FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide


We’ve made this guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players who intend to build a squad based on German players. It contains a complete analysis of the best players you might want to use.

So here it is, check out our newest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German players guide!


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Choosing, calculating, making changes, selling and buying, these are just a few of the several things we’ll need to do in order to build ourselves a squad on FIFA Ultimate Team. You don’t just choose the best players for a team and then start playing with them without looking at your budget first; building a team, in this case a squad, involves much more than that. You have to pay attention to the important attributes there are for each position depending on your formation as well. That means not always the most eligible players will be the best choices for your tactical system. Taking simple attitudes such as looking out for the players’ work rates, individual chemistries and correct positions is the easiest way towards victory.

This article has no intention to be the absolute truth, but the orientation for the development of the FIFA Ultimate Team fans’ squads. Many factors will influence our choices for a squad: tactics, playing style, budget etc. The interesting thing about the game is that there will be loads of possibilities coming your way no matter what your preferences are.

This guide is about a point of view that’s based on a few pre-established criteria, which are:

  • Gold Players Only
  • Only gold players will be taken into account because the big majority of players are more used to this category. If necessary, later on there will be guides with silver and bronze cards.

  • Regular Players Only
  • Only regular players will be analyzed. Players IF (in form) are way more expensive and should only be acquired in case of good value for money. But if you have quite the budget your squad will just get better and better.

  • Player transfers and upgrades
  • The summer transfer window 2014 is included along with the player upgrades for the 2014 season. All FIFA 15 changes are included.

  • Original Characteristics Only
  • Only players with their original characteristics are listed on the guide, there will be no addition of complements that may alter the cards’ potential.

  • Analysis per Position
  • The players are divided in nine groups for their respective positions: Goalkeepers (GK), Centre Backs (CB), Right Backs (RB and RWB), Left Backs (LB and LWB), Defending Midfielders (CDM), Midfielders (CM and CAM), Right Wingers (RM, RW and RF), Left Wingers (LM, LW and LF) and Strikers (CF and ST).

  • Prices according to the date the guide was published
  • The players’ prices considered are according to the date this guide was published. The prices mentioned are merely for orientation.



Die Mannschaft (The team)


The German national squad are living their days of glory. Having now won 4 World Cups (1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014) while being number 1 in the FIFA major ranking, after 18 participations they managed to make all the hard work worthwhile on this year’s Brazil Cup. The four times world champion arrives as favourite to win the 2016 UEFA Euro, which has already given them 3 trophies (1972, 1980 and 1996) from a total of 11 participations. The expectations are high.

Before the Brazil World Cup had even started EA Sports made simulations about results, top scorers and a possible champion. And guess who they bet on? Germany. But in the event Miroslav Klose would be the one to score a late goal against the hosts to make themselves champions after the 1-1. Klose didn’t only leave his name on history virtually, he actually managed to beat Ronaldo, the phenomenom’s 15 goals streak on World Cups scoring his 16th against Brazil on the semifinals, and that made him the player who scored the most goals in the competition. He has now scored 71 goals on total for the German national squad. This record break got him an extremely rare special card on UT.

After another world title, new record breakers and differentiated tactical systems, German football has conquered several new fans around the world. In this line of thought we decided to make this guide in order to demonstrate and specify all the strong points a squad of this nationality has got.



German Goalkeepers in FUT 15 (GK)


The goalkeeper is usually the last player you buy for your squad in Ultimate Team. The right goalkeeper choice is crucial to create a solid defence and avoid conceding goals.

The most requested goalie in the Bundesliga is considered by many the best of the game, Manuel Neuer, indispensable for the German national squad. Therefore he’s very expensive, of course, but it does pay off. René Adler and Roman Weidenfeller are the two other remarkable German goalkeepers that come right after.


Manuel Neuer 90 Bayern München
Roman Weidenfeller 83 Borussia Dortmund
René Adler 82 Hamburger SV
Marc-André ter Stegen 82 FC Barcelona
Bernd Leno 82 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Kevin Trapp 80 Eintracht Frankfurt
Ron-Robert Zieler 79 Hannover 96
Sven Ulreich 79 VfB Stuttgart
Oliver Baumann 78 1899 Hoffenheim
Ralf Fahrmann 77 FC Shalke 04
Raphael Schafer 76 FC Nuremberg
Tom Starke 76 Bayern München
Thomas Kraft 75 Hertha BSC


Two attributes are essential for when you look for a goalkeeper: reflexes and diving. The first one measures the keeper’s agility when making a clearance. Manuel Neuer, René Adler and Marc-André ter Stegen, who recently got transferred to the liga BBVA, have the best reflexes.


