FIFA 15 Ultimate Team DNF Multiplier Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team DNF Multiplier Guide


The DNF Multiplier takes place in the match coin rewards calculation system as the most complex variant that’s also constantly questioned by the FIFA 15 community. We’ll explain what this is and help clarify some of the most common doubts people have concerning this theme.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team DNF Multiplier Guide


Q: What is DNF Multiplier in FIFA 15?

The DNF Multiplier is the result acquired with an aggregation in between a single DNF cohefficient and a certain multiplier that has been used on other versions previous to FIFA 15 for the calculation of how many coins you get as reward at the end of every match. The DNF Multiplier comes from the multiplication between your DNF variant and a pre-defined multiplier.

DNF is the abbreviation of Did Not Finish. It was introduced in the game as a way to punish the players who forfeit games frequently. The more times a player forfeits, the more coins will be taken away from him in the final reward.

The first time you play, your DNF is set as 1. No matter how many games you finish, you’ll never get a higher value than that. Each time a game ends before the 90th minute, the system looks for whoever was responsible for the disconnection and punishes them in 0.25 points. In the same way, when a player has currently got DNF below 1, they get a 0.02 points bonus for every game they finish without interruptions. This system punishes those who forfeit a match quite often but at the same time gives those who suffered a casual disconnection the chance to slowly recover their DNF to the maximum.

The Multiplier is a coefficient with the objective to balance games of different quality levels. It means players who finish more difficult games get bigger coin bonuses than those who play easier games. This difficulty evaluation is based on the game mode (tournament, online seasons or single player seasons) and the opponent’s quality (the opponent’s squad rating in online matches and difficulty level on single player). For each of these cases there’s a pre-defined value.


Q: How does the DNF Multiplier influence the coins I receive?

The amount of coins received at the end of each game depends directly on the DNF multiplier, as you can see on the following formula:
Coins Received = (Performance Prize x DNF Multiplier) + Finish Reward + EAS FC Coin Bonuses + Competition Prize

If you’d like to know more about this subject, make sure you click here.


Q: What are the Multiplier values according to game mode?

In case your current DNF is 1, the multipliers will be equal to the DNF multipliers:
They acquire these values:
0.63 On line Seasons
0.88 On line Tournament
1.13 On line Match
0.36 Single Player Seasons
0.25 Single Player Tournaments


Q: What’s changed on FIFA 15’s DNF Multiplier?

Unlike many people think, not much has changed. Basically, instead of there being two different cohefficients, DNF and multiplier, now there’s only one which is the result of the multiplication of both. On practice we have the same value, because on FIFA 14 the total coins received were also result of the multiplication of both. On FIFA 15 we’ve got one camouflaged cohefficient that doesn’t allow us to tell which part corresponds to DNF and which part corresponds to the multiplier. There’s only one value being shown, and that contributes to the community’s suspicion towards it.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team DNF Multiplier Guide

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Q: Why am I punished even though I wasn’t the one who forfeited?

Every time the game is interrupted by disconnection it’s because someone’s connection wasn’t good enough to guarantee good playing conditions. In these situations, EA Sports’ system evaluates the event in order to identify the responsible and punish them with a loss, spend of contracts and DNF reducing. However, not always this evaluation correctly identifies the responsible for the disconnection. In some rare situations the wrong player gets punished and in others both do. This is why it’s important to guarantee that you have good connection strength so you’re less likely to suffer with DNF.


Q: Why won’t my DNF Multiplier go up? It just stays at 0,63.

There’s a generalized idea among the FIFA 15 community regarding the DNF multiplier not working properly. EA Sports’ customer service have got quite a contribution on that because when people contact them about the issue, they say it’s an error that’s currently being resolved. As far as we know, the DNF multiplier doesn’t experience any kind of bug. The ongoing problem occurs for lack of information EA have themselves.

The explanation for such simple matters such as why the DNF multiplier won’t go up even though there’s no forfeit has to do with the fact that players still haven’t understood what the DNF multiplier actually is. They find it weird to see such a low value that is 0,63 while on previous games they would see a DNF of 1,25. The truth is that they’re comparing different things: one is the DNF, the other is the DNF multiplier.

