FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions

FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions


With the FIFA cycle almost coming to an end, and EA in the process of creating the next instalment in their franchise, there is no bigger time for the FIFA team to analyse and study the ability of the players residing in their game. From the upcoming youth players at your average League 2 team to the superstars of Messi and Ronaldo, every player will be reviewed to get a measure of how accurate their ratings are, and whether they need updating.

The Spanish League has provided the Champions League winners for the last two seasons and boasts two of the best team in world football, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Whilst it doesn’t pull in the TV audience that the Premier League manages it is still one of the most watched in the world and produces some of the world’s best footballers. As with the Premier League ratings, only first team contenders from the top clubs in Spain will be getting a prediction.

Here they are the FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions.


FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions

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FIFA 16 Barcelona Players Predictions

FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions


With Barcelona winning an impressive treble, it is almost certain that the Catalan side will be the recipients of numerous upgrades for their players. In particular, the dominant trio of Luis Suarez, Neymar and Lionel Messi will be some of the highest rated attackers in the game.


GK – Claudio Bravo – 84
Barcelona’s keeper for the league had an impressive World Cup before he signed for Barcelona but added to that with a solid season at the back of the league’s best defence. Following a superb Copa America that saw the Chilean keeper win the tournament an upgrade should be in line for FIFA 16.

GK – Marc Andre ter Steigen – 83
One of many German keepers impressing in Europe, ter Steigen was solid all year for Barcelona in Europe and was an important part in Barcelona’s climb back to the top of European football. As a result he should also receive an upgrade, and another addition to the long line of talented German goalkeepers.

RB – Dani Alves – 84
Despite coming in for much criticism in previous seasons it appears as though the contract saga that ran along much of the season gave the Brazilian full back a boost in performance. Easily performed as one of the most dangerous full backs in Europe and a crucial part of the Barcelona defence, and should be in line for a return to his FIFA 14 rating.

LB – Jordi Alba – 82
Jordi Alba has emerged as a key part of the Barcelona defence since his return to Barcelona and the 2014-15 season only serves to highlight it. Alba is one of the few defenders who can use his immense speed consistently for the benefit of the defence and should get an upgrade to join the higher ranked full backs of the game.

LB – Adriano – 76
The Brazilian full back is a versatile option for Barcelona at any time, as he is able to slot in to the defence at any point – yet his lack of game time in the team this year prevent him from gaining an upgrade. By no means should he lose his rating though as he still has the ability to be in a top squad like Barcelona’s and he should retain his 76 rating for FIFA 16.

CB – Gerard Pique – 86
Pique is another Barca defender who has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism during his tenure at the Nou Camp – much of which is deserved. However this year he has easily been the best defender at the club, using his experience to guide the team to the treble. Pique has performed as one of the best CB’s in Europe this season and his rating should reflect that, moving him firmly into the ‘world class’ category of defenders.

CB/CDM – Javier Mascherano – 84
It is sad to see that a player so obviously gifted and effective at CDM is so often played next to Pique in the heart of the Barca defence. Mascherano consistently shows for Argentina why he is one of the best CDM’s in world football yet his shorter stature make him less affective at CB for the Catalans –though still deserving of an upgrade, Mascherano could have a far greater rating if played at CDM, hence why he only moves up one to 84.

CB – Jeremy Mathieu – 81
An impressive first season at Barcelona should see the Frenchman gain a small upgrade for FIFA 16. Did his job whenever asked upon and put in valuable performances for the team in the league that ultimately gave them their title.

CB – Thomas Vermaelen – 79
Vermaelen became a joke figure with his injuries restricting him to a single game at Barca and still claiming three trophies. His ability has suffered as a result of the problems he has had with fitness and will not be expected to reach the 80 ratings he held in FIFA’s past – yet should not be given a downgrade simply because of a lack of playing time. A season with actual game time involved will be a more accurate measure of Vermaelen’s ability as a defender.

