FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We have a vast experience about the most common problems that FUT players have. Everyday we receive dozens of emails with questions about the game. To help all FUT players, we gather in a single place the most popular FIFA 15 Ultimate Team frequently asked questions.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is FIFA Ultimate Team ?
A: FIFA Ultimate Team is an extension of the FIFA game in which the player manages a fictitious club and all that concerns to it.

Q: What is FIFA Ultimate Edition ?
A: FIFA Ultimate Edition is a special and limited edition of FIFA produced especially for FUT fans. With FIFA Ultimate Edition you get some packs for free.

Q: What is the best place to find information about FIFA Ultimate Team?
A: Here. You already have found it. Our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter Page are the best places to find everything about FIFA Ultimate Team.

Q: Will I be able to keep my team in the next FIFA Ultimate Team version or I’ll have to start all over again?
A: Each version of FIFA Ultimate Team is a different game. you can not import your team and your coins from the previous FUT version. The only things that can move are the club’s name, the XP level, the FC credits and the FIFA Points. For example, even if you have a super team in FUT 15, you will have to start over again in FUT 16.

Q: Can I buy, sell and trade cards from another platform ?
A: No. FIFA Ultimate Team for XBox, PC or Playstation are different games. You can only do it to the same platform (p.ex. PS3 and PS4).

Q: How carryover will work ?
A: You can learn everything about it clicking here

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I get a card ?
A: The first owner of a card is someone that gets it in a pack. You can try to buy packs, get it in tournaments/season prizes or buy it from another player in the transfer market.

Q: What kind of cards exist on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ?
A: According with its type, the cards can be players, staff, consumables and club items.

Q: Are the In Form cards only for players cards ?
A: Yes. Only players’ cards can be In Form.

Q: Can a player change his rating or category ?
A: If you own a card, you cannot change it to another level or rating. What may happen is a new improved card of the player you have can be released.

Q: When an IF card is released, will my regular card of that player change to the improved version ?
A: No. You will need to buy the new card.

Q: How many of the same card can I have in my club ?
A: One. Excepting consumables, you can’t have repeat cards in your club. However you can have more than one card of the same player, if they are different and if you not use them at the same time in your squad.

Q: Which packs should I buy to get IF cards ?
A: Any one with rare players.

Q: When a TOTW card is released, does the regular card of that player stop being released ?
A: Yes. The regular card of that player stops being released during that week.

Q: A single player can have more than one TOTW card ?
A: Yes. Players can get a new TOTW card if they played even better than in the time that they got the previous TOTW card. That’s why the more recent is a TOTW card of the same player, but the rating will be higher.

Q: When an upgraded player card is released what happens to the old one ?
A: It stops being released in packs. You will be able to find it on the transfer market but not in packs.

Q: When a transfer player card is released what happens to the old one ?
A: It stops being released in packs. You will be able to find it on the transfer market but not in packs.

Q: When a transfer player card is released the rating and the attributes of that card are improved ?
A: No as this only happens sometimes when the player really deserves an upgrade.

Q: Can I own two cards of the same player with different clubs ?
A: Yes. You can own two cards of the same player with different clubs but you cannot use them at the same time in the same team.

Q: I am playing with someone with a turquoise card. What does it mean ?
A: It means that you are playing against the real professional player of that turquoise card.

Everything about the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Legends

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where can I find all the attributes of my players ?
A: As you know, the players cards only show the six main attributes. To know all of them simply start a FUT 15 match, pause the game and select “Team Management”. Then, view that player’s attributes. Another option is to use FUT databases.

Q: Can I have more than one card of the same player stored in my club ?
A: You can have several cards of the same player but only in the transfer list. To have more than one card of the same player in your club, you need to place each one in different squads and they must be from different clubs (the player has moved to another club). You can also have a NIF and a IF card of the same player in different teams.

Q: How do I change the work rates of my players ?
A: In FUT 15 it is not possible.

Q: Getting a high/high work rate is a good thing ?
A: Usually not. It means that your players will be often out of position. They want to attack but they also want to defend. It depends of your formation, play style and the player position.

Q: I can not see the work rates or the assists in the Bio ?
A: It is only available in the console.

Q: I don’t use skills. Do I need players with high star skills ?
A: No. If you don’t perform skills, it doesn’t matter the star skills of your players. However, our advice is that you should learn, at least, one skill movement. It doesn’t need to be a 5 star skill movement.

Q: A gold player is always better than a silver one ?
A: Usually yes. But not always. What makes the player gold is his rating. What really matters to know if a player is good or not, is his attributes. Some silver players can have better attributes than gold players. The same happens with bronze/silver players.

Q: It is possible for a player to get a card of a higher level ?
A: It is not very common but may happen. It is only possible if a player already has the higher rating from his level and gets two IF cards.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many staff cards can I have in my club?
A: As many as you want as long as there are no duplicates.

Q: What should I do to have my staff working?
A: Nothing. Just buy them and send them to your club.

Q: Is there a limit for the staff’s effect?
A: Yes. 50%.

Q: Where can I see the effect my staff is making?
A: In the squad menu, when you apply a consumable to one of your players. You’ll be able to see their bonus before you use it.

Q: Where can I find staff to hire?
A: On the transfer market, using filters for staff, or in packs.

Q: Where can I find the staff I just hired?
A: In the “My Club” menu. If they’re not there, check your transfer and targets list, as well as the unassigned.

Q: Is having a gold manager the same as having a bronze one?
A: It is for chemistry contribution. The only difference is about the contracts bonus, they do have different weights for that.

