FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide


Managers, coaches and physio’s. Get to know more about them in our staff guide for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff


Building a dream team is every FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player’s objective. In order to reach that, something more than just players will be needed. You’ll need to know how to manage the other types of cards there are in the game: staff, consumables and club items. For this, it’s good that you fully understand what they’re for, how they work and which real benefits they may or may not bring you according to your strategies.

It’s commonly said that human resources are every company’s most valuable assets. This happens in FUT 15 as well. The players are no doubt crucial, because without them you wouldn’t be able to play. Although they aren’t indispensable, the staff also perform a very important role. These cards have the responsibility to boost the effect of some consumables and, in the case of managers, they even increase the players’ individual chemistry.

In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, there are five different types of staff cards, each one having a specific role:

  • Managers
  • Head Coaches
  • Goalkeeper Coaches
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Physio


If you’re planning on playing less than 300 matches and you know how to manage your squad well, already having maximum individual chemistry even without a manager, you can abdicate yourself from buying staff cards

Head coaches increase the effect of player training cards, goalkeeper coaches increase the effect of goalkeeper training cards, fitness coaches increase the effect of fitness cards and physio coaches increase the effect of healing cards. If you don’t use consumables in your club, except for the contracts which are mandatory, you can abdicate yourself from having staff. Otherwise, equip yourself with coaches and physio’s according to which consumables you use the most. The managers are an exception, because since they have an important role on contracts, they are actually very much required if you want to be successful.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide

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Just like any other type of card, staff can be found in packs through the following ways:

    – when you create a new club, from the Starter Pack;
    – when you buy them on the store;
    – when you win tournaments or seasons that include packs as reward;
    – or when you receive Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes.

If you need a specific staff card, our suggestion is that you go and search for it on the market using filters. This way you’ll only spend coins on cards you don’t have and you’ll be equipping your club according to what it needs. Obviously the cards you get from packs should also be taken into account. However, if you think they’re not necessary, put them on the market and get a few coins from them.


You can keep as many staff cards as you want in your club, as long as there are no duplicates. You can have them duplicated on the transfer list or targets, though. In this case, the only limit you have is the list’s maximum capacity.

In order for the staff to work you only need to have them in “My Club”. All the rest processes are made automatically.

One of the most common questions concerning the staff cards is about how it works: “what do you need to do to have them active?”. The answer is simpler than most players think. You basically don’t have to do anything. You just have to send them to the club and leave them there. Every time you buy a staff card on the market or get one from a pack, go for the option “send to club”. Then, when you apply a consumable, the system automatically identifies what cards associated to the type of consumable you have stored in your club and you are given a bonus according to them.

The table below allows identification of the similarities and differences between the five types of staff cards there are:


Consumable Bonus Limit Ind. Chemistry Cards Average Price
Manager Contract 0 to 3 % +50% +1 284 900c
Head Coach Training 5 to 15% +50% 0 36 400c
GK Coach GK Training 5 to 15% +50% 0 36 300c
Fitness Coach Fitness 1 to 5% +50% 0 36 250c
Physio Healing 5 to 15% +50% 0 42 200c


We will now analyze specifically each one of these cards.



Managers Cards


Among the five types of staff cards, the managers are clearly the most important ones. They develop two roles which take part on the main parts of the game. If you’re an experienced player, the managers are the only staff cards that you really need to get. You can afford to ignore any of the other staff types if you know how to manage your squad well. Going without managers won’t do you any good, though.


Manager cards have basically two functions:

  • extend the players’ contracts
  • contribute to individual chemistry


Besides reducing costs for contracts, managers are also responsible for a small bonus applied to the chemistry

As we’ve already said, all staff are responsible for increasing the effect of consumables. For managers, those are contracts. You just need to store the manager cards in “My Club” and let the system do the rest, it will automatically identify the amount of bonus you’ll get for every contract applied according to how many of them you have.

Still don’t get it? We’ll explain in more detail. The contracts are positively influenced according to the managers a club has. Each manager card displays a contract bonus percentage. When you apply a contract, its effect is multiplied by the sum of the coefficients of all the managers your club has. No matter how many managers you have, the sum of their coefficients will stop at 50% of bonus, for that is why you should supervise them so you don’t waste coins. When you reach 50% you should stop, unless you really need a manager with a specific nationality to affect one or a few players’ chemistries. Also, check if you’re buying managers that contribute with at least 1%. The non-rare silver and bronze managers give no bonus.




