FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide


You may already know what FIFA 15 Ultimate Team upgrades season is, but do you know exactly how it works? Follow this guide and get to know all about this theme.



You can find the final list of FIFA 15 Winter Upgrades clicking here


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide


Q: How are players upgraded on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
A: Different to what happens on other game modes, the players aren’t automatically updated throughout the season according to their appearances in real life. Some may receive In Form cards, but most players remain with the characteristics they were given at the start of the season. In Ultimate Team, upgrades are made through the release of new cards in determined periods.

Q: When is it upgrade season on FIFA 15?
A: There are two upgrade seasons throughout the game: Summer and Winter upgrades. The first one happens within the transition of one FIFA to another looking to reflect the player’s evolution between two seasons. The second one, in February / March, rewards the players who stood out the most along the first half of the season with the release of new (improved) cards.

Q: What happens exactly if a player receives a Winter upgrade?
A: When a player is upgraded, the cards that start coming in packs have got the new ratings and attributes according to their performance on the real life pitch.

Q: If I have a card of a player that is to receive an upgrade, will this card get upgraded?
A: No. It remains exactly the same, with the original rating and attributes that were defined initially in the game.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide


Q: Can a player change categories if he is upgraded enough for that to happen?
A: Yes. As long as the upgrade gives him enough points for that, a player’s NIF card can go from bronze to silver or from silver to gold. The IF cards never change category, though.

Q: If I have an In Form card of a player that is to receive an upgrade, will this card get upgraded?
A: Yes. Different to what happens with the NIF cards, the IF cards released before the upgrades will be upgraded in the same proportion as those (but automatically) except if there’s already been a category change within the UP card attribution.

Q: Why are there some In Form cards that didn’t receive an upgrade although their NIF did?
A: All the gold players that receive upgrades and have got IF cards will have those IF cards upgraded as well. However, not all bronze and silver players’ IF cards are upgraded. The player’s IF card is only upgraded along the old card if his UP card is of the same category as that one.

Q: What’s the reason for there to be this exception?
A: According to EA, this is so “the IF card’s value and bronze/silver squads are not negatively affected”.

Q: Why wasn’t a certain player’s IF card upgraded if his NIF and UP were of the same category?
A: Probably because that IF card already had the maximum rating for its category: 64 or 74.


Q: All this is still a bit confusing. Can you explain everything again with examples?
A: Of course. Let’s take a look at Hazard’s original card on FIFA 14. He started the season with an 85 rating but in February he got an 88 rated UP card. His 85 rated card stopped coming in packs as soon as the 88 rated one was released, but his owners were never rewarded with any upgrade at all because that’s only valid for IF cards. Since Hazard already had three IF cards as from that day, respectively rated 86, 87 and 88, these were automatically upgraded to 89, 90 and 91, which corresponded to the 3 points upgrade his regular card received. Any other IF card that he was to receive after that would have been rated over 91.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide


For silver and bronze cards, IF upgrades are a bit more complex. Davy Klaassen started FIFA 14 with a 67 rating and eventually got a 71 rated IF card. His regular card was upgraded by 7 points, going from 67 to 74. Since both his NIF and UP cards are silver, his IF was also upgraded to 74 but with better stats than the UP. Different to the NIF, the IF cards can never upgrade to the next category even if there are enough upgrade points for that, which was Ajax’s midfielder’s case. If it had been an upgrade of just 1 or 2 points, the IF card would become 72 or 73.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide


Domenico Berardi’s case in FIFA 14 is another good example. He started the season with a 72 rated regular card and eventually received a 4 points upgrade, which made him go from silver to gold (76). Since his NIF card and UP card are of different categories, his two IF cards were never upgraded at all, they remained 73 and 74.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide


Q: Can there be two regular cards of the same player with different ratings?
A: Yes. That’s what happens when a player receives an upgrade, two cards start coexisting: one corresponds to the start of the season and the other has got improved ratings and attributes.

