FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide


We’ve made this guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players who intend to build a squad based on Brazilian players. It contains a complete analysis of the best players you might want to use.

So here it is, check out our newest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian players guide!


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Choosing, calculating, making changes, selling and buying, these are just a few of the several things we’ll need to do in order to build ourselves a squad on FIFA Ultimate Team. You don’t just choose the best players for a team and then start playing with them without looking at your budget first; building a team, in this case a squad, involves much more than that. You have to pay attention to the important attributes there are for each position. This depends on your formation as well. That means not always the most eligible players will be the best choices for your tactical system. Taking simple attitudes such as looking out for the players’ work rates, individual chemistries and correct positions is the easiest way towards victory.

This article has no intention to be the absolute truth, but the orientation for the development of the FIFA Ultimate Team fans’ squads. Many factors will influence our choices for a squad: tactics, playing style, budget etc. The interesting thing about the game is that there will be loads of possibilities coming your way no matter what your preferences are.

This guide is about a point of view that’s based on a few pre-established criteria, which are:

  • Gold Players Only
  • Only gold players will be taken into account because the big majority of players are more used to this category. If necessary, later on there will be guides with silver and bronze cards.

  • Regular Players Only
  • Only regular players will be analysed. Players IF (in form) are way more expensive and should only be acquired in case of good value for money. If you have quite a decent budget your squad will just get better and better.

  • Player transfers and upgrades
  • The summer transfer window 2014 is included along with the player upgrades for the 2014 season. All FIFA 15 changes are included.

  • Original Characteristics Only
  • Only players with their original characteristics are listed on the guide, there will be no addition of complements that may alter the cards’ potential.

  • Analysis per Position
  • The players are divided in nine groups for their respective positions: Goalkeepers (GK), Centre Backs (CB), Right Backs (RB and RWB), Left Backs (LB and LWB), Defending Midfielders (CDM), Midfielders (CM and CAM), Right Wingers (RM, RW and RF), Left Wingers (LM, LW and LF) and Strikers (CF and ST).

  • Prices according to the date the guide was published
  • The players’ prices considered are according to the date this guide was published. The prices mentioned are merely for orientation.



Brazilian National Team


The Brazilian national team is the only one that have played in all World Cup finals. They are also the only nation with 5 World titles (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002).

Pelé is the all-time most popular player but many other names will never be forgotten: Garrincha, Ronaldo, Zico, Sócrates, Jairzinho, Romário, Falcão, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Gérson, Nilton Santos, Carlos Alberto Torres, Alex, Rivelino, Leônidas da Silva, Tostão, Didi, Junior, Dunga, Clodoaldo, Heleno de Freitas, Marcos, Careca, Roberto Carlos, Neymar, Cafu, Rivaldo and Taffarel.

The Brazilian league was removed from FIFA 15. It means that this year, there are much less Brazilian players in the game. The only ones that are still in the game are those that play outside of Brazil. Let’s see if it is possible to build a good squad only with Brazilian players or not.



Brazilian Goalkeepers in FUT 15 (GK)


The goalkeeper is usually the last player you buy for your squad in Ultimate Team. The right goalkeeper choice is crucial to create a solid defence and avoid conceding goals.

This is one of the positions with lack of quality among Brazilian players. Only two goalkeepers have good international reputation: Júlio César anda Diego Alves.


Júlio César 82 SL Benfica
Diego Alves 81 Valencia CF
Helton 79 FC Porto
Guilherme 77 Lokomotiv Moskva
Artur Moraes 76 SL Benfica
Neto 76 Fiorentina
Vagner 75 Estoril
Fabiano 75 FC Porto


Two attributes are essential for when you look for a goalkeeper: reflexes and diving. The first one measures the keeper’s agility when making a clearance. Diego Alves is the second goalkeeper in the world with better reflexes. Only Enyeama from LOSC Lille (90) is better than him.


Diego Alves 88 Valencia CF
Helton 83 FC Porto
Guilherme 83 Lokomotiv Moskva
Neto 83 Fiorentina
Júlio César 82 SL Benfica
Fabiano 78 FC Porto
Vagner 77 Estoril
Artur Moraes 76 SL Benfica


Diving is a fundamental attribute when choosing a goalkeeper. It measures the capacity for a goalkeeper to make a save when jumping. Again, Diego Alves is in the top of the list. He is not only the Brazilian goalkeeper with best diving. He is the best in the world.


