league?
    2.It’s true that Shatktar Donetsk and Dinamo Kiev will be added in Fifa 14
    3.Will be some new teams in rest of the world ?
    4 . Andrei Murgu will have the correct name and that name is Adrian Mutu?

    Please reply soon

    1. Hi.
      1) EA Sports has announced in Gamescom 2013 that FIFA 14 will have 33 licensed leagues. If you look to the back cover of your FIFA 13 DVD you will see that this game has 29 leagues. It means that there will be four new leagues. Colombian, Chilean, Argentine and… probably Blue Square PL. Or not. 🙂
      2) The Shatktar Donetsk stadium will be added to FIFA 14. So, the team will be included too. About Dinamo Kiev, there is a good chance.
      3) Sure. But we don’t want to talk about rumours.
      4) Sorry, but we really don’t know.

  65. With new leagues being added in South America because of the market there, shouldn’t Fifa also look to add another American league, something below the MLS?????

    What about a league in Africa???? Seems a bit silly Fifa gives South Africa 2010 World Cup but doesn’t add their league on the game

    How long do you think it will take Fifa to delve into Asia seriously, the Saudi league is a start, but there are better leagues in the UAE and especially Qatar, what about China as well???

    If Fifa don’t want to be bring back the Turkish League because of match-fixing, then I think they are being hypocrites, look at the scandal that happened in Italy and the Serie A is still on the game

    1. Hi.
      We agree with you. But EA Sports has a strategy and its strategy is to attack South American market and leave the Asia to the free FIFA (World FIFA and FIFA Online).
      About Africa we don’t think that they will introduce any league in the coming years.

      1. Any idea when they will stop “attacking” the Amazon and move to the Nile….. Fifa 15??? Fifa 16????? Surely Fifa need to leave something for Africans after the World Cup

        What about more realistic teams in the Champions League and Europa League, I know everyone is making a big deal about Shakhtar and Dynamo Kiev but what about teams like APOEL, Dinamo Zagreb, CFR Cluj in the Champions League and Steaua Bucharest, Partizan and Israeli clubs in the Europa League, surely these teams can be added in RoW

        1. Razz I agree with you,there should be more teams in RoW like Dinamo Zagreb who was 2years in a row in UCL

  66. if you don t put turkish league in fifa 14 there will be some important teams like galatasaray besiktas fenerbache or trabzonspor or bursaspor? replsy soon

  67. hello rodrigo on the current gen are staduims updated like e.g liverpool and tottenham fans close to the goal ?
    secondly how many staduims have been updated on the current and next gen meaning that they look like the real life stadiums

  68. dont u think fifa should add at least one african league, because i think that league should be the south african premier soccer league (absa premiership). plz consider.

  69. hi rodrigo
    i have read most of the comment i’m not going to ask same Q but when will be know turkish team will be in or not ?? so far they playing uefa Europa league

    1. Hi.
      It’s true that they are playing in the UEFA competitions but, as you know, in the case of fenerbahce for example the court of arbitration for sport will decide the club’s Champions League fate the morning after the second leg at the Emirates.
      We think that Galatasaray will be the only Turkish club in FIFA 14.

      1. but some point is unfair how about the other turkish club bursaspor olso trabzonspor thats whats make me sad look like only clean team in turkey its galatasaray << thats crap or thats resist

        1. sorry last Q you we can start 15th september wep marketing fifa 14 if turkish club edit after will they be on UT ??

    1. Probably not. EA Sports is quitting of having the Turkish League on FIFA 14. Fenerbahce and Besiktas have been banned from European competition next season over a domestic match-fixing scandal. As it happened on the past, EA Sports should give up from this league. It is not official yet but it seems that they have stopped the negotiations with the clubs.

  70. it’s a chanche to see al sadd (raul gonzales team) in fifa 14 or another teams from qatar uae or china? reply soon please

      1. Rodrigo Baltar

        WTF Maaan?!?!?
        Raul is one of the best players in the world.
        This is second game of EA that Raul will not be present.
        I’m very very very disappointed with this decision.
        Put him loose or without a team, gives way to you, but please, put him in the game.
        FIFA is out of any real futebol stars, only has misleading playing.

  71. What about international teams? Will there be any new national team?
    Why doesn’t FIFA add some national teams even not licensed?
    I think license for national teams is not as important as it is for a club.
    I remember some old FIFA games where all national teams FIFA members where in game!