As you recall, the maximum DNF on previous FIFA games was 1,25, but on practice it was just as if it was 1 because that is the number that would go in the coin calculation. The DNF surpassing 1 was just so a player who eventually experienced a casual and isolated disconnection wouldn’t get punished for it. Taking on line season matches as example, the multiplier keeps on being 0,63. Well, being the new DNF multiplier the result of the multiplication of both, it is then equal to 0,63. Playing on line seasons this value can’t be surpassed because, even if you never forfeit or get disconnected, the DNF can never be superior to one and the multiplier is a fixed value for each game type.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team DNF Multiplier Guide

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Q: Why has my DNF Multiplier been reduced although there wasn’t any forfeit of me?

If you realise how the DNF multiplier works, then there’s no reason to ask such question.

There have been several complaints regarding the fact that the DNF multiplier went down for no apparent reason. Players claim they haven’t forfeited and therefore this coefficient should not have been reduced. There are people who suggest even that it’s purposely programmed to be faulty so you get less coins at the end of a match. We’re not here to defend EA, but we do find it weird that nobody has ever pointed out the actual reason for these ‘decreases’ which are nothing more than a misconception.

In reality what happens is that when the DNF multiplier seems lower than normal even though you never forfeited, it’s because the game mode and difficulty are different. What’s changed was just the multiplier, not your DNF. Your DNF will only reduce itself in case of disconnections. In the absence of these events, all variations are concerning the multiplier. If you play a few consecutive games without forfeiting but switching between seasons and tournaments, you’ll notice there will be a different multiplier every time.

Do you need us to be even clearer? Let’s then use an example. Imagine you never forfeit and therefore you’re ‘stuck’ at DNF multiplier 0,63 when you’re playing on line seasons. Then you decide to play a single player seasons game and you notice your DNF multiplier went from 0,63 to 0,36. ‘Why?’ you might ask. Basically this happened because the system understands that single player seasons are easier to win, so it sets a lower multiplier. If right then you play another on line seasons game, as long as you don’t forfeit, you’ll see your DNF multiplier is back at 0,63.


Q: Why does my DNF Multiplier seem to acquire random values?

As we’ve already said, the DNF multiplier is the result of the multiplication of these two coefficients. For people that are not very familiar with the values it takes, they may seem random. But they’re not. It’s just a bit hard to find a pattern. If you don’t have maximum DNF, predicting the DNF multiplier can be quite complicated. The best way to understand them is by trying to analise the DNF and the multiplier separately.


Q: Why is only the Multiplier shown in single player matches?

The DNF is only applied to on line matches, because only in these it’s necessary to see who was responsible for the disconnection. Besides, forfeiting a match against the computer doesn’t affect anyone else’s game experience, so really the punishment on the coins reward and contracts spent is quite enough. The main purpose of DNF is to educate the players community.

In any UT single player game the DNF multiplier is replaced with just the multiplier. On practice it’s like the DNF would always be 1, as if you’ve never forfeited.


Q: What do I have to do in order to restore my DNF back to 1?

There’s only one way to restore the DNF multiplier: not forfeiting. If the disconnections are accidental, then give your connection special attention. Otherwise, you might never be able to achieve maximum DNF multiplier and you’ll be strongly affected with coin loss at the end of every match.


Q: Why does EA insist on keeping the DNF thing?

EA’s objective is to stop a number of less ethical players from being able to harm the game experience of the rest. Anyone starts a game wanting to play it until the end. Sometimes the opponent doesn’t let them, forfeiting before the 90th minute, and that can be very frustrating mainly because this kind of situation occurs often when you’re winning. The DNF forces players to think again before they go back to forfeiting.

This is EA’s vision, but part of the community sees things slightly differently. They think that if you forfeit you’re already being punished by receiving much less match coins and still spending contracts, therefore you shouldn’t be punished on future games as well. For them, the existence of DNF isn’t motivation enough to stop players from forfeiting. They do it with or without DNF.


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