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The Ultimate Guide for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Cheats


There are a few topics more controversial than others. This is one of them. But we have no taboos. A better informed community is a more protected community. Get to know our guide on FIFA 15 Cheats.



This guide is not intended to promote and encourage the practice of cheating.
We are aware that in some cases this may happen. However, we believe that for every gamer who learns to use them, many others will realize how to defend themselves properly.


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Introduction to FIFA 15 Cheats


It is in human nature to look for shorter and easier ways for certain tasks. In this case, there is a moral question: is it right to use cheats in FIFA 15 that may cause damage to other honest players? The answer is each to their own. It is simply up to each player. The question depends mainly on the cheats we are talking about.

We want to let it be known that we are against any kind of FIFA 15 cheats. They all tend to spoil the game. Imagine if everyone could have all the coins they wanted. At the start it would seem good to all the players but after a while the game would lose its standing and integrity and everyone would agree that cheats are harmful to the game. Do not follow the path of fraud. You’ll be fooling yourself and hurting all of the other players.

When you cheat, you are damaging the game you like

In this guide we make more than just showing the most popular FIFA 15 cheats. We warn gamers for cheating dangers and we explain how to avoid be cheated. We also analyse what Electronic Arts have done to improve the user experience in this matter.



Most Popular FIFA 15 Cheats


Fortunately, FIFA 15 is a game almost immune to cheats. At least, in the consoles. However, this is one of the characteristics that makes it so appealing. The honest players know that all their effort won’t be in vain and that they’ll be playing in equal conditions with everyone else. Or is it not quite like that?

To EA, buying coins is cheating

The truth is that some FIFA 15 cheats work. If you want to follow that path, the best thing for you to do is to read our guide. Be careful because it’s easy to lose everything you have…

Everyone is different and because of that not all of you have the same notion of what is a cheat. A cheat to us may or not be to you or vice-versa. Buying coins, for example, was very badly seen by the community in the first editions of this game mode. However, people’s mentalities changed, it has become globalized and until a few months ago almost everyone considered that buying coins is not cheating. In the meanwhile, EA Sports has decided to blame the coins sellers for everything that is wrong with the game and people become to be again less tolerant with coins buyers. EA Sports itself just doesn’t allow it because it damages its business, particularly buying FIFA Points. But aren’t these in a way a much similar way of trading real money for coins? The answer seems obvious. In our opinion, buying coins can not be considered a cheat if it is possible to do exactly the same thing with FIFA Points.

Considering that a cheat is used by a group of players which offers the a wide advantage over others, which is not part of the game and is not accepted in the community, we can group the cheats by into three categories:

  • Software on PC
  • Bots
  • Bid Jumping


FIFA 15 Cheats Guide



PC Sofware


There are those who use software to gain a competitive advantage and therefore reaching better results. They can just automate a task they would do manually or they can go to hard core of illegality and transforming the game in something that has nothing to do with fun. Get to know one the types of software most used for these objectives.


Auto-Click Software


There are various tasks in this game mode that are repetitive and tiresome. One of them is reaching the page at the 59 minutes in the transfer market. To top, after hundreds of clicks to advance to this page there’s always a reasonable probability of an error occurring and all that work has been made in vain.

If you have access to the FUT 15 Web App, the use of the Auto-Click software may be it’s main use. You only have to define where the next page button is in the transfer market and the program does the rest. You can occupy your time with something else and you’ll only need to pay attention to the game again when it has reached the wanted page.

In a scale of cheats this one seems the most little and even acceptable. However, Electronic Arts have implemented a anti-cheating system that blocks the game when many actions are taken. In that way, it will be much harder to reach the 59 minutes page without applying filters. Even if you are not cheating.


FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

Although it’s not an Auto-Click software, the Cheat Engine allows you to reach the 59 minutes page a lot faster




Of the platforms where it is possible to play FIFA 15, the PC is clearly the one more susceptible to cheats. Unlike what happens on the Playstation or the Xbox, it’s relatively easier to link a program to the game.

Currently the most popular program is called ‘Trainer‘. It works very well in Career Mode and Virtual Pro and it runs only in Windows machines with original FIFA 15 (64 Bits). Anyway, only use it on offline mode if you don’t want to be banished. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The main features of Trainer for FIFA 15 are:

    Increase Starting Transfer Budget
    Starting Weekly Wages
    Surplus Weekly Budget
    Weekly Wage Budget
    Add/Subtract Score 1/2
    Reset Game Time
    End Current Period


There is a lot more software capable of making alterations on FIFA 15 or PC, but all of them are too dangerous. We highly discourage those who want to follow this path. The most popular one is Cheat Engine, currently in 6.4. version, but apparently it is not working as well as in previous FIFA’s.


FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

If you use the Trainer on line mode you’ll be immediately detected and banned



Bots: Autobuyer or Autobidder Software


The types of auto-click programs replace the player in the browsing of the transfer markets pages, but there are other programs that are more complete when talking about automatic processes. It’s the case of AB’S.

A bit to the similarity of what happens with the databases its permanently sending requests to the EA servers in order to stay updated, The owner just has to indicate the price he’s interested in buying certain cards and when they appear the program makes the buy for him. The majority of these programs also automatically makes sales. The player indicates the minimum price he’s willing to receive for the cards and the software puts them on sale. In other words, so at one time it buys and puts cards for sale, saving the player a lot of time.

An Autobuyer is a program which buys and sells automatically, saving lots of time to the users

These programs do everything super fast, managing to achieve card purchases few seconds after they are put up for sale. Competing with machines in the 59 minute method is too much of an unequal struggle. Trading stopped being fun to the point where the use of these programs peaked. They unvirtualize the market completely, calling into question the games balance and harmony.

The big difference between an AutoBuyer and an AutoBidder is that the first buys by BIN (Buy it now) and the other one buys by BID. In other words, in the first you are limited card wise due to few cards having BIN defined and in the second you’ll make a bid to all of the cards you want but you won’t be guaranteed that you will buy them. The Autobuyer has existed since 2010, while the AutoBidder was released one year ago.

These programs won’t do you any good if you’re not a good trader. Their function is helping you. They don’t replace you. They merely fulfil what you order them to do so that you don’t have to be constantly on your PC / console. If you don’t know what to do in the market to win coins, then we advise you to read our trading guide. It has all the information you need.

If you’re trying out one of these programs we caution you to be careful. Regardless of them being all over the internet, the majority won’t work properly or include files that will damage and compromise the safety of your computer. Furthermore, if it’s use is detected by EA Sports you may be banished. Yes, that means losing everything you have. You don’t want that do you?


If you want to know exactly how these programs work and what they can do, we will explain with a real case.

FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

These pictures were taken from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Millionaire, one of the few Autobuyers / Autobidders in which you can trust. As you can see, they always ask you to share your account details, including the security question/answer, to get full access to your FUT account. Runaway from the free Autobuyers. These are the only features you will find there.

FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

The only thing that you really need to do in a program like this one is to choose which players do you want to buy (it works with other cards too) and set which price you are willing to pay. As you can see in the image, the software shows you the available cards, including the In Form ones.

FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

You are not limited to a single card. In fact, you can build a cards list which the program will be always looking for you. In the most advanced programs, like this one, you can create a list for BID and another one for BIN. Besides the buying price, you can also set the selling price. In that way you don’t even have to relist your cards. It buys and sells automatically for you according to your instructions and you just need to sit down and see your balance increasing.

FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

The things are so easy that not only the potential profit is automatically calculated, as there is a feature that protects you against any sudden changes in the prices of your cards. Making a loss is not easy.

FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

Everything that the program does can be viewed in real time. In that way, you are always updated how the things are going.

FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

In the case of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Millionaire, you can customize it to work just how you want. For example: you can use filters, in order to stop buying if the trade list is full, automatically renew your auctions even if the cards don’t make part of your lists or set a minimum budget. It is not easy to EA to detect this type of programs when they are well designed. They replicate the human behaviour, giving you the chance to limit the amount of cards bought per minute or delaying the search a few seconds. However, don’t forget that these bots are not allowed by Electronic Arts and you are the only responsible for its use.



Bid Jumping


Unlike the other FIFA 15 cheats presented here, Bid Jumping directly hurts other players. It’s an extremely dishonest tactic that takes advantage of other players’ mistakes. Fortunately, this is a cheat which in FIFA 15 has become less popular.

To put it in practice, Bid Jacking or Price jacking, names for which it’s known, only need two accounts. If you have more the result can be a lot bigger, but two are enough. The cheat starts placing the card on sale at a welcoming price, normally 10 to 20% below the minimum price of the card. As soon as the auction has some bids, what normally happens in the end is winner bids its own card with an unrealistically high price. If you’re not lucky you’ll win the auction and transfer the card again to the account you wish. If things go right, then someone makes a bid right after bid was made and you’ll collect a highly overinflated value for a card.

Don’t trust in cheap cards. Stay alert.

This technique reaches best results if the bid is done with a second account during the last 15 seconds of the auction. In this period it’s normal for a card to be disputed, in virtue of its low price and someone bids without confirming the amount of their last offer.

In previous years, this technique was very profitable but now that ‘Trade Offer’ button was removed, it isn’t any more. The reason is simple: when the cheater realized that no one will bid after him, he used this button to end the sale, avoiding the 5% taxes. Now that it doesn’t exist, he runs the serious risk of having to pay 5% of a absurdly high price for something that is already of him. He needs to have success many times to balance with the coins he pays every time no ones falls in his trap. Besides that, buying cards for an unrealistic price may draw the attention of EA and costs him a ban.