Their effect doesn’t limit itself just for the most important consumables of the game. They’re also crucial for defining the players’ individual chemistries. The manager you choose for a squad can increase one point of individual chemistry for each player starting the match. On his limit, he can increase the squad’s chemistry overall by 11 points, one for each player. That’s pretty significant.

What determines if he gives a player bonus or not? Or if it is his nationality and league. If one of them match, the player gets one point. If not, he gets nothing. Even if they match both nationality and league, the bonus will never be more than one point. If the players already have maximum individual chemistry (10) there’s no point on using a manager since there won’t be anything to improve and you’ll still be spending contracts.

For chemistry improvement, the process of choosing a manager should be done mainly according to nationality. Their league can be changed if you apply manager league consumables, in case you want it to match a player’s, but you can’t do the same for the nationality.



When you start looking for a manager to increase your squad’s chemistry, don’t follow the most frequent nationality in the team. What matters is giving bonus to the players that have lower chemistry. These are the ones you should pay attention to. Try having a manager with a nationality that benefits ones and a league that benefits others.


Only the manager sitting on your team bench needs contracts

Other than nationality, league and bonus percentage, the manager cards also display another important information: the number of contracts. Just like the players, managers also spend contracts every match they participate. When they run out of contracts, you need to apply new ones so they can stay on the bench for the next match. The type of contracts they need also receive bonus according to the amount of manager cards you have in the club, including the one you’re using. The rest of the managers don’t spend contracts.


In our opinion, managers are the only staff you should worry about.

If you were able to build a team where all players have 10 points of individual chemistry, you can dispense managers on the bench. But don’t take this too seriously, because the budget associated to this is usually around 10 coins per match. If your squad’s rotation implies on using managers with different leagues and nationalities, try switching managers from the bench to the ones you’ve got stored in your club according to what you need before starting a match. Remember that the manager’s popularity and rarity doesn’t make a difference when they go on the bench. All managers are equal when they move to the squad, it doesn’t even matter if you switch your gold manager to a bronze one, they’ll influence the chemistry equally as long as their league and nationality are the same.

Apart from the initial investments, each manager’s 1% bonus represents almost one coin saved per match

When talking about bonus for contracts, our objective should be to gather enough managers in order to reach the 50%. In this case it doesn’t matter the nationality, league or the remaining contracts a manager has. We should only focus on reaching the total 50% spending the less possible. This is where the calculation comes in. For this objective, buying, for example, Mourinho and Joachim Low won’t make sense because they cost way too much, you can use these coins to buy several other managers. Check, for example, if there are any rare silver managers cheaper than non-rare gold ones. The average total coins spent in order to reach 50% of contract bonus revolves around 12.000 coins, being its approximated return 40 coins per match. In a long term the managers will be able to spare you thousands of coins, except if you don’t intend to play more than 300 matches, because in this case the investment won’t be fulfilled. If you want to start saving your coins early, it’s important that you start collecting managers as soon as possible. Although, it’s also early when the game starts that they are more expensive, due to the immense demand and small supply. It’s up to you to manage to buy these cards without spending much more than the average value we gave you.


The complete list of managers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team can be consulted below:


