FIFA 17 Community First Impressions



FIFA 17 is now available for all platforms, all around the world. It’s time to know the FIFA 17 community first impressions of the game. Share your thoughts with us.


FIFA 17 Community First Impressions


If you are a true fan of EA Sports FIFA franchise, you probably already are playing FIFA 17. We know that you are busy playing the game, but we are sure that you can pause it a bit and share with us your first impressions of the game. Take this chance to know the opinion of other players like you.

If you don’t know what to say about the new FIFA 17, we may help you suggesting you a few topics that we believe will be interesting for most of the community:

    Global opinion: better or worse than FIFA 16 ?
    How different is from the demo ?
    Menus Design
    Installation Issues
    Items stucked in the trade pile
    FIFA Points not credited
    EAS FC Catalogue Items Issues
    Manager Tasks Errors
    Another problems like freezings and lags
    Connection and DNF
    Difficulty level: more easy or more difficult ?
    Game Speed
    Goalkeeper Improvements
    New Animations
    Players Faces
    Women’s Addition
    New sound effects and commentaries
    Favourite Player
    Favourite Team
    Ratings of the Players
    New Legends
    New features of Ultimate Team
    Major negative and positive points
    Global Opinion
    Score (from 0 to 10)


FIFA 17 Community First Impressions


Use the comments section to share your opinion and don’t forget to respect the opinion of other players. Remember that there are many problems in the first weeks because servers are overloaded. Many of these issues will be fixed but, unfortunately, many others will keep in the game.

If you haven’t play it yet, you can know more about FIFA 17 here.


Please, share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is precious for everyone.


5 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Community First Impressions”

  1. Tobias Wilbek

    When does the squad guide for the different leagues come up?
    It helped me a lot last year!

  2. Hey guys, so my impressions after so 40 games (demo and EA Access) and thanks Rodrigo for the topics:
    Global opinion: better or worse than FIFA 16 ? – better, the game has made a step towards simulation, the battles for the ball and the new animations for stand tackle are great, the demo was a little bit faster, But I think we will see a comeback from pace abusers …

    Menus Design – not relevant for me, but I like the darker design more

    Bugs – no discovered yet

    Difficulty level: more easy or more difficult ? – more easy, of course the AI still sees more ball, but I have no problems to beat Legendary with a mediocre team (4 players gold, the rest bronze)
    Game Speed – it is a little bit faster than 16
    AI – computer AI of the opposite team is good, AI from my team is bad
    1. When I burst through the flanks, there is no one in the box
    2. My defenders are …. well stupid as hell, there not closing the gaps, they´re leaving their positions, they´re not covering etc.. The opposite team does not do that. It is still manageable.

    Goalkeeper Improvements – are bad, there is no use for bronze GK, I just used them for the Bronze tournament at sold them after that, also TOTW Donarumma did not saved a lame shot directed at him…

    New Animations – Frostbite is very very nice
    Players Faces – Frostbite is very very nice

    New sound effects and commentaries – the atmosphere is better, commentary as well

    Favourite Player – did not found anyone yet
    Favourite Team – Manchester United (Sparta Prague is not included)
    Ratings of the Players – generally satisfied, but there is probably a new trend from EA, the ratings were changed a lot based on the performances in the last season

    New Legends – Scholes is the man 🙂
    Soundtrack – is better, more rockish
    New features of Ultimate Team – Squad Buildings Challenges are great, but waste of coins/ money, FUT Champions will be tested later

    Score – solid 8

    You may like:
    – Physicality (Giroud is great addition to your BPL team)
    – threaded through pass (it is a little bit OP)
    – set pieces, penalties

    You may not like:
    – AI of your team, AI of the opposite team
    – the AI tactics on the pitch is the same, hence boring
    – crosses
    – dribblers and mazy players, because the game favours them

    If you want me to add me on Xbox: Salwin83

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