FIFA 16 Wishlist and Rumours: Players Ratings

FIFA 16 Wishlist and Rumours: Players Ratings


Share with us your players ratings wishlist and get to know if the rumours will meet your expectations or not.


The players ratings of FIFA 16 were been gradually announced since the first week of September.


FIFA 16 Wishlist and Rumours: Players Ratings


This is the time of the year in which everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams with the perfect FIFA. In order to have the best FIFA possible, it is important that players ratings be as real as possible.

One of the most discussed updates has to be with the best players of the world. Part of the community wants Ronaldo with the same rating of Messi. They were also very clear about a few upgrades, like with Pogba, De Gea, Diego Costa, Rakitic, Alexis Sánchez and Boateng. In the opposite side, they also think that Casillas, Diego Lopez, Farfán and Negredo ratings should be downgraded.

Which chances they have to see their requests in FIFA 16 ? Continue reading to find out…

FIFA 16 Wishlist and Rumours: Players Ratings

Depending on the progression that had the previous season, it is natural that some players are overvalued and others undervalued. In that cases theirs ratings should be updated. Which new players ratings may we expect to FIFA 16 ?

According to EA Sports, the players ratings that we can see on screenshots and on the trailers are not final. But they could be. In previous years, the provisional players ratings were final. According to the Alpha version of FIFA 16, these are the Real Madrid and Barcelona ratings:


Ronaldo 93 Marcelo 82
Modric 88 Varane 82
Ramos 87 Carjaval 80
Kroos 87 Arbeloa 79
Bale 87 Coentrao 79
James 87 Illarra 78
Benzema 86 Keylor 78
Casillas 84 Lucas Silva 75
Isco 84 Jesé 75
Pepe 83

FIFA 16 Wishlist and Rumours: Players Ratings

Messi 94 Bravo 84
Iniesta 90 Alves 83
Suarez 89 Mascherano 83
Neymar 88 Rakitic 83
Piqué 87 Alba 82
Xavi 87 Ter Stegen 82
Busquets 86


More players ratings will be revealed in early august during the FIFA 16 Gamescom presentation. Obviously, we will publish them here.


6 thoughts on “FIFA 16 Wishlist and Rumours: Players Ratings”

  1. Prince O Farah

    By the way, are you making any more articles on ratings? I would love to do a similar sort of review for another team on here.

  2. Prince O Farah

    Here would be my ratings for the Madrid + Barca teams:

    Real Madrid –
    Casillas (even if he isn’t there any more) 82
    Carvajal – 80
    Ramos – 85
    Pepe – 82
    Marcelo – 83
    Kroos – 85
    Modric – 88
    Rodriguez – 85
    Bale – 87
    Benzema – 86
    Ronaldo – 92
    Isco – 84
    Varane – 81
    Arbeloa – 77
    Coentrao – 80
    Illaramendi – 78
    Navas – 80
    Jese – 76

    Ronaldo is a very good player, but in the big games this season he has been found lacking and has not made his ability count when it matters most – not enough for a downgrade, but certainly not warranting anything more than his current rating of 92. Downgrades for Casillas, Pepe and Ramos as the defence was woeful at times, Marcelo gets an upgrade for being their best offensive player when the forwards were misfiring. Modric should get an upgrade too as whenever he played Madrid looked a more solid outfit, whilst James and Kroos both lie on 85, as they are both on that sort of level. Benzema goes up a rating for being decent whenever he plays, whilst Bale, despite taking a lot of criticism, keeps 87 as I don’t really think he was that poor and received a lot more flack despite other players getting away with stick (Ronaldo comes to mind)

    Barcelona –
    Bravo – 84
    Dani Alves – 84
    Pique – 86
    Mascherano – 84 (should be higher at CDM)
    Alba – 82
    Rakitic – 85
    Busquets – 86
    Iniesta – 88
    Messi – 94
    Suarez – 90
    Neymar – 88
    Xavi – 84
    Ter Steigen – 84
    Mathieu – 81
    Pedro – 83
    Rafinha – 80
    Bartra – 77
    Adriano – 78

    The fact that Messi scored fewer goals than Ronaldo should be irrelevant – both scored more than enough to put them in their ‘worlds best’ status. It is the clear difference that Messi had in the important games, such as the Clasico or the Champions League semi final v Bayern, that earns him a +1 in rating. Suarez and Neymar should also go up one each as they were both sublime. In midfield I would probably give both Iniesta and Xavi a marginal downgrade simply because they aren’t as physically up there or as influential as they once were – but I would still give them great passing and vision based stats. Rakitic should be at least on the same level as James and Kroos, and Busquets closer to Modric as their midfield often made the difference compared to Madrid. The defence was excellent at times (even if they refuse to play Mascherano at CDM) and really was the difference between the two – Pique is a better defender than Ramos and his rating should show that, Alves and Alba are excellent full backs and deserve an upgrade, and both keepers should retain an upgrade and a higher rating overall, at 84.

  3. modric deserves 87, Kroos and Ramos 86, Benzema 85, Isco 85, Arbeloa 76 and Fabio Coentrão 77

    Iniesta does deserve 88, Suárez 90, Piqué 87 is maybe too high, 86 would be fine, Rakitic does deserve 86, Busquets maybe 87(he’s so underrated) Bravo 85, Dani Alves 84, Mascherano 84 also and Ter-Stegen 83

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