Hasi Albania Gold 1%
Martino Argentina Gold Rare 3%
Pochettino Argentina Gold Rare 3%
Bustos Argentina Silver Rare 2%
Lopez Argentina Silver Rare 2%
Romano Argentina Silver Rare 2%
Zielinski Argentina Silver Rare 2%
Bianchi Argentina Gold 1%
Comizzo Argentina Gold 1%
Costas Argentina Gold 1%
Falcioni Argentina Gold 1%
Marcelo Argentina Gold 1%
Mohamed Argentina Gold 1%
Schelotto Argentina Gold 1%
Sánchez Argentina Silver 0%
Trobbiani Argentina Silver 0%
Postecoglou Australia Silver Rare 2%
Moss Australia Bronze Rare 1%
Muscat Australia Bronze Rare 1%
Arnold Australia Bronze 0%
Mulvey Australia Silver 0%
Popovic Australia Bronze 0%
Baumgartner Austria Silver Rare 2%
Angerschmid Austria Bronze Rare 1%
Barisic Austria Silver 0%
Baur Austria Bronze 0%
Canadi Austria Bronze 0%
Glasner Austria Silver 0%
Knaller Austria Bronze 0%
Kuhbauer Austria Bronze 0%
Pfeifenberger Austria Bronze 0%
Kuchuk Belarus Gold Rare 3%
Goncharenko Belarus Gold 1%
Kononov Belarus Gold 1%
Vanhaezebroi Belgium Silver Rare 2%
Demol Belgium Bronze Rare 1%
Denier Belgium Gold 1%
Dury Belgium Gold 1%
Maes Belgium Gold 1%
Geneugden Belgium Silver 0%
Mazzu Belgium Silver 0%
Staelens Belgium Silver 0%
Vanderbiest Belgium Silver 0%
Vanderhaegh Belgium Silver 0%
Halilhodzic Bosnia and Herzegovina Gold 1%
Verri Brazil Gold Rare 3%
Oliveira Brazil Gold 1%
Rocha Brazil Gold 1%
Pellegrini Chile Gold Rare 3%
Sierra Chile Silver Rare 2%
Tapia Chile Gold Rare 1%
Astorga Chile Silver 0%
Pellicer Chile Silver 0%
Salas Chile Silver 0%
Cardenas Colombia Silver Rare 2%
F. Torres Colombia Silver Rare 2%
H. Torres Colombia Silver Rare 2%
Osorio Colombia Gold 1%
Gamero Colombia Silver 0%
Gutiérrez Colombia Silver 0%
Bilic Croatia Gold 1%
Vrba Czech Republic Gold Rare 3%
Frank Denmark Gold 1%
Hansen Denmark Bronze Rare 1%
Olsen Denmark Gold 1%
Bech Denmark Silver 0%
Dal Denmark Bronze 0%
Frederiksen Denmark Silver 0%
Nielsen Denmark Silver 0%
Nilesen Denmark Silver 0%
Riddersholm Denmark Silver 0%
Sondergaard Denmark Silver 0%
Sorensen Denmark Bronze 0%
Hodgson England Gold Rare 3%
Monk England Gold Rare 3%
Pardew England Gold Rare 3%
Allardyce England Gold 1%
Bruce England Gold 1%
Dyche England Silver Rare 1%
Pearson England Gold 1%
Redknapp England Gold 1%
Coleman England Bronze 0%
Deane England Bronze 0%
Lowe England Bronze 0%
Stubbins England Bronze 0%
Todd England Silver 0%
Deschamps France Gold Rare 3%
Garcia France Gold Rare 3%
Wenger France Gold Rare 3%
Banide France Bronze 0%
Lavagne France Bronze 0%
Arveladze Georgia Gold 1%
Klinsmann Germany Gold Rare 3%
Low Germany Gold Rare 3%
Schmidt Germany Silver Rare 2%
Hutter Germany Gold 1%
Anastasiadis Greece Gold 1%
Anastasiou Greece Gold 1%
Kriistjansson Iceland Silver 1%
Luzon Israel Gold 1%
Allegri Italy Gold Rare 3%
Conte Italy Gold Rare 3%
Inzagui Italy Gold Rare 3%
Montella Italy Gold Rare 3%
Pioli Italy Gold Rare 3%
Prandelli Italy Gold Rare 3%
Gautieri Italy Silver Rare 2%
Colantuono Italy Gold 1%
Corini Italy Gold 1%
Donadoni Italy Gold 1%
Francesco Italy Gold 1%
Mandorlini Italy Gold 1%
Pellegrino Italy Gold 1%
Ranieri Italy Gold 1%
Ventura Italy Gold 1%
Hong Korea Republic Gold 1%
Ambriz Mexico Silver Rare 2%
Boy Mexico Silver Rare 2%
Bueni Mexico Silver Rare 2%
Meza Mexico Silver Rare 2%
Trejo Mexico Silver Rare 2%
Barra Mexico Gold 1%
Herrera Mexico Gold 1%
Tena Mexico Gold 1%
Ortega Mexico Silver 0%
Sosa Mexico Silver 0%
Bozovic Montenegro Silver Rare 2%
Chihab Morocco Bronze 0%
Gaal Netherlands Gold Rare 3%
Hiddink Netherlands Gold Rare 3%
Fraser Netherlands Silver Rare 2%
Jans Netherlands Silver Rare 2%
Lodeweges Netherlands Silver Rare 2%
Looi Netherlands Silver Rare 2%
Alflen Netherlands Gold 1%
Basten Netherlands Gold 1%
Boer Netherlands Gold 1%
Bosz Netherlands Gold 1%
Cocu Netherlands Gold 1%
Koeman Netherlands Gold 1%