Diego Alves 88 Valencia CF
Júlio César 83 SL Benfica
Helton 82 FC Porto
Guilherme 81 Lokomotiv Moskva
Vagner 80 Estoril
Neto 79 Fiorentina
Fabiano 76 FC Porto
Artur Moraes 75 SL Benfica


Besides these attributes, height is crucial as well. Guilherme and Fabiano are much taller than the other ones.


Guilherme 197 Lokomotiv Moskva
Fabiano 197 FC Porto
Artur Moraes 192 SL Benfica
Neto 191 Fiorentina
Helton 189 FC Porto
Diego Alves 188 Valencia CF
Júlio César 186 SL Benfica
Vagner 185 Estoril


To choose the best Brazilian goalkeeper is really easy. Diego Alves is the best one with the most important attributes. He is not a tall goalkeeper but his reflexes and jumping are good enough to compensate it. The best alternatives to him play in the Portuguese League: Júlio César and Helton.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - GK

Best FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Goalkeepers



Brazilian Centre Backs in FUT 15 (CB)


The defensive system becomes more effective as long as there are quality centre backs there to prevent the opponent from progressing to your goal. Thiago Silva is one of the best defenders in the world.


Thiago Silva 87 Paris Saint-Germain
Miranda 83 Atlético de Madrid
Alex 82 Milan
Dante 82 Bayern Munchen
David Luiz 82 Paris Saint-Germain
Luisão 81 SL Benfica
Leandro Castán 81 Roma
Naldo 80 VfL Wolfsburg
Juan Jesus 78 Inter
Hilton 77 Montpellier HSC
Maicon 77 FC Porto
Marquinhos 77 Paris Saint-Germain
Jardel 76 SL Benfica
Felipe Santana 76 FC Schalke 04
Weligton 76 Málaga FC
Maurício 76 Sporting CP
Danilo 75 Udinese
Henrique 75 Napoli
Bamba Anderson 75 Eintracht Frankfurt
Xandão 75 Kuban Krasnodar


Defending and the new attribute, Physicality, which represents strength, resistance and jumping, are the two most important attributes for a centre back. The higher these attributes, the higher are the chances you have to stop the opponent’s attack. No one can be compared to Thiago Silva in this attribute. Only a few Legends are better than him.


Thiago Silva 90 Paris Saint-Germain
Miranda 84 Atlético de Madrid
Alex 84 Milan
Luisão 84 SL Benfica
Leandro Castán 84 Roma
Dante 83 Bayern Munchen
Naldo 82 VfL Wolfsburg
David Luiz 80 Paris Saint-Germain
Juan Jesus 80 Inter
Marquinhos 80 Paris Saint-Germain
Weligton 80 Málaga FC
Danilo 80 Udinese
Hilton 78 Montpellier HSC
Maicon 78 FC Porto
Felipe Santana 78 FC Schalke 04
Maurício 78 Sporting CP
Henrique 78 Napoli
Jardel 77 SL Benfica
Bamba Anderson 77 Eintracht Frankfurt
Xandão 76 Kuban Krasnodar


Having your defenders go out to the attack sometimes because of ball passing is something you can’t afford to do. We have the air balls as a solution for that, as in corners or free kicks, for example, either for defending or attacking. The changes we got on attributes are due to the importance these items have on defending. As always, Thiago Silva is a top player, but when we talk about physicality Alex and Maicon are better.


Alex 83 Milan
Maicon 83 FC Porto
Leandro Castán 81 Roma
Juan Jesus 81 Inter
Thiago Silva 80 Paris Saint-Germain
Jardel 80 SL Benfica
Miranda 79 Atlético de Madrid
David Luiz 78 Paris Saint-Germain
Maurício 77 Sporting CP
Henrique 77 Napoli
Xandão 77 Kuban Krasnodar
Dante 76 Bayern Munchen
Luisão 75 SL Benfica
Naldo 74 VfL Wolfsburg
Felipe Santana 74 FC Schalke 04
Bamba Anderson 73 Eintracht Frankfurt
Hilton 70 Montpellier HSC
Danilo 70 Udinese
Weligton 69 Málaga FC
Marquinhos 68 Paris Saint-Germain


Despite pace not being the proper attribute for centre backs, having at least one fast centre back to fill in your defence is essential. No one is faster than Felipe Santana.