Manuel Neuer 86 Bayern München
René Adler 85 Hamburger SV
Marc-André ter Stegen 85 FC Barcelona
Kevin Trapp 84 Eintracht Frankfurt
Sven Ulreich 84 VfB Stuttgart
Thomas Kraft 84 Hertha BSC
Bernd Leno 83 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Ralf Fahrmann 83 FC Shalke 04
Roman Weidenfeller 82 Borussia Dortmund
Ron-Robert Zieler 81 Hannover 96
Oliver Baumann 81 1899 Hoffenheim
Tom Starke 80 Bayern München
Raphael Schafer 77 FC Nuremberg


Manuel Neuer is still the goalkeeper with the best diving, followed by René Adler and Marc-André ter Stegen.


Manuel Neuer 87 Bayern München
René Adler 85 Hamburger SV
Marc-André ter Stegen 83 FC Barcelona
Roman Weidenfeller 82 Borussia Dortmund
Bernd Leno 82 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Kevin Trapp 81 Eintracht Frankfurt
Ron-Robert Zieler 81 Hannover 96
Sven Ulreich 81 VfB Stuttgart
Oliver Baumann 80 1899 Hoffenheim
Ralf Fahrmann 79 FC Shalke 04
Thomas Kraft 79 Hertha BSC
Raphael Schafer 78 FC Nuremberg
Tom Starke 78 Bayern München


Besides these attributes, height is crucial as well. Out of the three tallest German keepers, Bayern Munich has got two, Tom Starke and Manuel Neuer, but none of them top Ralf Fahrmann who recently became gold.


Ralf Fahrmann 196 FC Shalke 04
Tom Starke 194 Bayern München
Manuel Neuer 193 Bayern München
Sven Ulreich 192 VfB Stuttgart
René Adler 191 Hamburger SV
Bernd Leno 190 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Raphael Schafer 190 FC Nuremberg
Marc-André ter Stegen 189 FC Barcelona
Kevin Trapp 189 Eintracht Frankfurt
Roman Weidenfeller 188 Borussia Dortmund
Ron-Robert Zieler 188 Hannover 96
Oliver Baumann 187 1899 Hoffenheim
Thomas Kraft 187 Hertha BSC


Just like it was for Joachim Löw, defining our German goalkeeper is going to be easy. Manuel Neuer is our absolute right choice. He’s the best on reflexes and diving, plus his height is excellent for a goalie and he’s great at ball reposition. René Adler is a good alternative for also being excellent on the attributes we’ve highlighted. Barcelona’s recent sign André ter Stegen is also a remarkable one. As a cheaper choice, the name is Bernd Leno.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - GK

Best FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Goalkeepers



German Centre Backs in FUT 15 (CB)


The defensive system becomes more effective as long as there are quality centre backs there to prevent the opponent from progressing to your goal. Mats Hummels and Jérôme Boateng are given the highlight in the German defense line.


Mats Hummels 86 Borussia Dortmund
Jérôme Boateng 85 Bayern München
Per Mertesacker 83 Arsenal
Benedikt Höwedes 82 FC Schalke 04
Holger Badstuber 80 Bayern München
Serdar Tasci 77 Spartak Moskva
Shkodran Mustafi 77 Valencia CF
Matthias Ginter 77 Borussia Dortmund
Robert Huth 76 Stoke City
Tony Jantschke 76 Borussia M’gladbach
Philipp Wollscheid 76 FSV Mainz 05
Heiko Westermann 75 Hamburger SV
Daniel Schwaab 75 VfB Stuttgart
Robin Knoche 75 VfL Wolfsburg


Defending and the new attribute, Physicality, which represents strength, resistance and jumping, are the two most important attributes for a centre back. The higher these attributes, the higher are the chances you have to stop the opponent’s attack. Bundesliga’s star Mats Hummels couldn’t stay out of our reference list on this.


Mats Hummels 88 Borussia Dortmund
Per Mertesacker 87 Arsenal
Jérôme Boateng 83 Bayern München
Benedikt Höwedes 83 FC Schalke 04
Holger Badstuber 80 Bayern München
Shkodran Mustafi 80 Valencia CF
Matthias Ginter 80 Borussia Dortmund
Serdar Tasci 78 Spartak Moskva
Tony Jantschke 78 Borussia M’gladbach
Philipp Wollscheid 78 FSV Mainz 05
Robert Huth 77 Stoke City
Daniel Schwaab 77 VfB Stuttgart
Robin Knoche 77 VfL Wolfsburg
Heiko Westermann 76 Hamburger SV


Having your defenders go out to the attack sometimes because of ball passing is something you can’t afford to do. We have the air balls as a solution for that, as in corners or free kicks, for example, either for defending or attacking. The changes we got on attributes are due to the importance these items have on defending. Roberth Huth continues being flawless on these points, but again followed by the popular duo Jérôme Boateng and Mats Hummels.