  72. with the spl now being changed to spfl. and with play offs in scotland. why is there only one leauge still in scotland i dont believe you wont make more money doing this. i no many who want this. far better than a turkish leauge that no one will even look at.

        1. Hi Danny. Don’t get me wrong but we have not sure about it.
          We have received hundreds of comments and mails asking us if Turkish League will be included in FIFA 14. About the Scottish D2 you are the second one. We are not saying that this league is not important but Turkish League is very popular for sure.

  73. The greek championship will not be included again right?i think that fifa had some great sales the past 2 years..

  74. What are the confirmed new leagues and teams and what do u think has a chance if inclusion? Turkish league, Colombian league, Ukrainian league?

    1. Until now, only the Argentine and Chilean leagues are official confirmed. We think that the Colombian will be there too. And probably more. They will be 33.
      About team, Shaktar Donestk is probably the greatest new team.

  75. hello rodrigo wat do u mean the fifa 13 engine is the same as the fifa 14 engine on the current gen can u explain in more detail please .

    1. Sure.
      To the next-gen, EA Sports have created a new engine: the Ignite. You can know more about it HERE.
      To PC, XBOx360 and PS3 the engine will be the same of the previous years. We are not saying that the gameplay will be the same. There will be new animations and things will be better (we expect).

  76. I would like to see more African teams, every continent of the world has at least one league featured, except Africa, which only has two teams. I think it would be nice to feature the complete PSL (South Africa) and the Egyptian Premier League also features great teams like Al Ahli and Zamalek. Tunisian and Moroccan leagues are nice too.

    I would also like to see the complete Greek league, the Turkish league, Ukraine and the Czech league back. I would love to see the Dutch Jupiler League included as well (which would satisfy my Dutchness) 🙂

    As for Asia, I think the Chinese league will eventually be included, it’s just a matter of time, but a long time ago the FIFA series included the Malaysian league too.

    As far as South America I am very happy to hear about the inclusion of several new leagues in FIFA 14 🙂

    And CONCACAF region, I think Saprissa (Costa Rica), Alajualense (Costa Rica), Olimpia (Honduras), Allianza (El Salvador) would be nice to include in Rest of World..

  77. hello rodrigo is there going to be anymore career mode features or news apart from the one that we no and is the fifa 14 game play current gen the same as fifa 13 and have they added any animations to the current gen because it seems like they are only focusing on the next gen even doe it is new . Need more career mode news

    1. Hi.
      We are a Ultimate Team website but we know that Career Mode news are coming in the next weeks.
      The engine of FIFA 13 and of current-gen FIFA 14 are the same. But the gameplay is not exactly the same. There will be new animations, yes.

  78. Hi Rodrigo, with ea announcing that the Argentine and Chilean leagues are licensed, is there still a chance that the Colombian League is going to be announced as the 33rd league in Fifa 14 or is it going to be another league?

  79. Hi Rodrigo, why in fifa they isnt any arab countries? Okey they was egypt in fifa 13 but we have such a good arab teams like algeria, morocco, or iraq, i hope to see the IRAQI national team some day, maybe in fifa 15….

  80. If there could be at least one Bulgarian team that could be great. I am sure that 1 or 2 teams which are Bulgarian wouldn’t hurt fifa

  81. Please, please include the Polish league.. Poland is a huge market and EA would make a lot of sales if they got the license back.

  82. Any news on Portuguese Stadiums being in Fifa 14 and if the Liga Portuguesa is fully licensed? How about Champions and Europa League?

    1. No, no and no. 🙂
      EA Sports doesn’t care about Portugal. It is a small market. It is incredible how the Estádio da Luz is not in the game. The Champions League final will be there. And yes, we believe that Marítimo will continue to be called Funchal.
      UEFA Cups maybe in FIFA 15.

      1. That is just too bad though because Portugal has some really beautiful stadiums Estadio da Luz, Estadio Jose Alvalade, Estadio do Dragao, Estadio Algarve and Estadio Axa! But hopefully Uefa Cups will be soon to make the game more realistic!