Felipe Santana 80 FC Schalke 04
Marquinhos 79 Paris Saint-Germain
Thiago Silva 78 Paris Saint-Germain
Juan Jesus 78 Inter
David Luiz 77 Paris Saint-Germain
Miranda 76 Atlético de Madrid
Bamba Anderson 73 Eintracht Frankfurt
Naldo 72 VfL Wolfsburg
Leandro Castán 71 Roma
Maurício 68 Sporting CP
Dante 64 Bayern Munchen
Henrique 63 Napoli
Hilton 61 Montpellier HSC
Jardel 61 SL Benfica
Weligton 60 Málaga FC
Alex 55 Milan
Xandão 52 Kuban Krasnodar
Maicon 52 FC Porto
Danilo 49 Udinese
Luisão 39 SL Benfica


The centre back choice for your defensive system shouldn’t be thought out only according to the attributes highlighted above. Your formation is more than relevant, because if you choose to play with three centre backs it’s recommended that you have at least two with reasonable pace. In case you choose the ordinary two centre backs plus one right and one left back, the team composition mind changes. Our choice is Thiago Silva. Besides everything else (attributes), he has high defensive work rate, which is something really useful. As for who should be his mate(s), the suggestions are: Miranda, David Luiz and, as a more accessible choice, Alex.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - CB

Best Brazilian Centre Backs of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Brazilian Right Backs in FUT 15 (RB and RWB)


Full-backs are essential when it comes to stopping the opponent’s wide plays. However, their importance isn’t limited to defending only, they can also support the attack. Dani Alves has the highest rating.


Dani Alves 83 FC Barcelona
Maicon 79 Roma
Rafinha 77 Bayern Munchen
Rafael 77 Manchester United
Danilo 77 FC Porto
Mário Fernandes 76 CSKA Moskva


Pace and defending are the most important attributes for these players. Mario Fernandes is the one with best defending stats. Daniel Alves and Maicon are tied in the second position.


Mário Fernandes 78 CSKA Moskva
Dani Alves 76 FC Barcelona
Maicon 76 Roma
Rafael 76 Manchester United
Danilo 76 FC Porto
Rafinha 75 Bayern Munchen


Due to the enormous quantity of players focusing on dominating the midfield there already is, we’ll need fast players in order to use the wings. Daniel Alves is our first choice on this side.


Dani Alves 86 FC Barcelona
Rafael 83 Manchester United
Mário Fernandes 81 CSKA Moskva
Danilo 80 FC Porto
Maicon 78 Roma
Rafinha 72 Bayern Munchen


Dani Alves is obviously our first choice to this position. However, you should pay attention to his low/high work rate. A good alternative to him is Maicon. Mario Fernandes is our economic choice. He costs less coins but he is still a great player: strong, tall and with great work rates.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - RB

Best Brazilian Right Backs of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Brazilian Left Backs in FUT 15 (LB and LWB)


Players of this position function in the same way as the right backs. Filipe Luís and Marcelo are the most popular ones for the nationality.


Filipe Luís 82 Chelsea
Marcelo 82 Real Madrid
Alex Sandro 79 FC Porto
Maxwell 77 Paris Saint-Germain
Siqueira 77 Atlético de Madrid
Adriano 76 FC Barcelona
Jefferson 75 Sporting CP
Ramon Motta 75 Besiktas JK


After an amazing season in Spain, Filipe Luis moved to Barclays Premier League. He is the only one with defending stat higher than 80.


Filipe Luís 81 Chelsea
Marcelo 77 Real Madrid
Alex Sandro 77 FC Porto
Maxwell 75 Paris Saint-Germain
Siqueira 74 Atlético de Madrid
Adriano 73 FC Barcelona
Jefferson 73 Sporting CP
Ramon Motta 73 Besiktas JK


Alex Sandro is the best one. Better than other more experienced players.


Alex Sandro 84 FC Porto
Filipe Luís 82 Chelsea
Marcelo 81 Real Madrid
Jefferson 80 Sporting CP
Ramon Motta 80 Besiktas JK
Siqueira 78 Atlético de Madrid
Adriano 76 FC Barcelona
Maxwell 74 Paris Saint-Germain


Filipe Luis is our first choice. He is fast and the one with better defending stat. Marcelo is more expensive but he is still a good alternative. Siqueira is our economic choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - LB

Best Brazilian Left Backs of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Brazilian Defensive Midfielders in FUT 15 (CDM)


The players of this position have the responsibility of being the first ones to prevent the opponent from making it to the attack. For some people, though, modern football requires players that will both attack and defend with quality. Luiz Gustavo, Felipe Melo and Ramires are the most used by FUT gamers.