Robert Huth 86 Stoke City
Jérôme Boateng 82 Bayern München
Mats Hummels 78 Borussia Dortmund
Benedikt Höwedes 78 FC Schalke 04
Philipp Wollscheid 78 FSV Mainz 05
Heiko Westermann 78 Hamburger SV
Per Mertesacker 76 Arsenal
Shkodran Mustafi 76 Valencia CF
Matthias Ginter 76 Borussia Dortmund
Holger Badstuber 74 Bayern München
Serdar Tasci 74 Spartak Moskva
Tony Jantschke 71 Borussia M’gladbach
Robin Knoche 71 VfL Wolfsburg
Daniel Schwaab 69 VfB Stuttgart


Despite pace not being the proper attribute for centre backs, having at least one fast centre back to fill in your defense is essential. Jérôme Boateng is by far the best, followed by the not very well known Daniel Schwaab and Tony Jantschke.


Jérôme Boateng 77 Bayern München
Daniel Schwaab 73 VfB Stuttgart
Tony Jantschke 72 Borussia M’gladbach
Shkodran Mustafi 68 Valencia CF
Robin Knoche 68 VfL Wolfsburg
Heiko Westermann 67 Hamburger SV
Mats Hummels 66 Borussia Dortmund
Benedikt Höwedes 66 FC Schalke 04
Serdar Tasci 66 Spartak Moskva
Matthias Ginter 62 Borussia Dortmund
Holger Badstuber 59 Bayern München
Robert Huth 51 Stoke City
Philipp Wollscheid 51 FSV Mainz 05
Per Mertesacker 34 Arsenal


The centre back choice for your defensive system shouldn’t be thought out only according to the attributes highlighted above. Your formation is more than relevant, because if you choose to play with three centre backs it’s recommended that you have at least two with reasonable pace. In case you choose the ordinary two centre backs plus one right and one left back, the team composition mind changes. Our choice is Mats Hummels. As for who should be his mate(s), the suggestions are: Jérôme Boateng, Benedikt Höwedes and, as a more accessible choice, Holger Badstuber.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - CB

Best German Centre Backs of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



German Right Backs in FUT 15 (RB and RWB)


Full-backs are essential when it comes to stopping the opponent’s wide plays. However, their importance isn’t limited to defending only, they can also support the attack. On FIFA 14 our undoubted choice for the right back position was Philip Lahm, but now he’s become a CDM and we’ll need to analyse this more carefully. Our best choices’ overalls are very similar, so we’ll need to go deeper on the attributes that really matter for this position.


Kevin Grosskreutz 77 Borussia Dortmund
Sebastian Jung 77 VfL Wolfsburg
Christian Trasch 76 VfL Wolfsburg
Sascha Riether 75 SC Freiburg
Patrick Ochs 75 VfL Wolfsburg


Pace and defending are the most important attributes for these players. Just like the overalls between our players, these attributes have minimum difference to each other, and we have Sebastian Jung on the spotlight.


Sebastian Jung 75 VfL Wolfsburg
Kevin Grosskreutz 74 Borussia Dortmund
Christian Trasch 74 VfL Wolfsburg
Sascha Riether 74 SC Freiburg
Patrick Ochs 73 VfL Wolfsburg


Due to the enormous quantity of players focusing on dominating the midfield there already is, we’ll need fast players in order to use the wings. Kevin Grosskreutz is our first choice on this side.


Kevin Grosskreutz 80 Borussia Dortmund
Sebastian Jung 78 VfL Wolfsburg
Patrick Ochs 77 VfL Wolfsburg
Sascha Riether 76 SC Freiburg
Christian Trasch 72 VfL Wolfsburg


Although he doesn’t surpass the concurrence by far on most attributes, his passing, shooting and physicality are remarkable. Sebastian Jung is a good alternative. If you don’t have enough money, Sascha Riether is the cheapest choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - RB

Best German Right Backs of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



German Left Backs in FUT 15 (LB and LWB)


Players of this position function in the same way as the right backs. Marcel Schmelzer is the most popular one for the nationality.


Marcel Schmelzer 78 Borussia Dortmund
Marcell Jansen 77 Hamburger SV
Dennis Aogo 76 FC Schalke 04
Marcel Schafer 75 VfL Wolfsburg
Bastian Oczipka 75 Eintracht Frankfurt


Dortmund’s left back is also the best one as for the defending attribute. Marcell Jansen beats him on pace, though.


Marcel Schmelzer 79 Borussia Dortmund
Marcell Jansen 75 Hamburger SV
Marcel Schafer 74 VfL Wolfsburg
Dennis Aogo 74 FC Schalke 04
Bastian Oczipka 73 Eintracht Frankfurt


Marcell Jansen 80 Hamburger SV
Marcel Schmelzer 77 Borussia Dortmund
Dennis Aogo 77 FC Schalke 04
Bastian Oczipka 71 Eintracht Frankfurt
Marcel Schafer 70 VfL Wolfsburg


Marcell Jansen is our choice for a german squad. The big guy (1,91m tall) has got the best characteristics only except for Schmelzer’s defending. Marcel Schafer is our cheapest choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - LB

Best German Left Backs of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



German Defending Midfielders in FUT 15 (CDM)


The players of this position have the responsibility of being the first ones to prevent the opponent from making it to the attack. For some people, though, modern football requires players that will both attack and defend with quality. Due to his frequent positioning in the midfield, Philipp Lahm stopped being and RB and became a CDM. Philipp Lahm, Sami Khedira and Sven Bender are the references on this position.


