FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team


Read our FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team to avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary spending. Many players have plans to buy FIFA 17 but they never thought about what’s carried over from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. They should do it and as soon as possible. For those, this guide may be very disappointing. Prepare yourself properly for the new FUT.

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Introduction to FIFA 17 carryover
What’s carried over ?
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Introduction to the FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide

Why the FIFA 17 carryover transfer details are so important?

We thought that creating a guide like this wouldn’t be really necessary since most players already know what they’ll be able to carry over to FUT 17. However, we started receiving several help requests concerning this theme. A lot of our followers have started playing FUT this year, so this is completely understandable. Even we ourselves have been in this position seven years ago when we first started playing and looking for the same answers. We have been receiving these questions so frequently that we felt the need to look all over the internet and see if there are really that many people in the same situation… and yes there are. The bad thing is that among all the answers given by the most experienced community players, there are many, many inaccuracies and contradictions.

Whoever is familiar with us knows that we don’t like to leave the slightest questions unanswered. That is why we’ll be exploring everything there is to know about the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team carrying over: what you’ll keep from the previous game, what happens if you switch consoles, what you need to do to switch to FUT 17 and how FIFA points transaction works. No matters if you are a FUT 16 regular gamer or fresh to the game, keep up with us as we clear things up. As always we will swot up your knowledge and bring you right up to date with what is going on!



What’s carried over to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team ?

Which items you can and you can’t bring to FIFA 17

FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team


This is the most important question: will I keep my coins and players from FUT 16 ? What can I bring to FUT 17 ? We’ll be as clear as we possibly can:


Non-transferable Items


These ARE NOT carried over to FUT 17:

– Coins;
– Cards;
– EASFC Catalogue Items;
– Match History;
– Current Division;
– Trophies;
– Xbox Achievements or PSN Trophies.



If you didn’t know coins can’t be transferred to FUT 17, then you must be disappointed. We’ve all been there so don’t worry, you eventually get over it. Plus buying cards won’t help since they can’t be transferred as well. Don’t know what to do with the coins you’ve been arduously collecting for a year? Give them to someone you know who will not play FIFA 17.



If you’ve got Messi in your team and you’re buying FIFA 17, it’s time to say goodbye to him. None of the cards you currently have in your club will be transferred to FUT 17: not the players, staff, consumables or even your club items. Nothing.


EASFC Catalogue items

The EASFC Catalogue is a kind of a store where players can exchange FC Credits for hundreds of items. For Ultimate Team it’s possible to increase the targets and transfer lists, receive coin bonuses, change the club’s name, increase the maximum number of squads, get players on loan, and even buy “super” 99 contracts for your players. Since this catalogue changes from FIFA to FIFA, you won’t be able to bring items you purchased on previous games. But don’t worry. You will be able to redeem the items of the new catalogue as long as you have enough Football credits to buy them.


Match History

Are you that one who’s in the Leaderboard TOP 100? Congratulations. Time to take a screenshot, otherwise this awesome deed will be easily forgotten, left behind to ashes. Your Wins/Draws/Losses history will be lost when you stop playing FIFA 16. It won’t count towards FIFA 17. And even if you decide to keep playing it, EA will put an end to it in less than 2 years because, well, they’d just rather not keep spending money on servers few people will playing at. In their words, they do this so they’re able to ‘enhance the user’s experience‘. Better just go take a screenshot then, huh ?


Current Division

Do you think that reaching division 1 has never been so hard as in FUT 16? If you’ve done it, you’re probably constantly struggling not to get relegated to division 2. What if you get relegated to division 10? This is what will happen when you start FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. If you think you’ll just humiliate your opponents, just forget it. Everyone starts at division 10: the good and the bad players.



The list of things you’re going to lose for FUT 17 is just endless, isn’t it ? Just like Juventus ten years ago, you will lose all your tournament and season titles if you start a new FIFA. Except for the fact that you haven’t done anything wrong.


Xbox 360 Achievements or PSN Trophies

You already know this one: new game, new achievements/trophies. Achieving objectives that each console grants you will not be related to FIFA 17, naturally, because they’re specific for each game. Waiting for a TOTW card from a pack? EA thanks your effort. Or not.


