FIFA 17 Reward Cards Guide (Squad Challenges and FUT Champions)

FIFA 17 Reward Cards Guide (Squad Challenges and FUT Champions)


FIFA 17 Reward Cards are a brand new category of FUT cards that can’t be found in packs. They are only available as rewards of the new game modes Squad Building Challenges and FUT Champions. Let’s learn something more about these FUT 17 cards.

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FIFA 17 Reward Cards Introduction

What is a Reward card?

FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges are two brand new game modes within FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Both reward the best players with special and unique FIFA 17 reward cards.

In FUT Champions, players are able to compete in daily cups with the goal of reaching the weekly cups and monthly finals. They need to play consistently well and climb the monthly leaderboards to earn in-game rewards and have the opportunity to take their game to the world stage, including the Ultimate Team Championship and the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC). Competition is the key word for FUT Champions. The game mode is viewed by Electronic Arts as the first step into the eSport world. That’s why this is the best rewarded mode of the FIFA franchise. Playing FUT Champions, the players are always able to win amazing in-game rewards like FUT packs, FUT coins and exclusive unique cards that can’t be found anywhere else.

In Squad Building Challenges, which are also available to play in the Companion App, the players have new opportunities to get creative and earn decent rewards. Users have a wide selection of dynamic scenarios to complete including Basic, Advanced and League Challenges. There are also various challenges that are updated throughout the season and even bigger rewards that are awarded when Group Challenges are successfully completed. Completing Challenges and Groups give access to FUT packs, coins and other unique items found only through Squad Building Challenges. The individual challenges themselves are rewarded with FUT packs and coins while completing groups gives access to even bigger rewards like unique player items. One of the aims of the Squad Building Challenges game mode is to allow players make use of cards they don’t need or leave rotting in their clubs, completing challenges and earning rewards for it.

Each one of these game modes has an exclusive reward card: blue and purple for Squad Building Challenges rewards; white for FUT Champions.


FIFA 17 Reward Cards Guide (Squad Challenges and FUT Champions)
FIFA 17 Reward Cards (Squad Building Challenges on the left and FUT Champions on the right – gold, silver and bronze)



FIFA 17 Reward Cards Availability

When the Reward Cards will be available?

FIFA 17 reward cards are always available in the game, since day 1. They can not be found in FUT packs or in the transfer market because they are untradeable.

The individual squad building challenges are rewarded with FUT packs and coins. However, the groups challenges are rewarded with a unique blue/purple player card that can not be sold. There is a limit of challenges a player can complete, which means that the number of these cards is also limited.

The exclusive white players cards are assigned to a player when he stand out in FUT Champions. These cards are available in gold, silver and bronze qualities, according to the difficulty of the achievement.



FIFA 17 Reward Cards Ratings and Stats

How big are the ratings and stats boosts?

You can have the regular card and the reward card of the same player in your club. However, you cannot use them both in your squad at the same time.

FUT Champions cards are not boosted. The only thing that changes i the colour. In other hand, Squad Building Challenges winners are rewarded with upgraded cards.



FIFA 17 Reward Cards Prices

What happens to the Reward cards’ prices?

The FIFA 17 reward cards are untradeable. They can not be sold, which means that they don’t have a price.

Their impact in the transfer market is minimum. They only affect the other cards of the player that features in the reward card.



FIFA 17 Reward Cards Overview

Basic information about FIFA 17 Reward Cards

Colour | Blue/Purple and White
How many Cards in FUT 17 | Less than 100
How long they are in packs | Never
When they are released in packs | Never
How big is the boost | –
Date of the first card in FIFA 17 | September 2016
First Card in FUT History | Released for the first time in FIFA 17



FIFA 17 Reward Cards FAQ

What you need to know about FUT 17 Reward Cards

Q: What is the a Reward Card?
A: It is a card that can not be found in packs or in the transfer market. They are unique items that players can get playing FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges.

Q: When FIFA 17 Reward cards are released?
A: They are not available in packs. FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenge winners can get one of these cards since day 1.

Q: Can I sell one of these cards?
A: No. They are untradeable.

Q: Can a reward player’s card rating change?
A: No.

Q: How can I get one of these cards?
A: Completing challenges or winning in FUT Champions mode.

Q: Are FIFA 17 Reward cards available in the FUT Draft mode?
A: No, they are not.


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