FIFA 16 Fitness Coaches Guide

FIFA 16 Fitness Coaches Guide


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FIFA 16 Fitness Coaches Roles


A lot of players don’t give too much importance to their team’s fitness management. They do know that the players’ performance decreases when they’re tired, but they prefer to manage that only by applying fitness cards. For them, fitness coaches can be really important since they are responsible to boost the effect of consumables. This, by the way, is this staff’s only purpose.

Fitness Coaches Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team


Fitness Boost


Fitness coaches can give a up to 50% bonus on fitness cards application

Fitness cards are applied to a player or a squad when you want them to restore their fitness immediately, in a non-natural way. The best ones will restore 60 points. This restoration can be even bigger according to the amount of fitness coaches there are in the club. This staff is differentiated by its lower percentage contribution per card, which varies from 1 to 5%.

Every time you apply a fitness card to a player, his fitness restoration will not depend exclusively on the card’s value, but also on the fitness coaches you have stored in your club. The system automatically sums up all the fitness coaches’ displayed percentages and then gives you a bonus according to the total value. It doesn’t go beyond 50%, so you should be paying attention to how much you have. Don’t try and buy more coaches expecting to receive a bigger bonus, you’ll be wasting coins, so you should stop at 50%.

Fitness coaches work the same way for both individual and squad fitness cards. In the first case, the bonus goes for one player. In the second case, it goes for all players of the squad at the same time.




When you are applying a fitness card, you can check how big is the current fitness coach boost of your club. You just need to look to the ‘staff modifier’ percentage. If you sum the coefficients of all the fitness coaches your club has, you should get the same percentage.

Fitness Coaches Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

To buy fitness coaches you need to go to Transfers – Transfer Market – Staff Search



Should I buy Fitness Coaches?


Unless you have an awesome budget, your players’ fitness management shouldn’t be done with fitness cards. If you’re a very good manager, the fitness coaches won’t do much. The recommended way is to take advantage of the players’ natural fitness restoration: every time they spend a match on the bench, their fitness is restored. It’s important to note that the fitness coaches have nothing to do with this natural restoration. Having more of them won’t speed up the process.

Despite its low investment, it takes a while for the coins spent to come back

Fitness cards may be consecutively applied to a player until he reaches 99. That’s why fitness coaches can only be useful from an economic standpoint. If you want to play all the time with your best eleven players, you will need to apply fitness cards and it could be a good idea to hire a few fitness coaches.

For people that usually restore their players’ fitness individually, fitness coaches are really not a helpful option. Since most players start using individual fitness cards when it’s around 80 to 90, a simple bronze fitness card is enough and it can be bought for 150 coins. In this case, the fitness coaches’ bonus will have no use. They’ll only have some use for people that want to restore more than 20 points. Even in these cases, the gains are almost insignificant and the investment will only pay off if one applies around 160 fitness cards.

General rule, applying squad fitness cards is slightly better than doing it with individual ones when it comes to amounts of fitness restored. In these situations, having a few fitness coaches in the club can bring you some advantages. And yet, for an average investment of 4.000 coins to reach 50% of bonus, you’ll need to use around 40 rare squad fitness cards in order to start getting return.



List of FIFA 16 Fitness Coaches


The following is the list of all FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Fitness Coaches:


B. Lee C. Yuen C. Waddell C. Sharma A. Hwang A. Sladaru
C. EasterBrook D. Bowen C. Wang D. Leinbach A. Lazarescu C. Korosy
C. Paduraru I. Sangala D. Forero G. Kociolek A. Vance G. Zdru
D. Freedman J. Chan D. Lehane J. McDonalds B. Iuhas I. Poclitaru
D. Nicol J. Tansley E. Demlu K. Walters G. Palstra L. Nistor
J. Brewster J. Valero G. Bhindi P. Jain I. Stanescu N. Dragomir
J. Sphepherd N. Bardi G. Wong R. Aghaee J. Kwok P. Tiberiu
M. Bhinder N. Dhillon R. Afshar S. Clark P. Nicholas R. Vasiliu
M. Boggio W. Leung R. De Monticello T. Stump
N. Stewart Y. Chai S. Liu
S. Cao S. Wu
T. Blair V. Leong
T. Wilson




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