Philipp Lahm 87 Bayern München
Sami Khedira 84 Real Madrid
Sven Bender 81 Borussia Dortmund
Sebastian Kehl 78 Borussia Dortmund
Simon Rolfes 78 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Stefan Reinartz 78 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Daniel Baier 77 FC Augsburg
Sebastian Rode 77 Bayern München
Christoph Kramer 77 Borussia M’gladbach
Roman Neustadter 76 FC Schalke 04
Marco Hoger 76 FC Schalke 04
Johannes Geis 76 FSV Mainz 05
Manuel Schmiedebach 75 Hannover 96


In order for them to become your first defense line, the defending midfielders require excellent defending capacity. Philipp Lahm is unbeatable on the defending attribute, followed by Sven Bender and Sami Khedira.


Philipp Lahm 87 Bayern München
Sven Bender 84 Borussia Dortmund
Sami Khedira 83 Real Madrid
Stefan Reinartz 82 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Sebastian Kehl 79 Borussia Dortmund
Simon Rolfes 78 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Christoph Kramer 76 Borussia M’gladbach
Sebastian Rode 75 Bayern München
Marco Hoger 75 FC Schalke 04
Daniel Baier 74 FC Augsburg
Roman Neustadter 74 FC Schalke 04
Manuel Schmiedebach 74 Hannover 96
Johannes Geis 73 FSV Mainz 05


The center of the field is where several challenges will naturally happen. The player’s physicality is crucial when it comes to performing successful tackles and winning the ball to eventually start a counter attack, for example. Sami Khedira is the best on this side. Philipp Lahm, however, is quite the disappointment.


Sami Khedira 86 Real Madrid
Stefan Reinartz 85 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Sven Bender 82 Borussia Dortmund
Marco Hoger 80 FC Schalke 04
Johannes Geis 77 1.      FSV Mainz 05
Sebastian Kehl 76 Borussia Dortmund
Christoph Kramer 76 Borussia M’gladbach
Simon Rolfes 75 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Roman Neustadter 75 FC Schalke 04
Sebastian Rode 75 Bayern München
Manuel Schmiedebach 75 Hannover 96
Daniel Baier 71 FC Augsburg
Philipp Lahm 67 Bayern München


Despite being quite slow, Sami Khedira is our choice because he’s got the essential qualities for a CDM. You can also go for Philipp Lahm, an excellent alternative, but you’ll still need a lot of money to afford him. Sven Bender comes right after. Stefan Reinartz is our cheapest choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - CDM

Best Defending Midfielders of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



German Midfielders in FUT 15 (CM and CAM)


These are among the best players in the world for this position in the field. We have excellent passers, finishers and dribblers. Those are the most relevant characteristics for the playmakers.


Bastian Schweinsteiger 88 Bayern München
Mesut Ozil 86 Arsenal
Mario Gotze 85 Bayern München
Toni Kroos 85 Real Madrid
Ilkay Gundogan 83 Borussia Dortmund
Lars Bender 81 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Gonzalo Castro 80 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Aaron Hunt 78 VfL Wolfsburg
Christian Gentner 78 VfB Stuttgart
Lewis Holtby 77 Hamburger SV
Marko Marin 77 Fiorentina
Alexander Meier 76 Eintracht Frankfurt
Sebastian Rudy 76 1899 Hoffenheim
Jens Hegeler 75 Hertha BSC
Maximilian Arnold 75 VfL Wolfsburg
Maximilian Meyer 75 FC Schalke 04


The midfielders are usually the players who will make the last touch before the ball gets shot on target, which means assisting. Toni Kroos is the best player among the good ones in this aspect, but Mesut Ozil ad Bastian Schweinsteiger are almost equally brilliant.


Toni Kroos 89 Real Madrid
Mesut Ozil 86 Arsenal
Bastian Schweinsteiger 85 Bayern München
Ilkay Gundogan 83 Borussia Dortmund
Mario Gotze 82 Bayern München
Gonzalo Castro 79 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Aaron Hunt 78 VfL Wolfsburg
Marko Marin 78 Fiorentina
Lewis Holtby 77 Hamburger SV
Alexander Meier 76 Eintracht Frankfurt
Sebastian Rudy 76 1899 Hoffenheim
Jens Hegeler 76 Hertha BSC
Lars Bender 75 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Christian Gentner 75 VfB Stuttgart
Maximilian Meyer 71 FC Schalke 04
Maximilian Arnold 68 VfL Wolfsburg


Besides passing, dribbling is the element that will make your plays more effective and less predictable when infiltrating the opponent’s defence line. Mario Gotze is the absolute best german dribbler while being among the best ones in the game.