CB – Marc Bartra – 77
Bartra has developed in the Barca side yet did not get much game time as a result of the stronger names on the team sheet ahead of him. Despite this it is clear that Bartra has a future ahead of him for Spain and Barcelona, and a marginal upgrade should reflect that going into FIFA 16.

RM – Aleix Vidal – 77
Though Vidal cannot play in competitive fixtures for Barcelona until January 2016 (similar to Luis Suarez’s ban last year) it is clear that his performances for Sevilla and Almeria before that have more than warranted an upgrade – the player an integral part of the Europa League campaign for Sevilla. The player has become one of the most sought out buys of La Liga and Barcelona have a very talented squad player at their disposal for the new year.

RM/CAM – Arda Turan – 85
Turan is one of the most technically gifted players in the league, only given less recognition because of the likes of Iniesta and Isco who occupy a similar sort of position to the Turk. Years of consistency at Atletico Madrid have seen him earn a move to Barcelona, and a rating boost should accompany him for FIFA 16.

CM – Andres Iniesta – 88
Moments of magic like in the Champions League final will make any downgrade given to Iniesta appear a harsh one, and the love that Iniesta receives as one of the best players of the 21st century is still strong amongst football fans today. However Iniesta’s form has sadly declined with his increasing age – he no longer has such prominent levels of influence in the Barca team and did not play as many games as he once did for Barcelona last season. He should receive a small downgrade – though not a major one as his Champions League final performance shows he still has his world class vision and passing.

CDM – Sergio Busquets – 86
Busquets is without a doubt one of the most important parts of the Barcelona team, with his deeper CDM role allowing the world class talent in front of him to operate. He has moved past the diving incidents of the past and is now a major part of the side – which should see an upgrade head his way for 2015.

CAM – Ivan Rakitic – 85
One of the most underrated players in the Barcelona squad has to be Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic, who has been one of Barcelona’s most effective performers since his move to the Nou Camp last year. A goal in the Champions League final capped off a highly impressive year, and Rakitic’s rating for next season should see him put on the cusp of the best midfielders on the planet as his performances last year showed.

CAM – Rafinha – 80
Rafinha is one of many promising young Brazilians coming through at a major European club. His season at Barcelona may not have contained many outstanding moments as his play time was limited but when given play time Rafinha was a useful asset for manager Luis Enrique to use. A +2 upgrade is generous, but it is possible having seen the talent that he has at his disposal.

CDM – Alex Song – 80
It is unknown where Song will be for the 2015-16 season but regardless his talent will be appreciated at which ever club the Cameroonian joins next. His role in elevating West Ham to the top 6 for much of the season was crucial and should be recognised with a boost in his rating to the 80+ region.

RW/ST – Lionel Messi – 94
Since he was shifted out to the right wing Messi has found the form that earnt him the title of ‘best player in the world’. Messi has sacrificed scoring some of his goals to open up a new vision and element to his game at right wing, and has formed a lethal trio with teammates Neymar and Luis Suarez. His complete transformation in form compared to Ronaldo’s slump in form is one of the factors key in Barcelona outperforming Madrid in all three competitions and regardless of what you make think of him deserves a return to his FIFA 14 rating of 94.

LW – Neymar – 88
Neymar finished the 2014-15 season as Champions League top scorer, and 2nd top scorer at the club behind Messi. The Brazilian has accelerated away from the criticism calling him a ‘YouTube footballer’ and is now easily one of the best players in the league. His bond with Messi and Suarez is key to the club’s success and Neymar will certainly get a rating to put him firmly into the ‘world class’ players.

LW – Pedro – 83
Pedro is still a very talented footballer, despite his lack of game time behind the trio, hence why Manchester United are so eager to get him. His touch and ball control are of the quality that Barcelona have been universally recognised for and he should not fall in rating for FIFA 16.

