FIFA 15 Preview – 30 details we already know about the game

FIFA 15 Preview - 30 details we already know about the game


EA Sports introduced at E3 2014 the latest videogame in the most successful franchise of all time football. Now, we bring to you everything we already know about the game. Welcome to our FIFA 15 preview.


FIFA 15 Preview


Here it is what we already know about FIFA 15:


FIFA 15 will be released on 23rd September 2014 (North America), 25th September 2014 (Latin America and Australia) and 26th September 2014 (Europe).

Season Ticket holders will be able to play FIFA 15 on 20th September 2014.

FIFA 15 will be available to Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, XBox One and Playstation 4. There will be no new FIFA game on PS2 and Wii U.

The new game engine will debut on Windows PC with FIFA 15.
Ignite will also be included in the game for next-gen consoles Playstation 4 and XBox One.


FIFA 15 Preview - 30 details we already know about the game

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FIFA 15 global cover will featuring Lionel Messi. Luis Suarez will also be included on the UK cover or the South American one.

Ultimate Edition offers you 40 gold packs with only one rare card (one for each week), a player loan, celebrations, kits, boots and adidas all-star team.

FIFA 15 Standard Edition pre-order includes 15 FIFA Ultimate Team Packs.

Pitch is deformed in real time.

Kits are deformed in real time.

LED ad boards are now animated.

Corner flags will now move when clipped.

Added 10 man celebrations.

New hair physics.

Crowd chants are now backed up by animations.


FIFA 15 Preview - 30 details we already know about the game


New lighting system.

Match Day presentation now focus on regional differences in the stadium and match atmosphere.

Bench reactions in the most dramatic moments.

Many players’ faces were (re)scanned.

Dozen of extra animations.

Highlights packages are now more realistic and similar with TV.

Half-Time and Full-Time highlights now include music and commentary.

New engine that tracks player’s emotion (600 different emotional reactions).


FIFA 15 Preview - 30 details we already know about the game

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Complete control of receiver from corners, throw ins and free kicks.

Spin and momentum of the ball is preserved through each pass.

Inside and outside of the foot can be used to dribble.

Possession tackles allow defenders to start counter attacks.

Opposing teams will now adjust their play style to suit the importance of the fixture in career mode.

It will be possible to use a top player in our Ultimate Team, by loan, through the EAS FC Catalogue.

Legends will keep being a XBox 360 and a XBox One exclusive.

Tournament Mode and Guest Play will make their return in the Next Gen version.


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37 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Preview – 30 details we already know about the game”

  1. If I got fifa 15 on the ps3 and then later on I got the ps4 would my team and all my cons be transferred automatically or would I have to buy a code or do something else ?

  2. Hi, great articles on fifa in general,

    In your first comment you said you’d advise against getting the the ultimate edition. If so why? Surely it’s better to get a gold pack every week with a rare rather than not right? Obviously we have to pay more, but is there any other downside.
    Please answer soon, im looking to pre-order ASAP.


    1. Hi.
      If you want a complete explanation, check it here.
      By the way, if you are thinking to buy the game and if you are from UK, please do it clicking in one of the Amazon banners of that page.

  3. Above someone said they were going to cashout then later you said that coins don’t transfer, I’m confused

  4. Hey,

    I am currently playing FIFA 14 on my Ps3, but I am getting a PS4 once FIFA 15 releases. I just wanted to know if my XP will get transferred from FIFA 14 to FIFA 15 as i’m changing consoles?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Yes, I do have the same origin account. I guess you changed from FIFA 14 on PC to FIFA 14 on Xbox. But would the same apply to moving the EAS FC level from FIFA 14 on PS3 to FIFA 15 on PS4?

  5. If I have the Season Ticket I will be able to play FIFA 15 the Standar Edition or Ultimate Team Edition?
    on 20th September 2014.

    Can I pre order the Ultimate Team Edition via PS4?


    1. You will be able to play standard FIFA 15 on 20th if you are a season ticket holder in that date.
      You will be able to use Ultimate Team edition benefits at 23th if you buy it. We don’t have any information about if it will be available through PS4.

  6. Hi, I just want to know if you are able to transfer your FIFA 14 coins into FIFA 15.

    1. Hi.
      No, you don’t. You may carry over your XP level, FC credits and probbaly FIFA Points. You can also keep the name of your club if you want.
      However, you will have to start from the scratch. You will lose coins, players, other cards, trophies and history.

    1. No!
      FUT 14 and FUT 15 are different games. You can not carry over coins, players and other cards. You may only keep with FC credits, FIFA points (?), XP level and club name.

      1. Well I take the chance, got Ibra, Messi, Bale – I think I will cash out with some coins. Going to be selling in August I guess. Any hints later for starting with FUT in Fifa 15

  7. The packs you get will be normal gold packs with only one rare card (you can read that on the “small print” on the promotion pictures) – maybe you want to add that…

    A question a what date would you start to sell your FUT 14 Ultimate Team players off in order to cash out.
    Will Season Ticket be available for Xbox One?

    1. Hi.
      That’s why we always say to avoid Ultimate Edition. We have updated. Thank you.
      You should sell them as soon as possible. The prices will be dropping.
      We don’t have any new detail about Season Ticket for next gen consoles.

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