If you don’t want to be harmed by this technique pay special attention when buying players cards. Especially the more expensive versions like TOTY and TOTS, they’re the cheaters favourites. They choose the most expensive ones because they have better chances to find someone with a fat wallet. Every time you find cards considerably cheaper than their average market price and without a BIN defined or with a very high BIN, make sure that the actual club (seller) didn’t show up on previous auctions exactly with the same card and same prices. If that happens, it will be better to look for another cards. Always carefully check the price you’re bidding. Always remember that after your bid is made it only stops being effective after someone bids on the same item.


FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

Messi is a good target for id Jumping



Fake Cheats


The world of cheats on FIFA 14 is extremely dangerous. It’s very easy to lose everything you have if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ll explain you which cheats you should never try. Never ever.


Everything you need to know is that card duplicators and coins generators don’t exist. All you’ll find will be nothing more than scams. If you insist on going through this path, the most certain thing is you’ll lose all your coins and your best cards.

Every day we get to know people that have been scammed. The players change but the story is always the same: they wanted an easy solution to get more coins and players, they found a program that could solve all their problems and they decided to try. Big mistake.

In most of the cases, these programs ask for your data to access your account. Once transmitted the scammer enters it, sell all cards and use all the coins to buy an useless card from his main account. When the legit owner is back, which is only possible resorting to the safety question, he finds an empty account without players or coins

Despite our warnings, there still exists those who ask how it is possible that so many great teams and so many valuable cards are on auction at the same time in the market. The answer is simple: there are those who are good and dedicated traders, there are those who know how to use well the cheats we described in the chapter above and there are those who win a lot with pseudo coin generators and card duplicators. It’s probably the most profitable cheat but not to all users. Scammers do everything they can to convince you into giving them your data. They offer themselves to help you through software like card duplicators and coin generators, fifa ultimate team hack, etc…


FIFA 15 Cheats Guide


The first supposedly duplicates the cards you have. Normally they ask for access to your account and to choose the cards you want to duplicate. It’s a well thought tactic because no one has interest in duplicating a card that is not valuable. And the scammers want exactly that: to fool everyone who has an very filled account.

Coins generators and cards duplicators are scam techniques

Coin generators are few but simple: you are asked that you indicate your accounts data so that it can be inserted with a coin quantity in your account. There are scammers that turn their idea more believable ask for a payment for their service. They win double.

To give these programs credibility, scammers diversify their solicitation channels. They create software specific for the result is downloaded by the user, including torrents. They open the pages on social networks publicizing the programs, recurring to fake feedback and giveaways. They insert videos on Youtube exhibiting their fantastic fake teams and soliciting direct or indirect your account data. They pass on as Ea Sports functionaries in forums and blog commentaries, fooling many times those who are just in need of technical support. They replicate almost perfectly the EA Sports login page. Create share links of teams that redirect you to other sited not the editors. Everything is fair for enriching yourself.

By the quantity, variety and quality of the scams, it seems a lucrative business. Parts of stores legitimately sell FUT Coins, they are provided by scammers that use the methods we’ve revealed here. They want to get rich no matter what it takes. Overall, you can avoid all of these schemes by following these 5 basic safety rules:


  1. Certify and recertify if the page always starts with a URL of the type;
  2. Always certify that the link doesn’t redirect you to another site;
  3. Never click on e-mail links that ask for access data or say that your account is allegedly compromised;
  4. Never give your data to anyone, not even EA Sports:
  5. Don’t search for card duplicators, coin generators and other schemes to win coins easily (they don’t exist!).


If you’ve been harmed by any of these techniques, know that you’re the only one responsible. You can complain to EA Sports (see here how to do it) but they’ll always answer that you didn’t follow their safety recommendations. And unfortunately that is really true.


FIFA 15 Cheats Guide

There are hundreds of swindle attempts with this type of software



Fighting Cheaters


After a few years with lack of pro-activity, EA has finally done something to fight cheaters. Here are the main actions they taken:

Announcement of account’s suspension policy

For the first time ever, it has stated what happens to cheaters if they are caught. It is a penalty system very focused on coins buyers / sellers, but it also predicts a permanent FIFA on line ban for anyone caught recording false match results in FIFA Ultimate Team on PC, using exploits to boost the stats of their in-game avatars known as On line Virtual Pros or falsifying match results in order move up the FIWC leaderboards (the FIWC leaderboards are cleaned bi-weekly for cheaters).

‘Trade Offer’ Button Removal

The game loses a useful feature but this was the best decision taken by EA Sports in their fight against cheaters. Thanks to it, Bid Jumping and account multiplication are now much less profitable. The only problem was to have taken so long.