ST – Luis Suarez – 90
Suarez is without doubt one of the best dribblers of the ball and his talent and ability has been fully recognised with a superb 2015 at Barcelona. Neymar and Messi are an improvement on the service he received at Liverpool in 2015 and the Uruguayan can push himself into the very top level of striker for FIFA 16 with a 90 rating.



FIFA 16 Real Madrid Players Predictions

FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions


A season has gone by without Real Madrid winning a trophy, which has raised question marks over many of the players at the club. Performances have varied throughout the squad, making the ratings at Real Madrid one of the most interesting to review.


GK – Kiko Casilla – 81
Casilla enjoyed a successful season with Espanyol, being one of the best players in a solid season that saw the Catalan side finish 10th in the league – there is a reason he has signed for Real Madrid. The player is set for an upgrade for next season as most players do when moving to a bigger club – yet his ability and talent should not be ignored as a result of the move.

GK – Keylor Navas – 81
Navas has been a solid goalkeeper for a good number of years and the player should see a boost up into the 80+ region and the rare gold category. Whilst both he and Casilla may yet end up behind De Gea at the club, Navas’s form for Costa Rica and when selected for Madrid should not be ignored and an upgrade should be on its way.

RB – Danilo – 81
One of Porto’s most consistent performers for many years, Danilo has earnt a move to one of the biggest clubs in Europe and will definitely be receiving an upgrade for it. The Brazilian is a top signing for Madrid and his rating will likely reflect that next year at the Bernebau.

RB – Dani Carvajal – 81
Carvajal was one of the shining stars of an otherwise poor Real Madrid defence last year and his rating for FIFA 16 should reflect that, with a marginal upgrade for the Spaniard hopefully on the way. With a positive season for the side only marred by a potential biting incident in the Champions League Madrid and Carvajal will hope that his form continues into 2015-16.

RB – Alvaro Arbeloa – 78
Arbeloa’s form has not shown any signs of improving over the last few years and it is no surprise that the player is tipped to leave Madrid at any point in the near future. A downgrade is expected for the Spaniard and it is quite clear the other two right backs at the club will likely overtake him with playing time.

LB – Marcelo – 83
Marcelo was one of the most influential attacking players at Real Madrid despite the attacking talent the sides boast and despite a poor World Cup has looked a far better full back since the debacle in Brazil. He, like Dani Alves, should receive a return to his FIFA 14 rating of 83 and recognition for the flair and ability that he has in his feet – and will surely stand out yet again as the best LB at Real Madrid.

LB – Fabio Coentrao – 80
Coentrao is not a bad defender and is a very useful deputy for Marcelo when required – and his rating should reflect that in FIFA 16. His form for both Portugal and Real Madrid is usually consistent and should see a boost in rating up to 80 for next season.

CB – Sergio Ramos – 85
Ramos had a poor season defensively in 2014, overshadowed by his crucial goal in the Champions League final but highlighted at in the World Cup with the disastrous 5-1 loss to the Netherlands. However this year there can be no excuses for his form – abysmal performances in the knockout stage as well as the usual recklessness that follows him around the league campaign cost Madrid dearly as they shipped 17 more goals than their Catalan rivals in the league. The Champions League semi-finals against Juventus are easily the low point of his campaign though – his performance so poor it cost Madrid a space in the final. All this adds up to a deserved downgrade for the Madrid captain, and a lot of work to do if he is to rediscover his form for the new season.

CB – Pepe – 81
Pepe is already known as a rugged defender across the world but has retained a small element of defensive competence through some of the years during his tenure at Madrid – yet as with Ramos his recklessness was one of the primary factors the Madrid defence was so poor for most of the season. A downgrade should be on the way to Pepe.

CB – Raphael Varane – 81
Varane is one of the most coveted young defenders in Europe, though his form in 2015-16 did not always reflect this. He is a very talented defender and sought out by managers such as Jose Mourinho – which clearly show that he has a lot of talent. However, he should not receive an upgrade for a lack of improvement in the side, and will hopefully improve from this year going into the new season.

