FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide


Training, position, manager’s leagues, contracts, fitness, healing and chemistry styles cards. Find out everything about them on our FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables


In modern football, good players don’t make a winning team. They need to be supported by their club. It may be specific training, more stringent physical preparation or simple treatment for an injury. In FUT 15, this support is actioned by using consumables.

Consumables are one of the four cards’ types in the game. By definition, they are all the cards that can be applied to players or managers to improve some of their characteristics. They differ from the other cards because they expire after passing its effect to players or managers’ cards, making them more valuable or more adjusted to the goals of the team.

In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team there are eight types of consumables, each one with a part to play:

  • Player’s Training
  • Goalkeeper’s Training
  • Position
  • Manager’s League
  • Contracts
  • Fitness
  • Healing
  • Chemistry Styles


The training cards improve the stats of players during one match. The manager’s league cards allow you to change his preferred league, what may be important to get good individual chemistries. The fitness and the healing cards are responsible for improving the player physical condition or for getting him back from an injury. The chemistry style cards are a good way to get players to play just like you want and keep them at a level to do so (fitness wise and injury free). Last but not least, the contracts are essential if you want to use players and managers. All these cards are important, but some more than others.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

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As any other card, the consumables may be assigned to you in packs by one of the following ways:

    – when registering a new team (‘starter pack’);
    – when purchasing packages in the store;
    – when winning tournaments or seasons whose prizes are packages;
    – or when get Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes.

Our suggestion is that, if you need any specific consumable, you should go directly to the transfer market and buy it using the filters on the ‘consumables’ window. In that way, you will be spending only the coins you have to spend and you will be moving quickly to adhere to the needs of your club. Obviously, if you get a consumable card in a pack you will not discard it. You can use it for your own club or if you do not need it you can sell it in the market.


Consumables are cards applied on players or managers that make them more valuable

There is no limit for the consumables that you can store in your club. The consumables pile is unlimited. You still need to respect the slots available on the transfer list and on the transfer target, but you can store unlimited repeated cards in your club.


The gamers without Ultimate Team experience may experience some problems using consumables. Firstly, it is important to clarify that all these cards are applied on players. The only exception is contracts. They can also be used on managers. League cards can also only be applied to managers.

To apply a consumable you should start by selecting the player or the manager in which you want to apply, going to ‘My Club’ or to ‘Squads’ – ‘Active Squad’. With the card selected, you just need to press square (Playstation) or X (XBox) and choose ‘Apply Consumable’. This will bring up a list of all consumables, sorted in folders, and you will be able to choose the one you want to use.

The fitness cards are the only cards that can be applied at once to the whole group instead of doing it individually. In order to do that, you have to go to the active squad menu (‘Squads’ – ‘Active Squads’) and press triangle (Playstation) or Y (XBox) to be redirected to the squad’s actions screen. There you have an option to apply the fitness card to all your 23 players.

You can only use consumables that you have stored in the consumables pile or immediately after buying them.

You can use any of the three categories of these cards (gold, silver or bronze) independently on players’ or manager’s. For example, you can apply a bronze training card contract card to a gold player.


The staff cards are responsible to increase the consumable’s effect. You just need to store them in your club and the bonus is automatically assigned. The head coaches give a bonus to the training cards, the goalkeeper coaches give a bonus to the goalkeepers training cards, the fitness coaches give a bonus to the the fitness cards, the physios give a bonus to the healing cards and the managers give a bonus to the contracts. To learn more about this topic, please take a look at our staff guide.


The following table show you the differences between the eight types of consumables:

Staff Application Bonus Accumulation Cards Average Price
Player’s Training Head Coach Player +3 to +15 No 21 150 to 1500c
GK’s Training GK Coach Player +3 to +15 No 21 150 to 750c
Position Player 39 150 to 5000c
Manager’s League Manager 20 150 to 5000c
Contract Manager Pl / Manager +1 to +28 Yes 36 150 to 500c
Fitness Fitness Coach Player +10 to +60 Yes 6 150 to 1500c
Healing Physio Player +1 to +5 Yes 24 150 to 800c
Chemistry Style Player 24 150 to 7000c


We will analyze each one of these cards in more detail.



