FIFA 15 Manual


Are you looking for a FIFA 15 Manual ? You can find it here.


FIFA 15 Manual – The Digital Manual Instructions of FIFA 15

Most of gamers have FIFA 15 but not the manual.

For them, but not only, we provide here the Fifa 15 Manual, original, to each platform and in several languages​​. They are hosted on our servers which means that you can read them safely and whenever you want.

If you want to read/download the FIFA 15 manual, just click in the language and platform that you want:


Playstation 4

Xbox One



Each digital manual has between 22 and 26 pages and its size ranges between 0,5 Mb and 3 Mb.


In this EA Sports FIFA 15 Manual, you will be able to find the following chapters:

Complete Controls

    Skill Moves
    Voice Recognition

Starting the Game

    Choose Your Club
    Connect with EA Sports Football Club
    Saving and Loading
    Earn Rewards for Past FIFA Experience
    Match Preparations

Main Menu

    Match Day Live
    EA Sports Football Club

Learning the Basics / Playing the Game

    Game Screen
    Match Day Kick Off
    Highlights of the Week
    Players in Form
    Teams in Form

Game Modes

    FIFA Ultimate Team
    Skill Games
    Practice Arena

Online Play
Limited 90-Day Warranty
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FIFA 15 Manual - The Digital Manual Instructions of FIFA 15


26 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Manual”

  1. I made some player transfers under the options central section. Then when I start a new tournament, I still get the original group of players. How do I get around that? Thanks.

  2. valentin adrian sora

    hello , how can the language be changed in the nintendo 3ds? i’m lost as the game started in geman

  3. What do the symbols next to the players mean? I play manager mode and when I go to team management, I see arrow marks and earth symbols next to players. What does it mean?

  4. My son and I want to have separate teams and Fifa 15 set-ups, but we can’t figure out how to log into Origin, like we did with Fifa 14. The only option that I’ve found (quick look) is Facebook, which we don’t have.

  5. Luis Goncalves

    Bom dia Rodrigo. O fifa 15 da XBox 360 tem voz em português? Já li tanta coisa que não consigo perceber… Obrigado!

    1. No Brasil tem. Em Portugal não tenho a certeza mas julgo que sim. Sei que as nas novas gerações de consolas, o nosso idioma não está presente. Já na XBOx 360 e PS3 não tenho a certeza absoluta.

  6. Hey!
    I don’t kno how to auction the players on my iOS device so please I need your help.

  7. Why arent there skill moves in iOS? The only thing is a skilled dribble that i can do by tapping the d-pad. I really miss the roulette.

  8. Hi
    sorry I meant how do you the players that you get from packs into your Team ?
    Thank you again

    1. When you pull a player from a pack, you can send him directly to the active squad or to the club. Then, you can go to ‘My Club’ – ‘Players’, choose the one you have pulled and select ´send hime to the active squad’.

  9. Hi
    I can’t on iOS edition seem to get my best players into my ultimate team. How do you get the best players into my team??
    Thank you

  10. Abdullah Khan

    Hi Rodrigo
    I have a few matches in fifa 15 but the only thing is I can’t trade. My favourite trading cards are bronze fitness cards but I have seen in market that no one is buying it. I have 8.5 coins I gathered by discarding cards I got in gift packs and playing matches.should I stick to these cards or I should change.

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