CM – Luka Modric – 87
Modric’s injury in 2014-15 was one of the main factors in the defensive problems that plagued Madrid in many of their games. The Croatian midfielder is one of the most versatile in the world and despite his injury should keep his rating for next year – where if he manages to stay fit should keep his rating for FIFA 16.

CAM – James Rodriguez – 85
There is no doubt that Rodriguez is a very talented footballer and had a very attractive rating of 86 this season, but to hold such a high rating and perform as he did last season is not enough to keep it. He should be reduced to an 85 – still a very high rating – and will need to do more with the ball in the team to get his rating higher.

CM – Toni Kroos – 85
One of the world’s best midfielders in 2014, Kroos did not always reflect on this fact in the 2nd half of the 2014-15 season. His talent should be enough to keep him at an 85 rating but Kroos has to perform to a higher level in 2015-16 if he is to retain a high rating going forward.

CAM – Isco – 85
Isco is one of the most promising midfielders in world football and has earnt comparisons with France legend Zinedine Zidane – so it is no surprise that an upgrade is predicted to be heading the Spaniards way. Along with Marcelo Isco was the source of much of the attacking output during Madrid’s worst form and his rating for FIFA 16 should recognise that.

CM – Asier Illaramendi – 79
Illaramendi’s rating is a tough one to predict. Whilst the Spaniard is clearly talented and possesses great ability he did not play well during the 2014-15 season and has not done enough to warrant an upgrade. He has been linked with a move away from Real Madrid and perhaps a stint at a club away from Spain (possibly Liverpool) will help him find his form from his Sociedad days.

RW – Gareth Bale – 87
Bale received the harshest of any criticism bar Casillas at Madrid last season – some of which was warranted – but perhaps if the critics turned to some of his teammates rather than focusing on the Welshman all the time the team could have progressed. It was by no means a successful season but one only has to look at the impact Bale has had in the European qualifying to see that he clearly has a lot of talent and is still one of the best attackers around on his day. It is too easy to single out Bale when Ronaldo, Rodriguez and Kroos were all just all poor at times last season, and he should keep his rating.

LW/ST – Cristiano Ronaldo – 92
It is seasons like this that separate Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as players in my opinion. Whilst the Argentine adapted to his new role at RW, reinvented himself to accommodate his teammates and formed the unstoppable trio with his South American team mates, Ronaldo littered his season with episodes and arguments – arguing with Bale for ‘not passing to him enough’, having tantrums when failing to score, ignoring his teammates to try and shoot and then missing himself. In addition to this Ronaldo had little to no impact in the Champions Leagues latter stages, easily phased out of the game by a Juventus backline and really any team with a competent set of defenders. Whilst Messi was making Bayern look like amateurs Ronaldo drifted around the wings, waiting for something to happen.

Ronaldo is, of course, one of the best footballers in the world – but to be a Ballon D’Or winner you have to be the best in the world – making the biggest impact in the biggest games. And it is all very well scoring 5 past teams like Granada but to win trophies you have to score in the big games, which Ronaldo did not manage. He shouldn’t lose his rating as he is still the leading goal scorer of Europe – but the season has shown why Messi should be a higher rated player for FIFA 16, and what Ronaldo will have to do if he is to reach those heights.

ST – Karim Benzema – 86
Benzema has gone along time at Real Madrid without fully getting the respect and plaudits that he deserves, and with top clubs across Europe seeking his services it is high time FIFA give him an upgrade for FIFA 16. He is an accomplished striker and will score if given the service, as he has done for Madrid. Should be in line for an upgrade going into FIFA 16.



FIFA 16 Atlético de Madrid Players Predictions

FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions


A season that, whilst not as successful as the 2013-14 campaign, still earnt them a 3rd place La Liga finish and a Champions League quarter final. Despite losing Miranda and Turan the side will still have a strong side to challenge in 2015-16, and their FIFA ratings should reflect that.