  83. Hi Rodrigo i want to ask you something , why did you exclude turkish league from fifa , the last fifa that turkish league was fifa 11 . Many players there are very sad that turkish league it isn’t in fifa because there are teams like galatasaray , fenerbache , besiktas , trabszonpor , bursaspor and many others and players like snejder , drogba , eboue , muslera , felipe melo , raul meireles , kuyt , demirel , bruno alves , emenike , pierre webo , malouda , janko , bonsingwa , sebastian frey , taiwo , anton ferdinand , milan baros , hugo almeida , julian escude , manuel fernandes . Anyway in the Rest of the World teams must be include teams like shaktar donetk(is a very good team with very talented players) , dinamo kiev(they have players like belhanda jermaine lens miguel veloso) , steaua bucharest(steaua bucharest is a very good teams who made a very good journey in europa league last year finishing of the first place in the group , it eliminated ajax and it beated chelsea) , al gharafa(they have two best players who may other people play with them and these two players are lisandro lopez and nene) , al sadd (these team had a very good player and that player is mamadou niang the player who made history in european competition and who made history too for his club and that player is RAUL!!!) , apoel(is a very good team who made two or three years ago a very good journey in champions league) , ghuanghzou evengrande(for my opinion these team is the very best team in asia ), dalian aerbin(they have 3 good players like hoarou seydou keita and fabio rochemback) , beijing guoan(a player who made his presence known in europe Frederik Kanoute) , al ain (players like michel bastos asamoah gyan and mirel radoi) , al ahli dubai(a good team and two very good players like grafite and hugo viana . Believe me with these teams and this league and all the work did you done these will be THE BEST FIFA EVER MADE!!!! please answer me as soon as posible and sorry for my bad english

    1. Hi.
      Thank you for your comment.
      We still think that Turkish League would be a great addition to FIFA 14. EA Sports have made some contacts to bring this league back but unfortunately Fenerbahce have been banned from next season’s Champions League and Besiktas from the Europa League over match-fixing allegations. This is a big detail that may let the Turkish league (again) outside of FIFA 14.

      1. i have an idea ! add turkish league but besiktas and fenerbache will be unlicensed. Thats a good idea? reply soon. but about the rest of the world teams that i said to you?

        1. The clubs and leagues included in the game is a complex subject.
          EA Sports has to deal with licenses, marketing strategies, etc…
          Everyone want these teams in the game but it is not so simple. And it is EA who have to decide…

  84. hello rodrigo, any news if luxembourg will be in Fifa14? If not when can we expect an official statement on which leagues are new?
    Thanks in advance

  85. hi i think that persian league needs to be in fifa 14 ? i mean like they have come far in asian champions league and the national team qualified for world cup?

  86. hello rodrigo do you no any new staduims that wil be in it and what is the big diffrences of fifa on xbox 1 and 360

    1. Hello.
      The main difference between FIFA 14 an XBox One and in XBox 360 are the gameplay. Everything will be more realistic in next-gen console.
      About the stadiums, Camp Nou, Goodison Park, Donbass Arena and La Bombonera will be in FIFA 14. But probably there will be more.

  87. Hi Rodrigo, which leagues would you say have a high chance of inclusion and do we know what teams will probably make up the rest of world section?

    1. Shaktar will be one of the new teams of the ROTW section.
      About the leagues, the new ones will be the Argentinean, Chilean, Colombian and another two. They will announce it in the next weeks.

  88. hello rodrigo is there any chance that the blue square premier from england will be in fifa 14 and is goodison park for the next gen or is it for both gens

    1. We believe that Blue Square Premier will be in FIFA 14. As you know, UK is the main market for EA Sports FIFA. And there is a strong rumour about the Bluse Square in FIFA 14.
      Goodison Park is for both gens.

  89. You need to add the Northern irish league so i can play as my team linfield its not fair that you have the southern irish league but not the northern irish league a lot of my friends feel the same!

  90. hey Rodrigo , will Fifa 14 have the Romanian 1 league and Ukraine 1 league? or maybe next year? 😀 Thanks.

  91. will be more rest of world teams? ( if ea didn’t includ turkish league put in the rest of the world teams like galatasaray besiktas fenerbache trabzsponor bursaspor)

    1. Probably yes. Fenerbahce and Besiktas have been banned from European competition next season over a domestic match-fixing scandal. We don’t believe that they will be included in FIFA 14.

      1. well abaut that they still at cort they might come at clean i mean ACmilan, lazio did match fixing but they always been in fifa… i think they just looking for excuse

  92. I hope you guys add the El Salvador national team and league. We did pretty good during the Gold cup and we have pretty good players! I would love to see us in this game!

