Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FUT 15

Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums, all have the common fact that they are all club items. These items, some more than others, can be underrated by certain gamers. We’ll help to clarify what there is to know about these items and what their role is in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Club Items


To achieve success in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, you will need more than just good skills with the controller in your hands. You will need to management your club the best way possible. This can be achievable by getting the best out of each card.

In FUT 15 there are four types of cards: players, staff, consumables and club items. The last one (club items) is the least important but there are a few things about it that everyone should know.

The club items are essentially used to personalize your club, making your playing experience the most unique as it possibly can be. Winning with style is not the only role of these cards. They may have a motivational or even a strategic role too. We will analyze this in further detail as we go along in this guide.

In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team there are four types of club items:

  • Kits
  • Badges
  • Balls
  • Stadiums


Like any player, staff or consumable card, the club items may be assigned to you in packs by one of the following ways:

    – when registering a new team (‘starter pack’);
    – when purchasing packages in the store;
    – when winning tournaments or seasons whose prizes are packages;
    – or when you get Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes.

There are not many reasons to buy kits, badges, balls and stadiums, because you only need one of each and you already get them in your first pack. If you want to buy more, our suggestion is to go directly to the transfer market and buy them using the filters on the ‘club items’ window. In that way, you will be spending only the coins you need to spend to buy the card you want. Obviously, if you got a club item card in a pack you will not discard it. You can use it for your own club or, if you do not need it, you can sell it on the market.


The club items are the least important cards in the game but they are also the ones that allow you to customize your club

In beginning of the game, the starter pack brings two kits (home and away), one badge, one ball and one stadium. These cards cannot be sold or discarded. They are untradeable, like the other cards in the starter pack. It means that no matter what happens, you will be always fulfilling the requirement of having one active card for each one of the four club items types.

When you have more than one of these cards, only one can be set as active. It is very common to find gamers that tell us that they cannot sell the club item they have. Remember this: you can only discard or send a club item to the transfer market if this item is not active. Otherwise, first you will need to set another card as active. You can do it on ‘My Club’ – ‘Club Items’. With the card selected, you just need to press square (Playstation) or X (XBox) and choose ‘Make it active’.

You can keep as many kits, badges, balls and stadiums as you want in your club, as long as there are no duplicates. You can have them duplicated on the transfer list or targets, though. In this case, the only limit you have is the list’s maximum capacity (30 and 50 by default, respectively).


The following table show you the differences between the four types of club items:

Categories Cards Actives Average Price
Kits 3 1422 2 250c
Badges 3 625 1 200c
Balls 1 49 1 200c
Stadiums 3 72 1 300c


We will analyze in more detail each one of these cards.


Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Kits on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Every club must have one active home kit and one active away kit. You can choose which one you want to use before every match, it doesn’t matter if you are playing at home or not. Your opponent can do the same thing, which means that it is possible to both play with the same kit. Usually, when it happens, it is because there was a mistake choosing the kits and most of the time, the gamers drop the game before it starts.

Generally speaking, the kits do not have any role in your club. You can choose the kits of your club preference in real life expecting an extra incentive but it will not work after a few matches. The best thing you should do about it is to buy a home kit and away kit with different colours to avoid trouble distinguishing your players from the opponents’ players. Kits with unpopular colours could be a good strategy to confuse opponents but it will not give you a great advantage.


Your first pack gives you everything you need for your club. To buy kits, badges, balls and stadiums is optional.

If you are one of the gamers who doesn’t collect all the club items of the game, you will only need one home kit and one away kit. The ones that will be only be active. It makes no sense to own other kits since you only may have one active home kit and one active away kit at a time.

It isn’t easy to choose a kit for your club. There are more than one thousand kits. They are different in colour, pattern and sponsor. If you like any specific kit go to the transfer market and filter by the respective club. Every club has two kits. Some of the most popular ones have a third kit too.

The most popular clubs are also the ones which kits are most wanted. It is the case of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munchen, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United. However, there are a few kits even more expensive, like the ones from New York Red Bulls and Seattle Sounders. The international kits were a new addiction this year to Ultimate Team mode. Now you can also use the kits of your nation.