GK – Miguel Angel Moya – 81
Moya had an impressive season in his first year at Atletico and his rating should be upgraded to match that. He is another Spanish goalkeeper who has the misfortune of having such quality ahead of him in the national team as he could easily play for a decent national XI.

GK – Jan Oblak – 80
Oblak impressed in the Champions League, particularly against Real Madrid, and has been a solid replacement for Thibaut Courtois since the Belgian returned to Chelsea. Oblak should be in line for a decent upgrade and a boost up to the 80+ section, as he is a very decent goalkeeper.

RB – Juanfran – 81
Juanfran has been one of the most consistent performers at Atletico for a while and his rating in FIFA 16 should reflect that. His loyalty to the club amidst bids from across Europe will be much appreciated in Madrid as his ability is up there with the best full backs in world football – if not recognized by as many as others are.

RB – Jesus Gamez – 78
As a deputy full back Gamez has done the job required for Atletico and should not lose his rating. His lack of game time when compared to others around him is what prevents him from getting a higher rating – he should remain at 78.

LB – Guilherme Siqueira – 78
The Brazilian fullback is heavily linked with Juventus, and for good reason as Siqueira was a solid performer for Atletico in 2014-15. His ability is underrated by many – even so, it should see him receive a boost up to 78 for FIFA 16.

LB – Filipe Luis – 82
At Chelsea Luis did not see much first team action thanks to the solid form of Cesar Azpilicueta, but a season on the sidelines should not detract from how useful a player Luis is when deployed in the side. A key part of the 2013-14 side for Atletico, he should retain his rating for next season.

CB – Diego Godin – 85
With Miranda now sold to Inter Milan, the role of Diego Godin at the club is more important than ever for 2015-16. He has been a truly excellent CB for the Spanish side for the majority of his tenure at the club and his leadership at the back will be vital if Atletico are to hit the same heights of the 2015-16 season again.

CB – Stefan Savic – 80
A highly successful season with Fiorentina should see Savic boost his rating up to 80 for FIFA 16. His form was one of the main factors in the Italian side’s run to the Europa League semi-finals, and will be a key player in the Madrid defence for next season.

CB – Jose Gimenez – 75
Gimenez is one of the young stars of the future and the 2014-15 season at Atletico proved that, with solid defensive performances throughout the campaign. He should make the step up to a Gold card next season and should be able to develop his skills in the Madrid team throughout their campaign.

CAM – Koke – 84
Koke is one of the most highly coveted young players in Europe at the moment, with many major teams linked with him and Atletico fighting in recent years to keep Koke at the club. His ability has been known for years and it is surely time the Spaniard receives a major boost to the 84 region for next FIFA.

CM – Raul Garcia – 81
Raul Garcia has performed exceptionally well for Atletico for a number of years now and an upgrade should surely be on its way for FIFA 16. One of the highest scoring midfielders in the league, Garcia has performed above the rating he currently has and is likely to be the recipient of a major boost next year.

CDM – Gabi Alonso – 83
Gabi is one of the most reliable midfielders in La Liga not playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid, and his rating should reflect that for FIFA 15. He has commanded the Atletico defence for years and deserves a rare card and a boost in rating.

CM – Tiago – 82
Tiago’s consistency in the middle of the pitch for Atletico is one of the reasons their team is considered to be so well drilled and organized, and his ability is always used well in the middle of the field. His rating should receive a boost as with the other midfielders at the club, and his card should be made rare.

ST – Antoine Greizmann – 85
Greizmann has emerged as a major goal threat for Atletico, with 22 coming from 37 games in 2014-15, and a major upgrade should be heading his way. He has proven that he can be effective up front and should receive a position change to striker, and a major boost up to the mid-high 80s next FIFA. Potentially hitting the high of his career too at 24, the future looks bright for Greizmann.