Mario Gotze 89 Bayern München
Mesut Ozil 87 Arsenal
Ilkay Gundogan 86 Borussia Dortmund
Marko Marin 85 Fiorentina
Toni Kroos 84 Real Madrid
Maximilian Meyer 83 FC Schalke 04
Bastian Schweinsteiger 82 Bayern München
Gonzalo Castro 81 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Lewis Holtby 79 Hamburger SV
Aaron Hunt 78 VfL Wolfsburg
Sebastian Rudy 78 1899 Hoffenheim
Maximilian Arnold 77 VfL Wolfsburg
Lars Bender 73 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Alexander Meier 72 Eintracht Frankfurt
Jens Hegeler 72 Hertha BSC
Christian Gentner 71 VfB Stuttgart


Five players stand out in this section and the choice will depend on your play style. Bastian Schweinsteiger has got balanced attributes and can also be used as a CDM, but that’ll depend on the squad’s budget as well. Toni Kroos and Mesut Ozil are excellent choices for assists. Mario Gotze stands out for being the player that can reach the opponent’s goal with ease. Ilkay Gundogan is the best cost benefit choice among those we judge the best.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - CM e CAM

Best German Centre Midfielders of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



German Right Wingers in FUT 15 (RM, RW and RF)


Players of this position are responsible for the wide attack plays. The german national squad’s right midfield is represented by one name: Thomas Muller.


Thomas Muller 86 Bayern München
Sidney Sam 80 FC Schalke 04
Kevin Volland 79 1899 Hoffenheim
Patrick Ebert 78 Spartak Moskva
Lars Stindl 78 Hannover 96
Nicolai Muller 77 Hamburger SV
Patrick Herrmann 76 Borussia M’gladbach
Stefan Aigner 76 Eintracht Frankfurt
Karim Bellarabi 75 Bayer 04 Leverkusen


Speed, dribbling and passing are the essential characteristics for the wide midfielders. Being fast at this post means effective counter attacks built, wide aggressive plays, dynamic one-twos and fast progression through the wings. Patrick Herrmann and Sidney Sam stand out with their 90 of pace.


Patrick Herrmann 91 Borussia M’gladbach
Sidney Sam 90 FC Schalke 04
Karim Bellarabi 89 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Nicolai Muller 88 Hamburger SV
Stefan Aigner 84 Eintracht Frankfurt
Thomas Muller 81 Bayern München
Kevin Volland 81 1899 Hoffenheim
Patrick Ebert 79 Spartak Moskva
Lars Stindl 76 Hannover 96


The speed of these players becomes more effective when combined to a good dribbling. Good dribblers make the job of reaching the opponent’s goal easier. The german players are leveled in this attribute.


Nicolai Muller 82 Hamburger SV
Sidney Sam 81 FC Schalke 04
Patrick Herrmann 80 Borussia M’gladbach
Thomas Muller 80 Bayern München
Patrick Ebert 80 Spartak Moskva
Kevin Volland 79 1899 Hoffenheim
Karim Bellarabi 78 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Lars Stindl 77 Hannover 96
Stefan Aigner 76 Eintracht Frankfurt


Besides the possibility of finishing on target, there’s another good option which involves giving assists. Thomas Muller is the one who does that the best.


Thomas Muller 82 Bayern München
Patrick Ebert 78 Spartak Moskva
Lars Stindl 77 Hannover 96
Kevin Volland 76 1899 Hoffenheim
Sidney Sam 74 FC Schalke 04
Stefan Aigner 73 Eintracht Frankfurt
Patrick Herrmann 71 Borussia M’gladbach
Nicolai Muller 70 Hamburger SV
Karim Bellarabi 70 Bayer 04 Leverkusen


The german young talent Thomas Muller is our choice because of his balanced stats, and also for his good shooting, high/high work rate and high stamina. Patrick Herrmann is the alternative, even though his passing might not be that satisfying. Lars Stindl is our cheapest choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - RM, RW and RF

Best German Right Wingers of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



German Left Wingers in FUT 15 (LM, LW and LF)


As they have the same role as the right midfielders, there are two very interesting names for this position: André Schurrle and the most eligible left midfield in the game, Marco Reus, also one of the best in the world. Julian Draxler is the new face for this position.


Marco Reus 86 Borussia Dortmund
André Schurrle 81 Chelsea
Julian Draxler 80 FC Schalke 04
Lukas Podolski 77 Arsenal
Daniel Caligiuri 76 VfL Wolfsburg


Marco Reus has got remarkable pace, he’s one of the fastest players in the game. He also rules as a dribbler.


Marco Reus 91 Borussia Dortmund
André Schurrle 88 Chelsea
Daniel Caligiuri 83 VfL Wolfsburg
Julian Draxler 78 FC Schalke 04
Lukas Podolski 74 Arsenal


Marco Reus also rules as a dribbler.