Did you know that you can buy very special kits without spending a single coin? You just need to go to the EASFC catalogue and redeem the corresponding item. They are not identified as Ultimate Team items, but as soon as you buy them they will automatically transfer to your club. Some of the most beautiful kits in the game are available in this catalogue, including the most classic ones. The celebrations and balls can also be bought on the catalogue and used on Ultimate Team.


3 600 Notts Country (1948) and Preston (1888)
4 900 Helsingborgs IF (1944), IF Elfsborg (1949) and Malmo FF (1951)
5 900 Chelsea (1981-1983), Newcastle Utd (1995) and West Brom (1968)
6 900 Atl. Nacional (1989), Ind. Santa Fé (1975) and Millionarios FC (1987)
8 900 Arsenal (1970), Burnley (1960) and Stoke City (1972)
9 900 Blackburn Rovers (1995), Derby County (1971) and Wolverhampton (1986)
10 900 1. FSV Mains 05 (1006-1997), Bayer 04 (1970), Eint. Frankfurt (1959) and FC Augsburg (1973-1974)
13 900 Boca Juniors (2000), River Plate (1996) and San Lorenzo (2007)
14 900 AIK (1937), Djurgardens IF (1977) and IFK Goteborg (1957)
15 900 Bor. Dortmund (1966), Bor. M’gladbach (1972) and SC Freiburg (2004)
16 900 Athletic Bilbao (1902), FC Barcelona (1992) and Valencia CF (1980)
17 900 1. FC Koln (1973), FC Bayern (1972) and VfB Stuttgart (1991/1992)
18 900 América (1987), Guadalajara (1990) and U.N.A.M. (1980)
20 900 Inter (1908), Milan (1899) and Sampdoria (1946)
22 900 Marseille (1984), LOSC Lille (1940) and Olympique Lyon (2001)
23 900 1899 Hofenheim (1974-1975), FC Schalke 04 (1997), Hamburger SV (1983) and Hertha BSC (1906)
24 1500 Bordeaux (1984-1985), Fiorentina (1926), Braunschweig (1950), 1. FC Nurenburg (1920-1940) and United States (2013)
26 900 Aston Villa (1960), Everton (1986) and Manchester City (1969)
28 900 Juventus (1996), Roma (1983) and Torino (1977)
29 1500 Atlético Madrid (1974), Liverpool (1998), Napoli (1986), PSG (1998), Germany (1988)
30 900 Hannover 96 (1972-1973), VfL Wolsburg (1993-1994) and Werder Bremen (1966)

Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Badges on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Every club must have an active badge. It is the one that will be shown on the starting animation of every match, every pause and all menus of this game mode.

In a general way, and like it happens with the kits, the badges do not have any role on your club’s success. They purely have an aesthetic function.

You can choose to use the badge of your club preference in real life expecting an extra incentive but it will wear off after a couple of matches.


The original and modern badges are the most requested ones. If you want one of these badges, wait a few more days or weeks. You may need to pay more than 1,000 coins to buy a single badge.

If you are not one of these gamers who love to collect all the club items in the game, you will only need one badge. The active one. It makes no sense to own other badges since you may only have one active badge at a time.

You probably don’t even need to buy a badge because the starter pack already gives you one. Unless you want to exchange it for another of your choice and if so, you can sell the old badge after activating the new one.

If you go for that path, you must choose one of about 600 badges included in the game. If you like any specific badge go to the transfer market and filter by the respective club.

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to upload your own badges in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Since Ultimate Team has everything to do with creating your own club, it is a pity that this basic level of customization is not available. This is a clear wish of the community expressed by the fact that the most wanted badges in the game are not the ones from the most popular clubs but those with a more modern and original design. The badges of Colo-Colo, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Columbus Crew, New York Red Bulls and Guadalajara are the most popular in FUT 15, any of these are very good-looking. On a different scale, the popularity of the clubs is still one of the reasons why gamers buy their badges. Real Madrid, Arsenal and Chelsea are the three top clubs with more people looking for their badges. The international badges were one of the few addictions this year to Ultimate Team mode.


Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Balls on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Every club must have an active ball. It is the one that will be used in home matches.

Unlike what happens with the kits and badges, balls can have an interference in the success of your club.


If you are not one of these gamers who love to collect all the club items in the game, you will only need one ball. The one that will be active. It makes no sense to own other balls since you only may have one active at a time. It could be useful to change the ball according to weather conditions, and in this case you would need a second ball, but before starting a game you never know if you will play in the sun, rain or snow. Only purists may think that they need to change the ball based on the team they choose to play a specific game, but it is very rare to find someone like this.

You probably don’t even need to buy a ball because the starter pack already gives you one. Unless you want to exchange it for another of your choice and if so, you can sell the old ball after activating the new one.

If you go for that path, you must choose one of the 38 balls included in the game. There is no filter to helps you to find a specific ball according to its colour and weight.


Choose a ball according to your play style and your sight skills

The balls of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team are like the ones in real life: they have different colours and weights, and they behave differently from each other. If you play at home, you will use your active ball. Try to get familiar with it to have an advantage over your opponent.

The orange balls and especially the pink ones are the best to play in any weather condition, as they are visible both in the rain and in the snow. On the opposite side, the white balls are not recommended to play in the snow. In our opinion, EA Sports should introduce an automatism that changes the color of the ball when the match is played in the snow with a white ball. If you have good eyes, you may try to make the life of your opponent more difficult choosing a black ball.

The classical balls are weightier and better for long shots, long throws and to a good control. The other ones are too light for good shots from outside the area and, although fast and suitable for crawling shots, control one of these balls is more difficult.


You can redeem several balls on the EASFC Catalogue and use them in your Ultimate Team club.

Adidas Fevernova and Adidas Jabulani are no doubt the two most popular balls in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Adidas Cafusa OMB and Adidas Tricolore has also many fans.

More of the half FUT 15 balls are Adidas. Here is the complete list:

adidas Tricolore adidas Jabulani
adidas Predator Glider – Solar Blue/Black/Solar Pink adidas Pro Ligue 1 OMB
adidas Predator Glider – Solar Green/Blue/Solar Pink Derbystar Brillant Design Eredivisie
adidas Predator Glider – Solar Red/Black/Solar Gold hummel Concept+
adidas Predator Glider – White/Black/Solar Pink/Blue Lotto Twister – White/Black/Red
adidas Questra Macron Fusion
adidas Tango España Macron Horizon
adidas Tango Pasadena Mitre Delta V12
adidas Tango Rosario Mitre Delta V12S
adidas Tango Rosario Nike Ordem
adidas Telstar Duralast Nike Ordem – EPL
adidas TELSTAR durlast Nike Ordem – LFP
adidas Predator Glider – Black/Solar Red/Power Red Nike Ordem – Saudi
adidas MLS OMB Nike Ordem – Serie A
adidas +Teamgeist Penalty Campo Pro S11
adidas Azteca Mexico Penalty Gorduchinha Pro
adidas brazuca Puma evoPOWER OMB
adidas brazuca Final Rio SELECT Brillant Super OMB
adidas torfabrik uhlsport Ligue 2 Official Match Ball
adidas Etrusco Unico Umbro Neo 150 Elite – White/Blackberry
adidas adizero f50 – Black/White/Solar Gold Under Armour 695 OMB
adidas adizero f50 – Solar Blue/Solar Pink/Black Voit Liga MX-BBVA OMB
adidas adizero f50 – Solar Green/White/Solar Pink Warrior Gambler – Yellow/Blue/Black
adidas Fevernova


And you ? Do you have a favourite ball ? We can help you to choose the ball for your club. Just click here (available soon) to be redirected to the page with all the ball choices.



