FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide


Players don’t switch between clubs only on the real life pitch. That also happens on FUT 15. Take a look at how the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter transfers work.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide


Q: How are transfers made on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
A: When a player switches between clubs in real life, a new card of him with the new club is released.

Q: When is it transfer season on FIFA 15?
A: There are two transfer seasons throughout the game: winter and summer transfers. The first one happens in January / February and it implies on there being two cards of the same player. The summer transfers update is there for the transition between games.

Q: What happens exactly if a player moves to another club?
A: When a player moves to another club, the cards that start coming in packs have got the new club on it. The cards that already existed remain the same.

Q: If I have a card of a player that moved to a new club, will this card get an update?
A: No. It remains exactly the same, with the old club on it.

Q: Are there two regular cards for a single player that was transferred?
A: Yes. One corresponds to the start of the season and the other corresponds to where he moved to during winter transfers.

Q: Do players on loan also get a new card?
A: Yes. A player gets a new card just as long as he starts playing in the new club.

Q: What happens with the retired players’ cards?
A: They no longer are available in packs. The existing ones keeps like they are without any change.

Q: When do the new cards take place over the old ones in packs?
A: EA Sports don’t release them all at once. The usual expectation is for biggest part of the update to be made on the transfer deadline day, February 2nd of 2015, or else on the January 30th. However, they also release cards before and after this date.

Q: Which cards are released first: transfers or upgrades?
A: Transfers.

Q: Do all transferred players get a new card?
A: Supposedly that should happen, and it effectively does on the most popular leagues. But some players from less popular leagues end up “forgotten”, although generally EA’s cover is quite wide and efficient.

Q: How many players receive new cards during the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter transfers?
A: It depends on the amount of transfers that occur. It’s been estimated that up to 1.500 players can receive new cards.

Q: When were the player transfers made available on FIFA 14?
A: The first big batch of releases occured on the january 30th. After that there were updates on february 7th, march 14th and april 4th.

Q: What were the cards that got updates last year?
A: You can see them here.

Q: Where can I find the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter player transfers?
A: Here.

Q: What players will have new cards for having switched between clubs?
A: Here are some examples: Enzo Perez (Valencia), Elia (Southampton), Kampl (Dortmund), Fernando Torres (Atlético Madrid), Cerci (AC Milan), Nélson Oiveira (Swansea), Levin Ostunali (Werder Bremen), Strinic (Napoli), Matt Grimes (Swansea), Ben Arfa (Nice), Doneil Henry (West Ham), Mauro Zarate (QPR), Podolski (Inter Milan), Shaqiri (Inter Milan), Gabbiadini (Napoli) e Denswil (Club Brugge).

Q: Why can’t I find a player that was among the Winter transfers?
A: Probably because in the beginning of the game he played for a club that isn’t in FUT 15. Only players that were once in the game’s initial database will potentially get new cards, otherwise they won’t be there, not even if they’re moving to a FIFA 15 licensed club.

Q: Why did a certain player stop coming from packs?
A: Because he moved to a club that’s not in FIFA 15.

Q: How do player transfer cards look like?
A: They are the same regular cards as those on the image below.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide


Q: What’s the difference between the original card and the new one?
A: The only thing that changes is the club. All the rest remains the same, including position, rating and stats (see image below).


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide


Q: Can I have both the original and the new card in my club?
A: Yes. However, a squad can only have one of them.

Q: Can a transferred player receive an upgraded card?
A: Yes, he can. Although EA Sports tries separating player transfers/player upgrades, there are rare cases in which the same player is both transferred and upgraded at the same time. In that case both situations are passed on to one single card.

Q: What advantage do the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter transfers bring?
A: Once the new cards are released, league/club possible combinations increase, which makes it easier for us to build squads with good chemistry.

Q: I already have a squad. What is it good to me?
A: If your squad is based on a league, for example, Winter transfers season will increase your options to improve your squad because there will be more players available in the league you’re using.

Q: How does the market behave with these new cards coming?
A: These new cards’ prices vary mostly according to their new scenario. When the player goes to a popular club, his new card’s price will start rising to even reach three times the original value, and only after a few days it’ll eventually get close to the old card’s value. Many times these changes don’t even benefit chemistry for when the player remains in the same league. However, some players’ emotional will lead them into paying many coins for a card that’s actually not that different.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide

When a player goes to less popular clubs the new card’s price gets slightly superior, but then after some time the old cards become rare enough to be considered the most valuable ones.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers Guide

Q: Are there other trading opportunities during the FIFA 15 Winter transfers?
A: Yes, it’s about staying alert. One of the most obvious ways has to do with players that stop coming from packs and so they become rarer and more expensive. Kelvin, who’s moved to Palmeiras – club that doesn’t exist in FIFA 15 – is a good example of that. If you buy this card in advance, you can later sell it for a much greater price when the market doesn’t have many to offer.

Q: Where can I find more information about these cards?
A: Here.


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