If you want to know the bonus the staff stored in your club is giving to specific consumable’s, simulate its application. Ie, choose a player or manager, select ‘apply consumable’ and choose the type of consumable that you want to apply. Before cancelling the operation, you can check the boost percentage on the screen.



Player Training Cards


The analysis of player’s training cards and goalkeeper’s training cards can be made at once. The only role of both cards is to increase one or all six technical attributes, during a single match. The only difference between these cards is that technical attributes of goalkeepers are different from the technical attributes of other players.

Each training card can only be applied to one football player. Its effect is reflected in the following match. It expires after this. If you apply a training card to someone that stays in the reserves or on the bench, he will continue to benefit from the training effect until he plays.

Unlike other game modes, in Ultimate Team a player card does not change unless you apply it a training card. In that case, the effect lasts only for a game.

In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the players cards in whom a training card was applied are distinguished from the others by a rectangle of the category colour in the rating area and by an arrow on the right side of the attribute that has been boosted.

You can only boost one attribute or all six. You can not do it with 2, 3, 4 or 5 attributes. It is not possible to boost the same attribute more than once until you use it. When you apply a new training card to a player, he loses the improved attributes of previous training cards. It does not accumulate, it replaces. However, it is possible to use how many training cards you wish to improve the stats of several of your players at the same time.

If you have stored head coaches or goalkeeper coaches on your club, you will get a bonus up to 50% when you apply a training card.

The non-rare training cards give a boost to player’s stats (pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defence or physical) or to goalkeeper’s stats (diving, handling, kicking, reflexes, speed or positioning), and the rare training card boosts all these attributes at once.


PACE +15 +10 +5
SHOOTING +15 +10 +5
PASSING +15 +10 +5
DRIBBLING +15 +10 +5
DEFENCE +15 +10 +5
PHYSICAL +15 +10 +5
ALL +10 +6 +3


DIVING +15 +10 +5
HANDLING +15 +10 +5
KICKING +15 +10 +5
REFLEXES +15 +10 +5
SPEED +15 +10 +5
POSICIONING +15 +10 +5
ALL +10 +6 +3


It is very common to find beginners buying these cards thinking that the effects are permanent. It is not. It only lasts for one match. In our opinion, it is too expensive to use for just a single match.

This type of card is essentially useful for the most important matches and when there are big prizes involved. This could be seen as an investment. However, even in these cases, there is a tendency to prioritize driving the game through the feet of the player with increased attributes and this often has the effect of distorting playing style.

The training cards that give a boost to pace and heading are the most used.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide



Position Cards


One of the most important factors in team chemistry is if players are playing in their preferred positions or not. Although they could play in any position, the team’s chemistry and the individual chemistry are strengthened if they are placed in the position printed on their cards or, at least, in a similar position. You can learn more about this subject here.

As it is not always possible to make these positions match, there are position cards that help you to solve this problem. These cards are equivalent to training to adapt players to a new position on the field.

The position cards allow you to change the preferred position of a player to the one that is printed on the card. For each card that you use, you can change a single player’s position only once. Using several cards, you can change the player’s position as many times as you want.

Before applying a position card to a player to fix his position on the field, make sure that he already doesn’t have maximum individual chemistry. If he does, you don’t have to apply the position card

However, it is necessary to have in mind that the position’s cards contain information about the old and the new position. If a player’s favourite position doesn’t match with the old position printed on the card, we cannot apply that card to him. It means, for example that you will never transform a left back into a left winger.

Each position card can only be applied to a player and the effect lasts until you apply a new position card on him. Sometimes, you need to apply several position cards to get the position you want. For example: to transform a CAM into a ST, you need to apply a CAM-CF card and then a CF-ST card.

The position cards can not be boosted by any staff.


Here are the sequences that you can make to change the preferred position of a player:



FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

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All the position cards are shown in the following table:



When a player is assigned to play in a strange position to himself, the chemistry is strongly affected. Independently of his connections with team mates, he will never have more than an individual chemistry of 4, which is very bad. However, it will also affect team chemistry.

If you bought or received a player with a different position from the one that he will play, apply him a position card in order to at least adapt him to a similar position (see the table of similar positions).

On the other hand, if your players already have an individual chemistry of 10, you should not waste coins with position cards. In these cases, they can play in the wrong position that it will not affect their performance.

The CAM-CM, CM-CDM and ST-CF cards are usually the most popular ones.



