FIFA 17 Winter Transfers Prices Analysis

FIFA 17 Winter Transfers Prices Analysis


What impact does the winter transfers season have on the FIFA 17 market? When should I buy the card of a player on his new club? Do the prices of the original cards also increase? It would be great to know the answers to all of these and other questions, wouldn’t it? That’s why we’re publishing this guide which analyses the variations of the FIFA 17 Winter Transfers Prices. Knowledge is power!


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Basic Principles
The Market


Comprehending the FIFA 17 Winter Transfers Prices

Guide’s introductory note

In the past three years we have been collecting information on the prices of hundreds of players’ cards, in different stages of the season, including during the Winter Transfers Season. We’ll use them not only in order to predict what is going to happen in FIFA 17, but also to publish other more specific and detailed trading guides.

This series of trading guides we’ve been publishing obeys to a logical sequence. If you haven’t read one of the previous articles, we recommend you do it now. As we have said here before, prices on the FUT market vary according to several factors, like for example the type of card, the player, his real life performance or the release of promotional packs. That’s why it’s impossible to describe with 100% accuracy what is going to happen with the price of a determined card because every case is a different case. What we’re doing here is give you a general idea of the evolution in the average card’s price. It doesn’t mean all cards will behave the same way at some point. We’re talking tendencies only. So now that’s been warned…


Basic Principles

General notions on the way FIFA 17 Winter Transfers prices are affected

Predicting the price of a card isn’t an easy task. This year it’s even harder. The FUT market has never been so unpredictable as it is now.

We analysed these variations very carefully throughout the year and were able to come up with some important conclusions.


Prices in general aren’t influenced by the winter transfers season.

IF Cards
Prices of IF cards aren’t influenced by the winter transfers season.

NIF Cards
Both the new and the old card tend to have their prices increased, although in different proportions.


Now that you have an idea of how the FIFA 17 Winter Transfers prices vary, it’s time to go deeper.


The Market during the Transfers Season

How the FIFA 17 Winter Transfers prices are affected

The only FIFA 17 cards affected by the transfers season are the NIF cards of players who are transferred to other clubs. Even their corresponding IF stay unaffected.

When a player is launched in a new card that features his new club, his previous card’s price tends to increase 30% at most by the end of two or three weeks. After that peak, the tendency inverts itself and the player starts to lose value at the same rhythm he gained value.


Except for very special cases, the cards with the new clubs always start costing much more than the old ones, even when the league doesn’t change, therefore no benefit in regards to squad chemistry is actually being offered.

When a player is transferred to a much more popular club, the new card may arrive on the market at a price 10 times superior than the original, although it’s most normal that it ‘only’ doubles its price. Similar to what happens with most cards, their initial price is the maximum they’ll ever experience. By the end of one week time it’s possible for it to have lost half of its value and, by the end of two weeks, normally there are already so many new cards on the market that the price stabilises itself. From there, it may increase or decrease such as any other normal card but it always costs more than the original. In a few cases the stabilised price is five times higher than the price of the card with the previous club. Only the least popular players who were transferred to less known clubs have their new and previous cards costing almost the same price.

It isn’t just the popularity of the new club or eventually the new league that interests us. The immediacy of the transfer itself also counts. Even when players move to ‘smaller’ clubs the new cards are more expensive, because us FUT players like being synchronized with real life.


FIFA 17 Winter Transfers Prices Analysis