FIFA 17 Community Week Promotion Guide & Updated Offers

FIFA 17 Community Week Promotion Guide & Updated Offers for FUT 17


FIFA 17 Community Week is a yearly promotion created to celebrate the growing FIFA community. This FUT event, the last one of the season, may include free Draft tokens, happy hours and daily SBCs. In this guide you can know everything about the FIFA 17 Community Week, including how it affects the market, how it was in previous years and an updated promotional offers list.

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FIFA 17 Community Week Promotions Introduction

What is the Community Week event?

The FIFA Community Week was first introduced by Electronic Arts in FIFA 15. In that time, it was known as ‘FIFA Community Weekend’ but a year later it was extended for a whole week. This yearly promotion takes place in April or May and was created to celebrate the growing FIFA community. It is also a good event to renew interest within the FUT community at a typically quiet time, especially in the years without World Cup or Euro Championship.

During this week, fans can expect exciting offers every day. One of these offers may be free FUT Draft Token Pack which gives to players the chance to play FUT Draft without having to pay. The community is also usually rewarded with daily happy hours which includes the most popular packs. New SBCs are eventually available during the FIFA Community Week.

Details on FIFA 17 Community Week offers will be updated below.



FIFA 17 Community Week Date

When FIFA 17 Community Week promotion will be released?

The Community Week promotion has been going since FIFA 15.

For FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the Community Week estimated dates are:

FIFA 17 Community Week
28 April (Friday) to 5 May 2017 (Friday)


In the following table you can see the Community Week release dates of previous years:

Promotions Date
FIFA 17 28 April – 5 May 2017
FIFA 16 22-29 April 2016
FIFA 15 8-10 May 2015



FIFA 17 Community Week Offers

What you can win with the FIFA 17 Community Week Promotion?

No offers were announced yet.
We will be updating all the promotional offers as they become available.



FIFA 17 Community Week Offers of Previous Years

How was the Community Week in FIFA 16?

These were the offers available during the Coommunity Week last year.


FIFA 17 Community Week Guide & Updated Offers


To celebrate FUT 16 Community Week, EA Sports released special events throughout the week.

FUT Packs Offers
New FUT pack offer available on the FUT store every day: 1.8k Premium Bronze Players Packs, 7k Premium Silver Players Packs, 25k Premium Gold Players Packs, 25k Rare Gold Packs, 35k Mega Packs, 50k Rare Players Packs and 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs. 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Packs available all week.

FUT Featured Tournaments
A new Single Player or Online Tournament every single day.

Free FUT Draft
Free FUT Draft Token Pack. It includes the token and four other items.



How the Market is Affected by the Community Week

What happens to the cards’ prices during the Community Week?

The Community Week promotion has a low impact on the FUT 17 market. Player prices gradually decrease overall from the start of the season, until the next title is released. Keeping that in mind, it’s natural to see a slight decline in player prices throughout the Community Week promotion which can also be explained by best offers packs are available in the end of the week.

The Community Week is one of the last events of the season and that is why it influences cards’ prices much less than the first events of the game.

The market devaluation begins just on the first day of the promotion, since the big majority of the community isn’t aware that it will be released. During the week, prices are constantly falling, reaching a minimum on the last day. After the event, prices recover more than half of the loss.

DAY -2 -1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
% ↑ 0% ↑ 0% ↑ 1% ↑ 0% ↓ 1% ↓ 1% ↓ 1% ↓ 1% ↓ 2% ↑ 1% ↑ 2% ↑ 1% ↑ 0% ↑ 0%


The IF cards also lose value through the Community Week. However, the price recovery that follows happens in much less time.



FIFA 17 Community Week Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about FIFA 17 Community Week

Q: What is the FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: FIFA 17 Community Week is an event that Electronic Arts runs to celebrate the growing FIFA community.

Q: When is the FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: The promotion runs between 28 April (Friday) and 5 May 2017 (Friday) – estimated dates.

Q: What can we expect from FIFA 17 Community Week?
Eventually FUT pack offers, daily SBCs and free FUT Draft tokens.

Q: Can we expect 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs?
A: Yes. These packs are usually released during the Community Week promotions. We are estimating 100k packs for April 30, 2017.

Q: Can we expect a featured tournament related with the Community Week?
A: No. This year, EA replaced the themed tournaments by squad building challenges.

Q: How am I eligible to the FUT Draft pack?
A: First you need to own an Origin account created at least, one week before the event and completed a minimum of five matches in FUT 17. Then, you just need to log in to find the FUT Draft Token that is waiting for you.

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone during FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: No, not even Daily Gifts. Community Week is an end of season event. Don’t expect great offers as you can find in FUTmas, FUT United or FUT Birthday.

Q: Where I can see which offers are assigned for each day of FIFA 17 Community Week?
A: You can check in this page the complete program as soon as it becomes available.


Community Weekend History


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