Transferable Items


These ARE carried over to FUT 17:

– Established Date;
– XP Level;
– FC Credits;
– Club Name;
– FIFA Points.


Established Date

This one is obvious: whether you are a FUT Founder or your club was established this time last year, your established date will remain the same in FIFA 17. There are many complains about established dates, so if your date was wrong in FUT 16, it will still be wrong in FUT 17. There are things that never change.



XP leveling is a system that a measures how experienced you are in the FIFA universe. Every time you earn XP, you gradually build up your leveling bar until you reach a new level. Once you unlock a level, you’ll never lose it within your account. It doesn’t matter the game mode, platform or the game on its own, basically you’re going to maintain on FIFA 17 the XP you have at the time. You can even go back to FIFA 16 and still earn XP. It’s shown on the superior right corner of the screen, placed below your ID. Maintaining your XP will give you some advantage over the beginners because you’ll have access to several EASFC Catalogue items they don’t.


FC Credits

FC Credits (Football Club Credits; FCC) is the coin used on EA Sports Football Club. Works exactly like the XP, being linked to your Origin account and not directly related to the FIFA you’re playing. It’s basically used to purchase EASFC Catalogue items and it’s shown immediately in front of the XP. Don’t forget to save a few FCC to purchase coin boost items at the start of FUT 17.


Club Name

One of the things EA Sports allows you to keep on FUT 17 is your club name. When you start it for the first time you’ll be asked if you wish to change it or just leave it the same. If you choose yes, you’ve got the right to keep it. You can only change it later buying the club name changing EASFC Catalogue item or through the Manager Tasks. If you choose no, you’ll be creating a new name and the old one will be available for other people to use.


FIFA Points

FIFA Points are an alternate to coins that are used to purchase FUT packs in the store or enter FUT Drafts. If you don’t intend to spend all your FIFA Points on FUT 16, you can transfer them to FUT 17. You can even buy some by the end of FUT 16 so you can use in the FUT 17 released date, since it won’t be purchasable during the FIFA 17 Web App Webstart period. However, this is a one-time transfer, so you’ve got to be careful when you start the game for the first time. If you have an EA or Origin Access membership, you be able to make the transfer during early access.

FIFA Points can only be shared between same consoles, so if you buy them on Xbox One you can’t use them on Xbox 360 and if you buy them on PS4 you can’t use them on PS3.


FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team



Starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

What do you need to start playing FUT 17

FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team


After so many disadvantages you might be wondering if it’s worth it or not getting the new FIFA 17. If you’re a fan of the series, it’s safe to say that we recommend it. Besides the renewed experience inside the pitch, you’ll be able to build your team based on what’s going on in the real life football. The transfer market will allow new combinations of players and their ratings will be updated. Before you know you’ll forget what was left behind.

In order to start playing FUT 17 you obviously need to buy FIFA 17. Use the same Origin account you’ve been using so that the system recognizes all your data: FCC, XP, club name and FIFA Points. The older players’ fidelity will be rewarded with early access to the Web App around 2 weeks before the official game release date; all that followed by free starter packs.



FIFA 17 Ultimate Team on a new console

What happens when you switch console

FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team


New Gen Consoles are getting cheaper and for that reason many players will use FIFA 17 as a reason to upgrade to the new consoles generation. If that’s your case, get to know what you have to do so that everything’s fine. The FIFA 17 carryover for a new console is a topic little more complicated than it seems, so we’ll try to simplify:


Different Platform, from FUT 16 to FUT 17 or from FUT 17 to FUT 17

    From PS3, PS4 or PC to XBox 360 or XBox One (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)
    From PS3, PS4 or PC to XBox 360 or XBox One (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox 360, XBox One or PC to PS3 or PS4 (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox 360, XBox One or PC to PS3 or PS4 (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3 or PS4 to PC (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 or PS4 to PC (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)

    You’ll only keep what’s linked to your Origin account. That is your XP and FCC.


