FIFA 17 Demo Community First Impressions

FIFA 17 Demo Community First Impressions


FIFA 17 Demo is now available for all platforms, all around the world. It’s time to know the community first impressions of the game.


FIFA 17 Demo Community First Impressions


If you are a true fan of EA Sports FIFA franchise, you probably already have downloaded the new FIFA 17 demo. We know that you are busy playing the game, but we are sure that you can pause it a bit and share with us your first impressions of the game. Take this chance to know the opinion of other players like you.

If you don’t know what to say about the FIFA 17 demo, we may help you suggesting you a few topics that we believe will be interesting for most of the community:

    Global opinion: better or worse than FIFA 16 ?
    Menus Design
    Installation Issues
    Another problems like freezings and lags
    Difficulty level: more easy or more difficult ?
    Game Speed
    Pace Abusers
    Goalkeeper Improvements
    New Animations
    Players Faces
    The Journey game mode
    New sound effects and commentaries
    Favourite Player
    Favourite Team
    Major negative and positive points
    Global Opinion
    Score (between 0 and 10)


FIFA 17 Demo Community First Impressions


Use the comments section to share you opinion and don’t forget to respect the opinion of other players. Remember that this is a demonstration version and some problems may be fixed before the release of the final game.

If you haven’t play it yet, you can know more about the FIFA 17demo in this compact but accurate guide that we have published a few months ago. The demo is available for free to any gamer with XBox One, Playstation 4, XBox 360, Playstation 3 or PC and with an internet connection (XBox Live Silver subscribers will be available only one week later).


Please, share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is precious for everyone.


6 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Demo Community First Impressions”

  1. Global opinion: better or worse than FIFA 16 ? Better, far better.
    Menus Design. Love the dark colors, its far better than the light collors of fifa 16. But i loved the dark design of fifa 15 more.
    Installation Issues. It took a little bit long to install but idk if thats the problem from my internet or the Ea’s issieu.
    Another problems like freezings and lags bugs. Nothing i could fing.
    Difficulty level: more easy or more difficult ? It is like every fifa you have to learn the way you love to play it.
    Game Speed. It is more a passing game i think. I hope more stratigic so you can play the game you love. Passing, counter of attacking.
    Pace Abusers. Little bit but Fut is always different than you can see in the demo.
    AI. Good passers and they like possion.
    Goalkeeper Improvements. Not really, my first goal i got against me was throught the legs of the keeper. And he really should have got it.
    New Animations. Love the style ea build it. It is more about soccer now.
    Players Faces. Not really a opion or change.
    The Journey game mode. What i have seen now is amazing but i think it wil blow our minds and EA has a problem for fifa 18 to make something better.
    New sound effects and commentaries. No oppion, waiting for the full game.
    Favourite Player. Zlatan, always.
    Favourite Team. Bayern, strong, passing and attacking gods.
    Major negative and positive points….
    Global Opinion
    Score (between 0 and 10) 8

    1. This is the offline part of the game. Playing mostly offline, I can say online play is quite different from offline. In FUT 16 even offline is different: offline draft is different from offline divisions. Most people play online, this is means the demo is irrelevant.

      And btw on PC there are issues on older, but still good ATI radeon graphic cards. It seems that lazy EA doesn’t plan to support older drivers.

      Probably I’ll stay 2-3 months with Fut 16 and see how fut 17 develops- why change when a have a few tots teams? Eventually buy it later for 15-20 dollar to finance a new graphic card. Sorry EA. Actually not so sorry.

  2. First of all, the new graphics from frostbite is awesome, can’t wait to play this on ps4 pro! Pace doesn’t seem to mather, every player has similair pace in game as in FIFA 16, maybe more now..
    The through-passes are op as f.
    Every shot goes in top corner.
    I like the new small details like James tattoos and Comans braid.
    Just some thoughts from me 🙂

  3. The gameplay is kinda weird
    Anyways check out my YouTube Channel just ppu ShabesQue together like that in the search bar with capital S and Q thanks!

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