Marco Reus 86 Borussia Dortmund
Julian Draxler 84 FC Schalke 04
André Schurrle 83 Chelsea
Daniel Caligiuri 81 VfL Wolfsburg
Lukas Podolski 77 Arsenal


For assists, Marco Reus is, once again, the best choice.


Marco Reus 84 Borussia Dortmund
Julian Draxler 78 FC Schalke 04
Lukas Podolski 76 Arsenal
André Schurrle 75 Chelsea
Daniel Caligiuri 71 VfL Wolfsburg


The left midfield position choice is going to be pretty easy, there is just no other name as good as this for the german national squad. Marco Reus is the best on the attributes you need the most for this position. André Schurrle is a good alternative for those who can’t afford Reus. Daniel Caligiuri is our cheapest choice.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - LM, LW and LF

Best German Left Wingers of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



German Forwards in FUT 15 (CF and ST)


Many people choose their striker first when building a squad. They’re usually our number 9, often the ones who will decide the match.


Mario Gomez 82 Fiorentina
Miroslav Klose 81 Lazio
Stefan Kießling/td>

81 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Max Kruse 78 Borussia M’gladbach
Pierre-Michel Lasogga 78 Hamburger SV
Patrick Helmes 77 FC Koln
Kevin Kuranyi 76 Dinamo Moskva


Three attributes must be analyzed before you choose your top scorer: shooting, physicality and pace. Since most finishes will be shots, shooting is the most important one. Stefan Kießling has the best shooting for the german squad, he even beats famous players such as Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose on that.


Stefan Kießling 83 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Mario Gomez 82 Fiorentina
Patrick Helmes 81 FC Koln
Pierre-Michel Lasogga 80 Hamburger SV
Max Kruse 79 Borussia M’gladbach
Miroslav Klose 77 Lazio
Kevin Kuranyi 75 Dinamo Moskva


Jumping, strength and resistance have as result the player’s physicality attribute. Jumping for air balls is a great alternative if the regular ground plays aren’t working; strength to win challenges against the defenders and resistance to keep sprinting towards the goal. The young striker Lasogga stands out on this new attribute.


Pierre-Michel Lasogga 83 Hamburger SV
Kevin Kuranyi 82 Dinamo Moskva
Stefan Kießling 80 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Mario Gomez 79 Fiorentina
Max Kruse 73 Borussia M’gladbach
Patrick Helmes 65 FC Koln
Miroslav Klose 64 Lazio


Depending on the tactics you use, for example, counter attack, having a fast striker will surely make your opponent worried. The German strikers stay really behind on pace when compared to their winger team mates.


Patrick Helmes 76 FC Koln
Mario Gomez 75 Fiorentina
Max Kruse 75 Borussia M’gladbach
Miroslav Klose 71 Lazio
Kevin Kuranyi 70 Dinamo Moskva
Stefan Kießling 66 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Pierre-Michel Lasogga 63 Hamburger SV


Our german striker choice is due to the balanced division of attributes we consider necessary for the position. Super Mario is the man with these three characteristics. Stefan Kießling is an alternative although his pace is disappointing. Our cheapest choice will be Patrick Helmes.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide - CF e ST

Best German Forwards of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team



FUT 15 German Squad Suggestions


Just like we said on the Leagues Guide and other previous chapters, building a squad depends on the player’s style, besides other conditions (budget, play time, tactics etc). The suggestions ahead are going to be the illustration of the analysis we’ve done previously, position by position.

The german squad gives us several possible formations due to the players’ quality. We chose the classic formations for our squad so you’re able to use their variations as well. Unlimited budget: 4-3-3. Medium budget: 4-4-2. Reduced budget: 3-5-2.

For the manager spot we don’t recommend the best name, but the best price. If you already have all maximum individual chemistries you can abdicate yourself from buying one.


Unlimited Budget Team


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide

Click in the image to maximize it


  • Starting Eleven
  • GK: Manuel Neuer (200k)
    RB: Kevin Grosskreytz (1,9k)
    CBR: Jérôme Boateng (42,5k)
    CBL: Mats Hummels (37,5k)
    LB: Marcell Jansen (1,6k)
    CM: Sami Khedira (6,5k)
    CMR: Bastian Schweinsteiger (65,5k)
    CML: Mesut Ozil (40k)
    RW: Thomas Muller (16k)
    LW: Marco Reus (185k)
    STL: Mario Gomez (1,5k)

  • Subs and Reserves
  • GK: René Adler (1,9k)
    RB: Sebastian Jung (0.7k)
    CB: Holger Badstuber (0,7k)
    CB: Benedikt Höwedes (1,8k)
    LB: Marcel Schmelzer (1,9k)
    CM: Ilkay Gundogan (16,5k)
    CM: Toni Kroos (20k)
    CM: Mario Gotze (53k)
    RW: Sidney Sam (3,3k)
    LW: Andre Schurrle (35k)
    ST: Stefan Kiessling (0.9k)


