Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Finishing

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Attributes are responsible for determining a player’s quality, and knowing them well can give you the opportunity to choose your team more efficiently. In this new series presented by Silvio Teixeira – also the author of tête-à-tête – you’ll have the opportunity to go deeper on each one of the game’s attributes according to the new FIFA 16 rules. Welcome to “Learning about FIFA 16 attributes”.


FIFA 16 Attributes: Finishing


The attribute which determines the quality of finishes – shooting – inside the area. It has no influence over headers or finishes from outside of the area. Being a great finisher doesn’t necessarily mean being able to beat the goalkeeper, but shooting on target more easily. An analogy would be thinking that having high finishing will affect the ball’s magnetism, so when the ball would have normally hit the post for a bad finisher, a great finisher would have this force push it towards the goal, or when it would’ve normally gone wide the ball would at least hit the post. It’s something like that. Obviously, in case you flick the directional stick too hard or hold shoot for too long while having 99 of finishing your player will still miss the goal, so you can’t always blame him.


Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Finishing

Importance by position

    Great Importance | ST, CAM, CF, RF, LF

    Medium Importance | CM, LM, LW, RM, RW

    Low Importance | CB, LB, RB, CDM


Building a team based on this attribute doesn’t mean all players must have 85+ of finishing, only the striker should. 80+ is enough for the rest of your attackers, including the LW and RW positions. You don’t need to worry much about your CM, CDM, LM, RM or defenders having good finishing because they rarely enter the area to shoot.


Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Finishing

Players with High Finishing

    Gold | Cristiano Ronaldo (95), Messi (93), Sergio Aguero (90)

    Silver | Aron Jóhannson (82), Michiel Kramer (82), Michael Leeuw (82)

    Bronze | Mayoral (78), Abdoulaye (75), Paulo Cesar (74)


For a team based on high finishing, the most attackers the better, so a formation like 4-1-2-1-2 would be best since it has 2 ST, 1 CAM, plus 1 LW and 1 RW.

Regarding leagues, an interesting surprise, it turns out it’s not the BBVA, BPL or the Bundesliga that has the most great finishers, but the Serie A. Alright, actually we have a draw, there are 11 players with 85+ of finishing both in the Serie A and in the BBVA, but since the ones from the BBVA are mainly those extremely expensive players I think it’s fair to give the Serie A this title, the perfect league for people that want a team full of excellent finishers.


Making good use of Finishing


– Make sure your shot/finish is performed with the correct foot, except if your player has 5 stars of weak foot, in that case you won’t need to worry about it. Some of the best players such as Robben and Sturridge have 2 stars of weak foot, that means out of the 85 of finishing they have, they’ll actually have only around 35 using the weak foot. And you still have no idea how come you missed that chance inside the box, right?

– The area is where the finisher should be, and although it’s a big place he’ll be always under intense marking. How to perform a good finish while being marked by two players? Go for players with high attack positioning. We’ll talk more about it later, but basically this is the attribute that allows your player to make the best decisions while seeking for space inside the area, and therefore receive the ball in good conditions to finish.

– Don’t shoot out of a first touch, because when you do it’s mostly for air balls and that means finishing doesn’t count, but volleys and agility. Try to at least make one touch for control before shooting.


Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Finishing
Squads with high Finishing

Since the Serie A is the league that has the most players with 85+ of finishing, we’ll build a team made exclusively of players from there, which will give us a perfect 100 squad chemistry. Naturally this would be a dream team for people that want to shoot while inside the area, although performing other kinds of shots with these players is another story.

Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Finishing

We have two STs, Higuain with his outstanding 89 of finishing and our old friend Mandzukic, who doesn’t only have 85 of finishing, but also 86 of heading (we’ll talk about this one later as well). This way you’re all set for both shooting and heading inside the area. Klose does have 1 more point on finishing, but we’ll still go for Mandz, after all his remaining stats make up for this one little point.

Just to change things up a little, how about a Portuguese league squad? We’ll use a 4-1-2-1-2(2) which has 2 CMs instead of players on the wings. By the way, our CMs are originally STs, we thought we’d use some position changers. Also we’ll have to lower the level a little, an 80+ will do, still pretty good for a league of less expression compared to the great BBVA, BPL, Bundesliga and Series A. This way, starting from the midfield and going up, all players can finish inside the area with extremely high accuracy.


Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Finishing


Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Finishing


– Usually the players with the highest finishings are very expensive, so Higuaín ends up as an awesome bargain, costs just 5k (on Xbox One)

– There’s not a single player with 85+ of finishing in the Brazilian league. Tubby Walter is the best with 83

– Do you know Luca Toni? Verona’s striker was the top scorer of the last edition of the Serie A (2014-2015), having beaten Tevez and Higuain and received an excellent 87 of finishing, but unfortunately someone apparently was not feeling generous when thinking of stats for his pace. Who would want a striker with 34 of pace? Poor Luca Toni