FIFA 17 Trading on the First Days – Webstart & Game Release

FIFA 17 Trading Guide for the First Days - Webstart & Game Release


The start of the game is one of the most unpredictable times of the season. It’s not easy to know if prices will fall or not. In this FIFA 17 Trading Guide for the First Days we will try to describe the prices behaviour during the webstart and after the game release.


FIFA 17 Trading Guide for the First Days

Trading during the webstart and the game release

There are variations in the market in the early days of the game. If this is the time you join FUT 17, it’s convenient that you know them. To make the things easier to understand, we will split the early days in three stages. Let’s resume what happens in the FUT 17 market in the first days.


FIFA 17 Trading on the First Days - Webstart & Game Release


Webstart Before the Early Access

From the Webstart release to September 22


The first stage begins with the webstart release and ends when EA & Origin Access subscribers get access to the full game.

In these first days of the market, which coincides with the first days of the Web App, the market is really scarce. In this time, it is really difficult to find good deals because all the gamers have experience from the previous years and because the cash flow in the market is too low. It’s not possible to play matches or buy FIFA Points which means that money can not be created. The coins can move from a player to another but there is no inflation. They only buy or sell cards when they find a really good deal, but that almost never happens because only returning users have access to the webstart and all of them have a decent knowledge of the market. It’s time to wait.

It’s normal to see big players like Messi and Ronaldo being sold by much less than the maximum Price Range. Their price isn’t superior because there is no one with enough money to buy them. If you’re one of the lucky few to receive one of these players in a pack, which is highly unlikely, do not sell them. In a few weeks they’ll be worth several times as much and you can capitalize on your asset.


FIFA 17 Trading on the First Days - Webstart & Game Release


The Week Before the Game Release

From September 22 to September 27


The differences from stage 1 to stage 2 are visible but don’t expect huge changes. In fact, stage 2 doesn’t even exist for Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and XBox 360. They jump directly from stage 1 to stage 3. Besides that, not everyone is subscriber of the EA & Origin Access services and the ones that are, only can play it for 10 hours.

As soon as FIFA 17 is released for EA & Origin Access subscribers, prices become to raise because there are more coins in the game. But not much more. It’s because of this initial effect of money shortage that it’s important to attack the market as soon as possible. If you get rich fast enough to still catch the season of low prices you’ll have your future in the game guaranteed. We usually don’t recommend buying FIFA Points but, if you are thinking to do it, do it as soon as possible because cards are much more valuable in the first days.


FIFA 17 Trading on the First Days - Webstart & Game Release


The Days after the Game Release

From September 27


As soon as the game is released, everything changes and there are much more trading opportunities. If you are a trader, mark September 27 in your calendar but don’t miss the September 29 because it is a even more important date since it is when more players start playing FIFA 17. Many of them are starting playing for the first time and you should take advantage of this: go to the market in the high traffic times (4-8pm UK time), and buy all the bargains you find. Many people will be buying the first packs and selling the unwanted cards for really low prices. It’s easy to find cards being sold for half of the price.

Do not be discouraged if you do not find good prices in the market. There are still good investments to make during the first days. As you know, when the webstart is released the cards are usually cheap. In the game release date, their prices increase. This is more visible with cards of players from popular leagues, like Premier League, playing as strikers or with good stats in specific attributes, like the 5 star skillers or +85 pace. They start costing more than 5,000 coins and may double in a few days. All you need to know is that in this stage, almost the cards become more expensive. Some more than others. This price growth trend remains until the the first week of October. We believe that prices will start falling on October 4, so make sure to sell the cards you don’t need before that date. The maximum price should be reached around this date and until the end of the game the price gradually lows, with some fluctuation due to special TOTW, TOTY, TOTS, transfer market, game updates, popular tournaments, etc…


FIFA 17 Trading on the First Days - Webstart & Game ReleaseClick in the image to maximize it


Now that you’ve already understood how the FUT 17 market behaves in the early days, it’s time to start multiplying your coins. You should start with safe investments but always leaving some coins aside in case anything goes wrong. Don’t worry in starting slow. You have a whole season ahead of you. The first sales are always the harder to make but as you become richer you’ll have to reinvest most of what you earned but always leave some coins aside to buy your first cards. If you started playing in the beginning and you are going well, you probably will gathered enough to build your team in just a few days. But never stop trading: it’s part of the game so you should do it from the first to the last day.

For your first investments we recommend your first cards to cost between 150 and 300 coins that you can sell with a profit of about 50%. The risk is really low and you will be avoiding the Price Ranges restrictions. You will have to sell much more cards which is time-consuming, but your profit will be much higher. The consumables are usually excellent targets for this end because you can store as many as you want, since the consumables pile has been removed. Our favourites were the position change, the chemistry styles, the manager leagues and the staff cards. Remember that it’s very important never to have coins or cards on hold. This can hamper your success.

Start by studying the market. Tread carefully, especially in the first days of the market, you shouldn’t restrict to selling and buying the cards in a certain schedule. The trading should be continuous.

Buy low, sell higher. That’s the magic formula to become rich. You just need to study the prices carefully. As soon as your staff and consumable cards have given you a profit bigger than 30k coins, you can then try widening your trading to players and spend some of those coins on improving your club. If you plan to build a squad with quality players, try to hold on until mid-October and you will be able to save up to 50%.


In resume: be patient and don’t waste your coins in stage 1 and 2; invest in cards with high profit margins in stage 3. If you need more trading tips for your first days in FIFA 17, click here.


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  1. Rodrigo, In Fifa 15 and 16 (mobile) I never bought coins. I always traded and was able to achieve great teams and the best players in the market at the end. Trading is something I really like to do. Is trading in Fifa (17) Mobile the same as on console or PC? Or is there a different catch?

  2. in fact, stage 2 does exist for PC players – there is an opportunity called Origin early access – same 10 hours of playing as for Xbox one

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