Q: Can I change a manager’s league?
A: Yes. You just need to apply him a manager league consumable.

Q: Can I change a manager’s nationality?
A: No.

Q: Which staff spends contracts?
A: Only the manager active in your squad spends contracts. The remaining do their effect without spending contracts while being stored in your club.

Q: Can I choose not to have any staff in my club?
A: Yes. Although it’s highly recommended that you have at least one manager for your squad.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where can I get consumables cards ?
A: On the Transfer Market. Chose the filter ‘Consumables Search‘ if you are looking for training, position, leagues, contract, fitness, healing or chemistry styles cards.

Q: Can I apply a consumable on a player of a different category ?
A: Yes. You can use any of the three categories of these cards (gold, silver or bronze) independently of players’ or coach’s category.

Q: When I apply a training card to a player do his improved attributes stay this way forever ?
A: No. It lasts one match.

Q: If I apply many training cards to a player, can I make him a super player with all the attributes 99 ?
A: No. For each match, any attribute can only be improved once.

Q: What happens if I apply a training card to a player that stays on the reserves or on the bench ?
A: Nothing. He will continue to benefit from the training effect until he plays.

Q: How do I know which similar positions cards can I apply to a player ?
A: Find it here.

Q: It is possible to apply positioning cards to turn a CDM into a ST ?
A: Yes, it is. You just need to play ST-CF, CF-CAM, CAM-CM and CM-CDM cards.

Q: When should I apply a contract card ?
A: No later than when a player or a manager can be prevented from participating in a match due to lack of contracts.

Q: What means the numbers that are in a contract card ?
A: It is the number of matches that the card give according to the player category.

Q: When should I apply a fitness card ?
A: Avoid having to do it. We suggest that you do only if your players are with fitness lower than 90.

Q: Why can’t I sell an injured player ?
A: Because it is not possible. You can sell players and managers out of contracts but if they are injured, you need to give them a rest or applying them a healing card before you sell them.

Q: When should I apply a chemistry style card ?
A: When you feel that your team and player need a improvement in some attributes.

Q: Why stadiums, kits and balls are not consumables ?
A: Because you can not spend them. They are Items of Club.

Q: How can I reduce the cost of consumables ?
A: Start by hiring staff oriented to the consumables cards that you most often use. Don’t forget that rotation is one of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team success keys.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many club items can I own in my club ?
A: The only limit is that you cannot have more than one active at a time.

Q: What should I do in order to club items make effect ?
A: Nothing. You just need to buy them and store them on your club as active items.

Q: How can I get Club Items cards ?
A: You can buy them in the transfer market, using the filter ‘club items search’, or getting them in packs.

Q: Where can I find the club items that I have bought ?
A: In My Club – Club Items. In the main screen of FUT Web App you can also click on ‘change club items’.

Q: Why it is not allowed for me to discard or send my club items to the transfer market ?
A: Because you must own one club item of each type. The active ones. If you are having problems doing it, change the card that is active and sell the one that is not active. If you received that card in the first pack, you will never be able to sell it.

Q: How is the ball chose for use in a match ?
A: It is always the active ball of the club that plays at home.

Q: Which stadiums should I choose ?
A: You only need one. Try to pick one which you are familiar and with the weather you like.

Q: How important is a stadium to the morale ?
A: Since FUT 13 there is no morale.

Q: How do I change the active stadium, kit, badge or ball ?
A: Check this video, please.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Chemistry ?
A: Chemistry represents how well a player will perform in-game. You can learn more about it here.

Q: Does the Chemistry really exist or is it just a myth ?
A: The Chemistry really exists. You can learn more about it here.

Q: Is it worth building a team with a high Chemistry ?
A: Yes. A high chemistry means a better performance for your players.

Q: What affects the Chemistry of a player ?
A: His position, his relation with the team mates and with the manager and his loyalty to the club.

Q: How to get the loyalty bonus ?
A: Use a card that you got in a pack or play with the same player 10 matches.

Q: How the chemistry is calculated ?
A: Check it here.

Q: Which one is more important: individual chemistry or team’s chemistry ?
A: Individual chemistry.

Q: What is the maximum chemistry possible ?
A: 10 to individual chemistry and 100 to team chemistry.

Q: Do I need a manager to reach the maximum chemistry possible ?
A: No, but it helps. Manager doesn’t improve the team’s chemistry directly. He may give one point to individual chemistry. But in same cases it is possible to get individual chemistry 10 even without bonuses.

Q: Is there a difference between gold, silver and bronze managers ?
A: In terms of chemistry no.

Q: Do Managers directly add any bonus to the Team Chemistry ?
A: No. Managers increase the Individual Chemistry, which will in turn increase the Team Chemistry.

Q: I can not get maximum chemistry. What’s the minimum you recommend for me ?
A: If for some reason you can’t get the maximum chemistry, you should try at least having 8 points of individual chemistry and 90 for the team’s chemistry.

Q: I already have a squad with a chemistry of 100. That’s all that matters, right ?
A: No. The players’ attributes in-game are modified by a component in which these 100 weigh 25% and the individual chemistry weighs 75%. Because of that, more than guaranteeing the 100 points for the team’s chemistry, it’s important to get the best individual chemistry (10) for the maximum number of players possible.

Q: Can a player’s individual chemistry be superior to 10 ?
A: In theory, yes. Mathematically the individual chemistry varies between 0 and 12. It gives new ways to gamers reach the maximum chemistry. In practice, a chemistry value higher than 10 has the same effect as a chemistry value of 10.