If you want to apply a card or a sequence of position cards to a player you own, check which option is cheaper: buy the position card(s) and apply it on him; or go to the transfer market to sell your player card and buy another card of the same player but already in the desired position.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide



Manager’s Leagues Cards


The managers are the most important staff in the game. They give a boost to the contract cards, but they also contribute one point to the individual chemistry of all players from the starting eleven that have the same nationality or the same league as them.

As it is not always possible to match the leagues, there are cards that help solve this problem. They allow you to change the league printed on the manager card to the one that is printed on the card. For each card that you spend, you can change league once. You can change the manager’s league as many times as you want.

Each league card can only be applied to a manager and the effect last until you apply a new league card on him.


When properly applied, the league cards, can give one extra point of individual chemistry.

Chemistry is very important for the success of your team. Try to get the highest individual chemistry possible for all of your players. If you are not building a squad with a single nationality it is extremely important to use a league card.

These cards can be applied to any manager stored in your club. However, it makes no sense to apply them to other managers besides the one that goes on the bench unless you are planning to change managers according to the players you choose for each game.

It is also recommended to apply the most expensive league cards when you have set your squad. Otherwise, each time you change your players, you will need to use another league card on your main manager to match his league with the players that have lower individual chemistry.


A-League AUS 1 Gold
A. Bundesliga AUT 1 Gold
Airtricity League IRL 1 Gold
ALJ League SAU 1 Gold
Allsvenskan SWE 1 Gold
Barclays PL ENG 1 Gold Rare
Bundesliga GER 1 Gold Rare
Bundesliga 2. GER 2 Gold
Camp. Petrobras CHI 1 Gold
Ekstraklasa POL 1 Gold
Eredivisie NED 1 Gold Rare
FL Championship ENG 2 Gold
Football League 1 ENG 3 Gold
Football League 2 ENG 4 Gold
Hellas Liga GRE 1 Gold
K League KOR 1 Gold
Liga Adelante ESP 2 Gold
Liga Bancomer MX MEX 1 Gold Rare
Liga BBVA ESP 1 Gold Rare
Liga do Brasil BRA 1 Gold Rare
Liga do Brasil B BRA 2 Gold
Liga Portuguesa POR 1 Gold Rare
Liga Postobón COL 1 Gold
Ligue 1 FRA 1 Gold Rare
Ligue 2 FRA 2 Gold
MLS MLS Gold Rare
Nacional B ARG 2 Gold
Primera División ARG 1 Gold Rare
Pro League BEL 1 Gold
Raiffeisen SL SUI 1 Gold
Russian League RUS 1 Gold Rare
Scottish Prem SPFL Gold
Serie A ITA 1 Gold Rare
Serie B ITA 2 Gold
South African FL RSA 1 Gold
Superliga DEN 1 Gold
Tippeligaen NOR1 Gold
TurkLig TUR 1 Gold Rare
Ukrayina Liha UKR1 Gold


On XBox there was one extra league card: the Legends. This card allowed managers to boost the individual chemistry of Legends cards by 1 point, in the same way they do with a regular league. It is more difficult to get a good chemistry with Legends because they only link well with other Legends and with players of the same nationality. That’s why these league cards were so important. Unfortunately, have removed them in FIFA 15.

The BBVA and Bundesliga cards are the most expensive ones.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide



Contract Cards


The most important FIFA 15 Ultimate Team cards are the players ones, and then the contracts. Strategically it is a card with great importance, because it is the only consumable required in order to be able to play matches.

The role of the contracts is to increase the amount of games that a manager or a player can play.


There are two types of contracts’ cards: the players contracts, that can only be applied on players, and the managers contracts, that can only be applied on managers. When one of them is released in a pack, he comes with 7 contracts except if he was released in the starter pack. In those cases, he comes with 45 matches and the card cannot be traded.

The number of contracts printed on their cards decreases every time you use them in a match. When the number of matches printed on the players or managers cards reaches zero, they cannot be used in a match until you apply them a contract card again. These cards can be applied in any time. You don’t have to wait until they run out of contracts. The players or managers cards that are out of contracts, are distinguished from the others by having a folder icon and they can be sent to the transfer list like all the other contracts cards.

