FIFA 14 WishList : New Players’ Ratings Requested by the Community

FIFA 14 WishList : New Players' Ratings Requested by the Community


It is time to hear the community about what they want. Let’s build a FIFA 14 Whishlist with the most wanted players’ ratings updates.


FIFA 14 WishList


This is the time of the year in which everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams with the perfect FIFA. This time we will do it in a different way. We will not show to you our whishlist. You can check HERE what we asked to FIFA 13, last year. We still want better servers and a stronger fight against cheaters.

This year, it is the FIFA community who have the chance to tell us what they want. We will publish three subjects to discuss: new leagues, new stadiums and players’ ratings. We asked in our social channels what the community want to FIFA 14. Now, we bring here the results. Today, we will talk about the new players’ ratings.


Which New Players’ Ratings the Community Want ?


We have asked to our community which new players’ ratings they want to see in FIFA 14 and now we bring here the results.

The results are unequivocal. There is a group of four leagues which appear to be the most desired. The most wanted is the Brazilian League Serie A. Even to the second division there are many players interested. Also from the South America, the Argentine league is one of the favourites to the community. The League from Turkey and the league from Ukraine are the other two from this group of four.

But the community wants more. They also want other new leagues, as the Japanese and the Colombian.

Will the EA satisfy the community wishes? Continue reading to find out…


FIFA 14 WishList : New Players' Ratings Requested by the Community

The improvement of Bale’s rating is one of the most requested


Which Players’ Ratings Will Be Updated in FIFA 14


Depending on the progression that had the previous season, it is natural that some players are overvalued and others undervalued. In that cases theirs ratings should be updated. Which new players’ ratings may we expect to FIFA 14 ?

Everyone agrees that Gareth Bale was amazing last season. His old rating (85) is too low for what he play right now. After being the player with the most IF cards in FUT 13, he will be reward with two extra points. But what will happen with the other players’ ratings ?

According to EA Sports, the players ratings that we can see on screenshots and on the trailer are not final. But they could be. Here are the potential ratings changes of the most popular players:


Falcão ST 90 89 +1
Robin Van Persie ST 89 88 +1
Zlatan Ibrahimovic ST 89 88 +1
Iniesta CM 89 90 -1
Antonio Di Natale CF 87 85 +2
Wayne Rooney CF 87 89 -2
Gareth Bale LM 87 85 +2
Robert Lewandowski ST 86 83 +3
Gianluigi Buffon GK 86 87 -1
Vincent Kompany CB 86 85 +1
Xabi Alonso CM 86 87 -1
Andrea Pirlo CM 86 87 -1
Andrea Barzagli CB 85 84 +1
Hernanes CAM 85 83 +2
Giorgio Chiellini CB 85 84 +1
Arturo Vidal CM 85 84 +1
Santi Cazorla CAM 85 84 +1
Eden Hazard LW 85 87 -2
Karim Benzema ST 85 87 -2
Hugo Lloris GK 84 86 -2
Diego Milito ST 83 84 -1
Mario Balotelli ST 83 84 -1
Mikel Arteta CM 82 81 +1
Stephan El Shaarawy LW 82 81 +1
Antonio Candreva RM 82 81 +2
Steven Gerrard CM 82 84 -2
David Alaba LB 81 77 +3
Frank Lampard CM 81 83 -2
Thomas Vermaelen CB 81 82 -1
Xherdan Shaqiri RM 80 78 +2
Philippe Mexès CB 80 81 -1
Micah Richards RB 79 80 -1
Ignazio Abate RB 79 81 -2
Federico Balzaretti LB 76 80 -4


13 thoughts on “FIFA 14 WishList : New Players’ Ratings Requested by the Community”

  1. I would love if you could guide us in the right direction Rodrigo in regards to these irrational FUT player ratings. I have read many articles dedicated to this, is there an official complaints listing perhaps. I know it is putting many, including myself of buying it. I doubt EA are going to be changing many player ratings, nevermind by a gradient of more than 2, of which there is valid case for such extreme correction. I don’t know how they can get it all so wrong, no team leader moderation clearly, no scientific opta corrolating just bias.

    1. There is not an official complain listing. They will not change it since the game already has started.
      You can try to complain to @EASportsFIFA but it will be useless to do it.

  2. Gerrard -2? 82!
    So if your in a midtable side, playing DM, an have more assists an goals than Iniesta an xavi who is AM in a less competative league in a amazing side. Then your rating is 7 points less, where is the logic. He was EPL assist leader all season until the end. He played every game until the end of the season an completed every game he was in yet has absurd stamina ratings despite being an engine. He is Englands captain because he is the best player, but don’t tell EA that. They gave him diver trait last season, what is the agenda?

    Rooney scored 12 goals last season an was shocking for England, 87.
    Silva was abysmal an is injured this season..89

    Napoli finished 2nd, callejon has scored 3 in 3, they are smashing the league this season, his rating 79.

    Why are the stats fly in the face against what EA designate. How can rooney be so much better than a suarez whose goals/game ratio was miles above all. Why is Bale getting an increase based on popularity? Who on earth moderates the EA scouts. Sack, credability is in tatters. When will the rediculous spanish league bias be addressed.

  3. Firas Al Jamali

    Why is Ramsey still at 77? He really deserves much more. His work rate is top class and his stats should really get upgraded as he has improved dramatically. 80-81 atleast.

  4. *i bet players like giaccherini will immediately get a downgrade cos they moved to sunderland when he hasn’t got worse!

  5. Lloris should not be downgraded by 2 he’s been excellent and joe hart has the same rating!! Also, players like benteke, Oscar, cazorla, vertonghen, mirallas and Michu are criminally underrated! I think the premier leagues ratings are also underrated. I bet players like giaccherini will immediately get a downgrade cos they moved to sunderland when he hasn’t got worse!

    1. I have just read over the list above, Arteta has the same rating as S Gerrard, excuse me a minute while i go an top myself.

  6. Hi, i honestly don’t know why lampard and gerrard are both being downgraded by 2! They have had top seasons with lampard breaking the record and gerrard getting like the 3rd most assists in the premier league and being captain of England. This has been happening more and more with EA with age making a difference but it really only does with some players (dunno why pirlo has maintained an 87 when he’s ancient). Could you tell me why they are being downgraded so harshly when 90% of the internet are predicting an upgrade with both.

    1. Great comment, Henry.
      We think that most of us see the players with more than 30 years old as old players. In the Serie A they have a different opinion and that’s why there are so many “old” players in that league. EA Sports looks to the players with the same eyes that most of people do. Pirlo is been downgrading too but only in one point.

    2. I completely agree Henry, it’s a complete farce. The best current players of the premier league, whose stats confirm are being downgraded to shambolic ratings while popular undeserved players keep or get boosts. I still can’t believe gerrard got a diver trait last season. Lampards finishing should be increased. Gerrard 82? more like 89. In my opinion it would be wrong to downgrade Pirlo, when he has arguably had one of his best years. If EA employed this illogical ageism from the start, Giggs would have a 20 rating by now. Who controls the rational an logical scientific basis of all this?

      Not too sure regarding giaccherini, Sunderland havn’t exactly hit the ground running.

  7. hello rodrigo it is like ea is focusing more on fut than career mode apart from the global scouting network in cm is there going to be other new features ?

    1. Hi.
      We understand why you said that but you can expect other mode news very soon. Until now it was almost everything about FUT. It is a marketing strategy. They will focus in career mode very soon.

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