ST – Jackson Martinez – 83
Martinez’s move to the Liga BBVA should be enough to get EA’s attention and give the Colombian a deserved upgrade – at Porto his form was excellent but the Portuguese League suffers from ignorance relating to ratings and in forms and their players often do not receive upgrades. Martinez will surely grow into his new role at Madrid and become a key player.

ST – Fernando Torres – 80
Torres will probably never return to the form that he had during his first stint at Atletico, but his experience and loyalty to the club cannot be found in many other players. Having said that, it is clear that his ability as a striker is declining and a downgrade for FIFA 16 should reflect on that fact.



FIFA 16 Valencia Players Predictions

FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions


Years of financial instability have come to a halt, and for the first time since 2012 Valencia have qualified for the Champions League. This should see a number of players gain upgrades in time for the new season, where they should be able to compete in La Liga as some of the league’s best.


GK – Diego Alves – 83
There is no doubt that Alves is a top goalkeeper and has been crucial in raising Valencia up the table and back into the Champions League. His card should receive a decent upgrade to match his form as well, and he should be considered as one of the best goal keepers in the league as a result.

RB – Joao Cancelo – 72
Cancelo enjoyed a solid, if brief, stint on loan at Valencia last year and his permanent deal to Spain should see him build on that form. With Pereira sold Cancelo will no doubt be a good choice if main full back Barragan is unavailable.

RB – Barragan – 77
A solid season with Valencia should see Barragan move his rating up to the Gold standard in FIFA 16. Barragan has been a solid performer at the club in his tenure there and a hefty upgrade is surely on its way for the Spaniard.

LB – Gaya – 78
Gaya is a defender tipped to be one of the best worldwide in the future and his continued success at Valencia is certainly a major stepping stone to arriving at that level. Gaya should be able to boost himself well into the Gold category and make himself well known on the European stage in the Champions League next year – and should be given a rating that matches his ability seen at the club.

LB – Lucas Orban – 75
Orban was a more than adequate stand in for Gaya in 2014-15, with solid performances against Real Madrid being hugely appreciated by the Valencia fans. As a result the Argentine should also be on the receiving end of a major boost for FIFA 16, and will be expected to continue his newly found form.

CB – Shkodran Mustafi – 80
The German international had a solid season at Valencia in 2014-15 and should receive a major upgrade and a rare card for FIFA 16 as a result. He has been a major player at the CB role for both Germany and Valencia and should have a rating that gives him more credit for it.

RM – Sofiane Feghouli – 82
Feghouli is a strong option for Valencia at any time in a game, and his rating next year should reflect that – a minor boost would see him reach 82, a much fairer rating given how well the Algerian can perform for the side. He is part of an Algerian side looking stronger than ever, and will hopefully take that form to the Valencia side in 2015-16.

LM – Rodrigo De Paul – 76
A strong first season with Valencia should see De Paul become Gold in yet another upgrade for a silver player. Like Feghouli he represents another member of an ever improving Argentinian side – kept out of the team by the many talents that Argentina have going forward – and will hope to push himself more in 2016 for Valencia.

CM – Enzo Perez – 82
Solid form at Benfica earnt Perez a move to La Liga in January, and whilst his performances at Valencia were not exceptional his form in the Portuguese League make it clear that Perez is a very decent player to have in the team. Should receive a boost up to 82 to reflect on the form he showed at Benfica.

CM – Dani Parejo – 83
Parejo had a strong season at Valencia, with 12 goals and 5 assists being crucial in firing Valencia into the top 4. The Valencia captain will surely receive a substantial upgrade to put himself into the higher class of midfielders, as his passing and technical skill should not be ignored in the Valencia team.

CDM – Javi Fuego – 79
Fuego has proven to be a solid option for Valencia to stabilize the defence, and is very affective when deployed behind Perez and Parejo. He should receive a small boost up a rating to reflect on this for FIFA 16.