The contracts represent the operating expenses of the club. We can not live without them

The numbers inside the coloured box of contract cards represent how many extra matches players or managers can play if you apply them that card. For example: if you apply a contract card to a silver player, he will be able to play more matches according to the grey rectangle of that contract card, no matter the category of that card.


The number of matches that a player/manager card has can not be higher than 99. You can apply contract cards up to a maximum of 99 per player/manager. It is also not possible to apply contracts to players on loan.

Anyone that plays a match spends a contract, even if he started the match on the bench. That’s why you should avoid to make many substitutions.

It is advantageous to apply a contract card of the same category of the player card. However, it doesn’t need to be like that. For example: you can apply a bronze contract card to a gold player.

The big trick is not do not spend a lot of coins on contracts but store managers in your club that give you a bonus up to 50%. Furthermore always study the relation price vs amount of matches. Sometimes a silver contract card may be the cheapest option for your gold player.


GOLD RARE 28 24 28
GOLD NON-RARE 15 11 13
SILVER RARE 20 24 18


GOLD RARE 24 24 28
GOLD NON-RARE 11 11 13
SILVER RARE 18 24 18


Historically the contract cards have never been cheap. Given its strategic importance in the game, there was a strong tendency to make price-fixing with them. It was normal to see contracts being sold by more than 1,000 coins at the second half of the season. However, since FUT 14, EA have increased the amount of contract cards on the market and the prices have been going down. The most expensive one, the gold rare, are now being sold by less than 500 coins. At certain times, like huge Happy Hours, special In Form releases and at the beginning of the game, these cards can be purchased by only 150 coins. Stay alert.

For each match you play, you spend something like 80 to 100 coins on contracts.


Contract cards are not cheap, so you should pay attention to the following tips:

    – for the same price, always choose the contracts’ cards that give you more matches;
    – do not apply contract cards with many matches to players or managers who you do not know will be in your club much more time;
    – do not waste contract cards if it exceeds the 99 matches;
    – only make substitutions that are strictly necessary.



If you have a player running out of contracts and if you believe that he will be an important player to your club, go to EASFC catalogue and redeem the 99 contracts card item. The next time you open your Ultimate Team, you will be asked which player you want to apply this special card to. You will be able to play 99 matches with that player and after that you will need to apply another contract card.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide



Fitness Cards


Every time a player participates in a match, he gets tired. That decline in his fitness level may affect his performance in the following matches. That’s why it is so important you know how to manage the fitness of your players.

The fastest but also the most expensive way of doing this is through the application of fitness cards. The only role of these cards is to add the fitness points indicated on the item to the physical condition that is printed on the player card. However, even if the sum of the two values is higher than 99, the fitness is always limited by this value.


A player with low fitness can be recovered quickly with fitness cards

There are two types of fitness cards: individual and squad’s cards. The first ones, allow you to recover only one player. The other ones increase the fitness of all your 23 players – starting eleven, substitutes and reserves.

If a player is not injured, you can apply fitness cards as many times you wish. In other words, you can apply a card one after the other. Its effect accumulates. If you apply a fitness card to someone that stays on the reserves or on the bench, he will continue to benefit from the effect until he plays.

If you have stored fitness coaches on your club, you will get a bonus up to 50% when you apply a fitness card.



PLAYER 20 40 60
SQUAD 10 20 30


We do not recommend using players with less than 80 fitness points. The ideal is to replace them with others when their fitness is lower than 90. It is therefore important to have a squad good enough to allow a rotation without much loss of quality. Our fitness guide (available soon) explains very well how you should manage the fitness of your squad.

However, sometimes in specific important matches, it is very useful to recover a crucial member of our team. This is made using fitness cards.


In general, it is a waste to buy fitness gold and silver cards to apply a player. It is very uncommon to find a player that needs an improvement of 60 or 40 fitness points, so you should analyse your needs before buying these cards. The bronze individual cards increase the fitness level by 10 points, not counting the possible effect of the staff stored in your club, so they are usually good enough to raise the fitness of your players to the maximum.

Generally speaking, it is better to apply a single squad’s card than doing it with three or more individual cards. It is cheaper. You will do it only if you do not mind to spend coins with fitness cards, something that is avoidable. If that is your strategy, making the recovery of players exclusively at the expense of those cards, you will have an approximate cost of 300 coins per game.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide



Healing Cards


Any player can get hurt in a match. The chances of it happening are higher if he has lower fitness and if the opponent uses an aggressive playing style. When it happens, there are two specific pieces of information that will appear printed on his card: the number of matches he will be missing and what kind of injury he’s got. If you leave him to rest among the reserves for as long as the period of the injury, he will heal naturally and become available again.