Luiz Gustavo 82 VfL Wolfsburg
Felipe Melo 81 Galatasaray SK
Ramires 81 Chelsea
Lucas Leiva 79 Liverpool
Fernando 79 Manchester City
Sandro 79 Queens Park Rangers
Casemiro 76 FC Porto
Fernando 76 Shakhtar Donetsk
Rômulo 75 Spartak Moskva


In order for them to become your first defence line, the defensive midfielders require excellent defending capacity. Luiz Gustavo and Fernando
are the biggest names here. They have better defending stats than several defenders.


Luiz Gustavo 83 VfL Wolfsburg
Fernando 83 Manchester City
Felipe Melo 80 Galatasaray SK
Sandro 80 Queens Park Rangers
Ramires 79 Chelsea
Lucas Leiva 79 Liverpool
Rômulo 78 Spartak Moskva
Fernando 77 Shakhtar Donetsk
Casemiro 73 FC Porto


The centre of the field is where several challenges will naturally happen. The player’s physicality is crucial when it comes to performing successful tackles and winning the ball to eventually start a counter attack, for example. Felipe Melo is the best one.


Felipe Melo 86 Galatasaray SK
Sandro 84 Queens Park Rangers
Fernando 83 Manchester City
Luiz Gustavo 82 VfL Wolfsburg
Casemiro 79 FC Porto
Fernando 78 Shakhtar Donetsk
Lucas Leiva 76 Liverpool
Rômulo 75 Spartak Moskva
Ramires 73 Chelsea


Despite his defending stats, Felipe Melo is our choice. He has very balanced, with great stats in the other attributes and has a high defensive work rate. Luiz Gustavo is a good alternative. For lower budgets, Sandro is a good CDM.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - CDM

Best Brazilian Defensive Midfielders of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Brazilian Midfielders in FUT 15 (CM and CAM)


These are among the best players in the world for this position in the field. We have excellent passers, finishers and dribblers. Those are the most relevant characteristics for the playmakers.


Oscar 84 Chelsea
Hernanes 82 Inter
Fernandinho 82 Manchester City
Diego 82 Fenerbahçe SK
Philippe Coutinho 81 Liverpool
Roberto Firmino 81 1899 Hoffenheim
Ronaldinho 80 Querétaro
Bernard 80 Shakhtar Donetsk
Paulinho 80 Spurs
Douglas Costa 80 Shakhtar Donetsk
Jonas 79 Valencia FC
Alex Teixeira 79 Shakhtar Donetsk
Thiago Neves 78 Al-Hilal
Rafinha 78 FC Barcelona
Taison 78 Shakhtar Donetsk
Ederson 76 Lazio
Marlos 75 Shakhtar Donetsk
Leonardo 75 Jeonbuk FC


These midfielders are usually the players who will get the last touch before the ball gets shot on target, which means assisting. Ronaldinho is the only Brazilian player among the best passers in the world.


Ronaldinho 85 Querétaro
Diego 84 Fenerbahçe SK
Hernanes 83 Inter
Fernandinho 82 Manchester City
Philippe Coutinho 81 Liverpool
Oscar 80 Chelsea
Douglas Costa 78 Shakhtar Donetsk
Thiago Neves 77 Al-Hilal
Roberto Firmino 77 1899 Hoffenheim
Bernard 76 Shakhtar Donetsk
Rafinha 75 FC Barcelona
Ederson 75 Lazio
Alex Teixeira 75 Shakhtar Donetsk
Paulinho 73 Spurs
Jonas 72 Valencia FC
Taison 72 Shakhtar Donetsk
Leonardo 71 Jeonbuk FC
Marlos 68 Shakhtar Donetsk


Besides passing, dribbling is the element that will make your plays more effective and less predictable when infiltrating the opponent’s defence line. Philippe Coutinho is one of the best dribblers in the game.