Q: Which one is better: a player with an high individual chemistry on a low chemistry team or a player with low individual chemistry on a high chemistry team ?A: To that player, the best is the first option. However, if the team has low chemistry it may suggest that the other players have low chemistry too and that is not good. If you want to know which is the chemistry in-game for each player, use this equation: Chemistry = (Individual Chemistry x 0.75) + (Team Chemistry x 0.025)).

Q: Does a player that has bad connections with some team mates and good connections with others play differently with them ?
A: No. The red connections are merely graphic indications. The way each player plays depends exclusively on his individual chemistry and the team’s chemistry. He’ll play the same way with everyone.

Q: What is a Chemistry Style ?
A: The chemistry styles allow players to choose which stats will be affected by chemistry.

Q: What the white and green arrows mean ?
A: A white arrow indicates a possible boost that isn’t being received. A green arrow indicates that the stat will be boosted. The more green arrows per stat, the bigger will be the boost.

Q: What happens if I don’t get the maximum chemistry ?
A: With higher chemistry the boosts will be higher. If you have low chemistries, your stats will get lower bonuses. Check our table here.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can my players recover their fitness level ?
A: Make them rest in the reserves.

Q: My fitness is also affected in friendlies matches ?
A: Yes. You lose fitness points but your fitness restoration is not possible.

Q: How much the fitness level increases when player is resting ?
A: Usually no more than 15 points per match. However, the recovery rate may be higher if the fitness level of the player was really low.

Q: How much fitness I lose in a single match ?
A: It depends of many factors. Most of the times, a field player lose 3 to 5 points and a goalkeeper not more than a single point.

Q: What’s the difference between fitness and stamina values ?
A: Fitness value is how much fitness a player starts on in-game. Stamina value represents how fast a player’s fitness deplete.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Should I buy coins?
A: The decision is for you to make. All the risks were explained over this article. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to take the chances or not.

Q: What kind of punishment shall I get for buying coins?
A: At first you’ll only receive a warning. If you insist, your account and FIFA Points will be reset. In the worst scenario you’ll be banned from all FIFA games.

Q: Are there many people being punished or banned?
A: Some players are being punished, but most are able to stay unharmed. Ban cases are very few.

Q: By buying coins am I cheating?
A: It depends on each one’s susceptibility and interpretation. In our opinion no, because it’s the same when you buy packs with FIFA Points, you’ll be given an advantage for using money. However, we do respect different opinions.

Q: How is the buying and selling of coins made?
A: Basically, you find the seller, transfer the money and wait for your card to be bought in the auction house for the Buy Now Price according to the amount of coins you paid for.

Q: How much do Ultimate Team coins cost?
A: The price varies according to the FUT, the seller, the platform, the amount of coins and the time of the year.

Q: Besides trading, what is the best way to earn coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ?
A: It depends on you. Every method has advantages and disadvantages.

Q: I played a match but I have not received any coins. What should I do ?
A: Sometimes it can happen. Try to contact EA Support Center and ask them.

Q: Why should not give up from a match ?
A: First of all it is a lack of fair play. Then, since your %DNF will be lower, you will receive less coins in the following matches.

Q: Is it easier to win more coins with seasons or with tournaments ?
A: With Seasons. In tournaments, you have to win in order to get coins. In seasons, you are rewarded every time you play.

Q: Where can I see the seasons prizes ?
A: In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, you can only see the prizes of the season you are. If you want to know all the seasons prizes, click here.

Q: I won the TOTW Challenge but I have not received any coin. What should I do ?
A: You only get a prize if you win the active TOTW and if you do it for the first time. If it has happened, try to contact EA Support Center and ask them.

Q: How can I discard a card ? Can I do it with other cards besides players cards ?
A: Just click on the card you want to discard and select “quick sell”. You can do it with any card you have, except with active items in your club.

Q: How I should use these tables to know the quick sell values ?
A: First you need to know which type of card is the one that you want to know the discard price. Click on the corresponding link: players, managers, more staff, consumables or club items. Then you just need to find the quick sell value in the the row of manager’s name, player’s rating or other card level.

Q: There is any other way to find the discard price ?
A: Yes. Use this calculator.

Q: What is the discard price of a TOTS card ?
A: All In Form cards have the same quick sell value, no matter if it is TOTW, MOTM, TOTY or TOY.

Q: Do I need to pay the EA tax when I discard a card ?
A: No. The values of these tables are the ones you will get when you discard a card.

Q: Are these values the same of the previous FUT versions ?
A: Generally speaking, yes.

Q: I have a card which discard price is zero. Why ?
R: Because it is an untradeable card that was offered to you. It can not be sold and you can not get coins quick selling it.

Q: There is any trick to get better cards in packs ?
A: Just buy it in Happy Hours, specially in “2x chance” HH, and choose packs with more rare cards.

Q: How can I know when it will be the next Happy Hour ?
A: Check it on the EA FIFA twitter page. After it begins, you can check it here, on your FUT Web App or in your console.

Q: It is true that it is easier to get an IF card in the first hour of its release ?
A: Some people say that it is true but we really don’t know.

Q: Where can I buy coins in safety ?
A: Just click here and ask us, please.

Q: Should I buy the Ultimate Edition ?
A: If you usually buy packs, we think that you should buy the Ultimate Edition.

Q: What should I do to get the Ultimate Edition packs ?
A: Almost nothing. You just need to go to the store once a week.