It is possible to recover any injured player if you apply on him the right healing cards

Fitness cards are useless if a player has an injury. In this case, you’ll have to apply a healing card if you want to use this player immediately, or you can at least reduce his downtime. This is the only role of healing cards.


There are two types of healing cards: the ones that are specific for each type of injury (foot, leg, knee, arm, head, back or upper body), that can reduce up to 5 matches, and the ones that cure a player no matter which type of injury he’s got, reducing the wait up to 4 matches. When you use one of these cards, the number of matches written on the player’s card is reduced according to its level. If the difference between them is equal to or less than zero, you’ll be able to use the player right on. If the difference is superior, you can keep applying healing cards until you have your player completely healed or you can wait until he recovers naturally in the remaining downtime.

In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the cards of injured players have an ‘X’ on it. It is not possible to apply a healing card on players who are not injured. On the other hand, you can apply as many healing cards as you wish on injured players.


If you have stored physios on your club, you will get a bonus up to 50% when you apply a healing card.


FOOT +1 +2 +5
LEG +1 +2 +5
KNEE +1 +2 +5
ARM +1 +2 +5
HEAD +1 +2 +5
BACK +1 +2 +5
UPPER BODY +1 +2 +5
ALL +1 +2 +4


If you usually keep your squads fitness high and if you avoid aggressive opponents, then injuries are very rare. Even if it happens, the downtime will be only one or two matches. That’s why there is no reason to use gold healing cards which reduce the dontim in 5 or 4 matches.

The silver and bronze healing cards should only be used if you really need a player in particular that’s got an injury. Most of the time you can avoid using healing cards, if you own a quality squad that allow you rotation. You will be able to put the injured player in the reserves and replace him with another one.

The rare healing cards are more expensive than the other ones. They heal the player, no matter the type of injury he has got. So why would someone be buying them? Imagine that your player is injured and you want him back. What do you do? You check which kind of injury he has, go to the transfer market, buy the specific non-rare healing card and apply it on him. Sometimes it is too boring to have to stop playing to go to the market to buy healing cards. That’s why some gamers buy rare healing cards to use when they need. It is more expensive but it is also easier.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide



If your staff bonus is being shown incorrectly when you are trying to apply a contract, healing, fitness or training card, not matching with the staff you own in your club, exit your Ultimate Team and open it again.



Chemistry Styles Cards


Chemistry Style is a card that allows players to choose which attributes will be affected by the chemistry. These cards can be applied to a player to change their style of play adjusting the players attributes to their squad needs. They do not change your chemistry numbers. They redistribute the stats that will receive chemistry boosts which will increase the value of specific in-game stats – thus increasing the player’s ability to perform.


A chemistry style allow you to choose which attributes will be boosted by the chemistry

The Chemistry Styles allow you to choose what stats are changed but not by how much it will change. It depends on your chemistry. If you get individual chemistry 10, you will get the highest improvement possible on the stats you have chosen.

In the active squad menu, you have a visual indicator (little chevrons) next to the stats of each player showing which ones will be affected by the chemistry and the maximum available stat boost. These arrows can be white or green. A white arrow indicates a possible boost that isn’t being received, which will mean that player doesn’t currently have high enough Chemistry to get the maximum benefit. A green arrow indicates that the stat will be boosted. The more arrows per stat, the bigger will be the available boost. The more green arrows per stat, the bigger will be the boost. The maximum number of chevrons that can be filled is 6. These chevrons are only indicators. Not necessarily mean that the attribute in question is going to be increased by the same number of points as the number of chevrons filled in green. The goal of any player should be to fill all available arrows. In order to do that, is requested an high chemistry. To know the relationship between Chemistry and arrows, just check the following table:


CHEMISTRY 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
GREEN ARROWS 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 0


When a player is released on a card his chemistry style is basic (BAS), the starter style. It means that all his attributes are improved in the same way. If you want to change it, you can apply another chemistry style card. You can apply these cards to each player as many times you wish but only on one per player at a time. As it happens with position cards, its effects are permanent unless you use a new chemistry style card. If you trade the player card, the buyer will keep the style that is active.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide


There are 24 chemistry styles: 19 for outfield players and 5 for goalkeepers. An outfield player chemistry style can be applied to any outfield player. However, goalkeepers chemistry styles are exclusive to goalkeepers and outfield player chemistry styles cannot be applied to a goalkeeper. Chemistry style cards can also be applied to In Form cards, including Legends, or to players on loan.