Philippe Coutinho 87 Liverpool
Ronaldinho 85 Querétaro
Bernard 85 Shakhtar Donetsk
Oscar 85 Chelsea
Roberto Firmino 85 1899 Hoffenheim
Diego 85 Fenerbahçe SK
Hernanes 84 Inter
Marlos 84 Shakhtar Donetsk
Douglas Costa 84 Shakhtar Donetsk
Alex Teixeira 84 Shakhtar Donetsk
Rafinha 82 FC Barcelona
Taison 82 Shakhtar Donetsk
Fernandinho 81 Manchester City
Ederson 81 Lazio
Jonas 80 Valencia FC
Thiago Neves 77 Al-Hilal
Paulinho 77 Spurs
Leonardo 77 Jeonbuk FC


Everyone knows how good the Brazilian midfielders are. There are many players with good stats which makes it a more difficult decision to make the right choice. Diego is our first choice. He isn’t the best in any of the most important attributes but he has very good stats in both. Oscar and Philippe Coutinho are both good alternatives. Ronaldinho Gaúcho is our economic choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - CM e CAM

Best Brazilian Centre Midfielders of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Brazilian Right Wingers in FUT 15 (RM, RW and RF)


Players in this position are responsible for the wide attack plays. Willian is the biggest new threat in this position.


Hulk 83 Zenit
Lucas 82 PSG
Willian 82 Chelsea
Jonathan 77 Inter
Alan 76 SC Braga


Speed, dribbling and passing are the essential characteristics for the wide midfielders. Being fast at this post means effective counter attacks built, wide aggressive plays, dynamic one-twos and fast progression through the wings. Lucas is the only one who stands out with his pace higher than 90. He is one of the fastest in the world.


Lucas 93 Paris Saint-Germain
Willian 89 Chelsea
Jonathan 86 Inter
Hulk 82 Zenit
Alan 68 SC Braga


The speed of these players becomes more effective when combined with good dribbling. Good dribblers make the job of reaching the opponent’s goal easier. In this aspect, Lucas and Willian are unbeatable.


Lucas 87 Paris Saint-Germain
Willian 87 Chelsea
Hulk 81 Zenit
Alan 79 SC Braga
Jonathan 78 Inter


Besides the possibility of finishing on target, there’s another good option which involves giving assists. Hulk is the one who does that the best.


Hulk 79 Zenit
Willian 78 Chelsea
Alan 78 SC Braga
Lucas 76 Paris Saint-Germain
Jonathan 72 Inter


The Brazilian young talent Willian is our choice because of his balanced stats, best stamina (86) and high/high work rates. Lucas and Hulk are the best alternatives and Alan the cheap choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - RM, RW and RF

Best Brazilian Right Wingers of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Brazilian Left Wingers in FUT 15 (LM, LW and LF)


As they have the same role as the right midfielders, there is only one very interesting name for this position: Neymar.


Neymar 86 FC Barcelona
Joãozinho 78 FC Krasnodar
Rafinha 77 Al-Shabab
Lucas Piazon 76 Eintracht Frankfurt
Marquinho 75 Al-Ittihad
Maicon 75 Lokomotiv Moskva


Maicon is one of the fastest wingers of the game. He is even faster than Neymar.


Maicon 93 Lokomotiv Moskva
Neymar 90 FC Barcelona
Joãozinho 88 FC Krasnodar
Rafinha 87 Al-Shabab
Marquinho 75 Al-Ittihad
Lucas Piazon 75 Eintracht Frankfurt


Neymar, Ronaldo and Ribery are the left wingers with best dribbling stats in the game.


Neymar 92 FC Barcelona
Lucas Piazon 81 Eintracht Frankfurt
Rafinha 80 Al-Shabab
Joãozinho 79 FC Krasnodar
Marquinho 77 Al-Ittihad
Maicon 73 Lokomotiv Moskva


Do you know who is Joãozinho ? Well he is the left midfielder with the highest passing stats. Neymar even though highly rated in other attributes, is not a good player for making assists.


Joãozinho 78 FC Krasnodar
Marquinho 74 Al-Ittihad
Lucas Piazon 74 Eintracht Frankfurt
Neymar 72 FC Barcelona
Rafinha 72 Al-Shabab
Maicon 68 Lokomotiv Moskva


The left midfield position choice is going to be pretty easy, there is just no other name as good as this for the Brazilian national squad: Neymar. He is one of the most expensive players in the game and it is easy to know why. Joãozinho is our second option and Lucas Piazon is the economic choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - LM, LW and LF

Best Brazilian Left Wingers of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Brazilian Forwards in FUT 15 (CF and ST)


Many people choose their striker first when building a squad. They’re usually our number 9, often the ones who will decide the match. In modern football, it is important to have strikers that move around the pitch. This is the weakest position in a Brazilian squad. There are several decent balanced strikers but none of them is a top player. FIFAUTeam will show you the best ones.