Same Consoles, from FUT 16 to FUT 17

    From PS4 to PS4 (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)
    From PS3 to PS3 (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox One to XBox One (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox 360 to XBox 360 (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)
    From PC to PC (FUT 16 -> FUT 17)

    Switching consoles doesn’t mean any disadvantages since you use the same platform (Playstation or Xbox) and Origin account. We’ve talked about what’s being lost and kept earlier in this article. In other words, you will keep the XP level, FC Credits, name and FIFA Points, and you will lose the coins, cards, EASFC catalogue items, match history, current division, trophies and awards.


Same Platforms, from FUT 17 to FUT 17

    From PS3 to PS4 (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From PS4 to PS3 (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox 360 to XBox One (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox One to XBox 360 (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)

    This is something has changed in FIFA 16. You no longer can share your stuff between different consoles, even if you are still playing in the same platform.
    This means coins, club items and transfer market items will no longer be shared between Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and between PS3 and PS4. You’ll only keep what’s linked to your Origin account. That is your XP and FCC.


Same Consoles, from FUT 17 to FUT 17

    From PS4 to PS4 (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From PS3 to PS3 (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox One to XBox One (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From XBox 360 to XBox 360 (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)
    From PC to PC (FUT 17 -> FUT 17)

    Whoever plays FUT 17 on a console will be able to keep absolutely everything when they switch to another console. Won’t see a difference. Just use the same Origin account and you’ll be able to see the system recognizing your XP, for example. However, you’ll be requested to restart Ultimate Team if you’re not logged in with your PSN ID or Gamertag. Don’t ignore this simple step.


73 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Carryover Transfer Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team”

  1. If I had fifa 15 on xbox 360 and get fifa 18 on xbox one…would i get any ‘loyalty’
    packs at the beginning?

  2. Hi Rodrigo,
    I want to ask you a question regarding playing ut with the same console….I’ve transfered my coins to a new account and then when I signed in and opened the ut there were no coins at all…The account is my friend’s account…..The established date and the name of the club is the same but when I enter ut I find everything different (starting from scratch)….my console is Xbox one….
    Thank you in advance ☺

  3. Hello, what can i do if when i start FUT17 for first time i didnt select to save everything from FUT16 and game start with a new team?
    I can make this selection again?
    If i go in FUT16 now again what happen?

  4. You are right, as a new player who invested considerably in FIFA 16 and still just learning the game, I am extremely disappointed that my over 8 million coins can not be transferred, in addition my my entire team of the year. As a result, I will not be spending any more money on EA Sports games. Let’s face it, In real life, your investments do not go blank and back to zero every year, rather they increase in value annually. Can you imagine if we were to save $1 million each year, just so that account would disappear by January 1 of next year? In my opinion, it is not a good business plan to have the game work like this. I would even argue the players market value would be more inflated now without the supply of more available players. Even if you give the players a 4% deduction in stacks per year apart, it would be better than totally eliminating the ability to transfer up and more your coins up. I see this as nothing more than a way to keep players buying points and spending money on the game once we are addicted. Fortunately there are other better entertainment values out there. Sorry FIFA, hasta la vista.

      1. Looks like I am addicted. Went back to FIFA 17, spent way too much money, didn’t get hardly any in form players, but I am still playing. At the end, I guess it is entertainment business. However, I am still not a great player, but I do enjoy it, even with all its frustrations.

  5. Hi! I have been playing Fifa 15-16 on Xbox one. I just bought Fifa 17and the system is not able to access my old UT team when i login with the same xbox account and says I’ve just started to player. It only allows me to transfer the fifa point. What can I do to recover my old team in fifa 17?

      1. I want to carryover my my club established date,e.g. 2012 Sep… Now it just show Sep 2016 and so which make me can’t get the royalty pack too, pls fix it
        My console is Xbox one

          1. Then I just need to wait?or anything I can do?
            So can I start to play FUT? Will ea delete my club? Or just change my established date and get me back the royalty pack

          2. Can we have a private check?
            My Xbox one id is Ching715, I sent an email to ea but no reply, can you please help to fix it first specifically

          3. To be honest, I believe that it may take several weeks. It seams to me that EA are not focus in fixing it. In the coming days the second game update will be released and this issue was not fixed yet.