Q: When there’s an upgrade, which cards are the ones that come in packs?
A: The new ones. The improved cards take place over the original ones in packs, and those remain as they were.

Q: When do the new cards take place over the old ones in packs?
A: EA Sports don’t release them all at once. The usual expectation is for the biggest part of the update to be made in mid-February, in 15th of February. After this date there’s at least one other batch of releases. This year, EA released all the upgrades at once.

Q: Which cards are released first: transfers or upgrades?
A: Transfers.

Q: Do all upgraded players get a new card?
A: Yes. Although, if you own a regular card of a player that was upgraded there won’t be any alterations.

Q: How many players receive new cards during the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter upgrades?
A: It’s been estimated that up to 100 players can receive new cards. Only players that were really in great form are the ones that might achieve an upgrade.

Q: When were the upgraded players made available back on FIFA 14?
A: The first big batch of releases occurred on February 14th, 15 days after the first batch of player transfers. After that, there was a new update on March 6th.

Q: What are the cards that received upgrades in the last years?
A: You can see the ones from FIFA 14 here and the ones from FIFA 13 here. These lists give you an approximate idea of what will happen on FIFA 15.

Q: Where can I find the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter upgrades?
A: Here.

Q: What players will receive upgraded cards?
A: The players that receive upgrades aren’t prior announced. However, it’s easy for people who keep up with football to list a few players that have good chances of receiving a new card due to their good appearances. Here are a few examples: De Gea (Manchester United), Alexis Sánchez (Arsenal), Naldo (Wolfsburg), Ivan Perisic (Wolfsburg), Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (FC Scahlke 04), Antoine Griezmann (Atlético de Madrid), Nicolás Otamendi (Valencia CF), Carlos Tévez (Juventus), Paul Pogba (Juventus), Stéphane Ruffier (Saint-Etiene), Alexandre Lacazette (Olympique Lyon) e Yacine Brahimi (FC Porto).

Q: How can I predict which players have good chances of receiving an upgrade card?
A: Even if you don’t keep up much with the real life football, there are two indicators to help out in this prediction: the number of a player’s IF cards; constant rating upgrades on H2H.

Q: How do player upgrade cards look like?
A: They are the same regular cards as those on the image below. On most cases, the existent IF cards are also upgraded.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide


Q: What’s the difference between the original card and the new one?
A: Only rating and stats change. In some cases the position can also be updated. All the rest remains the same.

Q: Can there be downgrades?
A: The players’ ratings and stats are only looked at to be lowered between one FIFA to another. During the Winter upgrades, no player is downgraded.

Q: How many points are the players upgraded by normally?
A: For most gold players the upgrade is of just 1 or 2 points. Silver and bronze players are usually upgraded by at least 4 points, while in exceptional cases this upgrade can sometimes reach 15 points.

Q: Do the player’s upgraded stats increase proportionally?
A: Generally, yes.

Q: Can I have both the original and the new card in my club?
A: Yes. However, a squad can only have one of them.

Q: Can a transferred player receive an upgraded card?
A: Yes, he can. Although EA Sports try separating player transfers/player upgrades, there are rare cases in which the same player is both transferred and upgraded at the same time. In that case both situations are passed on to one single card.

Q: What advantage do the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team upgrades bring us?
A: The upgrades increase the squads’ quality level, diminishing the differences between the game and real life football. Besides, they can also represent good trading opportunities, mainly when it comes to IF cards.

Q: I already have a squad. What is it good to me?
A: If you’re already “done” with your squad, the upgrades increase your improvement opportunities. If your squad is based on a league, for example, upgrades can improve the players you already have or they can promote others for a position or two.

Q: How does the market behave with these new cards coming?
A: As we would expect, as soon as the UP cards are released their price stays fixed way above the regular ones. These, on the other hand, start their way down. Also, with time the UP cards lose value once their quantity starts being superior to the rest of the cards. The price difference between the UP card initially and the regular card depends on many factors, such as the number of rating points gained, stats bonuses or an eventual position change.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Upgrades Guide

Q: Are there other trading opportunities during the FIFA 15 Winter upgrades?