Assignment of untradeable cards to Manager Tasks, Daily Gifts and Other Prizes

Every time you create a new club, by elimination of the previous one or by registering, you’re given a pack with more than 30 cards. This starter pack supposedly is used exclusively for the start of a club, but before FIFA 14 it could be sold and transformed into coins. If you created many registrations you could sell all the cards of all those packs and transfer them into your main account. It’s obvious that the profit of selling a bronze pack is relatively low. But the profit of selling dozens of bronze packs might just be attractive enough to many players to lose some hours applying this method. It was all a matter of time.

Since FIFA 14, EA Sports has been fighting against this cheat, turning the Starter Pack cards untradeable. As compensation, the first players cards comes now with 45 contracts. That is, those who want to make coins with the starter pack need to play matches. However, many cheaters continued to use multiple accounts to get advantage of the Welcome Back Packs, Manager Tasks rewards and Daily Gifts. EA putted an end to all this, making all these packs untradeable. Unfortunately, they were too strict with applying these rules with some affecting tournament rewards, which makes no sense. There are also those who have multiple accounts in order to increase the size of their preferences list. Instead of being limited to 30 or 40 items, they can perform transactions on a large scale. However, now no one can avoid the 5% tax.

Introduced a Two-Factor Authentication

It was introduced a Login Verification process as an additional security step to help keep intruders away from gamers accounts. To each player are generated numeric pass codes, valid for a short period of time, that would be needed to log-in in their accounts when they attempt to log-in from an untrusted device or every 90 days. Once again, it is not enough. Instead of focus their fight in selling more FIFA Points, they should do something to avoid scammers act without a punishment. It is true that who follows the safety rules, doesn’t have this kind of problems, but it could be so easy to ban all these cheaters. They just need to go to their own channels to find thousands of players trying to cheat.

Introduces automatic blocking system to all accounts with suspected transactions

Here it is another action that was a completely flop. The goal was to automatically detect bots. However, the best they got were thousands of accounts suspended, most of them from people where the only fault is being active traders. It is a shame to see honest gamers who paid for the game still waiting for an answer. In a few cases, they got their accounts back but most of the time the best they can do is to create another account, start over again and quit doing anything in the market to avoid being banned again. EA doesn’t give feedback to the players and delete any comment about this subject on their channels.

Thousands of accounts from honest paying gamers are being wrongfully blocked and no one is doing something to fix it

If you believe you were wrongfully banned, you can dispute your ban emailing them for [email protected] from your registered email address. In the Subject of your email, you should write “Banned/Suspended Account – FIFA 15 – Persona Name” and in the body of your email you should provide the following information: First and Last Name, game name (FIFA 15), persona name, where your game was purchased, error/Notification Message received and details of your dispute.


FIFA 15 Cheats Guide



New Stuff


For people that are used to Ultimate Team, we decided to create a simple chapter where you can consult a brief history of changes concerning cheats.


FUT 14 >> FUT 15

  • New authentication system;
  • New suspension policy
  • ‘Trade Offer’ Button Removal



FIFA 15 Cheats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Am I cheating when I buy coins ?
A: According with the Terms of use, you are.

Q: How safe is to use an Auto Buyer program ?
A: It isn’t safe. There is always a risk to be caught and punished. However, with good AB’s the chances of having problems are very low. Remember that using these programs you are harming other players experience.

Q: I know someone that is cheating. How can I report them ?
A: You can report them to [email protected], along with the cheater’s Xbox/PSN gamertag or Origin ID so they can investigate.

Q: I found a program / website that will increase my balance or offer me good players. It is safe ?
A: It doesn’t exist. Forget it.


In this guide we tried to explain to you without taboos the cheats in FIFA 15. However, it’s extremely important that you understand that in general all of them are bad to the game. It’s up to each and every one of us to avoid using them or at least use them in a moderate way. It’s also up to EA Sports to fight against them, principally the most serious ones, and doing it without damaging honest paying players


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  1. would this also be a cheat? say your in the finals of a semi-pro tournament. then you click play. then an error comes up saying Error 1041 43 or something. then you just go to another tournament, like a ultiment cup that’s on world class. it then changes it to semi-pro. {and it actually plays as a semi pro team} and I know for a fact other players have gotten this and complained about it. would this be a cheat?

  2. Didn’t want to read this, because I feel that you shouldn’t use cheats if you’re a true gamer.
    I did notice another “cheat” on the Android mobile version of Fifa 15.
    There is a way you cannot loose the game. If you’re playing in a tournament and you’re in the final and about to loose the last game just press home and end Fifa 15 game before the end of the game. If you restart the game it’s like you’ve never played that game (you were loosing) before and you can try to win it now. You do loose your contracts for that game but you won’t have to start the tournament again.
    this way it’s also easier to get into Division 1 I guess.

    I’m not sure if this is cheating. Anyway, I don’t use it because I have a good team and can win games on my own. Just worth mentioning it perhaps.

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