Rutten Netherlands Gold 1%
Schreuder Netherlands Gold 1%
Brandts Netherlands Silver 0%
Dijkhuzen Netherlands Silver 0%
Jong Netherlands Silver 0%
Menzo Netherlands Silver 0%
Streppel Netherlands Silver 0%
Wijk Netherlands Silver 0%
Rodgers Northern Ireland Gold Rare 3%
Wright Northern Ireland Silver 0%
Berg Norway Silver Rare 2%
Skullerud Norway Silver Rare 2%
Deila Norway Gold 1%
Solbakken Norway Gold 1%
Fagermo Norway Silver 0%
Grindhaug Norway Silver 0%
Halvorsen Norway Bronze 0%
Hareide Norway Silver 0%
Mjelde Norway Silver 0%
Rekdal Norway Silver 0%
Cardozo Paraguay Gold 1%
Probierz Poland Bronze Rare 1%
Tarasiewicz Poland Bronze Rare 1%
Dankowski Poland Silver 0%
Kieres Poland Bronze 0%
Kocian Poland Bronze 0%
Ojrzynski Poland Bronze 0%
Pawlowski Poland Silver 0%
Podolinski Poland Bronze 0%
Rumak Poland Silver 0%
Smuda Poland Silver 0%
Wdowczyk Poland Silver 0%
Jesus Portugal Gold Rare 3%
Marco Silva Portugal Gold Rare 3%
Mourinho Portugal Gold Rare 3%
Espírito Santo Portugal Silver Rare 2%
Machado Portugal Silver Rare 2%
Vitória Portugal Silver Rare 2%
Caixinha Portugal Gold 1%
Couceiro Portugal Gold 1%
Brito Portugal Silver 0%
Deus Portugal Silver 0%
Encarnação Portugal Silver 0%
Fonseca Portugal Silver 0%
Gonçalves Portugal Silver 0%
Morais Portugal Silver 0%
Santos Portugal Silver 0%
Buckley Republic Ireland Bronze 0%
Callaghan Republic Ireland Bronze 0%
Croly Republic Ireland Bronze 0%
Fenlon Republic Ireland Bronze 0%
Heary Republic Ireland Bronze 0%
Kenny Republic Ireland Bronze 0%
Mathews Republic Ireland Bronze 0%
Reghecampf Romania Gold 1%
Cherchesov Russia Gold Rare 3%
Slutskiy Russia Gold Rare 3%
Villas-Boas Russia Gold Rare 3%
Rakhimov Russia Silver Rare 2%
Alenichev Russia Bronze Rare 1%
Semin Russia Bronze Rare 1%
Koroni Saudi Arabia Silver 0%
Adams Scotland Bronze Rare 1%
Archibald Scotland Bronze Rare 1%
Baxter Scotland Gold 1%
Irvine Scotland Gold 1%
Johnston Scotland Bronze Rare 1%
lambert Scotland Gold 1%
Strachan Scotland Gold 1%
Craig Scotland Silver 0%
Hartley Scotland Bronze 0%
Hughes Scotland Silver 0%
McCall Scotland Silver 0%
McCoits Scotland Bronze 0%
McInnes Scotland Silver 0%
McNamara Scotland Silver 0%
Merrick Scotland Bronze 0%
Neil Scotland Bronze 0%
Mihajlovic Serbia Gold 1%
Vermezovic Serbia Gold 1%
Gudelj Serbia Silver 0%
Jankovic Serbia Silver 0%
Slavolub Serbia Silver 0%
Milanic Slovenia Silver 0%
Del Bosque Spain Gold Rare 3%
Julen Spain Gold Rare 3%
Martínez Spain Gold Rare 3%
Caneda Spain Silver Rare 2%
Balague Spain Bronze Rare 1%
Diez Spain Gold 1%
Martín Spain Gold 1%
García Spain Bronze 0%
Maqueda Spain Silver 0%
Hamrén Sweden Gold Rare 3%
Eklund Sweden Bronze Rare 1%
Swardh Sweden Bronze Rare 1%
Alm Sweden Silver 0%
Andersson Sweden Bronze 0%
Axén Sweden Bronze 0%
Billborn Sweden Bronze 0%
Gerhardsson Sweden Silver 0%
Gustafsson Sweden Bronze 0%
Haglund Sweden Silver 0%
Hansen Sweden Silver 0%
Ingesson Sweden Silver 0%
Jonevret Sweden Silver 0%
Jonsson Sweden Silver 0%
Larsson Sweden Bronze 0%
Linderoth Sweden Bronze 0%
Norling Sweden Silver 0%
Olsson Sweden Silver 0%
Olsson Sweden Bronze 0%
Sandberg Sweden Bronze 0%
Stahre Sweden Silver 0%
Yakin Switzerland Gold Rare 3%
Gross Switzerland Silver Rare 2%
Koller Switzerland Gold 1%
Kartal Turkey Gold Rare 3%
Terim Turkey Gold Rare 3%
Akçay Turkey Silver Rare 2%
Kafkas Turkey Silver Rare 2%
Korkmaz Turkey Silver Rare 2%
Ozdilek Turkey Silver Rare 2%
Saglam Turkey Silver Rare 2%
Gunes Turkey Gold 1%
Avci Turkey Silver 0%
Bakkal Turkey Silver 0%
Buruk Turkey Silver 0%
Çalimbay Turkey Silver 0%
Shatalov Ukraine Bronze 0%
Bradley United States Bronze Rare 1%
Lasarte Uruguay Gold 1%
Matosas Uruguay Gold 1%
Poyet Uruguay Gold 1%
Farías Venezuela Silver Rare 2%
Coleman Wales Gold 1%
Hughes Wales Gold 1%
Mackay Wales Gold 1%

