FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Stadiums the Community Want ?

FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Stadiums the Community Want ?


It is time to hear the community about what they want. Let’s build a FIFA 14 Whishlist with the most wanted new stadiums.

The final list of FIFA 14 stadiums is already known. The game will have four new stadiums: Camp Nou, Goodison Park, Donbass Arena and La Bombonera.

FIFA 14 WishList


This is the time of the year in which everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams with the perfect FIFA. This time we will do it in a different way. We will not show to you our whishlist. You can check HERE what we asked to FIFA 13, last year. We still want better servers and a stronger fight against cheaters.

This year, it is the FIFA community who have the chance to tell us what they want. We will publish three subjects to discuss: new leagues, new stadiums and players ratings. We asked in our social channels what the community want to FIFA 14. Now, we bring here the results. Today, we will talk about the new stadiums.


Which New Stadiums the Community Want ?


We have asked to our community which new stadiums they want to see in FIFA 14 and now we bring here the results.

The results are unequivocal. The Maracana, where the next Word Cup final will be played, is the most wanted. More than half of the community that answered to our questions, want this stadium in FIFA 14. The second most voted stadium was the Estádio da Luz, where the 2013-2014 European Champions League final will take place. The other three bigger Portuguese stadiums (Dragão, Alvalade and the prized Axa), are also in the TOP 10.

White Hart Lane was a new stadium on FIFA 13 but it is not in Ultimate Team. The community is asking to include the Spurs house in this game mode. The Ali Sami Yen Sport Kompleksi, also know as Galatasaray Arena, and the Argentine La Bombonera are also requested by the players community.

Strongly influenced by the next World Cup, the FIFA players dream with new Brazilian stadiums: Mané Garrincha, Arena Fonte Nova, Mineirão, Engenhão, Arena do Grémio and Morumbi.

Will the EA satisfy the community wishes? Continue reading to find out…


FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Stadiums the Community Want ?

Maracana is the most wanted stadium


Which New Stadiums Will Be Included in FIFA 14


Everybody wants new stadiums in FIFA 14. But it is extremely unlikely to see many new stadiums on the new game. What new stadiums may we expect to find in FIFA 14 ?

  • Camp Nou
  • The stadium where FC Barcelona usually plays was the first one to be officially announced. FIFA 13 did not have the Camp Nou as one of its stadiums because EA Sports did not get the licensing agreement but now the largest stadium in Europe (99,786 seats) will be part of the game. In the year of the current-gen release, EA Sports promise to show the stadiums as we never seen. If you want to read more details about the Camp Nou back, click HERE.

  • Maracanã
  • With such a great effort in acquiring the Brazilian clubs licenses and knowing the growing importance of this market as we approach the World Cup, is not ruled out that the mythical Maracana will be included in the game. For now everything points to the Camp Nou will be the only new stadium in FIFA 14. However, last year there were two new stadiums. Who knows …


38 thoughts on “FIFA 14 WishList : Which New Stadiums the Community Want ?”

  1. if has no stadium of light I do not buy Fifa. how a stage for a final champions league does not have in the game.. i don’t buy

  2. christian castanheira

    Estadio da luz should definitely be there as it will be hosting the finals of the champions league

  3. Eddie Delgado

    Is there a slight chance to add the Stadio San Paolo in Fifa 14?, not to mention that Napoli should have reach an agreement to include the stadium
    in the game after all.

  4. James Hughes

    Villa Park – Aston Villa
    Goodison Park – Everton
    Liberty Stadium – Swansea

  5. Hi Rodrigo i would love to see these stadiums on Fifa 14:

    Stade de France – French National Football Team
    National Arena – Romanian National Football Team
    Maracana – Brazil National Football Team
    Estadio da luz – Benfica
    Estadio Jose Alvalade – Sporting
    Estadio do Dragao – Porto
    Estadio AXA – Braga
    Camp Nou back
    Westfalastadium – Borussia Dortmund
    Donbass Arena – Shaktar Donetsk
    Turk Telecom Arena – Galatasaray
    Beijing National Stadium – To play Italy super cup
    Some stadiums from fifa world cup 2010
    Jeju daegu or Saitama World cup stadium from fifa world cup 2002

    I want to heard the opinion and the chance of every of the stadiums that i wrote above

  6. Fifa should also keep a database of all stadiums that have been licensed in the past so that fans can import them into the game as is during the licensed time. Such as soccer city stadium for the Keizer chiefs in South Africa which hosted the World Cup in 2010, or estadio da luz for Benfica in Portugal which hosted the 2004 euro cup

  7. EA has to figure out a way to utilize their creation center online database for a create a stadium mode to replace their generic stadiums. EA should replace all their generic stadiums with licensed stadiums with the exception of the FIWC stadium. Fans can then develop their own generic stadiums to at least mimic the official stadiums of their favorite club or league.

  8. Portuguese league stadiums are necessary.
    1. Estadio da luz – Benfica
    2. Estadio Jose Alvalade – Sporting
    3. Estadio do Dragao – Porto
    4. Estadio AXA – Braga
    5. Maracana – Brazil
    6. Red Bull Stadium – NY Redbulls
    7. Estadio do Bessa – Boavista
    8. Home Depot center – LA Galaxy

  9. Friends Arena from Sweden, its a very cool arena! And god for the swedish football to. I love that arena! Peace!

  10. I would love to see Fratton Park and Loftus Road in the game. For us that dont play as super clubs and play with lower leagues these are important.

  11. hi rodrigo i think fifa need stade de france , maracana stadium , estadio de luz and national arena (romania national team stadium ) reply soon

  12. What’s happening with white hart lane on ultimate team as it was t on ultimate team in fifa 13? Also what’s other latest stadium and league news?

  13. Please add the Stade Louis II, it’s super beautiful, AS Monaco is a upcoming beast club and super rich and the UEFA Super Cup Final is always in Stade Louis II

  14. they might add st marys southampton and villa park aston villa becuase they have partnerships with ea

    1. Beira-Rio is under construction, so, unless you want to play FIFA 14 among loose bricks and concrete-mixers, forget it.

  15. EA has said that there will be 36 licensed stadiums in fifa 14. Considering there was 28 licensed in fifa 13 that means 8 new stadiums. one of them already being Goodison Park.
    Also with the new inclusion of the Chilean league and the new Brazilian league rights there would surely be a new stadium in those regions.

  16. Henning Ørke

    Estadio da Luz, Dragao and Jose Alvalade, De Kuijp, San Paolo, Stade de France. I Cant understand why Fifa left out the Portugese stadiums. Estadio da Luz is so massive epic atmospheric and also the coolest stadium in europe.

      1. Thanks for responding Rodrigo Lopes 🙂 Hope one time in the future they will be back 🙂 Regards

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