Q: How do I know if the coin boost item from the EAS FC Catalogue is working ?
A: At the end of each match, check the screen of the coins you have received.

Q: Do I need to wait until the active EAS FC item expires to buy another one ?
A: No. But only one bonus will be active at a time.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When do I need to buy a Season Ticket subscription to works with FIFA 15 ?
A: There is no such thing as Season Ticket for FIFA 14 or Season Ticket for FIFA 15. The subscription period is for one year. If you have an active season ticket, you get the advantages of this subscription, no matter if it is for FIFA 15 or for FIFA 14.

Q: How do I know if my Season Ticket is active or when it expires ?
A: Go to Then sign in at the top right corner with your Origin details and click on your username. After being re-directed to your player hub, click on account. If nothing shows this is because you don’t have an active Season Ticket subscription.

Q: When do I need to buy a EA Access subscription that works with FIFA 15 ?
A: At least 5 days before the game release, if you want to play in the early access. Discounts’ on packs are always valid.

Q: What is the Price of Season Ticket and EA Access ?
A: The EA Sports Season Ticket has a one-time cost of $19.99, £19.99, €19.99 for 12 months. In order to keep working after this period, a renew is required.
The EA Access has a one-time cost of $29.99 for 12 months. In order to keep working after this period, a renew is required. By default, it is made automatically.

Q: How do I renew my Season Ticket membership ?
A: – XBOX Live
Are you an existing XBOX Live Gold Member? If so, login to your Xbox Live profile. Otherwise, go to XBOX Live to create an account.
Go to XBOX Live Game Library and click on EA SPORTS.
Re-purchase a 12-month Subscription.
Sign in to your PlayStation®Network account.
Go to PlayStation®Store and search for EA SPORTS Season Ticket.
Select and purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for $19.99.

Q: Season Ticket and EA Acccess is available in all the countries ?
A: No. The Season Ticket doesn’t work outside of these countries: Canada, Mexico, United States, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand. The Madden game is not available for Sony subscribers outside of North America.
EA Access doesn’t work outside of these countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Greece

Q: Which gaming platforms Season Ticket is available on ?
A: Only for XBox 360 and Playstation 3.

Q: Which gaming platforms EA Access is available on ?
A: Only for XBox One.

Q: Can I use my Season Ticket on Playstation, even though I am buying the Season Ticket on Xbox originally, or vice-versa ?
A: No. EA Sports Season Ticket applies only to the platform you purchased it on and is not transferable between Playstation and Xbox.

Q: Will my Season Ticket carry over to next-gen consoles ?
A: No. Season Ticket is only for current-gen consoles. However, you can keep opening the free packs and buying FIFA Points with discount on your current-gen console. This stuff will carry over for your next-gen console but the Season Ticket service not.

Q: Is Season Ticket or EA Access Transferable ?
A: No.

Q: There is a limit of personas per origin account allowed to subscribe a Season Ticket ?
A: Yes. There is a maximum of two personas per origin account (email address) allowed to purchase a Season Ticket.

Q: My Season Ticket expires after the early release date. Should I renew it before the early access date ?
A: You can download it if you have an active season ticket, but it will lock you out of the early release once your season ticket expires.

Q: When will EA stop selling Season Ticket Subscriptions ?
A: They will stop selling Season Ticket Subscriptions in March of 2015, and then all Season Ticket benefits will expire in March, 2016.

Q: If I have an active Season Ticket / EA Access subscription but don’t buy the game, how long I will be able to play FIFA 15 with the early access?
A: Depends of your region. In North America it ends on September 25th. In Europe, Australia and New Zealand it ends on September 28th.

Q: Can I buy FUT 15 packs in the days of early access ?
A: Yes. This feature is active in early access version.

Q: If I buy the FIFA 15 Ultimate Edition and subscribe the Season Ticket will I get 48 packs ?
A: Yes. You will get two free packs per week: one from Season Ticket and the other one from Ultimate Edition.

Q: If I, as a Season Ticket subscriber, buy FIFA 15 for PS3 and for XBox 360, will I get 48 packs ?
A: No. You will get 24 packs.

Q: Will FIFA 15 Points be for sale during early access periods ?
A: Only players who have EA Access for Xbox One will be able to purchase FIFA 15 Points during the early access trial. Players will not be able to purchase FIFA 15 Points during the EA Season Ticket early access period.

Q: Can I transfer my FIFA 14 Points to FIFA 15 Points during the early access period ?
A: Yes, you can. However, this is only on FIFA 15 between Xbox 360 to Xbox 360, from PS3 to PS3 or from XBox One to XBox One. If players choose to not play the full version of FIFA 15, they will not be able to transfer their FIFA Points back to FIFA 14.

Q: When do I get my packs ?
A: On the first time you go into the Ultimate Team mode after buying the EA Sports Season ticket. You don’t need to wait for the early access release or by the game release. You only get one pack per week and you have to access it every week or you will lose them.

Q: Should I buy the Season Ticket ? What do you think ?
A: It depends of your profile. If you can’t wait three more days to get your hands on the game, if you play several EA Sports titles or if you often buy Ultimate Team packs, it may be a good decision to subscribe it.
We believe that the offer of 24 packs is not good enough to buy the Season Ticket, since you will have to wait 24 weeks to get all the packs. To us, the most important thing is to know how many FUT 15 packs are you thinking to buy with real money. For who are thinking to buy more than 15,000 FIFA Points it pays for itself.