This list is sorted by nation (A to Z), then by boost (3% to 1%) and finally by name (A to Z).
If you want a list order by category, please click here.



If you already have your main manager and now your goal is to reach the 50% contract bonus, search in the market by managers running out of contract.
They are usually cheaper and it doesn’t make any difference to you.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide



Head Coaches and Goalkeeper Coaches


Both head coach and goalkeeper coach cards can be understood by one explanation since they do the same thing: increase the effect of training cards. Head coaches give the player training cards bonus while goalkeeper coaches give the goalkeeper training cards bonus. In order for you to realize what they’ll be good for, it’s important that you know what training cards do: they are consumables that increase one or all the attributes of a player for one single a match.


If you don’t intend to use training cards, it’s not worth it to waste your time and coins buying coaches

Coaches are not all the same. Their cards differ each other in the attribute they benefit and how well they do this. Each coach benefits one of the six basic attributes of a player or goalkeeper, and for each attribute there are six coaches with different bonus amounts (5 to 15%).

Every time you apply a training card to a player or goalkeeper, the bonus they receive depends not only on the card’s value itself but also all the coaches stored in “My Club” for this attribute are taken into account. The system automatically sums up all coaches’ displayed percentages and then give you the total bonus for the attribute, which can’t be higher than 50% because this is the maximum value possible according the amount of coaches there are in the game for one attribute.

When a training card is applied for all attributes at once, there is no difference on the way coaches work. Immediately before the six attributes are increased, the system calculates the bonus for each one of them according to their coaches. It’s important to note that the coaches do not increase the duration of the training card’s effect. It never works for more than one match. Coaches will only increase the bonus for each specific attribute.






The vast majority of players don’t occasionally use training cards. For them, buying these cards is clearly a bad investment. In the same way, though, for people that use training cards on almost every match, buying coaches should be almost mandatory.

