FIFA 15 Wish List : Improvements and Innovations

FIFA 15 Wish List : Improvements and Innovations


It is time to hear the community about what they want. Let’s build a FIFA 15 wish list with the most requested improvements and innovations.


FIFA 15 Wish List


This is the time of the year in which everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams with the perfect FIFA. This time we will do it in a different way. This year, it is the FIFA community who has the chance to tell us what they want. We will publish four topics to discuss: new additions, leagues, stadiums and players ratings.

We have asked in our social channels what the community want for FIFA 15. Now, we bring here the results. Today, we will talk about FIFA 15 improvements and innovations.


Which improvements and innovations the Community Want ?


We have asked to our community which improvements and innovations they want to see in FIFA 15 and now we bring here the results.

The FIFA gamers have lots of requests. The most popular one is to improve the servers. To fix the heading goals bug and more commentaries are also very usual. Many people is keep asking wagers and a better AI.

Which chances they have to see their requests in FIFA 15 ? Continue reading to find out…


FIFA 15 Wish List : Improvements and Innovations


Which Improvements and Innovations Will Be Included in FIFA 15


  • Servers
  • Every year we ask better servers. And every year it is the same thing: EA don’t improve their servers according to the estimated audience growing. This year, it will be the same story. For sure.

  • Glitchs
  • There are two popular glitchs in FUT 14: the kick-off glitch and the heading glitch. Both were recognized by EA Sports. They will fix them for FIFA 15.

  • Transfer Market Problems
  • Do you know someone who never got a player stuck into the transfer list ? Probably not. These problems happened in previous years but this year it was too bad to be true. We don’t believe in good changes for FUT 15. It will be better to get used to it…

  • Web App Functionality
  • Web App was turned off for a half season in FUT 14. It is something unacceptable for those who paid a full game. Maybe EA will bring us something good about it. Turning off forever is not an option, we hope…


9 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Wish List : Improvements and Innovations”

  1. The use of LB to create runs is one of my favorite aspects of the game. I would love to see a “check to” modifier as well, possibly RB if the “skill pass” modifier was moved to LT, since it is already used for “flair shot”

  2. Simon Slater

    The only wish i have is that the Champions League license is added. I’ve seen several websites claim that PES haven’t extended their agreement, so surely EA should be over that like a tramp on chips? But then again, maybe they would of announced this by now? Do you guys know anything?

    1. We already know the ratings of most popular players, thanks to the beta. However EA have warned that the ratings are not final. We think that most of them are final but we can not guarantee.

  3. The Webb App worked fine for making changes to your squad, only the Transfer Market was turned off.
    And it was turned off because of autobuyers and other similar issues that created a big problem.
    In my opinion autobuyers and users that are only interested in the Transfer Market and never play a single game are cheaters and EA should do everything they can to stop them. The Transfer Market is only a tool to build your team and play games, if you are not playing games than there is no point.
    And with autobuyers and other similar cheaters the balance of the Transfer Market was lost and it made it impossible to have enough coins to buy good players without having to pay a lot of real money for them.
    I believe that one solution would be for EA to allow gamers to only have one card of each player, (never more than one), to sell or trade, and would have to discard any duplicates at the normal discard price. While this can be considered negative by some, (because they may get a lot of duplicates on a pack and end up losing their investment), it will be a way of preventing the autobuyers and price fixing issues that have affected FUT 14 so much. This concept has already been tested by EA on FUT WC so we know it can be done, and I personally would prefer having to discard duplicates, in order to have a more balanced and fair Transfer Market and to have the Transfer Market activated again on the Webb App

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