Raffael 80 Bor. M’Gladbach
Lima 78 SL Benfica
Luiz Adriano 76 Shakhtar Donetsk
Wanderson 76 FC Krasnodar
Charles 76 Celta Vigo
Hernane 76 Al-Nassr
Éder 75 Sampdoria
Derley 75 SL Benfica
Fernandão 75 Bursaspor
Ari 75 FC Krasnodar


Three attributes must be analysed before you choose your top scorer: shooting, physicality and pace. Since most finishes will be shots, shooting is the most important one. Lima has the best shot.


Lima 80 SL Benfica
Raffael 79 Bor. M’Gladbach
Wanderson 78 FC Krasnodar
Charles 76 Celta Vigo
Ari 76 FC Krasnodar
Éder 75 Sampdoria
Derley 75 SL Benfica
Fernandão 75 Bursaspor
Luiz Adriano 74 Shakhtar Donetsk
Hernane 74 Al-Nassr


Jumping, strength and resistance have as result the player’s physicality attribute. Jumping for air balls is a great alternative if the regular ground plays aren’t working; strength to win challenges against the defenders and resistance to keep sprinting towards the goal. Ari stands out in this new attribute.


Ari 79 FC Krasnodar
Derley 75 SL Benfica
Fernandão 75 Bursaspor
Hernane 74 Al-Nassr
Lima 72 SL Benfica
Charles 70 Celta Vigo
Luiz Adriano 68 Shakhtar Donetsk
Raffael 68 Bor. M’Gladbach
Wanderson 63 FC Krasnodar
Éder 57 Sampdoria


Depending on the tactics you use, for example, counter attack, having a fast striker will surely make your opponent worried. Éder is the fastest one.


Éder 82 Sampdoria
Ari 79 FC Krasnodar
Luiz Adriano 78 Shakhtar Donetsk
Lima 77 SL Benfica
Raffael 76 Bor. M’Gladbach
Wanderson 75 FC Krasnodar
Derley 73 SL Benfica
Hernane 71 Al-Nassr
Charles 69 Celta Vigo
Fernandão 67 Bursaspor


Our Brazilian striker choice is Lima. He has the best score in the most important attribute and has good stats in the other ones. Ari is the backup plan and Éder is the economic choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide - CF e ST

Best Brazilian Forwards of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



FUT 15 Brazilian Squad Suggestions


Just like we said on the Leagues Guide and other previous chapters, building a squad depends on the player’s style, besides other conditions (budget, play time, tactics etc). The suggestions ahead are going to be the illustration of the analysis we’ve done previously, position by position.

The Brazilian squad gives us several possible formations due to the players’ quality. We chose the classic formations for our squad so you’re able to use their variations as well. Unlimited budget: 4-3-3. Medium budget: 4-1-2-1-2. Reduced budget: 4-4-2.

For the manager spot we don’t recommend the best name, but the best price. If you already have all maximum individual chemistries you can abdicate yourself from buying one.


Unlimited Budget Team


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide

Click in the image to maximize it


  • Starting Eleven
    • GK: Diego Alves
      0.9k | 1k | 0.8k

      RB: Dani Alves
      44k | 32k | 57k

      CBR: David Luiz
      7k | 4k | 5.5k

      CBL: Thiago Silva
      70k | 48k | 96k

      LB: Filipe Luis
      22k | 16k | 27k

      CDM: Felipe Melo
      1.3k | 1.1k | 1.1k

      CMR: Oscar
      19k | 16k | 20k

      CML: Diego
      0.9k | 1k | 0.9k

      RW: Willian
      13k | 10k | 14k

      LW: Neymar
      320k | 240k | 610k

      ST: Lima
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.5k

      Prices order:
      Playstation | XBox | PC

  • Subs and Reserves
    • GK: Júlio César
      0.8k | 0.9k | 0.7k

      RB: Maicon
      2.6k | 2.2k | 3.2k

      CB: Miranda
      2.2k | 1.5k | 1.5k

      CB: Leandro Castán
      0.9k | 0.9k | 1k

      LB: Marcelo
      34k | 22k | 43k

      CDM: Luiz Gustavo
      1.7k | 1.1k | 1.5k

      CM: Hernanes
      2.8k | 2.1k | 2.8k

      CM: Coutinho
      3k | 2.8k | 2.6k

      RW: Hulk
      10k | 8k | 20k

      LW: Joãozinho
      0.7k | 0.7k | 0.8k

      ST: Ari
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k


  • Budget
    • Playstation: 557.6k (498.5k + 59.1k)
      Xbox: 412.1k (369.5k + 42.6k)
      PC: 910.3k (832.8k + 77.5k)