  • Budget
  • 733,7 k coins (598 + 135,7k)

  • Summary
  • Based on the previous analysis we chose the players for this squad.
    Manuel Neuer is for many the best goalkeeper option in the game. Mats Hummels is an excellent defender and Jérôme Boateng makes up for his slowness as a defense mate. Kevin Grosskreutz is the new face in this squad. On the other side, Marcell Jansen helps out the defense since from now on it’s all quite advanced. Khedira and Ilkay Gundogan are excellent defending midfielders, both get the job done. We didn’t choose Philipp Lahm for his specialty is another, but due to his position change he might as well be an alternative according to your play style. The midfield is the big dispute in this squad, Ozil and Schweinsteiger are uncontestable, but you can also choose Toni Kroos or Mario Gotze because they’re equally good. The wingers are absolute, Thomas Muller and Marco Reus. In case something goes wrong, Shurrle and Sam are good alternatives. Gomez is the goal man of this team. If you prefer, Stefan Kiessling is not bad either.


Medium Budget Team (up to 150k coins)


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide

Click in the image to maximize it


  • Starting Eleven
  • GK: René Adler (1,9k)
    RB: Sebastian Jung (0,7k)
    CBR: Benedikt Höwedes (1,8k)
    CBL: Mats Hummels (37k)
    LB: Marcell Jansen (1,6k)
    CMR: Toni Kroos (20k)
    CML: Ilkay Gundogan (16,5k)
    RM: Sidney Sam (3,3k)
    LM: André Schurrle (35k)
    STR: Stefan Kiessling (0,9k)
    STL: Mario Gomez (1,5k)

  • Subs and Reserves
  • GK: Marc-André ter Stegen (3,4k)
    RB: Christian Trasch (0,7k)
    CBR: Per Mertesacker (2,4k)
    CBL: Holger Badstuber (0,7k)
    LB: Marcel Schafer (0,6k)
    CMR: Sven Bender (1,8k)
    CML: Gonzalo Castro (0,5k)
    RM: Kevin Volland (0,5k)
    LM: Julian Draxler (1,9k)
    STR: Miroslav Klose (0,8k)
    STL: Pierre-Michel Lasogga (0,4k)


  • Budget
  • 134,2k coins (120,5k + 13,7k)

  • Summary
  • Based on the previous analysis we chose the players for this squad.
    We chose Neuer’s alternative, René Adler, for the goal. Höwedes takes Boateng’ place and Hummels was kept on the left. On the right we’ve got Sebastian Jung and on the left side is Marcell Jansen who still there. On the midfield there’s Gundogan, excellent cost-benefit, and Toni Kroos by his side. Sam and Shurrle support the midfield attacking by the wings. Two typical strikers compose the attack line for the classic formation.


Low Budget Team (up to 20k coins)


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German Players Guide

Click in the image to maximize it


  • Starting Eleven
  • GK: René Adler (1,9k)
    CBR: Benedikt Höwedes (1,8k)
    CB: Holger Badstuber (0,7k)
    CBL: Shkodran Mustafi (0,4k)
    CMR: Sebastian Kehl (0,4k)
    CML: Sven Bender (1,8k)
    CAM: Marko Marin (0,4k)
    RM: Kevin Volland (0,4k)
    LM: Julian Draxler (1,6k)
    STR: Kevin Kuranyi (0,3k)
    STL: Max Kruse (0,4k)

  • Subs and Reserves
  • GK: Marc-André ter Stegen (3,4k)
    CBR: Matthias Ginter (0,4k)
    CB: Per Mertesacker (2,6k)
    CBL: Serdar Tasci (0,2k)
    CMR: Stefan Reinartz (0,3k)
    CML: Lewis Holtby (0,4k)
    CAM: Aaron Hunt (0,4k)
    RM: Patrick Ebert (0,3k)
    LM: Daniel Caligiuri (0,4k)
    STR: Patrick Helmes (0,4k)
    STL: Pierre-Michel Lasogga (0,4k)


  • Budget
  • 20.8k coins (11.6k + 9.2k)

  • Summary
  • Based on the previous analysis we chose the players for this squad.
    For what we can afford, Marc-André ter Stegen is the name for the goal. We’ve got defenders with reasonable defending capacity. Kehl stands out for his balance on the attributes we consider important for the position. Marin is great at dribbling but not so great at passing. The attack line and the wings could use some improvement in case you have a few coins left or manage to win some prizes.



Hybrid Squads


Building hybrid squads isn’t easy. On this guide’s perspective we understand that this play style does not match with the analysis we’ve done. If we get requests we’ll think about the possibility of building a few of these.


Follow our suggestions to have more success with your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team German squad.