BASIC 1 1 1 1 1 1
CAT 2 2 2
GLOVE 2 2 2
SHIELD 2 2 2
WALL 2 2 2
BASIC 1 1 1 1 1 1
ANCHOR 2 2 2
ENGINE 2 2 2
HAWK 2 2 2


Don’t expect any miracles with chemistry styles cards. In the best of chances they only boost two of the basic attributes by three points. You should build your squad, test it and use these cards as fine tuning. On players with low individual chemistry, it makes no sense to use chemistry style cards.


There are many things you should look at before picking a chemistry style. It is a difficult choice but is ultimately your decision. Pay attention to the following points:

    This is probably the most overlooked factor when choosing the right chemistry style to apply in the players. Teams with low budgets should pay attention to this point because the prices of these cards may range between 150 coins and 7,000 coins. You never should quit buying the player you want just to be able to apply the chemistry styles to your players. Look to these cards as an adjustment.
    It is also important to note that a more expensive chemistry style doesn’t mean that it is a better style. Hunter, Shadow and Hawk are the most expensive cards. However, the Basic style, the cheapest one, is many times the best choice.
    The position is an important factor when choosing a chemistry style. While not mandatory, most of the time defensive styles are applied to defenders (Sentinel, Guardian, Gladiator, Backbone and Anchor), attacking styles are applied to forwards (Sniper, Deadeye, Hawk, Marksman and Finisher) and the other styles to the midfielders (Artist, Architect, Powerhouse, Maestro e Engine). The five goalkeepers styles may only be applied to these players.
    Generally speaking, it is a good practice to apply chemistry styles according to the player’s position, if it is in line with the other factors.
    The formation has an important role when choosing a chemistry style. Players which play in the same position but in different formations may have different needs. Let’s take the example of the centre backs. If they play in a 4xx formation, they should be fast. However, to the central CB of a 5xx formation, the defending and the heading is something much more important.
    When choosing a chemistry style, you should carefully analyse the roles of each player in the team.
    Play Style
    There are no two people alike. So, no one plays FIFA in the same way. There are better players and worse players. There are players that like to use the wings to attack and there are players that like to do it by the middle. There are players that prefer to play in counter attacks and there are players that prefer to keep the ball. Not all of these preferences are reflected in the formations we choose. Ie, two people with the same formations and the same players can make use of them in a different manner.
    When choosing a FUT 15 chemistry style, you should carefully analyse the roles of each player according to our play style.
    Players’ Attributes
    There are no two players alike. So, it is impossible to apply a chemistry style without knowing the players’ attributes and work rates.
    One of the most common questions has to do with the approach that should be done: it is better to boost the lower stats in order to get a more balanced player or it is better to boost the higher stats to make the player even better than their opponents ? The answer is not easy. In a general way, players tend to follow the second option because most of the times the higher attributes are also the most important ones according to the player’s position. For example: Messi has a low defending stat because he doesn’t need it to play well in his position. It is natural that players try to improve his attacking attributes.
    But some times it may be different. When a player plays in a position and in a formation in which the importance of the various attributes is not so uneven, it may be better to try to balance the player. Let’s look to the example of Diego Alves. He is a wonderful goalkeeper but there are many people that don’t like to play with him because his positioning is poor. In these cases, it makes all the sense to apply a style to improve his positioning instead of his reflexes and diving that already are incredibly good.
    To choose a chemistry style according to the players’ attributes is something very personal. It depends of who is choosing.


    We are pretty sure that, even after all the explanations, there are many people that still need help to choose the right chemistry style to their players. If it is your case, don’t worry. We will help you.

    We made our suggestions only according to the positioning, because price is not something very important to most of the players, because it is impossible to show the right style for every players and because the play style is something very personal. Don’t forget that our suggestions are only suggestions. You can have a different opinion.

      FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

      In our opinion, the importance of the goalkeeper’s attributes follow this order: reflexes, diving, handling, positioning, speed and kicking. In that way, and since there are no chemistry style card that boosts both reflexes and diving, our choice goes to ‘Glove’. It improves the diving, handling and positioning.

      All the other cards boost at least speed or kicking, attributes of less importance to us. That’s why we think that the ‘Basic’ card could be a good choice many times.

      FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

      Every one should know that defending and heading are crucial to every CB. Some times, pace is also very important. That’s why we think that ‘Sentinel’ and ‘Anchor’ are two best cards to apply in a CB.

      The first one should be used on the central CBs playing in 5xx formations or in defenders with high defensive work rate and low attacking work rate. The second one should be applied to the other players.

      RB, LB, RWB, LWB
      FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

      The fullbacks are defenders that can attack by the wings. They should have good defending, pace and passing stats in order to be able to do it well.

      The style ‘Shadow’ is the most recommended card to these players. However, if you a crossing abuser, you may prefer applying the ‘PowerHouse’ style. It is perfect if you play with Falcao or Mandzukic.

      FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

      It is not easy to choose which chemistry style to apply to a defensive midfielder because it depends of his role on the team and which formation you are using.

      One of the most common problems of the CDMs are their pace. Most of them are are too slow. In that cases, the card ‘Shadow’ my be very useful. However, we still believe that ‘Backbone’ and ‘Powerhouse’ are the best cards to the players playing in this position.

      CM, CAM

      FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

      Also to this position, the choice of the style depends of many factors which means that it isn’t easy to choose.

      To most of the players, ‘Artist’ and ‘Maestro’ styles would be perfect. Passing and dribbling are the stats with higher bonus on this chemistry styles. If you love long shots, ‘Deadeye’ is a good card.

      FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

      The ‘Engine’ style is our favourite to apply in a winger, independently to play in the right side or in the left side. The mix of speed, dribbling and passing are perfect for the demands of players who play in this position, allowing them to be effective in crossing style and cutting to the area.

      However, depending on other factors, they could be better with the ‘Catalyst’.

      CF, ST
      FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Consumables Guide

      Depending of your play style, there are five chemistry styles that can be applied to a forward:
      – ‘Finisher’ to who plays as a reference in the opposite box;
      – ‘Hawk’ to who also wants mobility;
      – ‘Hunter’ to who plays in counter and doesn’t like to cross to the box;
      – ‘Marksman’ to the skiller;
      – and ‘Sniper’ to who apply in very fast forwards and in a play style without many crossings.


    Remember that our suggestions were based only in the players’ positions. When choosing a FUT 15 chemistry style, you should look to the formation, attributes and style’s prices.





    We create a few videos to help who is starting this game mode.


    How to apply a training card


    How to change a player position


    How apply a contract card


    How to improve the fitness


    How to change the chemistry style



    New Stuff


    For experienced Ultimate Team gamers, most of what we have published here isn’t new. In that way, we have created this short chapter to show what has changed with consumables:


    FUT 14 >> FUT 15

    • New cards design
    • Turkish league replace the Brazilians leagues in the Manager League’s cards
    • PHY relaces HEA on all chemistry styles cards
    • Heading training card is replaced by the physical training card


    FUT 13 >> FUT 14

    • Moral cards were removed
    • Player’s formation cards were removed
    • Manager’s formation cards were removed
    • Added the chemistry styles cards
    • Added the league manager cards



    Frequently Asked Questions about Consumables – FAQ


    Q: Where can I get consumables cards ?
    A: On the Transfer Market. Chose the filter ‘Consumables Search‘ if you are looking for training, position, leagues, contract, fitness, healing or chemistry styles cards.

    Q: Can I apply a consumable on a player of a different category ?
    A: Yes. You can use any of the three categories of these cards (gold, silver or bronze) independently of players’ or coach’s category.

    Q: When I apply a training card to a player do his improved attributes stay this way forever ?
    A: No. It lasts one match.

    Q: If I apply many training cards to a player, can I make him a super player with all the attributes 99 ?
    A: No. For each match, any attribute can only be improved once.

    Q: What happens if I apply a training card to a player that stays on the reserves or on the bench ?
    A: Nothing. He will continue to benefit from the training effect until he plays.

    Q: How do I know which similar positions cards can I apply to a player ?
    A: Find it here.