  • Summary
  • Based on the previous analysis we chose the players for this squad.
    Diego Alves is the best choice to the goal. The two Paris Saint-German centre backs make one of the strongest defence in the world. They are both fast, strong and have good defensive stats. It is important to have good CB’s because Dani Alves has a dangerous work rate. On the opposite side, Filipe Luís makes this defence even better. To protect the back four there are three options: Felipe Melo, which is great because of his stats for this position; Luiz Gustavo because of his great defensive skills; and Ramires, one of the most popular Brazilian players in the game, with high/high work rate but not so good stats for a CDM. Diego and Oscar have both a great passing and dribbling. The three forwards are Neymar, Lima and Willian.


Medium Budget Team


FIFA 15 Ultimate TeamBrazilian Players Guide

Click in the image to maximize it


  • Starting Eleven
    • GK: Guilherme
      0.7k | 0.7k | 0.8k

      RB: Danilo
      1.5k | 1.5k | 2.3k

      CBR: Leandro Castán
      0.9k | 0.9k | 1k

      CBL: Miranda
      2.2k | 1.5k | 1.5k

      LB: Alex Sandro
      1.5k | 1.4k | 1.9k

      CDM: Ramires
      48k | 29k | 100k

      RM: Lucas
      8k | 5.5k | 8k

      LM: Maicon
      0.7k | 0.7k | 0.8k

      CAM: Coutinho
      3k | 3k | 3k

      STR: Derley
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      STL: Raffael
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      Prices order:
      Playstation | XBox | PC

  • Subs and Reserves
    • GK: Neto
      0.3k | 0.3k | 0.3k

      RB: Rafael
      0.9k | 0.8k | 0.8k

      CB: Naldo
      0.8k | 0.8k | 0.9k

      CB: Dante
      1.4k | 1k | 1k

      LB: Adriano
      0.4k | 0.5k | 0.5k

      CDM: Fernando
      0.7k | 0.8k | 0.9k

      RM: Jonathan
      0.8k | 0.8k | 1k

      LM: Rafinha
      0.5k | 0.5k | 0.5k

      CAM: Douglas Costa
      1k | 1k | 1k

      ST: Luiz Adriano
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.7k

      ST: Eder
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k


  • Budget
    • Playstation: 74.9k (67.3k + 7.6k)
      Xbox: 52.3k (45k + 7.3k)
      PC: 128.1k (120.1k + 8k)


  • Summary
  • Based on the previous analysis we chose the players for this squad.
    Guilherme is good and tall. He gives enough to be in this team. Miranda and Castán are fast and have good defensive skills. The fullbacks are two young players that play in FC Porto: Alex Sandro and Danilo. The midfield is build with the mobility and pace of four players: Ramires, Coutinho, Lucas and Maicon. Derley and Raffael are the two last most advanced players of this team.


Low Budget Team


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide

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  • Starting Eleven
    • GK: Helton
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      RB: Mario Fernandes
      0.4k | 0.6k | 0.9k

      CBR: Alex
      0.8k | 0.8k | 0.7k

      CBL: Juan Jesus
      0.6k | 0.6k | 0.4k

      LB: Siqueira
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.7k

      CMR: Sandro
      0.7k | 0.9k | 1k

      CML: Ronaldinho
      0.9k | 0.8k | 1k

      RM: Jonathan
      0.7k | 0.7k | 0.8k

      LM: Lucas Piazón
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      STR: Wanderson
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      STL: Eder
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      Prices order:
      Playstation | XBox | PC

  • Subs and Reserves
    • GK: Fabiano
      0.6k | 0.6k | 0.6k

      RB: Rafinha
      0.5k | 0.7k | 0.4k

      CB: Felipe Santana
      0.8k | 0.7k | 0.8k

      CB: Marquinhos
      0.4k | 0.5k | 0.5k

      LB: Jefferson
      0.6k | 0.6k | 0.7k

      CM: Casemiro
      0.4k | 0.5k | 0.4k

      CM: Douglas Costa
      1k | 1k | 1k

      RM: Alan
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      LM: Marquinho
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      ST: Charles
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k

      ST: Hernane
      0.4k | 0.4k | 0.4k


  • Budget
    • Playstation: 12.0k (6.1k + 5.9k)
      Xbox: 12.6k (6.4k + 6.3k)
      PC: 13.1k (7.1k + 6k)

