The FIFA 15 at E3 2014


Did you miss the E3 2014? Don’t worry. We bring it back to you. Now you can know how was the FIFA 15 presentation at E3 2014.


The FIFA 15 at E3 2014


As you probably know the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry. It is used by many video game publishers and accessory manufacturers to show off their upcoming games and game-related merchandise.

One of these game publishers is the Electronic Arts that didn’t lost the chance to promote the new FIFA 15. The EA conference took place on June 9th and if you missed it you are a lucky one to be reading us since you have the chance to watch the full EA conference here.

The video is one hour long, so if you only want to watch the FIFA 14 presentation, you can skip to the minute 39.

To start watching this video, you just need to press Play and wait a few seconds.



10 thoughts on “The FIFA 15 at E3 2014”

  1. Thank you very much for your HELP i should learn from my mistakes and EA could be at least more reasonable

  2. i sold my players i have many IOS fifa 14 coins i put advertiseent everywhere sell cheaper from websites still nothing georgegeo91 from websites no respond This the last time i spend money on fifa they dont deserve it

    1. george I’d write direclty the coin seller websites, like MMOGA or such. The problem might be that IOS is not a favourite platform of most players…

      1. Hi Hody,

        I am a PC user of fifa 14 and I want to sell my coins.
        I visited MMOGA just now, but it seems that they only allow PS and XBOX platform players to sell their coins.
        I already have an active Paypal account and I would like to sell my fifa coins for real money.
        Do you have any suggested website (other than MMOGA) which I can do that?


        1. You can to offer them on ebay or such, but there’s a chance that they take your ad down sometimes. In general you’d cash out with more money if you sell them to another player than to a coin trader, as the coin trader will buy for less to sell for more.

  3. Please rodrigo before anounce the fifa 15 just tell us your opinion about WHAT REALLY happens to your money
    i spent over 1000 euros for FIFA 14 IOS .Some 2000 k a month ago was for 70 euro in many sites selling coins and now 2000k worth for 19 euro + the fact that i can not find to sell my coins ( EA like a ostrich pretend not to know about this fact and prohibids coins selling )
    Evetbody talk about market but nobody about the prices of coins in internet selling market Cause nobody can make a good team and coins playing only should play 24h days for years
    Thank You and good Luck to those who want to spent money to fifa 15

    1. Hi.
      That’s true. The prices at the first months of every FIFA are too high. They are always dropping until the new FIFA. All the money you spend is only for one year (maybe more if you don’t buy the new FIFA).
      That’s the business of EA Sports. If they don’t reset everything every year how they could earn so many money with packs ?!

    2. Play maybe a month more if you want and then start to sell your players. Once you sold all, you can either sell your coins via an advertisment to a private user or you can sell the coins to one of the coins websites, as the coins for the old version will be sold for some time more once the new fifa is out. The only thing is the later you sell the more the coins drop on value. I advise to either sell during July or early August

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