Q: Should I buy the EA Access ? What do you think ?
A: It depends of your profile. If you play more games besides FIFA, it may be a good option. However, that was a smart move from EA because they are reducing the discount to half with in the thing that brings them the most profit.

Q: Which one should I choose: Season Ticket or EA Access ?
A: You don’t have an option. It depends of your console: Playstation 3 and XBox 360 for Season Ticket and XBox One for EA Access.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When FIFA Points will be available ?
A: FIFA Points will be available for you to purchase as soon as you play FIFA 15 from a retail disc / downloaded game. If you are a PC gamer, FIFA Points are available since the FUT 15 Web App release date (‘get more‘ in the top right corner).

Q: Where can I see how many FIFA Points I have ?
A: On the top right corner of your FUT dashboard, next to your coins.

Q: Is there any other way to buy FIFA Points besides do it through the console ?
A: Except for PC users that can do it in the FUT 15 Web App, there is no other way.

Q: When it will be possible to transfer FIFA Points from FUT 14 to FUT 15 ?
A: In the release date or in the early access. Don’t forget that it is an one-time transfer.

Q: It is possible to buy FIFA Points in the Early Access version ?
A: Yes, but only for EA Access.

Q: Which advantage Season Ticket and EA Access programs give me when I buy FIFA Points ?
A: 20% and 10% discount, respectively.

Q: Where can I find the FIFA Points prices ?
A: We have published in this guide the FIFA Point prices. However, if you use a different currency check the FUT 15 Store on your game retail.

Q: How much FIFA Points should I buy ?
A: It depends on the number of packs you want to buy. For comparison, 1 FIFA Point corresponds to 50 coins when buying packs.

Q: There is any other way to buy packs besides using FIFA Points ?
A: Sure. Coins are accepted as a payment method to buy packs.

Q: I have bought 2,200 coins but I didn’t get the bonus. Why ?
A: You did. What you actually have bought was 2,000 FIFA Points. The other 200 were the bonus.

Q: There is any advantage to buy bigger bundles ?
A: Yes. The bigger the bundle, the higher is your bonus. You have to buy, at least, 1,000 FIFA Points to be rewarded with a bonus.

Q: It is possible to use FIFA Points to buy coins ?
A: No. FIFA Points can only be used to buy packs in FUT 15 store.

Q: How can I see the FIFA Points purchases history ?
A: Follow this path for Playstation gamers: PSN – Accounts Management – Transactions Managements – Transaction History.
Follow this path for XBox gamers: Log-in to your account on – Click ‘My Account‘ – Go to ‘Download History

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Should I Invest in Packs ?
A: In our opinion, no. Only if you don’t care about spend real money to get a good team.

Q: What is the Card weight ?
A: Card weight is a metric used to estimate how often a particular card is traded on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team transfer market.

Q: Which Packs Should I Buy ?
A: Always look to the available gold packs with the lowest price per rare player card. Check our choices here.

Q: Where do I need to go to buy packs ?
A: To the store. You can do it through the console, the FUT Web App or the Companion App.

Q: What is a Happy Hour ?
A: A happy hour is a period of time with promo packs available on the store.

Q: It is easier to get better Cards on Happy Hours ?
A: No. Only in the Happy Hours announced as ‘2x Chance’.

Q: When is the next Happy Hour ?
A: Nobody knows. The HH are announced on the console when they start. You can also check them here.

Q: Should I buy Ultimate Edition or Season Ticket/EA Access subscription or should I use that money to buy packs ?
A: If you buy packs too often, subscribe the Season Ticket. Otherwise, invest in packs and forget these services.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: In which devices FIFA 15 mobile works ?
A: iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Q: Can I manage my FUT 15 squad for consoles with FIFA 15 Mobile ?
A: No. You need to use the Companion App.

Q: How can I buy FIFA points and packs for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile ?
A: You can purchase points and packs by opening your Main Menu and tapping the ‘Store’ button. From there you can tap either the ‘Points’ or the ‘Packs’ button depending on what you would like to purchase. Tapping these buttons will then take you to their corresponding purchase menus.

    – Purchasing Packs
    In the Packs menu, you will be given the option to browse and select the type of pack you would like to purchase. You can also view information related to what the pack you currently have selected includes. Once you have decided on the pack you would like to purchase, tap the ‘Buy’ button.
    – Purchasing Points
    In the Points menu you will be able to view and purchase varying amounts of FIFA Points along with their purchase price. Once you have decided on your purchase, tap the corresponding button.

Q: What is the price of FIFA Points for FIFA 15 Mobile ?
A: 100 FIFA points £0.69
300 FIFA points £1.99
500 FIFA points £2.99
800 FIFA points £5.49
1500 FIFA points £10.49
2000 FIFA points £13.99
4000 FIFA points £27.99

Q: Do I have to purchase FIFA points to make a purchase from the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile menu ?
A: FIFA points are not your only option when making a purchase in the store; you can also use the coins that you earn through playing the game. Once you have decided on your purchase and tapped the ‘buy’ button, you will be prompted to choose coins or FIFA points as a method of purchase. Please note that if you do not have sufficient coins to make the purchase, you will only be able to select the FIFA points purchase option.

Q: The players’ stats in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile and in Consoles are the same ?
A: No. They may vary.

Q: How to find my FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mobile display name ?
A: To find your display name for the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mobile app, tap the Cog/Wheel icon from the Home Screen in game, tap ‘Customize’, tap ‘General’ tab and finally locate and change your display name.