  • Summary
  • Based on the previous analysis we chose the players for this squad.
    Helton is not a young goalkeeper but he is still a great player. He has more than 80 in the most important attributes. The centre backs play in Serie A: Alex is really strong and Juan is very balanced. The fullbacks are Mario Fernandes, with high/high work rates, and Siqueira with stamina 86. In the midfield Ronaldinho is the creative player and Sandro the most defensive one. In the wings, Piazon e Jonathan show their class. In the attack, Éder and Wanderson are our choices. If you have more coins, you may buy better midfielders and attackers.



Follow our suggestions to have more success with your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian squad.


27 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Brazilian Players Guide”

  1. Hey, Will Vitinho and Kelvin be very expensive on Fifa 15 ultimate team as they will no longer be found in packs? They are both upgraded to the brazilian league.

  2. I put Hulk at my st but his chemistry is 4 is there any way to get his chemistry up higher i even have a manager from the same divison he is in rus 1 please help thanks

  3. Rodrigo, between Julio Cesar and Helton which would you choose? I agree Diego Alves is the best one. His diving and reflexes are simply amazing, and yes handling bring down his value but both diving and reflexes are much important than handling, at least on game.

    And I’ve tried Danilo instead of Maicon, a bit faster, great long shot taker and decent at defending. Only stat were Maicon is way better is at crossing, don’t you think Danilo would be a great second choice after Dani Alves?

  4. He is not brazilian, but with thiago and david luiz in the back, isn’t sirigu the best choice for a keeper?

    1. Sure!
      I agree with you. Sirigu is a great GK and he is the best one to play in a Brazilian team or even is a Serie A team. He isn’t in this guide only because he is not Brazilian.

  5. Thanks for the guide. One question. Why not pick Ramires at CDM? The BPL guide on this website picks him above Sandro, Fernando and loads of other good BPL CDMs. I never tried him myself – just wondering…

    1. Good question.
      It was Hugo to write this guide but I remember to talk with him about it. Basically, he agrees that Ramires is a great player. However, to play as CMC or CDM he believes that his stats are not the best ones. Ramires is physically weak and plays better as an attacking midfielder than as a defensive midfielder.

  6. Hi! I’m Brazilian, but since I’m on the English version of the website, I’m commenting this in English (anyway…). Here’s my question: I use a Brazilian squad and it’s almost the same that you used in this guide. The only difference is that I positioned Hulk as my ST, once he has a good physical game, an amazing shoot and he is really fast for this position. Don’t you think that it would be a stronger squad with him as the striker? Thank you for your attention and patience 🙂

    1. Sure.
      There is lack of good Brazilian strikers in this game. Using Hulk in that position seems to be a smart move but pay attention to his chemistry. Try to get, at least, individual chemistry 7.

      1. I agree with Mauro. Hulk is the best ST if you reach 7 chemestry. Not even IF Lima is better than him, Hulk is faster, stronger, better dribbler and passer than IF Lima, only stats where Lima is better is in positioning and weak foot. Also IF Lima is a bit better header but still, overall Hulk is the best on as ST. He even has more suitable work rates for a ST.

  7. Hello. I have 1 simple question for tomorrow. As you may know, tomorrow is Cyber Monday. Do you think it will be a mini market crash tomorrow? Should I sell my expensive players, like Gotze, Diego Costa and Remy today or just keep them?

      1. I’d just put a post in the trading article, but maybe more relevant here as it is recent, but do you know any other specific days that will have market crashes like Friday? Or was Friday a one off in terms of scale?

        I know in the UK Dec 26th is a big sale. I might sell my big players before Christmas to buy them all back again but this would be risky!

        1. Yes, there is. Starting around December 16 and until January 2, EA releases a season of special packs called ‘FUT Xmas’. Then, in January 12 and during a week TOTY players are released and the market crash again.
          Follow us on Twitter to be always update about this topics.

  8. Hey there. I don’t think Diego Alves is a good choice this game due to his atrocious handling. also, Rodrigo, I’m willing to write guides like this one

    1. I also find him atrocious, I replaced him for Helton in a squad where I have Brazilian CB’s and he is better

  9. hi.i have a question not from this topic,not even for ultimate team.i see people in creation centre that put real faces of other players in their created players.i searched a lot and couldnt find an answer.can u tell me how can i do this?

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