Yes. When the player already has at least one IF card, this card is improved in the same proportion as the regular. That means if a player card had a certain rating and he received an upgrade of, for example, 2 points for his UP card, then all his IF cards are also automatically upgraded by 2 points. The only exception is when a player receives an UP card one category above his regular card. In that case the IF card remains the same. For people who own an IF card of a determined player, watching him receive an upgrade is great news. There are people who choose the risk to invest in IF cards of players that have good chances of receiving an UP in advance because they know that in case that happens the return will be enormous. The bigger the player’s rating and popularity, the bigger is the IF card’s valorization. In some cases profit can surpass 300%. At a long run, these cards follow a tendency we describe for a normal IF: the cheapest ones lose value, while the most expensive ones slowly have their price increased. If you’re thinking about investing in these cards, be careful not to bet on the cards that are already being way too speculated. It’s just that sometimes the speculation is so big around determined cards that, after the upgrades, the improved IF cards’ market prices are inferior to what they were before the announcement. On the other hand, if you have a NIF of a player you think is going to receive an upgrade, it may be a good idea to sell him in advance so you minimize the loss.

Guia de Upgrades para FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Q: What cares should I take with these new cards coming?
A: If you want to buy a NIF, make sure you’re not paying the price the UP demands. If you want to sell an UP, make sure you’re not selling for the corresponding NIF price.


Q: Where can I find more information about these cards?
R: Here.

(1) The first image is only an example. It doesn’t mean that these four players will be upgraded.
(2) The automatic upgrade for IF cards has not been officially confirmed on FIFA 15. We’re basing ourselves on the experience we had on FIFA 14, first year in which such thing happened, but it isn’t absolutely guaranteed that it’ll happen again.


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  1. Will new player get new update for their squad.
    Means like Paul pogba card is appearing for juvetus. When we will get his Man Utd club card?

  2. hey, i seem to be a bit late to this discussion but with the upgrades coming out i have a question. do the players need to be in my club for them to be upgraded. for example if i have two of the same cards hoping for them to be upgraded. i have one in my club and one in my transfer list. Will the one in the transfer list still be upgraded?

  3. Comment: Tell something about players age..Is it effective in players skill??Can I improve young players overall skill?

  4. Why is it that when i buy upgraded players like De Gea (85 rated) that when I am in game he turns back to his old card (83 rated)??? And I also bought TOTS Fàbregas (90 rated) for a 100 k, and the same thing happened to him he turns back to his old card (84 rated)??!!?!?!?!?
    Please answer back as fast as possible. Regards Asger.

  5. Hi i play fifa ultimate team. At this moment i can not play further because my game says i have a maximum team rating: 67. Help. What can i do About it?

  6. Dafak until fifa 16 are you joking? Btw how much new ugraded sanchez cost right now? What about new costa?

  7. Hi i bought 5 of IF Bolasie, and i was wonerdeing do you think he will get 5 star skills, when will he get them and how much will he go for if he does

  8. Hakimi Roslan

    Rodrigo, will there be any Fifa 15 players downgrades after the Fifa 15 upgrades?

      1. Hakimi Roslan

        So they will not be any downgrades in fifa 15 except form fifa 14 to fifa 15 or the dowgrades player are coming out with the fifa upgrades?

  9. Will a if player get a upgrade if you them in your transfer list if you already have one in your club?

  10. Oh as well do you know what time they will release the upgrades? Will it be 6pm uk time like totw?

  11. Will prices on upgraded cards be at their highest when they first get released? I assume the demand will be high the first day or two making the prices high then dying down as time goes on. What are your thoughts? Will you be selling or buying this upcoming weekend?


      1. Ok then when in your opinion will prices hit their peak? And please don’t say when you see prices go down sell lol I’m looking for an educated guess here mate. Thanks


        1. Hi again. Sell him as soon as you see prices are going down is the right answer, even if you don’t like it. You want an answer like ‘Saturday’ or something else but it is not true. It depends of many factors which we do not know: Happy Hours, the players, etc…

  12. If Pogba gets all of the upgrades he is predicted to get will he be around 200k coins or will he be upwards of 500k or so??

