FIFA 15 Gameplay Tips: Shooting Tutorial

FIFA 15 Gameplay Tips: Shooting Tutorial


If you want to be successful on the pitch, then you should know how to score goals.
In this tutorial we’re going to share the best tips regarding shots.


TOP 3 Shooting Tips for FIFA 15

New ways to score

FIFA 15 is FIFA 15, and FIFA 14 is FIFA 14. Don’t expect to score like you used to. The games are different. The goalkeepers’ artificial intelligence has been improved and now they tend to save shots more than ever. Face that as a challenge. You’ll have to find new ways to score. If you don’t put that in mind, you’ll keep watching your shots being saved and you’ll blame the super goalkeepers for your misery. You’re the one who must adapt. Experiment, practice and in a short period of time you’ll realise scoring isn’t that hard.

Get positioned

In order to score, a player must be in a good position facing the goal. There’s no point in shooting if you don’t get to aim well. When you’re about to shoot, you have to concentrate on having a destination set.

With experience you’ll notice all the best spots. Give priority to shots near and inside the area. On FIFA 15, long distance shots are less accurate and more difficult to execute.

Good balance, no rush

A good shot doesn’t depend only on the way you execute it. Giving the player good conditions to execute a shot in the best way possible is crucial.

Firstly, the player must be in good balance. That doesn’t mean you’re not going to score if you’re in a challenge against the defender and he’s pulling your player’s shirt, but your chances are drastically lowered. Try certifying yourself that your player is in a high momentum when he’s about to strike the ball.

At last, and most important of all, don’t sprint and shoot at the same time. Your chances of success increase a lot when you concentrate on just striking to the goal. This only happens if you stop to shoot. If you’re going fast and you want to shoot, pressing LB or L1, depending on your platform, will make your player stop and put him immediately in position to get the ball in the back of the net.




FIFA 15 Shooting Gameplay Tips: Shooting Tutorial


On Xbox controllers
B Button

On Playstation controllers

Compared to FIFA 14
This type of shot hasn’t got any alterations regarding the previous games. What has changed is the existence of many other ways of shooting.

Situation 1: When you’re inside the area, facing the goal, use this type of shooting to strike the ball on one of the inferior corners. Give priority to the near post, because your chances of success in these situations has increased a lot on FIFA 15.
Situation 2: With players that shoot equally well with both feet.




FIFA 15 Gameplay Tips: Shooting Tutorial


On Xbox controllers
LB + B

On Playstation controllers
L1 + circle

Compared to FIFA 14
Scoring with a shot over the keeper has gone back to being easy like it was on FIFA 13. Now you have more time to execute it and more space to aim to.

Situation 1: In one on one situations with the opponent’s goalkeeper. Make sure he has taken three steps towards you before you make the touch. If you’re not comfortable with this type of shot you can try getting past him, running in a straight line and then changing directions in the last moment.
Situation 2: When it seems like the opponent’s goalkeeper is too far from the goal. Don’t forget to give the shot more power if you’re far from the goal as well so the ball gets enough speed to avoid the interception.




FIFA 15 Gameplay Tips: Shooting Tutorial


On Xbox controllers
LT + B

On Playstation controllers
L2 + circle

Compared to FIFA 14
There is a bigger diversity on this type of shot, it goes from bicycle kicks to diving headers.

Situation 1: The ball must be in the air, preferably inside the area, and you have to position your player correctly. This type of shot is spectacular but way less efficient. If you’re playing for the result, don’t use it.
Situation 2: With low lob passes (double tap X/square). It’s all about positioning and good timing. It works best for players with good star skill rating.




FIFA 15 Gameplay Tips: Shooting Tutorial


On Xbox controllers
RB + B

On Playstation controllers
R1 + circle

Compared to FIFA 14
Finesse shots are more efficient on FIFA 15.

Situation 1: Near the area, with the possibility of curving the ball into the far post. This type of shot is more efficient than the regular one but it also has less power. The results are better when the opponent’s goalkeeper is short. It’s extremely important that you don’t use your player’s weak foot for this type of shot.
Situation 2: In one on one situations with the goalkeeper.



What type of shot should I use according to my distance to the goal?

FIFA 15 Gameplay Tips: Shooting Tutorial


  • In less than 4 meters from the goal
    • Regular shot. Slightly press B or circle. You don’t need a powerful strike to be successful. The objective here is to get the ball past the keeper.


  • 4 to 10 meters from the goal (near or inside the corners of the area)
    • Finesse shot. Slightly change your angle and apply a finesse shot into the far post.


  • Long distance (outside the area)
    • Use preferably a player with good long shot attribute. Make sure he has enough space ahead and make him run towards the goal (RT/R2). When the ball reaches maximum distance from your player, press the shooting button (B/circle) while you move the LS to the direction you want to shoot while holding down LT/L2.


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    2. Thanks, I hadn’t realised that L2 (flair) shots work for long range striking. I’ll have to try it out.

      I’ve found for long range, many players with good long shots, seem to have more chance of scoring with the outside of their foot. Eg Left footed players like Van Persie, run from the left facing the right post and the shot will be hit with the outside of the foot and curl in.

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