Q: The Companion app let me play FIFA ?
A: No. With this app you can access to the FC friends and manage your FIFA 15 squad that you have previously created on the PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

Q: What do I need to use the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team features in Companion App?
A: You just need to create a FUT club on your console or PC.

Q: Why I can not add my friends on this App ?
A: You’ll need to have added them on the PC or console first.

Q: What do I have to pay to use it ?
A: Nothing. It is free.

Q: It is not working. What should I do ?
A: You can try to uninstall the previous version and install a fresh copy of the new one.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I access to the EAS FC Catalogue ?
A: From the EAS FC widget.

Q: Which items can I buy ?
A: You can buy all the items for which you have enough credits and which are not marked in grey. The items of a higher level than yours are not available for you until you reach these levels.

Q: Is there a limited number of times you can buy an item ?
A: Yes. You can only buy each item once, except to offer to your friends.

Q: Where is the item to increase the Consumables Pile size ?
A: It doesn’t exist. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the consumable pile has no limit.

Q: I already used the FUT Change Club Name item but I want to change it again. What can I do ?
A: Nothing. There is no other time.

Q: How many FUT coins reward boost can I use ? They are accumulating ?
A: You can and you should use all the FUT coins bonus that your level allows you. However, only one bonus will be active at a time. You can buy them all at once and every time a item expires the following turns active.

Q: Will my FC Credits and XP level be transferred from FIFA 14 to to FIFA 15 ?
A: Yes. Both.

Q: How can I send a gift to a friend ?
A: Simply select the item in the Catalogue, choose to redeem it, and you’ll be given an option to gift it to a friend. It only costs 50% of the regular price to send a gift and you can gift an item to a friend that hasn’t reached the level that the item is from.

Q: If I send a gift to a friend, still I be able to redeem it for myself ?
A: Yes! You can gift the item to as many people as you want, and still be able to redeem it for yourself.

Q: Every time I buy a item on the EAS FC Catalogue, my friends are notified. How do I disable it ?
A: You can modify your privacy settings to share or not share your news with your FIFA friends through EA Sports Football Club. Simply go to: ‘Customise’ – ‘Online Settings’ – ‘Privace Settings’.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I get a Security Code ?
A: Login Verification is a mandatory step before you can access the FUT 15 Web App. This will require you to do the following:

    Turn on your Login Verification information. You will only have to do this once, and it will work across all EA games that use Login Verification.
    If you choose Email rather than SMS, make sure your account email is a valid, working email address (one you check often).
    Lastly, you will need to create or verify your FIFA Ultimate Team Secret question and answer.

To turn on Login Verification:

    Head to your Origin Account’s Account Management page, and find the Login Verification section under the Security tab.
    Activate Login Verification and choose whether to have your codes sent by email or by phone.
    You’ll now be sent a code either by email or phone when attempting to log-in from an untrusted device, and every 90 days when logging in from trusted devices, making sure only you and your unique code will be able to get into your Origin Account.
    After you’ve activated Login Verification, a set of emergency, or backup, codes will be generated for use whenever you don’t have your phone handy when trying to log in.
    These codes can be viewed and renewed by heading to your Origin Account and Privacy settings in the Origin client or online, going to the Security tab, and clicking View next to Backup Codes.

Q: What To Should I Do If I have been phished ?
A: If you believe you have entered your login info into a phishing site by accident, if the email linked to your account has suddenly been changed or if cards have been sold from your FUT account without your permission, change your password right away. It is likely that your account has been compromised, but you may still have time to save it.
Then contact EA’s customer service team immediately (click here to see how to do it), providing as much detail and evidence as you can. In particular, EA’s team will need accurate details of what items (if any) you have lost, plus the date and time that you lost them.

Q: What To Do If I have received a phishing e-mail ?
A: If you have received a phishing email message, do not panic. Your account has not been compromised. All the scammer has is your email address, which can be relatively easy to find. Scammers duplicate the images and text from an official EA email in the same way they copy websites. If you receive a suspicious looking email, check who the sender is, as well as where the links in the email are taking you.

Q: How can I report a phishing website to EA Sports ?
Electronic Arts is continually taking action against phishing sites. They are also taking strong, prompt action against any users attempting to scam others using these sites or any other scams.

Q: Which Safety Recommendations Should I Follow to Keep my Account Safe?
A: You can find the safety recommendations here.

Q: I forgot my password. How can I have it back ?
A: If you forgot your password, just go to FUT 15 Web App Login page, logout if you were connected and click on “Forgot Password ?“. You will need to enter your Origin ID or email address in a box field to request a new password reset email.

Q: How can I create or reset my Secret Question in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ?
A: It depends if you are new to FUT or not:
– New to FUT?<

    To create your Secret Question and Answer on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC, you must first create a FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT):
    Select ‘Ultimate Team’ from the Main Menu within the game and proceed through the Tutorials.
    Then setup a Secret Question & Answer the second time you login to FUT.

– Already have a FUT?

    Simply enter the Ultimate Team game mode and you’ll be prompted to create a new Secret Question.

– Forgot your Secret Question? Got locked out of your console or Web App?

    A. If you have access to your trusted device, (the console or PC where you previously played FUT):
    Go to the FUT website and login.
    When you are asked for your secret question, click on Forgot answer?
    Next, you’ll need to login to your trusted device and load FIFA XX
    Once you enter the Ultimate Team game mode, you will be prompted to create a new Secret Question.
    ​Your reset information will carry over to your new console and the Web App.
    B. If you no longer have access to your trusted device:
    You will need to contact a game advisor for help.