  1. Hola,
    amazing pages you do! I was wondering, who would you prefer as lone striker. Muller or Reus? Both would have 7 chem and would have someone like kroos behind them in CAM. Muller has better finishing, strength and 94 positioning! but Reus is faster, stronger shots and better dribbling? gracias amigo 🙂

  2. What do you think of my team?? (5-2-2-1)
    GK: Ter Stegan
    CB: Badstuber
    CB: Mertesacker
    CB: Höwedes
    LWB: Jansen
    RWB: Grosskreutz
    CM: Khedira
    CM: Gentner
    LW: Draxler
    RW: Muller
    ST: Gomez

    Please give suggestions!!!!!

  3. Just swapped my bpl team for Bundesliga:
    Schurrle -> Reus
    Costa-> Lewandowski
    Alexis-> Shaqiri

    Di maria-> Gotze
    Fabregas -> Schweinsteiger
    Ramires-> Lahm

    Felipe luis -> Alaba
    Vertonghen-> Benatia
    Kompany -> Hummels
    Zabaleta-> Piszeck

    Courtois-> Adler

    What do you think?
    Any sugestions to my Bundesliga squad?


  4. Hi. Very helpful guide

    If budget is not a problem, who is a better CDM? Lahm or Khedira? I plan to use them in a 433-5 squad.

      • I plan on making a 433-5 squad. I think I will make a BBVA + Bundesliga/Germany hybrid.

        My Choices:
        GK: Casillas
        RB: Joao Pereira
        CBR: Pepe
        CBL: Hummels
        LB: Jansen
        CMR: ?
        CDM: Khedira
        CML: Gotze
        RW: Vela
        ST: Lewandowski
        LW: Reus

        What do you think about it? What are some of the changes that i can make to this team? I am kinda doubtful about the CMs and the CDM, Please suggest players for these positions and others which may need improvement.

  5. On the summary of the Medium Budget Squad it says the following:
    “Hummels was kept on the left to build chemistry with the new left back: Marcel Schmelzer.”
    But the team lineup (and picture) shows Jansen, not Schmelzer
    Which is correct ?

  6. Also, for right wing would you prefer Aubameyang or Farfan? And for ST bench of Lewan, Ramos, Kiessling or Huntelaar?

  7. Hi, you prefer Adler before Leno because he has better reflexes and diving, but Leno is more balanced than Adler. Adler has bad kicking stats, handling decent and pos under 80 aswell. Leno only has speed under 80. You would still insist on Adler?

      • swap date from BBVA with Bundesliga please 😀
        my line up is
        LB-Rodriguez IF(cant afford Alaba)
        CBs- Benatia, Boateng
        RB- Pizsczek
        CDMs-Schweinsteiger, Lahm
        not bad, not bad? 🙂
        by the way pace is OP :@

  8. Are you going to do a Bundesliga team, too? Also, do you have any idea/guess when the prices for the players might drop again? They are still on a very high level and I wouldn’t want to buy just before they drop…

    • Hi.
      Yes, we plan to publish the Bundesliga guide next month.
      Prices are dropping and n December they will be even lower. During the week prices are higher ate weekends and lower at Tuesday and Wednesday, especially on Happy Hours.

      • I was going to get Piszcek until I saw his price. I finally got Reus so now I don’t mind Muller on the right. Before Reus I had traore on the left and Aubameyang on the right.

        I had been waiting ages to get Reus, for some reason the prices of the big players had been dropping loads every week, but the last two weeks they have risen like crazy.

        I just want Lewandowski now to complete my 4.5 star team, but his price hasn’t stopped rising recently. I presume he is so expensive (compared to Van Persie and Falcao) because there are far too few top strikers in the Bundesliga. I like Huntelaar and Kiessling but it’s difficult with their pace.

        (Or maybe prices haven’t dropped as there have been few desirable plays in TOTW recently.

  9. I currently have a german/bundesliga team, it can be pretty much all german except I need to get Lewandowski up front as the German strikers lack in quality in my opinion.

    Until I can afford him, ramos has worked well, but Kiessling and Huntelaar are good with space but so slow for this FIFA.

    Mkhitaryan is a cheap option compared to Gotze for those using bundesliga teams. Far cheaper and possibly better stats?

    • For The Bundesliga squad I would additionally use Piszcek as a RB and Alaba as a LB.

      I am wondering if Robben and Ribery are worth their high prices. On the left wing Reus is (not much, but) cheaper. On the right wing I am not too satisfied with Müller’s pace.

  10. Hi,

    Usually, your choices are great. But this time, i think there is a mistake. No ramos, no gotze, no alaba… I’ve not read the entire paper, but strange team for unlimited budget.

    • Hi!
      Thank you for getting in touch with us. I think there is something important that you have not understood: this guide is not about Bundesliga players. It is about German players. That’s why you will not find Adrián Ramos or Alaba, for example. Ribery or Robben neither.
      And another thing: it was not me to write this article. It was Hugo.


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