  6. Hi Mr. Lopes,
    I have a quick question, it may sound kind of stupid. I’m thinking of buying a one month subscription to EA Access to play FIFA 17 on the early access. I’m going to buy the disc version on the release date. So if I buy FIFA points on the early release (which I’m not sure if I can or not yet) will it carry over to the disc game? I’m a noob at this, haha. I’m not sure if you can buy FP in the early release so please clarify! Thanks!

  7. Ive been using the web app and packed some decent players. Will they be available if i get a ps4 when my account in fifa 16 was on ps3

  8. I have a team worth around £3m coins in fut16 and I wanted to know if I sold it all to buy packs and found draft tokens could they be carried over to fut17 ??

  9. Very useful info but my vital question is, I’m upgrading to ps4 from ps3 will I receive my loyalty packs when I start playing on ps4 or are they stuck on ps3 account?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi Rodrigo,

    Thank you for all the info about the carryover to fifa 17. I have a related question and it might have allready been answered but, and I’m sorry if I am asking you to repeat yourself ones more, but I’d like to ask it anyway.

    I’ve been playing FIFA for years on the Xbox 360 but have recently pre-ordered FIFA 17 for the PS4. In all my excitement I’v entered the Web App on my old account (X360) and received some new packs. This is an old account and a different mail from what I’ve been using on my PS4

    I’m wondering if I’m able to transfer my Xbox 360 account with all these new players to my new account (PS4).
    If not is it still possible to transfer my XP level, my FCC and my established date?
    And if so, how do I do this? Do I change my old email adress to my new email adress in my EA-account?

    I understand if it is impossible to transfer the players, but it would be very frustrating if I won’t be able to transfer my XP lvl, FCC and established date.. (I’m lvl 82)..

    Thanks in advance.

    With kind regards,


    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      You already answered your question. ?
      No, you cannot transfer your cards and coins for PS4. However, you can keep your XP level, FCC and date. Just use the same email you used for XBox 360.

  11. What if you are planning on getting an XB1 in the near future but have already been on the Web App. Are they run on different servers e.g old gen and next gen. In short, will what I do on the web app have any bearing as I currently only have a 360 – could it transfer for when I get an XB1?

  12. I’ve accessed the Web app but can’t find the option to change console. Changing from xbox 360 to xbox one. Can anyone help??

  13. I have a tough question that I hope you can answer. I play on Xbox one and I recently got permanently banned from all online play on fifa 16. I really want to buy fifa points for fifa 17 early access. The only way to purchase fifa 16 points is to buy them from the Xbox one store. My question is, will the carry over process recognize that I have fifa 16 points to carry over, even though I am banned? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi.
      Sorry but you were right: it isn’t an easy question. Unfortunately, we don’t know.
      However, if you find the answer, please give us feedback because it will help us to answer right next time.

  14. Hello rodrigo maybe a weird question but can i buy fp on fut 16 after the release of 17 and then transfer them

    1. Hi.
      I think you can only do it if you buy the coins before you play the new game in your console.
      By the way: why do you want to do it? Why you don’t buy FIFA Points for FIFA 17?

  15. Hi Rodrigo,

    thanks for all the useful info on the carryover to fifa 17 ut as well as all the other info stuff you post on your web – highly appreciated and very useful.

    I am just wondering if there is a way to use in future both, my old fifa 16 ut account (to continue occassionally playing with my funny old squads), and a new one (to be opened up) for fifa 17 (which I have already preordered). I am using xbox one, and have there my default xbox profile to sign in for fifa 16 – and possibly I could open a new profile (together with my son) to be used for fifa 17 ut. Would that work? Would that mean a new origin account or is there a new xbox profile sufficient?

    I know then I would have to start from scratch concerning FFC points etc. but that would not cause me that much anger….

    Best regards

    1. Hi Gustav. Thank you for your kindly words.
      I don’t have a XBox One to try but I’m 95% sure that it is like PS4: you just need to create a new user in your console.
      By the way: why you want to do this? Just to have separate accounts? You can use your old account to access both FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 without problems.