For people that use training cards moderately, like when they’re playing finals or decisive season matches, this matter should be analyzed according to two aspects.

You can only get more than 15 points of an attribute increase if your club is equipped with coaches

Firstly, having coaches is the only way there is for you to be able to get higher attribute increases. Having all coaches for an attribute, you can get up to a +23 increase on it, provided a maximum +15 increase it’s possible for a training card.

On the other hand, everything has its costs. In general, the investment on coaches that will give an attribute a 50% bonus costs around 2.000 coins. The return depends on the attribute. It is practically insignificant for all of the goalkeepers’ attributes and for most of the players’ attributes, but it can reach savings around 300 coins per match when pace is the attribute improved. In this case, the investment is paid off after 7 matches of pace training cards used.


The following is the list of all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team head coaches and goalkeeper coaches:

Defending J. Maxwell S. Kitchen G. Wellings H. Ekstrom M. Daish H. Browse
Driblbling G. Ivancic M. Perrotti C. Smith S. Andersson C. Santiago M. Inglemarr
Physical J. Cerny A. Veysey P. Wadhams D. Gelsbrecht D. Borrowski J. Wang
Pace I. Griffith D. Pan P. Pannu P. Blecowe G. Pirola C. Facett
Passing S. Bodak P. Yashin M. Rowley D. Doherty M. Gustaffson J. Siggins
Shooting D. Barker P. Astin N. ustinov G. Hoffman L. Lorn R. Archibald


Diving T. Reid A. Van Dijk M. Perry H. Mittelstaedt S. Subramania G. Yuen
Handling A. Rolfe B. Larsen D. Holme M. David D. Smith I. Japuncic
Kicking S. Rempel N. Garis M. Dittmar T. Morrison M. Dimpler E. Klammer
Positioning M. Leighton D. Tioseco M. Sakiani V. Pang J. Tortorello D. Goetzke
Reflexes M. Ridlen P. Stockdale D. Bramall V. Neville D. Gustafo G. Voros
Acceleration C. Sawatsky S. Spinkter E. Kronner X. Parker W. Fedranko A. Rodrigues

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide



Fitness Coach Cards


A lot of players don’t give too much importance to their team’s fitness management. They do know that the players’ performance decreases when they’re tired, but they prefer to manage that only by applying fitness cards. For them, fitness coaches can be really important since they are responsible to boost the effect of consumables. This, by the way, is this staff’s only purpose.

Fitness coaches can give a up to 50% bonus on fitness cards application

Fitness cards are applied to a player or a squad when you want them to restore their fitness immediately, in a non-natural way. The best ones will restore 60 points. This restoration can be even bigger according to the amount of fitness coaches there are in the club. This staff is differentiated by its lower percentage contribution per card, which varies from 1 to 5%.

Every time you apply a fitness card to a player, his fitness restoration will not depend exclusively on the card’s value, but also on the fitness coaches you have stored in your club. The system automatically sums up all the fitness coaches’ displayed percentages and then gives you a bonus according to the total value. It doesn’t go beyond 50%, so you should be paying attention to how much you have. Don’t try and buy more coaches expecting to receive a bigger bonus, you’ll be wasting coins, so you should stop at 50%.

Fitness coaches work the same way for both individual and squad fitness cards. In the first case, the bonus goes for one player. In the second case, it goes for all players of the squad at the same time.




Unless you have an awesome budget, your players’ fitness management shouldn’t be done with fitness cards. If you’re a very good manager, the fitness coaches won’t do much. The recommended way is to take advantage of the players’ natural fitness restoration: every time they spend a match on the bench, their fitness is restored. It’s important to note that the fitness coaches have nothing to do with this natural restoration. Having more of them won’t speed up the process.

Despite its low investment, it takes a while for the coins spent to come back

Fitness cards may be consecutively applied to a player until he reaches 99. That’s why fitness coaches can only be useful from an economic standpoint.

For people that usually restore their players’ fitness individually, fitness coaches are really not a helpful option. Since most players start using individual fitness cards when it’s around 80 to 90, a simple bronze fitness card is enough and it can be bought for 150 coins. In this case, the fitness coaches’ bonus will have no use. They’ll only have some use for people that want to restore more than 20 points. Even in these cases, the gains are almost insignificant and the investment will only pay off if one applies around 160 fitness cards.