  93. hey rodrigo do you include turkish league and more rest of world teams like steaua bucharest shaktar donetk al gharafa etc.? please answer

    1. Hi.
      Do not get me wrong but I think that the problem is the domestic match-fixing scandal.
      As you know, Fenerbahce and Besiktas have been banned from European competition next season. It is very unlikely that they will be included.

  94. Hey Rodrigo, I meant the Dutch “Eerste Divisie”, that’s the league under the Dutch Eredivisie with clubs such as Sparta Rotterdam, VVV-Venlo and Willem II.. Do you know if this league will be added to FIFA 14 or perhaps FIFA 15? I know that alot of Dutch FIFA players would love seeing this league in FIFA 14! plz answer 🙂

    1. Hi!
      We know that EA Sports is working on it since Netherlands have many FIFA players and they see it as an important market. We think that it will be to FIFA 15 but we will need to wait to know.

  95. Hi. I would like to know what teams will have their heads 360° scanned? Also if there’s any news about new national teams, or new stadiums and new teams added to rest of world?

    1. Hi.
      It is not official but Shaktar should be on ROTW section. Montenegro could make an appearance on FIFA 14 too.
      About the stadiums, only the Camp Nou and the Goodison Park were confirmed.
      Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Barcelona, MLS All-Stars team are some of the teams that will have their heads 360º scanned.

  96. hey rodrigo I just want to say I greatly appreciate all the information you are giving the fifa community recently so thank you much. I think all the leagues you talked about will probably be in there except maybe champions and copa libatadores. But I just read some info regarding that.
    I also saw some videos of possible leaks.
    Heres another. Although it is a mod its fot a lot of things fifa 14 might have.
    Thanks again for all the up to date info!

  97. Hey Rodrigo, do you know if the Dutch 1st division The Jupiler League will be added to FIFA 14? plz answer 🙂

    1. The Dutch 1st division already is on FIFA 13 and will continue in FIFA 14. The dutch market is an important market to EA Sports.
      The Jupiter League is from Belgium and we think that is a very good league that must be in FIFA 14. There are some rumours about it but we don’t know if it will be included or not.

  98. Cliftonville fc 1879

    They should bring in the northern irish league because its not fair on me and others there is the airtrcity league why is there not the northern irish league its not fair on cliftonville fans or linfield fans or glentoran exetara just add the NIFL.

  99. Hi Rodrigo, how likely is it that the Colombian league will appear in Fifa 14.

  100. hi Rodrigo,
    Can u shed some light on any asian leagues development in fifa-14?? any new inclusion of asian national teams??

  101. They should make Ukraine , Turkey , Romania . Grecee

    On rest of the world they should add unless 1 team from Croatia , Serbia , Cehia , Belarus , Bulgaria etc.

  102. Yo Rodrigo,is there any chance that we will see the 2010 World Cup stadiums in Fifa14? When I use Kaizer Chiefs,I want them to play at Soccer City instead of the other stadiums in the game. I’d like to see the Absa Premiership from South Africa too,hopefully from Fifa 15 onwards

  103. Hi will they have dynamo Kiev and shaktar Donetsk and Also the Turkish league and cluj or Apoel or any other champions league teams or even sparta Prague or Steau Bucharest and what leagues are not on it and what leagues are on it

    1. Hi.
      Until now the only official announcement was about 19 Brazilians teams.
      There are strong rumours that Argentine, Chilean and Colombian League will be in FIFA 14. There is a good chance to have the Turkish and Polish Leagues too.
      We will find out soon…

  104. About national teams where is serbia and wales rather I know they will never add all fifa nations! But the top 60 playing nations and what about teams like ghana and nigeria any chance they’ll be added in futue fifa editions or is there a criteria EA sports follows? I’d also like to know what goes behind the inclusion of a league

    1. Let’s start by the end. Why they choose some leagues and not others ? Money. In UK there will be five divisions. Most of FIFA players are there. African market is a weak market to FIFA.
      About the national teams, we agree with you. They should have the top 60.