      1. Hi Rodrigo,
        thanks for replying and clarifying. I am somehow an “unexperienced” user, having played fifa in the old days when I was a teen (in the 90ies) but there has been no UT that time. Thus, I have started again together with my son playing on mobile, later, since beginning of August, on xbox one. Thus, I thought that once you change to FIFA 17 and carrying over (as you explained in the main frame in detail) means to give up FIFA 16 UT. But as I interpret it now it only means to take the FCC, XP credity, club name to the new FIFA 17 UT (but of course not the players) – but that I, as you mentioned, can then still use my old squads in FIFA 16. That makes sense, and, of course, there is then no need for separate accounts … great! (Please correct me if I am wrong in my interpretation).
        By the way, assuming above is correctly interpreted I guess the companion app and web app would then only work for trading under the new FIFA 17.
        Best regards

        1. Hi.
          Your interpretation is correct. You don’t need separate accounts.
          You guess is correct too. As soon as the companion and web app are released, your apps are automatically updated for FIFA 17 and you no longer will be able to use the for FIFA 16.

  16. Hi, how can i play the fifa web app for PC account (fifa 17) when i’ve only got fifa 16 on ps3. Is there any way? it’s the same account (origin)

    1. You mean the early access, right? You will be able to play as a PS3 player but not for PC. Only later, after you play the game on your PC, you can change your persona in the web app.

  17. I’ve noticed youtubers are commenting about transferring fifa points over to the web app for the release of the webapp. Is this just an Xbox exclusive type deal or would i be able to do this pn the playstation too?

    1. It’s not exactly like that.
      In XBox One, you can carryover the FIFA Points to the early access and use them where you want, including the web app. You can only do it in XBox One because the other platforms don’t have early access.

  18. Hi Rodrigo,
    I see that you have mentioned this in the guide and I’m truly sorry if I ask you to repeat yourself but I would really appreciate your help! I’ve been playing FIFA on PC for 4 years now but this time I’m considering buying a PS4 and getting the new one there because I want to play FUT competitively. Will I be able to get the returning player bonuses in this case? Does EA have the same origin account for PC and PS? I’m just a bit misinformed since I have not owned a console so far and I would be really thankful if you can shed some light on the whole issue 🙂

    Cheers from Bulgaria and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi.
      That’s a good question and in fact we haven’t talked about it in this guide.
      You will be able to keep your XP level and FCC if you use the same origin account but you will not receive any returning bonuses.
      Moving to the PS4 was an amazing decision.

  19. Andrew Mallick

    What about players in fifa 17 beta. Will you have e them in full version fifa 17?

  20. If i buy fifa points at the end of fifa 16, will i be able to spend those on the web app?
    or do you need to wait untill the game releases to transfer and spend the fifa points…

    would be sick to have them on the web app 😀

  21. Hi, what happens when switching from ps3 to ps4 and from fifa 16 to fifa 17? I looked but I don’t think that was covered. Keep up the great work on this website. Alex

    1. Thank you for your question.
      In fact, FIFA Points carryover for FIFA 17 are not officially confirmed yet.
      However, we are almost sure EA will do it just like they did all these years. 99,9% sure.

      1. Thanks girl of to know I have like 30,000 Fifa points left over from Fifa 16 would be a shame for them to get wasted

  22. hatingEAandFUT

    What do you think about Chemistry being fundamentally broken for years? This is handicap exactly as defined. Players building the best teams have been handicapped and held back for years. Honestly this is quite despicable.

    1. All these years we have been saying to not use IF players because they are not good value for money. That’s why we only analyse NIF players in our league guides.
      Now people are realizing what we were saying.

      1. Immediately built a team with Legends + NIF Zlatan after this news broke, plays better than full TOTS featuring Higuian…Love your guides and articles, I know my main site for Fifa 17!

      2. Rodrigo, antes de mais obrigado por todos os artigos que são muito úteis!

        No que diz respeito à tua resposta, eu tenho o Konoplyanka IF (84) e o Krychowiak IF (83) e o Oblak TOTS (89) na minha equipa BBVA. Achas que estaria melhor servido com os originais? (Partindo do princípio que as coins já estão gastas e não fazem diferença)

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