Q: How do I check if my email is properly linked to Origin account ?
A: From the main FIFA 15 menu, scroll across to Customize > Online Settings. Then select Origin Account (EA) Settings. From there, you should be able to see the email address that is linked to your Origin account.

Q:How do I link my Gamertag and/or PSN ID with my Origin Account ?
A: The Xbox 360/Xbox One and the PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita both use their own types of account for managing your games and online interactions; Gamertag for Xbox, and PSN ID for Playstation. For EA games, these accounts should be linked to your Origin account. Your gamertag or PSN ID carries over from Xbox 360/PS3 to Xbox One/PS4. If you have played any EA game on the last generation of consoles, please make sure you find and use that same account when you play on next gen.
Your Gamertag/PSN ID and Origin Account should be correctly linked when you first access an EA game online if you use the same email address for both. We recommend that you check your Origin account to ensure your emails match.
If the email address for your Gamertag/PSN/PSVita ID is different than the address for your Origin account, connect them using the steps below:

    Open the Origin client and click the Friends button, then Add a Friend. If you do not have the Origin client installed, you can download Origin for both PC and Mac.
    In the Import Friends menu, you can choose to “connect” your Xbox LIVE, PSN, and EA accounts. Simply sign in with your account details to connect.

If you have issues connecting your account, you will need to properly link them by contacting a Game Advisor.

Q: How Can I Change my Origin Account’s Email Address ?
A: To change your email address, get started by logging in to Origin, either through the Client or through the Store.
In the Origin Client, select Origin from the top menu-bar and access Account and Privacy.
In the Origin Store, login and in your My Account page, select Privacy Settings.
In your My Account: About Me settings, select Edit next to Basic Information, enter the security code, and update your email address.
You will be sent an email to verify the change. Once confirmed, you will be set. Just remember to login with your new account details next time.

Q: My account was suspended but I did not do anything wrong. What should I do ?
A: If you feel that you have not violated EA ToS follow this guide to contact EA Support Center and in the step 4 select the Account/Registration Category, with Violation / Appeals as your subcategory. The majority of banned or suspended accounts are only suspended temporarily. Find more information about the length of your suspension by checking the email address associated with your account.

Q: I turned off my console (or it crashed) while I was logged into FUT 15. Now I can’t seem to access FUT Web. What happened ?
A: To prevent any interruptions during FIFA Ultimate Team game-play, EA Sports prevent users from logging from the web and console at the same time. If you turn off your Xbox, Playstation while logged into FUT, or if your console crashes, you must wait for your session to time out before being allowed to log in on the web.

Q: I can not connect to Origin in FIFA 15 mobile. What should I do ?
A: Try re-booting your phone first, or switching to Airplane mode and turning it off before starting the game to see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise, contact EA Support Center.

Q: Why I have so much lag, trouble to find an opponent and connection drops so often damaging my %DNF ?
A: Most of the time the problem is in your connection. Do not blame EA Sports for everything. Check your in game firewall status and follow the instructions of this guide. If your problem is in your Playstation 4, please take a look to the following question.

Q: Why I’m experiencing intermittent connectivity or lag in game play on PS4 ?
A: Following these steps:

    Login to your router administration page.
    If you have any trouble finding this, please refer to your router manufacturer or router manual for more information.
    Look for “UPnP”, usually found under advanced settings.
    Turn off all UPnP functionality.
    Reboot your PS4.
    Restart your game.

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, try these steps:

    Start the game normally (connected to your main profile and on line)
    From the main menu, switch to any other profile on your PlayStation 4, then get back into the game.
    While in-game, change the profile to the alternate you selected.
    Try going into Ultimate Team, and select yes to the prompt asking you to switch profiles.
    Press R3 to connect this profile online.
    Press and hold the PS button to log out of the console with your alternate profile
    Finally, connect back to the EA servers with your main profile.

Q: Ultimate Team is disconnecting several times after a match. What should I do ?
A: Delete your gameface, from your FIFA web account, and all saved files from the previous FIFA games (FIFA 12, FIFA 13, FIFA 14, etc…).

Q: Why is FIFA 15 crashing after selecting a language ?
A: That’s because intro can’t run without Windows Media Player. Try the following:

    Go to your Control Panel
    Select Programs and Features (or Programs > Programs and Features)
    Select Turn Windows features on or off
    Scroll down to Media Features and make sure Windows Media Player is selected.

Q: Why my players run to and stay in midfield during game play ?
A: This seems to affect FIFA 15 players with PC names of four characters or less. Please rename your PC using more than five characters.

Q: FIFA 15 is crashing or freezing on my PC. What should I do ?
A: If you are having trouble running the game on your PC, check that your Graphics card has the most recent drivers installed, make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX installed on your system, check that you have the latest Service Pack and Windows Updates installed for your operating system including the optional updates such as .NET Framework and Visual C++ features and check if your drivers are up-to-date. If after the most recent FIFA 15 game update you are still experiencing crashes or freezes, use the Repair Install function in Origin.