If you trust on your sight skills, try this cocktail: black ball, dark kit and a stadium with shadows. Your opponents will sweat much more


1 250 FC C uhlsport Ligue 2 OMB Winter
5 500 FC C adidas Fevernova and adidas Jabulani
6 250 FC C hummel Blade
16 250 FC C Under Armour 695 OMB
16 500 FC C adidas Tango España and Tango Pasadena
18 500 FC C adidas Questra and Tricolore
21 250 FC C adidas Teamgeist
21 500 FC C Macron Fusion and Macron Horizon
26 500 FC C adidas Telstar Duralast
28 500 FC C Warrior Superheat (white / gold / red)
30 500 FC C adidas Azteca Mexico and adidas Etrusco Unico
30 500 FC C adidas Tango Rosario

Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



Stadiums of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Every club must have one active stadium. It will be there that you will play your home matches, when you are the host of matches.

The stadiums are the club items that are more important in the game. They affect not only the visibility but also the game play.


If you are not one of the gamers who loved to collect all the club items in the game, you will only need one stadium. The one that will be active. It makes no sense to own other stadium since you only may have one active stadium at a time. Even if for some reason you wanted to change the stadium, like to adjust weather conditions to the players you have chosen to a specific match, you never know in advance if you will be host or not.

You probably don’t even need to buy a stadium because the starter pack already brings one. However, we recommend to do it. Change it for another of your choice and sell the old stadium after activating the new one.

If you go for that path, you must choose one of the 73 stadiums included in the game. If you like any specific stadium go to the transfer market and filter by the respective category.


The game play and the visibility are affected by the stadium, according to its dimensions, structural elements and weather association.

The game play is affected by the stadium dimensions as well by the weather associated to that stadium. In that way, you should choose the stadium according to your play style and preferences.

Big stadiums are perfect if you love pace, long throws and counter attacks. Small stadiums are the best ones for a passing style, crosses and long shots.

Each stadium has an associated probability of having sun, rain or snow. These chances, that represent the geographical reality of stadiums, can be checked on career mode menus or here. It is very difficult to dominate the ball in good conditions, with rain and even harder with snow. It is almost impossible try to play with long throws. If you want to avoid playing with rain or snow, you should choose one of the stadiums where it never happens: Amsterdam ArenA, BC Place Stadium, Euro Park, King Fahd Stadium, Sanderson Park, Veltins Arena and Waldstadion.

Besides these game play limitations, weather conditions also influence the visibility, especially with specific balls as we have seen above.


The visibility on a Ultimate Team match depends on the camera settings that you have chosen on the main FIFA menu. You can select an existing camera or you can create a custom camera adjusting its height and zoom. However, each stadium also has some weight in how you view the field. It may exist that some stadium elements will block your view, which will happen with corner kicks in small fields, or there may be something even worse: the shadows cast by those elements on the pitch. They are responsible in obstructing the view of the ball and sometimes the players. If you often play during the day and feel uncomfortable with the shadows, set the active stadium as the King Fahd Stadium, Camp Nou, Amsterdam Arena, Veltins Arena, Olympiastadion, Rome’s Olympic stadium or most of the generic stadiums.

Generally speaking, the highest cameras are the most popular ones. They are awful for a dribbling style but greater if you love long throws, pace and long shots. They give you the chance to see a better distribution of the players on the field.


You should choose a stadium and get used to it. If it is different from your opponent’s stadium and if you are the host, you will have an advantage over him. The more familiar you are with the stadium and the less usual it is, the greater your advantage will be. You can choose the stadium of your club preference in real life, if available, expecting an extra incentive but it will not work.

The most popular FUT 15 stadiums are the proprietors of top clubs, like Camp Nou, Anfield and Old Trafford. However, amongst the most selected stadiums there are also those whose beauty weighs in the decision. It is the case of Allianz Arena and Amsterdam Arena. If you a looking for a cheap stadium, without rain, snow and shadows, King Fahd International Stadium is a good choice.