    Q: It is possible to apply positioning cards to turn a CDM into a ST ?
    A: Yes, it is. You just need to play ST-CF, CF-CAM, CAM-CM and CM-CDM cards.

    Q: When should I apply a contract card ?
    A: No later than when a player or a manager can be prevented from participating in a match due to lack of contracts.

    Q: What means the numbers that are in a contract card ?
    A: It is the number of matches that the card give according to the player category.

    Q: When should I apply a fitness card ?
    A: Avoid having to do it. We suggest that you do only if your players are with fitness lower than 90.

    Q: Why can’t I sell an injured player ?
    A: Because it is not possible. You can sell players and managers out of contracts but if they are injured, you need to give them a rest or applying them a healing card before you sell them.

    Q: When should I apply a chemistry style card ?
    A: When you feel that your team and player need a improvement in some attributes.

    Q: Why stadiums, kits and balls are not consumables ?
    A: Because you can not spend them. They are Items of Club.

    Q: How can I reduce the cost of consumables ?
    A: Start by hiring staff oriented to the consumables cards that you most often use. Don’t forget that rotation is one of the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team success keys.


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  1. On starting Fifa 15 ut in my android only player squad appear on screen and to play game when clicking on ball option it show out of contract on fluctuated pop-up tap. Unable to play

  2. Hello again.
    I have read and I have to clear some but others still have doubts.
    Khedria and Busquets: Catalyst or Shadow
    Modric, James Rodriguez, Iniesta and Isco UP: Maetro or Engine
    Vela UP, UP and Pedro Griezman: Engine, Catalyst or Maestro
    Feghouli: Deadeye, Maestro, Engine, Catalyst, this particularly badly shoots but neither will overrun speed or pass.
    Benzema and Giovani dos santos: Hunter or Hawk.

    Play with a 4-3-3 system, the budget is not an issue I want to get the best.

  3. Hi Rodrigo
    I have the following equipment and wanted to adjust the best styles of chemistry to the following players. What I recommend you to everyone?

    First team:

    GK: Casillas
    RB: Dani Alves
    CBR: Pepe
    CBL: Sergio Ramos
    LB: Jordi Alba
    CMR: James Rodriguez
    CMC: Sami Khedira
    LMC: Modric
    RW: Carlos Vela UP
    LW: Antoine Griezmann UP
    ST: Benzema

    Substitutes and reservations:
    GK: Claudio Bravo
    RB: De Marcos
    CBR: Varane
    CBL: Miranda
    LB: Marcelo
    CMR: Isco UP
    CMC: Busquets
    LMC: Iniesta
    RW: Feghouli
    LW: Pedro
    ST: Giovani dos santos

    Thank You.

  4. I want to ask that how can I use bronze shooting skill or counter attack tactics while playing on my S4 android phone? ??
    plz help me…..

  5. Im new to this game but how can I upgrade any gold card to like those cards that are black?

  6. Hi Rodrigo, thanks for the great guide. Quick question on Chemistry Style, the attributes not affected by the card, will they decrease?

  7. Just a heads up. I don’t think there is a ‘Legends’ manager league card in FIFA 15. I’ve looked several times for the old code ‘LGD’ and the new code ‘LEN’ but haven’t been able to find any cards on the market. It seems so stupid that the Legends who are managers like De Boer, Laudrup, Van Basten etc can’t even manage a team of legends.

  8. Hi.
    for some reason when i get a fifa +30 fitness squad gold card in a pack, it won’t appear in fitness can someone explain to me why.

  9. Hi guys. i have a problem with my manager. His league is ESP1 and my team is all from that league too. but when i use contract for the 3% is not effected .why?

    1. Hi.
      The main Managers increase the Individual Chemistry by 1 point for every player that has a matching nation or a matching league.
      However, the Individual Chemistry boost of players with the same league and nation is 1. The bonus can not be higher than 1, so matching an individual player’s league and nation is not important.
      Being from ESP1 will not help you to get a contracts boost. You need more managers to get it. learn more about it here.

  10. Have you guys noticed something interesting? At least on the PS3 market, leg healing cards are even more expensive than the actual rare cards! It’s been quite annoying, but fairly logic considering these are the most dealt injuries and (for some reason) the rarest cards on the market. Is this happening on other consoles?

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