General rule, applying squad fitness cards is slightly better than doing it with individual ones when it comes to amounts of fitness restored. In these situations, having a few fitness coaches in the club can bring you some advantages. And yet, for an average investment of 4.000 coins to reach 50% of bonus, you’ll need to use around 40 rare squad fitness cards in order to start getting return.


The following is the list of all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team fitness coaches:

A. Neufeld A. Adams C. Belle A. Dacosta C. Tenhaaf A. Bachmann
D. Graff F. Tsang C. Evans B. Kuhn D. Sawel F. Baratta
E. Lee L. Sakiani D. Edmondson D. Klassen D. Vanderwolf L. Stewart
J. Baerg S. Koo M. Warkentin F. Dickenson E. Finlay R. Backgaard
M. Arneill S. Thomson T. Dutzi J. Erickson J. Bornn S. Chang
R. Lehman T. Shepherd T. Palmer J. Forsyth S. Yeo T. Behl



If you still insist on using fitness cards, it’s actually better to use the rare ones even if there are players with higher fitness than others. If your limit is the 80 or less, check on the market, according to the prices, if it’s better to use two successive fitness cards or one associated to several coaches.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide



Physio Cards


No one likes to spare their best player. We all want to play at full strength. However, not always things go as planned and, sometimes, players get injured. When this happens we have only two options: wait for them to rest between the reserves so they can get back in form naturally; or we apply healing cards on them. In the second case, owning one or more physio coaches in your club gives you the chance to speed up the recovery of your injured players. They’re responsible to make the healing cards more effective. This is, by the way, this staff’s only function.

Healing cards should be applied to an injured player when you want him to get better faster. On its limit, a healing card is able to make a player go from injured to available immediately. They allow an acceleration of the healing period for up to 5 matches. They can do even better if you have a few physio coaches stored in your club.

Physio coaches give healing cards an up to 50% bonus

The physio coaches are not all the same. Their cards are differed by speciality (foot, leg, knee, arm, head, back and upper body) and by bonus percentage. Each physio coach only contributes for one kind of injury, and for each part of the body there are six physio coaches with different bonus percentages (5 to 15%).

Every time you apply a healing card to a player, the decrease of his healing period doesn’t depend exclusively on the card’s value but also on how many physio coaches you have stored in “My Club”. The system automatically adds up all the percentages displayed on each physio coach card and then gives you the total bonus according to that. The sum of these coefficients can never surpass 50% because this is the maximum value according to the number of physio coaches of each speciality there are in the game.

When we’re looking to heal a player, we first need to verify what is the type of the injury and how many matches long is the healing period. In case you can’t find it, it’s in the player’s Bio. Normally we apply a healing card which is specific for the body part. However, this can also be done by a rare healing card which cures the player no matter the type of injury. The way physio coaches work for one case is rigorously equal to another. Immediately before the healing card takes effect, the system calculates the bonus according to the physio coaches for each the speciality.




Having physio coaches gives you extremely fee advantages.

If you keep your squad in rotation, injuries shouldn’t be a big problem. You’ll always have an alternative for the injured player so you won’t have to use healing cards. You’ll be saving the coins you would need for physio coaches, completely useless in these situations.

Although, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes because the player that got injured was one of the main ones for your team, or because you were counting on him on a tournament’s final or a decisive season match. In these cases, owning physio coaches could be the right decision made. But only apparently. The thing is that equipping your club with physio coaches for 50% of bonus on every speciality will cost around 8.500 coins. If you want to invest on this staff you’ll basically have to buy all the 42 coaches because you never know what kind of injury you’ll get.

Besides, it’s most certain that this investment will never get a full return. Firstly because the price difference between the different types of injury cards is relatively small. And also because if you manage your fitness well and avoid direct contact with the most aggressive players, injuries will hardly happen. They will be short and few. This way you’ll never be able to get your coins back. And lastly because the healing cards will heal your players in just one or two matches – there are also injuries that last 4 or 5 matches but they are very rare – so the 50% bonus shouldn’t have any practical effect.