  105. Hey rodrigo I was wondering if they would add the absa premiership from south africa since chiefs and pirates are already in the game can they not fully license the absa premiership? it would be nice if the absa premiership was included in fifa 15 or 16 I think it would be cool to have at least one african league in fifa

      1. Hi I had a question you as to why Iran national football team and the first team to the 2014 World Cup qualifying in Asia is strong Iranian League FIFA game series are added

  106. Hey rodrigo when do you think theyll announce more league liscesnes oh and do you think el 92 will 5 star skills

  107. Michael daniel veron

    Hey whats going on rodrigo? 🙂 what can you tell us about the fifa 14 creation centre or creation mode?

    Plus can you also tell us the potiential leagues that are starring in fifa

    1. Hi Michael.
      Until now, EA Sports didn’t announce anything new to creation centre or creation mode.
      About the leagues that you will find in FIFA 14, you will have the same that you have now in FIFA 13 plus Brazilian, Argentine, Colombian, Chilean and probably Turkish. That’s what we think.

  108. Will you include all the Scottish leagues in FIFA this year it would make it more better. I am from Scotland and I am a celtic fan but I would prefer to start with a lower team in Scotland and work my way up .

  109. Roman chandos alexandris

    Hey rodrigo i have a question, lets say for an example the PES/konami company won rights and licences to a certain league (say the j-league) would EA also be able to deal the license of the league, or is it like who ever gets to the league first?

    1. Usually it is “who ever gets to the league first”. When they buy the rights, there is a exclusivity. That’s what happen with European Champions League, for example.
      It doesn’t mean that it will happen like this all the time.

  110. Ricky McGarrigle

    Will there be more coming into the Scottish leagues such as Scottish Championship and league1, etc?

  111. Hamish cockburn

    hi I was wandering why that there is only 1 Scottish league when there are 4 English leagues. Being from Scotland I find this unfair as some people in Scotland support the lower leagued teams e.g. East fife, Rangers, and Cowdenbeath. Being a Partick Thistle fan I have been waiting 10 years to have my favourite team in a FIFA game but say for example an Oldham fan could play as Oldham in every Game.

    1. Hi. Do you want the true answer: they spend more money on FIFA.
      That’s why some popular countries don’t have any league and probably there will be five English divisions on FIFA 14.

  112. Ea should add the Ukrine league because every year we always see Shakhtar Donetsk in the champion league

  113. Jonah valtsztksi

    Is there any chance of the 2nd brasilion league to be added since there seems to be a shortage of south american leagues in the previous fifa.

    I know theres already enough european leagues, but ir would make a difference if you could assign the turkcell lig please. And the qatar stars league since they’re alot of talented players like raul gonzalez. The argentinian league perhaps. And also can you explain why ea chose to add the hong and the luxembourg league.


    1. Hi.
      Let’s start by the end. It’s not true what you said about Hong Kong and Luxembourg leagues. It may happen but it isn’t official. The news sources is an untrusted website.
      About the 2nd division of Brazil we think that FIFA 14 will only have some clubs. Not the entire division fully licensed. Turkish League is asked by half world and there is a good chance to have the Argentine and Chilean league. The Colombian league will be in the game. about Qatar league, we think it will not happen.

  114. Hey rodrigo, do u have any idea if thers a possibiliyy of ea adding the qatar league. I think its a good idea, i mean its better than the hong kong league, true?

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for your question. We don’t believe that it will happen. But it doesn’t means that it won’t. In a couple of weeks we will find out.
      We believe that this year, the main focus are the leagues of South America.

  115. mateo galindo

    if fifa 14 manage to add copa libertadores or a bootleg version of it… shouldn’t there be more south american teams from different leagues not just argentinian, brazilian, chlean, and colombian. the ecuadorian clubs are pretty big right now and they always do well in this tournament. is anything going to be done if it does happen?

    1. You are absolutely right. In this time of the year there are many rumours and most of them are not true.
      We don’t believe that EA Sports will include any copa libertadores in FIFA 14 even with a bootleg version. But they will probably add the four leagues you talked about.

      1. mateo galindo

        Will fifa ever have the EcuadorIan league or at least some teams like emelec, Barcelona, liga de quito, el national, independent del valle, and Liga de Loja. cuz I’ve been waiting for so long for at least one team. this league is very good but it is very under rated and the national team who is 17 in the world ranking and was between 12 and 10th for like 6 months straight and they are still rated 3 1/2 star. i just hope this gets fixed

  116. Can you please add the Argentinean league to FIFA 14!!! We need that league and it will be the best soccer game ever!! Don’t let PES add the Argentinean league!