FIFA 17 Green Cards Guide – FUT 17 St Patricks Cards

FIFA 17 Green Cards Guide - FUT 17 St Patricks Cards


FIFA 17 green cards are awarded in FUT 17 to a selection of the best Irish players and released all at once in a single FUT squad of 23 players. It was created to celebrate the St Patricks Day. Let’s learn something more about these NIF Players cards.

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FIFA 17 Green Cards Introduction

What is a FUT St Patricks card?

To celebrate the Irish St Patricks Day, Electronic Arts introduced in FIFA 15 new green coloured cards. These not inform cards are assigned to a selection of the best Irish players and released all at once in a single FUT squad of 23 players.

These cards become available in packs for five days. During this period, which starts at 6pm (UK time), the FIFA 17 green cards replace the corresponding regular not coloured cards. In other words, if a player gets his St Patricks card in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Your odds of pulling a green card from a pack are exactly the same of pulling the day 1 card of that player in another time.

If you own the regular card of a St Patricks player, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the green version, you will need to buy the corresponding version in the market or pull it from a pack in that period.


FIFA 17 Green Cards Guide - FUT 17 St Patricks CardsFIFA 17 St Patricks Card



FIFA 17 Green Cards Availability

When the FUT St Patricks will be available?

The green cards are released once a year during the FUT St Patricks Day promotion. We estimate that the cards will added to FUT packs between 16 March (Thursday) and 20 March 2017 (Monday). The selection of the best 23 players from Republic of Ireland will be released at 6pm UK time.


FIFA 17 Green Cards Ratings and Stats

How big are the ratings and stats boosts?

The only difference between the St Patricks cards and their respective original NIF cards is the colour. There is no boost in the stats or in the attributes. During the period of the promotion, usually five days in mid March, a selection of player’s cards pulled from packs are released on green instead of their normal colours gold, silver and bronze. St Patricks are not In Form cards because there is no boost.

The green cards have the same quick sell prices of the others In Form cards. For that reason, their price ranges are also higher.



FIFA 17 Green Cards Prices

What happens to the green cards’ prices?

Despite not performing better in the pitch, the ‘greens’ are sold for a higher price in the FUT transfer market because of three main reasons: many people like to collect them; to fulfil the SBC requirements; the discard price of these cards are the same one of in form cards. The FIFA 17 green cards will be more expensive as soon as they are released.

Many Irish players increase in price a few days before the St Patricks Day SBC starts. Specific players will more than double in price, so investing early can make you a lot of FIFA 17 coins. Remember to sell before the promotion actually starts. The best time to buy Irish players is during the TOTY but beware as players are starting to invest earlier and earlier. Even some of the cheaper non-rares increase considerably in price, especially if they fit the SBC requirements and are given a green team card. You should sell your investments in the week before the promotion starts if you want to maximise your profit.



FIFA 17 Green Cards Overview

Basic information about FUT 17 St Patricks Cards

Colour | Green
How many Cards in FUT 17 | 23
How many times they are released | 1
How often they are released | Only once
How long they are in packs | 5 days
When they are released in packs | March
How big is the boost | There is no boost
Date of the first card in FIFA 17 | March
First Card in FUT History | Released for the first time in FIFA 15


FIFA 17 Green Cards Guide - FUT 17 St Patricks CardsFUT St Patricks Cards from FIFA 15 to FIFA 17



FIFA 17 Green Cards FAQ

What you need to know about FUT 17 St Patricks Cards

Q: What is a Green card?
A: The FIFA 17 green cards are awarded to a selection of the best Irish players to celebrate the St Patricks Day.

Q: When FIFA 17 green cards are released?
A: March 16, 2017. These cards are usually added to packs at 6pm (UK times).

Q: How long are FIFA 17 green cards available in FIFA packs?
A: Five days.

Q: Who chooses the FUT green cards?
A: EA Sports.

Q: Can a St Patricks player’s rating change?
A: No. The ratings and stats of the green cards are always the same of the respective original NIF cards.

Q: How can I get one of these cards?
A: You can get a green card in the same way you can get any other card: on packs or on the transfer market. If you want to try your luck on packs, you can go to the store and buy them with coins or FIFA Points.

Q: How easy is to find FIFA 17 St Patricks cards in FUT packs?
A: Your odds to find a specific St Patricks card are the same of finding the respective day 1 card in another time.

Q: In which FUT packs I can find FIFA 17 green cards?
A: St Patricks cards can be found in any pack with players cards. Obviously, the chances of finding one of these cards are higher if you open a pack which contains more player cards.

Q: I have the day 1 card of a St Patricks player. Why my card hasn’t changed?
A: Because the cards don’t change. You will need to buy the new card if you want the green version of that player.


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