Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Vision

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Attributes are responsible for determining a player’s quality, and knowing them well can give you the opportunity to choose your team more efficiently. In this new series presented by Silvio Teixeira – also the author of tête-à-tête – you’ll have the opportunity to go deeper on each one of the game’s attributes according to the new FIFA 16 rules. Welcome to “Learning about FIFA 16 attributes”.


FIFA 16 Attributes: Vision


Vision is the attribute that increases (or reduces) the possibilities of a successful long pass. It affects both outfield players and goalkeepers when going for a long pass. When we’re playing looking at the screen we usually have an above view of the game, just like when we’re watching football on TV. However, a player has quite a different view for himself, a first-person pitch view, and it’s very hard to see where his teammates are. Without seeing where they are, a long pass will have a random destination, it might be a teammate or an opponent that receives the ball. The better the Vision attribute, the wider your player will see in order to locate his teammates and therefore the bigger the chances of a successful long pass. 100 of Long Passing won’t do a thing if the player has zero of Vision, it’s like blindfolding Messi and then telling him to pass, even he will fail while in a game.


Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Vision

Importance by position

    Great Importance | LM, LW, RM, RW, CM, GK

    Medium Importance | LB, RB, CDM, CAM

    Low Importance | ST, CF, RF, LF, CB


For the first time the attribute is also crucial for goalkeepers, he must have good Vision in order to be able to throw the ball well, however people usually just look at their basic attributes not knowing of this importance. I set low for centre backs because they shouldn’t really have to pass, it doesn’t matter how the clearance is done as long as it’s done, just let luck decide what comes next. Although the full backs and CDMs are defending players, they also attack from time to time, and although the CAM is a crucial attacking player, he doesn’t perform long passes as much as short ones to assist the strikers, so they get medium importance. The wingers need this attribute a lot for crosses and vision is of great importance for them to know where the attackers are at. As a striker, having 100 of att. positioning and being in the best place to finish won’t be enough if blindfolded Messi is the one trying to assist, of course.


Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Vision

Players with High Vision

    Gold | Pirlo (94), David Silva (93), Fábregas (93)

    Silver | Valerón (88), Svensson (85), Tom Huddleston (84)

    Bronze | Lee Hyun Ho (77), Mario Licka (77), Ari Skuláson (76)


Although the Serie A has been doing well on the previous attributes, they’re really not about Vision, they have only 6 players with 85+ (with 85 or more on this attribute). The champions are the BBVA with 16 players, followed by the BPL with 15.


Making good use of Vision


– The players that assist with long passes will need to find free receivers, so having receivers with high Att. Positioning will give you more chances to score.

– Vision doesn’t have an influence over short passes, after all any player is able to see his teammate in case he’s nearby, whether the short pass is made successfully or not depends exclusively on the Short Passing attribute. On the other hand, Vision is crucial for both long passes and crosses, so do choose players with high Long Passing and Crossing (especially for wingers in this case).

– Vision is extremely important for when choosing your penalty taker. A player with high vision will notice exactly to where the goalkeeper will jump and then try and shoot beyond his reach. Just kidding, that’s nonsense, it was just see if you were paying attention (actually some people do come up with ridiculous things like this making them look like true for attention). Anyway, just don’t consider that.


Conhecendo os Atributos de FIFA 16: Vision
Squads with high Vision

There’s no point in building a team full of players with high Vision because some defending players and other attacking ones don’t need this attribute. Plus, some of the players with the highest Visions are extremely expensive. Our suggestion for today is that you get midfielders and wingers with high Vision but low prices at the same time, that’s it if you just want to try out a “Vision” team. The chosen league was the BBVA for they have the biggest number of players with high stats on here.

Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Vision

Learning about FIFA 16 attributes: Vision


– Unlike you might have read somewhere around the web, the player being tall won’t make him have better Vision. On the contrary. There’s not a single player who’s 1,90m tall or more with 85+ of Vision, the short ones rule on this attribute.

– Normally the players with good Vision also have good Long Passing, but it’s not always that good, Kaká and Ribery for example, although they’re in the 85+ of Vision group, they have just 73 of Long Passing, so in case they miss it’s probably not because of their Vision, but their bad long passing.


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  1. Hi
    I want to ask you how do you know the influence of the attributes ?

    Are you sure that vision doesn’t affect short passes ? For example, the fact that a good vison make the player pass the ball correctly in small perimeter ?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      We had access to this on EA scout program.
      Yes, I’m sure that this is true for FIFA 16.

          1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

            No. This attribute was probably hidden on FIFA 16 and we hadn’t access to it.

  2. Boateng has the long passer traits. And i think its work pretty good to hit long passes with him. He has only 67 in vision but get some long passing through my attackers. Is it because the trait or do you know why?

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