Q: Why am I unable to re-install FIFA 15 on PC after an interrupted installation ?
A: This interruption or pause when installing your game may be caused by corrupted or damaged Origin files.
Try the following steps to fix this issue:

    Go to C:\ Program Files(x86) \ Origin Games \ FIFA 15
    Delete both _Installer and Core folders.
    Origin should still be able to open at this point.
    Switch to the Origin client, then right-click the FIFA 15 game tile and select Repair game

Q: Every time I install the latest EAS FC Catalogue update, FIFA 15 freezes. What should I do ?
A: If you are experiencing this problem, follow the steps below to resolve your issue:
Enable Cloud Storage on the Xbox
To do this, go to the Xbox Dashboard, select “Settings”, followed by “System” and finally “Storage
In the Storage menu, enable “Cloud Saved Games
Launch FIFA 15, and select “Cloud Storage” instead of the default storage option.
Once the update has been downloaded and applied, continue to the main menu.
Once you reach the menu, quit the game and navigate back to the Dashboard.
Go back to the Xbox’s Storage menu, and find the EA SFC Catalogue Update on the Cloud Storage Device
Select the Update, choose “Copy” and then move it to the Hard Drive (or main storage device)
Once you have transferred the Update, launch FIFA 15 as normal, and then select the default storage device.

Q: I am experiencing freezing or the error “Disc Unreadable” on the Xbox. What should I do ?
A: Try clearing your cache following these instructions:
From the dashboard, click on My Xbox.
Select System Settings.
Select Storage.
Highlight Hard Drive Device.
Press Y to select Device Options, then Clear System Cache.
Reboot your console.

Q: I am experiencing in-game freezing. What should I do ?
A: If you are experiencing in-game freezing, browse to “Customise” in your FIFA 15 main menu. Then, select “On line Settings” and “Privacy Settings“. Uncheck the box “Connect to your club in real life by sharing your account information and EAS FC progress subject to the club’s privacy policy.”

Q: Why I did not get my FIFA Points that I have purchased on my PC ?
A: This issue occurs when a player has accidentally closed the Origin overlay before the transaction has fully completed.
It is recommended that you do not close the in-game Origin overlay until your transaction has fully completed. In the event that you have accidentally closed the Origin overlay during your initial purchase, you have two options in resolving this issue:
Re-enter the Origin overlay and ensure that you cancel the pending transaction. You can now start over with your intended purchase.
If you accept the pending transaction, the FIFA Points will not appear, but this can also be resolved by performing a second purchase for FIFA Points. Both purchases will now appear correctly.

Q: Why have some players in my club have disappeared ?
A: If you’ve recently encountered an issue with your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team losing players due to your account being compromised, keep in mind, neither the FIFA Team nor EA Support will ever request your account information through the Xbox or Playstation messaging system.
After ensuring that your account is completely secure, you can report your missing FUT items.
To report lost or missing items in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, just follow these instructions and select “Lost/Missing Item” in the step 4.

Q: My Players are missing or getting stuck into my Transfer List. What should I do ?
A: First, be sure to check your Preference List, Transfer List, Club and Unassigned items list (Web App only). Your player may be there. If not give your trade pile up to 24 hours to appear. Note there could be a 24-hour delay for them to process and appear. In case you have active trades that you are not able to Quick Sell or store, wait for your trade to expire. Once the trade is expired, re-list it. Other players will be able to buy it using “bids“or “buy now” options. Should that trade expire again, you will be able to interact successfully with it then. As an alternative solution, please note that you can also access, manage and resolve transfer list issues via the FUT web client or mobile companion app.

Q: My FIFA 15 auctions are freezing and I am not receiving items or credits. Why is this happening ?
A: Wait at least 24 hours after the auction has finished. Please note that there could be a 24-hour delay for them to process and appear. If you are still experiencing issues after this period, contact the EA Support Center.

Q: I am receiving the error message ‘cannot create game session’ in FIFA Ultimate Team. What should I do ?
A: If you are affected by this error message, please check the following items to resolve your issue:
Ensure that you have enough players in your reserves.
Ensure that you have an active manager.
Ensure that you have all players in the proper positions with at least one contract available.

Q: Why I can not offer the FUT Coin Reward Boosts from EAS FC Catalogue ?
A: It is not possible to offer FUT coin rewards boost to friends in FIFA 15.

Q: Why I am having problems with sound and music ?
A: If you are a Playstation user, go to the Audio settings of your Playstation and chose AAC or ACC. The game does not support 2/5.1 and 7.1 audio channels.
If you are a XBox user, go to “Settings” on your console’s menu and select “System“. Then, chose “Console Settings“, “Audio” and check “Digital Stereo“.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I’ve completed some of the tasks but they were not recognized. What happened?
A: Make sure you completed the tasks on the console or PC. Tasks performed in the FUT Web App or Companion App are not considered.

Q: How do I get the reward?
A: Once you complete the last task, you will automatically receive the pack. Look for it in ‘My Packs’ in the FUT store.

Q: Do I have to complete tasks in the order listed?
A: No. The important is to finish them all. The order doesn’t matter.

Q: How many times can I complete the Manager Tasks?
A: Only one.

Q: Why I can not sell a card I won in the reward pack?
A: Because they are untradeable. If they didn’t, people would make dozens of accounts to transfer the manager tasks rewards all for the main account.

Q: I haven’t received my pack. What I should do?
A: Ask for help to EA Support, please.

Q: Am I cheating when I buy coins ?
A: According with the Terms of use, you are.

Q: How safe is to use an Auto Buyer program ?
A: It isn’t safe. There is always a risk to be caught and punished. However, with good AB’s the chances of having problems are very low. Remember that using these programs you are harming other players experience.

Q: I know someone that is cheating. How can I report them ?
A: You can report them to [email protected], along with the cheater’s Xbox/PSN gamertag or Origin ID so they can investigate.

Q: I found a program / website that will increase my balance or offer me good players. It is safe ?
A: It doesn’t exist. Forget it.


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