The following is the list of all FIFA 15 Ultimate Team physio coaches:

Arm S. Slanski V. Jackson P. Newbury R. Cho J. Bradford D. Colomb
Head L. De Goosman J. Newton M. Pressley A. Outing C. Bailey J. Farr
Back D. Schneider D. Bowen M. Chen Y. Santos I. Yeung D. Yoo
Knee M. Cree J. McCarthy P. Beetham S. Bissel L. Hazell N. Pandev
Foot T. Lee J. Kalinski S. Pang Y. Tomas C. Ramsey S. Parkin
Leg Y. Blais B. Kilford M. Hood H. Dent R. Fletcher S. Gardner
Upper Body D. Crowe C. McKee A. Patient L. Carluccio C. Berry P. Jones

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide





We create a few videos to help who is starting this game mode.


How to use Managers


How to use Head Coaches


How to use Fitness Coaches



New Stuff


For people that are used to Ultimate Team, most of what we’ve described here is already of their knowledge. This way, we decided to create a simple chapter where you can consult a brief history of changes concerning staff.


FUT 14 >> FUT 15

  • Head coaches for the heading attribute are substituted by fitness coaches;
  • Added 116 managers.


FUT 13 >> FUT 14

  • Managers stop having influence on morale, which is eliminated;
  • Managers start having influence on individual chemistry and not just directly on the squad’s chemistry;
  • Managers’ category starts being irrelevant to the chemistry;
  • Managers stop having a preferred formation and it stops being one of the influences to the chemistry;
  • Managers start having an associated league, which contributes for the players’ individual chemistry and can be altered by the application of one type of consumable.





Q: How many staff cards can I have in my club?
A: As many as you want as long as there are no duplicates.

Q: What should I do to have my staff working?
A: Nothing. Just buy them and send them to your club.

Q: Is there a limit for the staff’s effect?
A: Yes. 50%.

Q: Where can I see the effect my staff is making?
A: In the squad menu, when you apply a consumable to one of your players. You’ll be able to see their bonus before you use it.

Q: Where can I find staff to hire?
A: On the transfer market, using filters for staff, or in packs.

Q: Where can I find the staff I just hired?
A: In the “My Club” menu. If they’re not there, check your transfer and targets list, as well as the unassigned.

Q: Is having a gold manager the same as having a bronze one?
A: It is for chemistry contribution. The only difference is about the contracts bonus, they do have different weights for that.

Q: Can I change a manager’s league?
A: Yes. You just need to apply him a manager league consumable.

Q: Can I change a manager’s nationality?
A: No.

Q: Which staff spends contracts?
A: Only the manager active in your squad spends contracts. The remaining do their effect without spending contracts while being stored in your club.

Q: Can I choose not to have any staff in my club?
A: Yes. Although it’s highly recommended that you have at least one manager for your squad.


24 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Staff Guide”

  1. Can physios work without consumables? (E.g My player’s foot got injured and have to wait 1 match to recover but I have 3 foot Physios.)

  2. Hi
    Is there any limit in playing fut matches? Bcoz u mentioned something about playing below 300 matches.

  3. Hi,

    In Fifa13 you had simulated the number of gold, silver and bronze managers one can have to get to 50% contract bonus. Can you do the same here please or does the fifa13 simulation still applies here and I can follow that simulation.


  4. Aldnoah Zero

    Can you please tell me how many Rare gold, Non-Rare gold, Rare Silver, and Non-Rare Silver managers in each category are there?

  5. Hey, what guide are you releasing next. Also, why is the 50% bonus so important, cuz it is more necessary to buy players for a squad than managers for contracts, what is themuse of so many managers if you dont have money for the players?

    1. Hi.
      Monday we will release the second gameplay guide about defending.
      Reaching the 50% cost you less than 10k coins. It is not a so significant investment. It will help you to reduce costs.
      Of course that if you don’t have coins for player, buying managers is useless.

      1. I suggest waiting for prices 2 stabilise b4 buying managers. I checked on the first day of g amemrelease and i saw rare bronze managers going for 1k! Now it is better and u can get gold managers for dat price.

        Your guides r d best, i loved all of them. Especially ur squad guides, they helped me build a dream team in fut 14. When r u releasing one for fut 15? Just cant wait…

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