Here it is the list of the 73 stadiums included in the game (there is one extra stadium for Playstation):

Akaaroa Stadium Etihad Stadium St. Mary’s Stadium (new)
Allianz Arena Euro Park Stade Gerland
Aloha Park FIWC Stadium (PS only) Stade Kokoto
Amsterdam ArenA Forest Park Stadium Stade Municipal
Anfield Goodison Park Stade Velodrome
Arena D’Oro Imtech Arena Stadio Classico
Arena del Centenario Ivy Lane Stadio Comunale
BC Place Stadium Juventus Stadium Stadio Olimpico
Boleyn Ground (new) KC Stadium (new) Stadion 23. Maj
Britannia Stadium (new) King Fahd International Stadium Stadion Europa
Camp Nou King Power Stadium (new) Stadion Hanguk
Court Lane La Bombonera Stadion Neder
Crown Lane La Canchita Stadion Olympik
Donbass Arena Liberty Stadium (new) Stadium of Light (new)
Dromo Loftus Road (new) Stamford Bridge
Eastpoint Arena Molton Road The Hawthorns (new)
El Libertador Old Trafford Town Park
El Monumento Olympiastadion Turf Moor (new)
Emirates Stadium Parc des Princes Union Park Stadium
Estadio Azteca San Siro Veltins-Arena
Estadio de las Artes Sanderson Park Villa Park (new)
Estadio Mestalla Santiago Bernabéu Waldstadion
Estadio Nacional Selhurst Park (new) Wembley Stadium
Estadio Presidente G.Lopes Signal Iduna Park White Hart Lane
Estadio Vicente Calderon St James’ Park


The category of each stadium depends of its capacity. In a general way, Anfiled and BC Place are two of the few exceptions, gold stadiums have a capacity higher than 50,000 and bronze stadiums have a capacity lower than 29,000 seats.

To learn more about each one of these FIFA 15 stadiums, including the dimensions, the weather and the owner, click here.



If you have the best connection, you play at home. You are the host. That means three advantages: you get an advance of some milliseconds over your opponent; play with
your ball; you play on your stadium. As we have seen, it is very important. Check if you did everything possible to improve your connection: test your ping, open the router ports and play with NAT 1. The better your connection is and the closer you are from your opponent, the highest are your chances of playing without lagging.

Kits, Badges, Balls and Stadiums Guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



New Stuff


For experienced Ultimate Team gamers, most of what we have published here isn’t new. In that way, we have created this short chapter to show you what has changed with club items:


FUT 14 >> FUT 15

  • New badges and kits
  • Added International Kits
  • Added International Badges
  • New balls
  • Several Stadiums categories changes
  • Stade Vélodrome removed
  • Twelve new stadiums
  • (Boleyn Ground, Britannia Stadium, KC Stadium, King Power Stadium, Liberty Stadium, Loftus Road, Selhurst Park, St. Mary’s Stadium, Stadium of Light, The Hawthorns, Turf Moor and
    Villa Park)

  • More 183 kits, 41 badges, 9 balls and 10 stadiums than in FUT 14
  • New cards design


FUT 13 >> FUT 14

  • Stadiums don’t boost morale any more
  • New badges and kits
  • New balls
  • Three new stadiums
    (Donbass Arena, La Bombonera and Goodison Park, besides Camp Nou back)
  • New cards design



Frequently Asked Questions about Club Items – FAQ


Q: How many club items can I own in my club ?
A: The only limit is that you cannot have more than one active at a time.

Q: What should I do in order to club items make effect ?
A: Nothing. You just need to buy them and store them on your club as active items.

Q: How can I get Club Items cards ?
A: You can buy them in the transfer market, using the filter ‘club items search’, or getting them in packs.

Q: Where can I find the club items that I have bought ?
A: In My Club – Club Items. In the main screen of FUT Web App you can also click on ‘change club items’.

Q: Why it is not allowed for me to discard or send my club items to the transfer market ?
A: Because you must own one club item of each type. The active ones. If you are having problems doing it, change the card that is active and sell the one that is not active. If you received that card in the first pack, you will never be able to sell it.

Q: How is the ball chose for use in a match ?
A: It is always the active ball of the club that plays at home.

Q: Which stadiums should I choose ?
A: You only need one. Try to pick one which you are familiar and with the weather you like.

Q: How important is a stadium to the morale ?
A: Since FUT 13 there is no morale.

Q: How do I change the active stadium, kit, badge or ball ?
A: Check this video, please.


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