    1. And also is there going to be a major market crash during this because I have aguero and Di maria (both NIF) and I was wondering if I schools sell them now and possibly buy them back cheaper when the market possibly drops??

  13. I was just woundrig if sanchez second inform will also get a upgrade, if the first card get’s it? His first inform was a CAM and The second was a LW? And if he get ‘s it much will i be worth, if he is already 2.4 mil? should i invest on Kroos, isco benzema inform? Any real madrid player Who will get a upgrade? Thanx mate!

  14. Hi Rodrigo

    I have players like DDG and Costa both NIF. Should i just be holding on to them and not worrying about upgrades affecting their prices?

  15. Hi Rodrigo!

    Wil I will make profit when I sell my team when the upgrades are coming out?

    Current team:

    De gea (FIF)
    Clichy (SIF),Kompany,Mangala,Clyne
    Toure, WIllian, Sanchez (SIF)
    Di Maria, Diego Costa (SIF), Aguero

    I’ve also bought 10 Godin’s, 10 lacazette’s, 10 Matic’s, 10 Griezmann’s, 10 Tadic’s, 10 Isco’s, 10 Tevez’s and 10 Rakitic’s. (All NIF)

    I also have other players in my club like: Vela, fabregas, eriksen, sturridge.

    Can you please tell me if I will make profit or not?


    1. Why would you buy non informs of players that will be upgraded lol they are going to drop in price when the upgrades come up. No one’s going to want the lower version of those players when the upgrades come out. You’ve probably already lost alot of money you should do a little research next time before you blow all that coin. And the informs you bought have been over inflated because everyone had been scrambling to buy them before the upgrade. If you’ve bought them in the last couple weeks it’s way to late their price will barley go up if at all. And if for whatever reason they don’t get an upgrade the price is going to crash through the floor. No one seems to understand economics that plays this game…Once it’s common knowledge a player is going to get upgraded it’s to late inflation has already occurred. It would be like investing in oil after the new york times prints an article saying oiling prices will sky rocket lol once the world knows it’s over no money left to be made. All the money is made by the people who had the foresight to invest months in advance. These sites with all their information are great and help alot of people but it mainly to help you next year so you can stay one step ahead in fifa 16 once the article is out and half the fifa community has seen it it’s over your all to late. I’m laughing at all the people paying 2 million for Sif lacazette when he was 300k a month ago he’s not worth the 2 mill ans once he gets upgraded his price will slight jump up maybe a couple hundred k then come crashing back down to where it actually should be. The market always works itself out You people should be reading Adam Smith not rodrigo lopes if you want to understand the economics of this game and the world in general.

  16. Hi rodrigo! Dou you think that pogba will be upgraded? How much can increase their price after the Ups? Thanks bro. I catch the If 1.6M

  17. hi Rodrigo,

    thanks for the continuous update and comments on FUT. its so addictive to trade and play this game mode if fifa 15..

    my biggest (worst trade) has to be selling off SIF lacazette when the bidding never started at all.. (PS4)

    bought him @ 190K and sold for maybe 200K? when now the prices has run to an insane 1.7M?? (BIN)

    well thats life.. anyways i have SIF perisic, IF naldo, IF maxim choting.. hoping for a healthy profit to get perhaps a nif aguero / neymar..

    cheers for the effort in updating.. and big thank you once again..

  18. Hey, I have bale, neymar and Suarez. If I had sold bale and Suarez to have enough to buy second inform lacazette how much profit do you think I’ll make when he gets a winter upgrade?

  19. Do you believe Radja Nainggolan will receive an upgrade? I bought him for 20k and currently he’s going for around 82K, how much more do you think he’ll be if he gets an upgrade? Also could you mention a few more players, you think that’ll receive an upgrade? Thanks

  20. i have 2 questions i would like to ask

    1: will a motm card get upgraded if the NIF version of the player gets upgraded? (Eriksen for example)
    2: if a player moves from one club to another will his if then also be transferred? for example if sneijder moves to man utd, will his SIF change to an 86 rated cam at man utd?