CM – Andre Gomes – 78
A young prospect in the making, Gomes has shown that he has what it takes to be a top midfielder in the future, and the latest in the long line of talented midfielders being developed in La Liga. He should receive a substantial upgrade for FIFA 16 as his technical ability already shows he can play at a high level for Valencia.

LW – Pablo Piatti – 81
Piatti is yet another talented attacker developing his skill at Valencia, and his technical ability at the club will surely be appreciated in a Champions League campaign at the club. A minor boost up to 81 should be heading the Argentine’s way for FIFA 16.

ST – Paco Alcacer – 81
Paco Alcacer was top scorer at Valencia last year with 14 goals in all competitions, and his ability up front will surely be key in keeping Valencia in the top 4 for 2014-15. At 21 Alcacer has a promising future ahead of him and an upgrade will likely be heading towards the Spaniard.

ST – Rodrigo – 80
Rodrigo did not hit the same goal scoring heights that he found at Benfica, and unlike Perez who had a good first half and an average second half, Rodrigo did not play to the level seen at the Portuguese club. He should keep his rating though and will be expected to play to a higher standard in 2015-16.

ST – Alvaro Negredo – 83
The former Man City striker did not find the goalscoring form that has accompanied him in previous years, and it has not helped that he has been behind both Alcacer and Rodrigo in the first team – so he should not receive an upgrade. However the form of previous seasons should not see him downgraded – his ability to find the net still remains and having three quality strikers at the club for the Champions League will no doubt help the squad.



FIFA 16 Sevilla Players Predictions

FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions


Despite finishing outside the top 4 in La Liga Sevilla enjoyed a successful campaign by lifting the Europa League in May. As a result they still qualify for the Champions League for 2015-16, and many of their players will be expected to receive upgrades for FIFA 16.


GK – Beto – 82
Beto was shortlisted for the goalkeeper of the year, and when you find yourself along names such as Manuel Neuer and Thibaut Courtois there must be something special about your performances. Despite being sidelined for much of the year Beto is still a top goalkeeper and should receive an upgrade and a boost in rating for FIFA 16.

GK – Sergio Rico – 75
Last year Sergio Rico did not even have a card in Ultimate Team – but his elevation to the first team following the injury to Beto displayed his goalkeeping ability. He should be in line for a major upgrade for FIFA 16, as his performances in goal for Sevilla were a major factor in the Europa League triumph.

RB – Coke – 79
A solid season at right back for the Spanish defender should see him gain an upgrade. Despite being sidelined for Aleix during periods in 2014-15 there is no doubt that Coke is a decent defender and deserving of an upgrade.

RB – Mariano – 75
Mariano has improved his game at Bordeaux and will be a much welcomed addition to the Sevilla squad in the Champions League next season. He will provide depth in squad for when the new campaign starts and should have a rating to put him into the Gold rank of players.

LB – Benoit Tremoulinas – 79
Tremoulinas played a key part in the Europa League campaign and should have a boost in rating to reflect that. The French fullback was defensively solid for Sevilla and such ability at the back deserves a higher rating and probably a rare card to complement it.

CB – Adil Rami – 79
Rami endured a tough time in the heart of a struggling Milan defence, and in all reality could potentially face a downgrade for FIFA 16 – yet watching Milan’s performances show that he was easily one of their better performers of recent years. Should do much better in a more assured back line and as a result should keep his rating.

CB – Nicolas Pareja – 80
Pareja performed to a high level up until his injury towards the end of the season at Sevilla, and were it not for his injury would have easily made the starting eleven in the final of the Europa League – as a result he should be looking at an upgrade for FIFA 16 to put him into the 80+ zone of defenders.

CB – Daniel Carrico – 80
Carrico’s experience in the Europa League is rivalled by few others, and was one of the major factors in their eventual victory in the competition. He should be looking at a boost up to 80 for his role in the Sevilla team, and will likely join Pareja on an 80 rating next season.

