FIFA 16 Closed Beta Explained

FIFA 16 Closed Beta


There’s a lot of secrecy revolving around the FIFA 16 closed beta. Almost nobody knows for sure what it is, how it works and how you could have access to it. Take a look at our short guide in order to stop being part of this group of uninformed people.


FIFA 17 Closed Beta Guide can be found here



August 20th
EA have opened the accounts up to be able to use all game types

The beta expires on August 23rd

If you were invited and have registered with success, then you will receive
all the details to download the Beta on August 13 (evening UK)


FIFA 16 Closed Beta


Q: What is the FIFA 16 closed beta for?
A: The main purpose of it is to test the game. It’s for players to try out a FIFA 16 game mode and give the developer feedback on anomalies they might find, and also suggest potential alterations. This beta has also got the particularity of promoting the game itself.

Q: How does the closed beta interfere on the game’s development process?
A: Just like the previous games, FIFA 16 is a very complex game that joins several game modes together, for they’ve been developed over the years. There are several different teams responsible to develop determined projects and areas of the game that might or might not be integrated to the final product according to deadlines, the work’s quality and other economic and strategic factors. Which means that these teams are not always working for the next FIFA. The whole project must be exhaustively tested out for them to make sure it works correctly. For that, EA Sports normally invite a group of volunteers in their premises so they can test the game. After the adjustments regarding the first feedback period are made, the Alpha version is released. This is the version EA uses to show it to the public for the first time, at E3. The game’s official release occurs in the end of September and always comes along with an update that’s supposed to correct the anomalies detected after the disks are printed out. Between one thing and the other, there’s the beta and then there’s the demo.

Q: When does the FIFA 16 closed beta start?
A: August 13th, 2015.

Q: For how long does the FIFA 16 closed beta go on?
A: Normally for about 10 days. It expires on August 23rd.

Q: What happens after this period?
A: People can no longer have access to the beta. At this point the players are supposed to give EA Sports feedback.

Q: Which platforms will the FIFA 16 closed beta be available for?
A: This test version is exclusive for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It won’t be available for PC or mobile platforms.

Q: Which game modes will be tested in the FIFA 16 closed beta?
A: Pro Clubs
Career Mode
On line Seasons
Ultimate Team.

Q: When exactly are each of these game modes going to be tested?
A: Different to what happened on previous years, in the FIFA 16 closed beta all game modes will be tested at the same time, from the first to the last day. The difference is that the invites will be addressed specifically to one game mode. One player won’t be able to test more than one game mode.

Q: How much does the beta cost?
A: It’s free of charges. However, you’ll need a direct invite.


FIFA 16 Closed Beta Explained


Q: What do I do in order to play the FIFA 16 closed demo?
A: Only players that are invited will be able to play the beta. The only thing you can do is stay alert to your mail box (from the e-mail you use for your FIFA account) to see if you were invited or not. Pay attention to all folders, including spam.

Q: When do they start sending the invites?
A: They start sending invites in the 27th of July, gradually for each platform.

Q: I’ve received an invite for the beta in my e-mail. How do I know it’s legit?
A: Carefully verify if the sender’s email looks like this:

Q: I received an invite. Does that mean I’ll play the beta?
A: No. The number of spots is limited so as soon as you receive the invite you’ll need to register in order to guarantee yours.

Q: What criteria do they follow while picking the players who earn invites?
A: There are several criteria for this selection, and the most important ones are playing time, performance in a determined game mode and registration. Only Xbox and Playstation FIFA 15 players are invited.

Q: Where goes the feedback?
A: In a forum created for the purpose where the only people who have access to it are the invited players who registered.

Q: Can I sell or share my invite?
A: No.

Q: I’ve found invites for sale. Are they legit?
A: They’re almost never legit because invites are always associated to one Origin account.

Q: By accepting the invite, what am I obliged to?
A: You’ll need to fulfil the agreement of the closed beta, which includes a confidentiality term.

Q: I’m a minor. Can I play the beta?
A: No. It’s exclusive for players at the age of 18 or older.


FIFA 16 Closed Beta Explained


Q: After I’ve been invited what do I have to do in order to play the closed beta?
A: You should click ‘register’ directly from the e-mail you received and agree with the terms of service. More information will only be viewed by you, in your e-mail, a few days after the start of the beta. If you’re accepted, you’ll be able to download the beta in the 13th of august.

Q: What does the confidentiality term consist of?
A: It basically forces the participants not to divulge any information regarding the game outside of the forum created for this purpose. Hence closed beta.

Q: What happens to those who don’t fulfil the confidentiality term?
A: They’ll lose access to this beta and to any other that’s released afterwards. Other measures can be taken for cases that are more serious.

Q: Is it normal for the participants to break the rules of the term?
A: Yes. EA Sports promote denunciation and inspect shared content, but as soon as the beta is released it’s guaranteed that some participants will make some information and images of the game public.

Q: Will I be asked to do something other than give them feedback?
A: Yes. For the developer the closed beta is like a big test, so they might ask you to test something out specifically. For example, in Ultimate Team you’ll receive credits so you can try buying packs.


If you’re one of the lucky ones that will get to try out FIFA 16 before everyone else, congratulations. Have fun testing the FIFA 16 closed beta and try making this game even better.


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  5. hello I have a question for you !!

    I seen a previous comment about your coins not carrying over to the final fifa 16 game when released ..

    so I suppose nothing what so ever in this fifa 16 closed beta ( ultimate team ) will carrys over to the official full fifa 16 game when released ?

    ((( not even any of the fifa points ))) ?????

    so best use them all up ……

    PS…………. new feature draft squads and playing to win prizes thumbs up there I love this feature !!

    well thanks in advance providing any info ;););)

    1. It is exactly just like you said: nothing what so ever in this fifa 16 closed beta will carrys over to the official full fifa 16 game when released
      Thank you for your feedback.

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    Why does it say I have no internet connection even tho I do and I’m clearly online and downloaded the game fuly

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    Are we going to carry all the stats, teams, coins, all that stuff, to the real game ?? or this is just for the beta? Thakns

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  20. Thank you EA!
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  22. Guys lets be patient remember the 13th has 24hrs and from what i read last year it was released late at night.

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    Don’t break my heart @ea give me the code

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  34. Matthew emerson

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      1. I got an invite and registered. Will I receive another email tomorrow with a link to download or what?

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  47. I have received an invitation for beta seasons. What should I do with it? I mean I don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me please?

    1. First of all, you need to register (green box of the first picture of this page). If you got success, you will reach to the second image of this page. Then, you will have to wait until they send the download link to your email.

          1. Wieso bekommt jeder die beta außer ich ich habe immer so ein Pech das ich die beta von fifa16 bekomm ich hab noch nie eine beta gespielt und mit Mitglied seit 2012 und noch nie eine email bekomm von ea für ein code für eine beta

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