  21. Thanks Rodrigo. I have 2 second inform pogba’s in my transfer pile which I brought 1.8M for each so you say it’s best for me to sell then now for the best profit

  22. Hi Rodrigo,
    I would like to ask a question about the winter upgrades. Right now the price of second inform pig a is around 2.7M. How much are you expecting the price to be after the upgrade considering all stats could be 80+ ?

  23. Hi rodrigo just asking why is gareth bale prize increased every week on TOTY his price was 600k no its like 1.2m and up

    1. That’s what is happening with all expensive cards. Their prices are going up because during TOTY, EA made too many Happy Hours and sold too many FIFA Points. Now, there is more coin in the market. Inflation.

      1. What about neymar now even before he just range 300 to 400k now he starts 500k and up is it because of his continuous performance???

  24. Thank You So much Rodrigo as always.. 1- is there any chance that Pogba Can get a 5 Star Skill moves? And Bony Get Skill A skill Upgrade as well?
    2- What is H2H (HEAD TO HEAD SEASONS)??

  25. hasan yildirim

    hi rodrigo,
    I am a playstation player and i sell all my players and bought 2 second if pogba 2 million for each and one alexis sir for 550k. I want TOTY messi or TOTY Di Maria so much. after upgrades what potential prices that they are going to be? secondly i saw that pogba is being 84 and 5 star skilled at kick off, my fut if card will be upgraded the skill too?? And when the upgrade will arrive approximately i can’t find in this article. Finally, we should sell the players when upgrade arrives or we should wait? thank you for everything.

    1. Hi.
      Our suggestion is to follow their prices every day. As soon you see they are going down, sell them. Their price may be lower after upgrades.
      The skills can be upgrade in other modes but it doens’t mean they will in Ultimate Team. We don’t know if they will update the skills of Pogba or not.
      Upgrades should be released at February 13 (not confirmed).
      EA Sports don’t release them all at once. The usual expectation is for the biggest part of the update to be made in mid-February, may be around 13th of February. After this date there’s at least one other batch of releases.”

      1. hasan yildirim

        thank you very much mr rodrigo. you and fifauteam are the best. thank you again for your help

  26. what u think if perisic rm 80? Will it upgrade and how much get profit if buy 50 k 🙂

  27. Hi Rodrigo,

    Your knowledge is outstanding and your advice seems very good and consistent.
    (I won’t start talking about the good old 48k spectrum days I grew up with – despite being very tempted)
    I will stick to Fifa here 🙂

    I struggle to make much gold/profit on the FUT transfer market, I have saved for months to buy one outstanding player for my BPL team, I managed to save around 285k gold which is the most ever. I have just purchased a Santi Cazorla SIF card for 280k and I am completely in limbo on what to do.

    Do you think Cazorla will get an upgrade?
    (he was downgraded from last year, has put in 3 MOTM performances this year and statistically is one of the top five premier league players after making 18 appearances).

    Despite all this, I don’t feel he has done ‘quite enough’ and probably won’t get an upgrade.

    I am not sure he fits into my team at 4-4-2 as a CM (I find Fabregas ‘just’ fits in with his defence, but Cazorla’s is worse so may struggle)

    I have a 4-4-2 formation and am not sure whether he can fit in with my team, which usually consists of:

    GK – Lloris
    Defence -Debuchy, Koscielny, Mangala, Luis
    Midfield – Schurrle, Fabregas, Ramsey, Wallcott
    Attack – Costa and Sturridge

    If I don’t keep SIF Cazorla, I will probably buy either: Di Maria, Toure or Aguero.
    (Hopefully I can re-save up for Kompany shortly after – but due to chemistry I will probably try and save for Kompany and Courtois at the same time)

    As far as you are concerned, how much effect does green links and/or hyperlinks have between players, I have heard about a ‘hidden chemistry’ above 10, do you know how much effect this has (if any?).