RM – Jose Antonio Reyes – 78
Whilst nowhere near the same player he was when he played for Arsenal Reyes still holds much of the technical ability that he had during his younger years, and his role in the Europa League win should still be taken seriously. He is a talented veteran of the sport and will likely be the recipient of a small upgrade for his work in the team.

LM – Vitolo – 81
The Spaniard was one of the best players at Sevilla last season and should receive a major upgrade to reflect on that fact. His pace and accuracy with his feet are key in the attack for his team and will no doubt impress in the Champions League next year – and his rating should reflect on that with a +4 potentially going into FIFA 16.

CM – Ever Banega – 82
Banega was yet another key player in Sevilla’s season, with his performances even including a man of the match in the final of the Europa League. He should be given a substantial boost up to 82 to reflect on his excellent passing and ball control, and will be a key component in the Sevilla team for 2015-16.

CDM – Gregorz Krychowiak – 82
Whilst teams like Real Madrid struggled without a proper CDM for much of the season, players like Krychowiak show just how important a talented player in the role can be. The Pole was crucial in the Europa League victory and should receive a major upgrade to complement that, and his deep lying role for Sevilla will be extremely hard to replicate overall.

CDM – Vincente Iborra – 79
Iborra had an average season with Sevilla, not being a major part of the team yet still doing his job when required. Whilst he by no means deserves a downgrade he will not be joining his colleagues in midfield and rise above the 80 rating.

CDM – Steven N’Zonzi – 77
A 6 year stint in the Premier League has come to an end, and N’Zonzi’s consistency in the heart of Stoke’s defence should see him gain an upgrade in time for FIFA 16. He will bring great squad depth to the Sevilla squad for next season, and if he matches his performances in the Premier League for Stoke Sevilla will have a very good player to rely on when their squad is running thin.

CM – Michael Krohn-Dehli – 77
The veteran Dane has long been a solid performer for Celta Vigo and now he gets the chance to perform in the Champions League around better players for Sevilla. He should get an upgrade as he definitely has the talent to make it into the team, and will be a much appreciated part of the team for 2015-16. Consequently, Krohn-Dehli should get a decent boost up to 77, and firmly into the Gold ranking rather than just on the cusp as he currently is.

ST – Ciro Immobile – 79
A disappointing year with Dortmund has seen the Italian striker shipped out on loan to Spain, where he will be expected to rediscover the form that earnt him an 80 rating. Nevertheless his poor performances for the German side should see him lose a rating and fall back down to 79 in FIFA 16.

ST – Kevin Gameiro – 81
Gameiro had an impressive season with Sevilla and is expected to lead the line going into the new season with Carlos Bacca sold to Milan. If he can find the form he held in the Europa League there may not be too much of a problem, and his rating should go up to reflect on the solid season Gameiro had for the club.


These were the FIFA 16 Liga BBVA Players Predictions. Stay tuned with us for more FIFA 16 Players Predictions.


The Author: Owen Macdonald

Owen Macdonald is a 25 year old from London, United Kingdom and supports Fulham FC. Whilst a relative newcomer to the Ultimate Team franchise, having created his first team in FUT 13, Owen’s passion and ever growing knowledge of the footballing world has led to a love for FUT.

His enthusiasm for the game is not matched by many, and if asked will gladly talk about FUT and football on the whole for hours. Away from football Owen is a keen writer and enjoys politics and cinema.


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  1. Also Fegouli’s name isn’t bold. Anyway good predictions, BUT too harsh on Real Madrid. Kroos deserves 86 while i guess James should be at least 86, while Varane’s age should help him to get 82 or even 83. Als Madrid wasn’t that bad even though they had some bad times. Also Iniesta should remain 89 and maybe have Vermaelen downgraded? Because being injured means that you are not having an impact on the squad – I can see Diaby getting a Silver and Wilshere 80 or 81. Anyway Dani Alves should remain the same becuase he’s into his 30s now…

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