FIFA 17 Trading Introduction – FUT 17 Market Principles

FIFA 17 Trading Introduction - Basic Principles of the FUT 17 Market


Trading is the best way to get rich on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. But nobody said it’s easy. It’s necessary to know exactly how everything works. You’ll be able to find everything you need to know in this FIFA 17 Trading Introduction.


FIFA 17 Trading Introduction


We’re specialists in this area and we perform very rigorous investigating and testing jobs in order to bring you the best information possible. Learn or recall basic micro-economics principles and what you need to become a professional trader.


FIFA 17 Ultimate Team – A Real Global Market

Basic notions about Micro-Economics that will help you to understand better the FUT 17 market

Trading is an word that means buying and selling goods or services. The most basic idea you need to have here is that, in order for you to make FIFA 17 Ultimate Team coins, you have to sell a card at a price superior to the one you paid for. And that superiority will have to be of at least 5% since that’s the amount Electronic Arts confiscates from every sale finalised on the auction house, also known as taxes.

Most players aren’t able to buy and sell cards at a scale to profit enough to build great squads because they don’t understand the market and how business goes. Many don’t even know the basic rules of economics. What happens is that the FUT 17 market somehow behaves in a very similar way to a real and global market.

If you want to become a real trader on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, our advice is for you to try and learn the basic ideas of micro-economics. If you’re a curious one you may even prolong your research in order to understand the game theory, one of the methods of applied mathematics, and you’ll see how it applies to the FUT 17 market. Since we want to keep the article simple, we’ll limit ourselves just to what’s essential for your success as a trader.

One of these fundamental concepts has to do with the law of supply and demand. This law establishes a relation between the demand of a product and the supply offered. With this it’s possible for us to describe the consumers’ behaviour whilst buying in determined periods, according to quantities and prices. On periods when a certain product’s supply exceeds the demand a lot, its price tends to fall. On the other hand, on periods when the demand is superior to the supply, the price tends to increase.
The stabilisation of the relation between supply and demand normally defines the product’s price, once both the buyer and supplier are in accordance with it. That’s called market balance.


FIFA 17 Trading Introduction - Basic Principles of the FUT 17 MarketSupply and Demand Curves


The supply is the relation between a product’s price and the amount of it that sellers have to sell. The higher the price of a product, the more of it sellers will be willing to offer.

The law of supply says that the price and the amount offered in a determined market are inversely proportional. The higher a product’s price is, the less people will be willing or even be able to buy it. When the price increases, consumption power decreases and most people go for cheaper products.

The price of a product can be a positive or negative stimulant for the consumers to acquire what they need, but it’s not the only one. Just like what happens on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, the decision may depend on spending capacity, the person’s wishes and needs, the concurrence and the existence of additional alternatives. In the same way that the supply may have an influence over the consumers’ demand, how often people search for certain products can also increase or decrease their prices.

On a perfect market structure of monopolist or oligopolistic concurrence, the consumers are the ones who define prices. In situations of cartel or monopoly, the opposite happens.

If you comprehend the ideas that were just transmitted, you should be able to have better perceptions of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team market’s behaviour.


What You Need to Become a Top Trader?

Prerequisites to become a successful trader

Finally you’ve found a trading guide that will teach you how to get rich on FIFA 17. You’re anxious for reading it and then being able to see how it comes that there are so many players with such incredible squads. “There’s got to be some kind of trick”, you might be thinking. “It’s not possible how they’re able to buy so many great players.”

If this is more or less what you’re thinking, then you’re going to be very disappointed with us. We’re not bringing you any great secret for you to get rich quickly. But don’t fool yourself. You won’t find it here, nor anywhere else. Every time someone tells you you can instantaneously earn all the coins you want, know that you’re being tricked.

Here’s the naked truth: you won’t get rich on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team without hard work. Forget coin generators, card duplicators or other cheating methods you might run into. They’re no more than scamming attempts that will make you even more miserable.

But what do you need in order to get rich on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team after all? This is an important question because if you don’t follow the basic requirements, you might never be able to build your dream team. Here’s what’s really indispensable:

    Time is money everywhere. It’s not different on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. You’ll need enough free time to keep up with the market. The more time you have, potentially more chances there are for you to earn many coins.
    Hard Work
    This is a fact: 90% of players who look for these kinds of articles are after some magical solution for their financial problems. Many won’t get past this phase because they’re not willing to work hard.
    Patience, you gotta be patient. You won’t get rich tomorrow or the day after that. Many of the methods that are used to earn coins require you to be very patient. All the rich FIFA 17 players also started from the bottom.
    Market Knowledge
    Knowing the FUT 17 market is so very important. Use databases or add several cards to your transfer targets in order to monitorize their behaviour. Knowledge is power.


If you fulfil the conditions we here listed then you’re ready to get rich. Only one thing is missing: to follow our FIFA 17 Trading Guide, that gathers all the knowledge about this subject. This article was only the first lesson…