    Effectively, I wonder if it is better to have….

    1) A team of players that has best ratings possible, but mainly orange lines/links – all having 10 chemistry.
    2) A team of players that has mainly green lines, but slightly worse quality.

    Do you have any opinion on how the performance may differ? Or recommend an approach?

    I am very disappointed I missed out on Angel Di Maria when he was 100k gold, but hey, that’s life 🙂

    I appreciate any feedback you have at all on my post.

    Many thanks in advance.


    1. Hi.
      Thank you for your comment. I wil not start talking about the good old 48k spectrum but it is very tempting, yes.
      I don’t think he gets an upgrade. He doesn’t mean that he will not get one but he is not in my shortlist (it will be published this weekend).
      Hidden chemistry has no effect. according to the chemistry formulas it is possible to get more than 10 but all that matters is to get 10. Colour of the links are not important. You can have red links and get a 10. You can know more about it in our chemistry guide.
      Your option 1 is better.

      1. Many thanks for clearing all of my queries up.
        I did fully read the chemistry guide and it is fantastic and very helpful, especially for new players.
        (I had a suspicion that even if you had 10 chemistry on all players, but had a ‘red link’ between two, they may not be able to link up as dynamically ‘in game’ as they would with a green line and 10 chemistry, but after your comment I fully trust that if chemistry is 10 on players, they link perfectly regardless).

        I appreciate the feelings/feedback on Cazorla SIF, I am going to hopefully test him tonight and tomorrow night and decide whether to keep him or not, probably not, hopefully I can sell without experiencing a loss.

        At least if I sell him before the upgrades, I can’t possibly have a loss from the transaction (If he doesn’t get an UP card, I fully expect Cazorla SIF to drop a lot, as tons of people will be trying to sell him, also if Fabregas gets an upgrade, he might be a better fit for 4-4-2/CM position which means Cazorla will be less popular – in my opinion)

        I feel your input into the community is invaluable and to spend your personal time answering gamers questions is great 🙂

        I must admit, as a Newcastle Fan I am very tempted to save all my coins up to try and get the Alan Shearer Legend card (whenever it is released!!!!!! It is a long wait, EA are keeping everyone in suspense!)

        A lot of people seem to feel top rate ‘Legends’ cards have a lot of quality for some of the stats, but they are mighty expensive.

        I played against a whole legends team since my last post and due to the ‘card guide’ I read, I concluded it MUST have been against Samir Nasri – as it had the ‘Samir Nasri’ 95 rated card in the team and all other cards were legends.
        He thrashed me 5-2 🙁
        (I did wonder about whether it actually was him (e.g. had his account been hacked etc), but for various reasons I won’t bore you all with, I feel it must have been – or it was someone legitimately playing on his account.

        I felt quite lucky as the chance’s of playing a real footballer must be very slim.
        I did take a copy of his squad if anyone is interested.

        1. Hi.
          Yes, you probably will take a few profit from Cazorla.
          As soon as Alan Shearer be released we will publish here.
          It seems that you have played against Nasri. 🙂
          Feel free to publish here his squad.

          1. Hi Rodrigo,

            I used to check the link you supplied daily, but now it has turned weekly 🙂 I’ve been disappointed with EA and the ‘Legends’ release regularity, but I suppose they want to stretch it out all year, so every 2-3 weeks per legend was an unrealistic expectation of mine.

            I made a little bit of coin on Cazorla, but his price seems to fluctuate wildly between the weekend and in the week – I am quite amazed at this, I just wonder if it will continue to do so, or everything will change when the upgrades come out.

            Nasri’s squad (At least when he played against me):


            GK – Edwin Van Der Saar
            CB x3 – Marcel Desailly, Franz Beckenbauer, Pauolo Maldini
            CDM x2 – Ruud Gullit and Matthaus
            LM – Mr Nasri
            RM – Luis Figo
            CAM – Laudrup
            ST x 2 – Pele and Laudrup

            Nasria and Figo both LW/RW position cards, so orange ‘not ideal’ orange position dot.
            Both ST’s are orange position dots too, as they are ‘CF cards’.
            Gullit also orange dot (CM playing in CDM position).

