FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips: Defending Tutorial

FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips: Defending Tutorial


If you want to have success into the pitch, you must to know the basic controls of the game.
In this tutorial we will share with you the best FIFA 16 tips about defending.

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Basic Defending Tutorial


Understanding the basics of defending is paramount to winning more matches in FIFA 16. Keeping your shape, understanding the correct tackle to use, and knowing when to sprint are essential in limiting goal-scoring opportunities for your opponent.

Before even making a tackle make sure you keep your shape running a centre backs up the pitch or leave holes in your defence.

Don’t rush into tackles. Hold your ground and players will often run into you mean you can win the ball with a tap of the Standing tackle box.

Make the standing tackle your preferred method. Sliding tackle should only be used for blocking shots or when you’re sure their work. And don’t sprint everywhere. It will drain your players stamina and attackers can use your momentum against you.

A strong defender is just as influential on a match as an attacker. The best defenders are excel at both standing and sliding tackles. They will also have strong anticipation and a great understanding of positioning.

Follow these tips and you will concede much less goals.


Here they are the main highlights about basic defending for FIFA 16:

    – Keep your team shape
    – Play patiently. Don’t rush into tackles
    – Only slide tackle when necessary
    – Use sprint sparingly


To make things easier to understand, watch this Basic Defending Tutorial video for FIFA 16:



Advanced Defending Tutorial


To be successful with advanced defending, you must understand where on the pitch to use certain tactics. Techniques such as teammate contain, jockey, push/pull, and slide tackling will help against the toughest players.

Team mate contain is great for putting extra pressure on a player with the ball. Hold hardly but don’t over use it to avoid pulling players out of

Hold LT (XBox) / L2 (Playstation) to jockey a player. Moving laterally it’s harder for an attacker to go around you and it’s great for preventing crosses.

Tap B (XBox) / O (Playstation) to push and pull an opponent when running shoulder-to-shoulder or hold B (XBox) / O (Playstation) to hold a player. Don’t over used it or it could give away a free kick or a penalty. When pressing with a slide tackle, use your momentum to get on your feet again quickly.

Finally if players keep getting out of the defence try creating a custom tactic with a deeper defensive line.

Follow these tips and you will stand more chances of keep your clean sheet.


Here they are the main highlights about advanced defending for FIFA 16:

    – Team mate contain applies extra pressure with an A.I. defender
    – Jockey players to prevent crosses
    – Disturb runs using push and pull
    – Press slide tackle again to get on your feet quickly


To make things easier to understand, watch this Advanced Defending Tutorial video for FIFA 16:

 FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips: Defending Tutorial


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