            All green chemistry lines except:

            Orange, between Desailly and Nasri (Both French).
            Red lines between Nasri and Pele plus Nasri and Gullit.

            I thought it was definitely Nasri because:

            1) This squad is called ‘Gavotte Peyret’ – I looked it up and I believe this is Nasri’s home town.

            2) Nasri was injured when I played him (so maybe he was bored? 🙂 )

            3) Only one ‘Nasri 95’ rating card exists and it was definitely in his team.

            Also, he kept trying to run with the ball with Nasri to score, which he was unsuccessful at, LOL 🙂 (after accepting that I’d lost, I just tried to nullify the threat of the Nasri card).

            It was a division 2 game. I was on a 5 game winning streak and then lost to Nasri and failed to get promoted (how I managed this, I will never know!!!)



    2. i feel you should sell sif cazorola and buy courtois kompany fernandinho/ramires/matic to improve your squad. Rather than buying toure/aguero/dimaria

      1. Thank you for the advice.

        I already use Fernandinho in my rotation/fitness squad and I find him good.

        Not tried Ramires or Matic though (I will in the near future as you recommend).

        I have a loan card of Aguero I suppose I should use before buying Aguero to test first, but my assumption would be that he would be far better than Sturridge and has a high goals to games ratio. However, once buying Aguero, I felt inclined to want Man City players or Argentinians to keep Chemistry perfect, which explains my Touré and Di Maria comments. However, I simply don’t have the gold coin to get the lot.

        Maybe just buying Hazard would do the trick, but again – very expensive.
        Half the fun is making the decision I find, research, opinions and comments 😀

  28. Hi,

    Just want to be sure, i bought IF sanchez as CAM (85 rating) if he gets an upgrade, will his CAM card have an upgrade automatically?


  29. do you think that lacaxette will increase even more?i bought him for 200k and i sold him few days before 850k

    also i bought many cards of clyne and i will buy some more the days coming.i think he will get upgraded to gold and his silver will be rare.i did correct??also can you name me anyone that is good for price-fixing??thanks

    1. Hi.
      I don’t know about Lacazette. He will be upgrade but I don’t know when his price will stop going up.
      Yes, you are right. If he will get upgraded to gold, then his IF card will not change.
      About more players, just pay attention to the post we will publish this weekend.

  30. Hello Rodrigo, ¿Do you think Bernat IF is going to be upgraded? From 1 to 10 what are the chances of him geting upgraded, in you’re opinion of course.

  31. Really? That surprises me just because I remember last year 81 NIF alaba was over 10k and when the 82 NIF came out the 81 version dropped to around 2k. Seems like a good way to make money selling them before and then buying back the original card or even the upgrade with the profit you’ve made and worst case the price stays the same and you loose nothing. The risk reward seems to be in our favour. Do you see where I’m coming from or am I way off base?

      1. I’m replying to my comment about selling NIF before the upgrade. That should of been obvious there’s no where on this page that says hit reply to ask a follow up question especially one so clear but I’ll ask again…..last year NIF Alaba 81 went from 10k to 2k when the 82 NIF alaba so wouldn’t it make alot of sense to sell guys like NIF pogba before the upgrade then just buy him back for less after the upgrade? You stated it wasn’t worth it I’m just trying to understand why it wouldn’t be worth it the original NIF should drop a lot once the upgrade NIF comes out because the supply will stay the same but the demand will go down. Basic economics.

        1. And just a suggestion if you want people to use the reply button increase the font size or change the color. Extremely light grey on a white backdrop makes it extremely hard to see especially for people like me who are color blind.

  32. Hello Rodrigo. I want to ask you for a help. I bought SIF De Gea for about 600k. Now his price is about 771k. I am thinking about buying IF or SIF Pogba. Yesterday both were 150-200k cheaper, so I am not sure. What do you recommend to me now, before upgrades? I use both in my squad, but probably Pogba more.

  33. And Matt don’t answer questions that aren’t directed towards you especially if you have no idea what your talking about. If lacazette gets sold to another league his non inform card in ligue 1 will stay at 79 and the transfer card will be upgraded all you’ve done is confuse people (me most of all). Thank you rodrigo for clearing that up.

  34. In your opinion will higuain and tevez be upgraded or do you think it’ll just be one? Have you put out an article with a full list of all the players you expect to be upgraded or is one coming soon? If not could you tell me which of these players in your opinion will receive an upgrade; ruffier, t.silva, Lahm, schwinstager, pogba and vidal. And I know you said it’s up to me whether or not sell them before the upgrade but are you going to sell the NIF players you have and expect to be upgraded before the update? Sorry for all the questions just freaking out a bit took me forever to save up enough for these guys I don’t want to loose money on them after the upgrade. Thanks for all your help!

    1. Hi.
      We will publish this weekend a list with the players who have better chances to be upgraded. Higuain is not one of them.
      I will not sell my cards just because of UP cards.

  35. When would it be the best time to sell the upgraded IF? Because I was thinking supply would be high as soon as it’s announced what players have been upgraded so wouldn’t the value go up the longer you leave it? I could be overthinking it haha, also do you think legends price will be affected by the announcement?

    1. I really don’t know. Prices are too high for those players because of speculation about upgrades. They may be higher than after the upgrades release.
      If you want to sell them before, check their prices everyday and, as soon as you see they are going down, sell them.
      I don’t think Legends prices will be affected.

  36. A bit off topic but why are players such as Di maria and Hazard having massive rises in prices they are higher than before TOTY. Is it worth selling these players now? Will there prices fall again soon?

      1. Why EA continue to allow FIFA15 FUT market to have hyperinflation? I dough if the cause of the current market hyperinflation is because of EA selling more FIFA points. I did my little research on E-bay and found that there around 150+ coin sellers for Fifa 15 and I was focusing on those that sold 1 000 000 coins as their advert and E-bay record count show one seller have manage to sell to 13 138 people, 1000 000 coins each and he got different listing with one at 13 974 transaction of 1 000 000.
        on average those who did not sell much have traded with at least 200 people selling them 1 000 000 coins each. I was +- 30 coin sellers who manage to sell above 4000 batches of 1 000 000. This tell me that there is not to much that EA is doing and honest FUTers are being fuck face – I have no better words to put this. This also tells that one seller manage to trade more than 13 Billion coins without getting caught at all – funny. I respected EA to manage FUT15 but it looks like they are fighting a loosing battle. They say if you can’t beat them join them

        They need to reset all coin sellers and buyers accounts. Please fix this

  37. rodrigo what is the best time to sell IF lacazatte, IF degea and FIF sanchez??
    NOw or immediately after upgrades are released or a few weeks after upgrades have been released??

    1. I really don’t know. Prices are too high for those players because of speculation about upgrades. They may be higher than after the upgrades release.
      If you want to sell them before, check their prices everyday and, as soon as you see they are going down, sell them.

    2. Defenatly straight after upgrades, that’s when prices will be at its peak price

  38. Oh and if lacazette gets sold to another league like many are speculating will his ligue 1 card be upgraded as well or just his transfer card?

  39. I know you touched on this in your article but I’m still a bit foggy and could use some advice. Will my NIF cards price drop dramatically if that player is upgraded? If so should I sell those cards before the upgrade? For example I have pogba tevez and lacazette all NIF so should I sell them now and buy them back after their upgrades come out? Please email me back as soon as possible. Thanks

  40. William Willis

    Will skill moves be upgraded on FUT? For example, Pogba now has 5* skill moves in H2H seasons. Can we expect him to have 5* skill moves in FUT after the winter upgrades?

    I ask this because last year some players received increased skill moves in every game mode except for FUT.

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