FIFA 18 Help – How to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support

FIFA 18 Help - How to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support


Do you need help with your FIFA 18 experience? Are you looking for a way to contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support? In this page, you will find out when, where and how to contact them.



When to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support

The issues the game advisors are ready to deal

When you purchase a game, you are entitled to an after-sales service. In the case of FIFA 18, this is done through the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support.


Game Advisors

They are the bridge of help and adviced between you and Electronic Arts. Their job is to answer all your questions about the game and explain to you what you should do to solve your problems. To specific technical issues, they have the support of the game specialists.

Find out in what situations you should ask for help from a game advisor from the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support:

☑️ If you purchased FIFA Points but you didn’t received them;
☑️ If you got any item stuck on your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team trade pile or watch list;
☑️ If your FIFA 18 players have disappeared;
☑️ If there was a problem with your qualification for the Weekend League;
☑️ If you have problems loading the game or accessing to your account;
☑️ If you have any other billing issue, question, problem, complaint or suggestion about the game.


More Support

Game advisors are not the only way to get support for FIFA 18. You should use the other available channels when your account and your game experiencing are not being strongly affected.


Where Should You Go to Ask for Help

The FIFA 18 support channels available

To contact a game advisor you should follow the steps of the next chapter. However, there are other ways to contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 support team and to find relevant information to help you in the understanding of the game. Here they are the main ones:

If you want to know more about FIFA 18, you need to read our comprehensive guides. They are the best ones!

If you bought the game, you can check the ‘Need Help?’ chapter of your manual and see the FIFA 18 support channels they have available to you.

Depending of your region, you may also find a support phone number in the back cover of your FIFA 18 DVD. This support channel is specific for the region where you bought the game.

This is a website where you can find frequently asked questions about the game.

This is a community initiative to have players share their gaming expertise with other players and that can also be useful to you.

Need a quick tip? Reach out on Twitter of EA Support.

Post on Facebook where the on line game experts are available and ready to help you.

Real time chat with a Game Advisor. It may not work properly if you are not logged on into your Origin account.

You can contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support team directly by phone. Just call them during operating hours. Here are the most popular FIFA 18 Support Hotlines:
?? Australia
☎️ +61 3 8820 5177 | Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm AEST
?? Austria
☎️ +0720 883349 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Brazil
☎️ +0720 883349 55+(11) 3958-5683 |
?? Belgium
☎️ +02 808 45 90 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Czech Republic
☎️ +420 228 880 676 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
?? France
☎️ +04 81 68 08 08 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Germany
☎️ +0221 37050193 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Italy
☎️ +02 89877571 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Japan
☎️ +0570 081800 | Everyday from 11am to 7pm
?? Netherlands
☎️ +020-8083219 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? New Zealand
☎️ +64 9951 8377 | Everyday from 9am to 9pm AEST
?? Poland
☎️ +48 223 970 840 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 21h CET
?? Portugal
☎️ +308 800 880 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
?? Russia
☎️ + 7 (495) 642 73 97 | Monday-Friday from 11h to 23h GMT+3
?? Slovakia
☎️ +421 233 418 468 | Monday-Friday from 9h to 18h CET
?? Spain
☎️ +911 230 490 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Switzerland
☎️ +0225 181005 | Everyday from 10h to 23h CET
?? Turkey
☎️ +0870 2432435 | Everyday from 9h to 22h GMT
?? UK
☎️ +44 203014 1818 | Monday-Saturday from 9am to 9pm GMT


How to Contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support

What do you have to do to contact the FIFA 18 Support team?

To contact the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support Team and talk with a game advisor that will assist you, just need to follow these three simple steps:

1 Click here and select your platform.

EA Sports FIFA 18 Support Contact

2 Select the topic and the issue.

EA Sports FIFA 18 Support Contact

3 Choose one of the contact options available. They may vary depending on your region.

4 If you select Get a call, you will need to enter your name, phone number and email address so a Game Advisor can contact you.
5 If you select Chat, you will connect directly to a Game Advisor.
6 If you select E-mail Me, you will be redirected to an incident page in which you will need to fill the subject, the description, the category of the problem and your name.
7 If you select Call EA Help, you will have to wait on hold, until you get an Advisor available to take your call.

EA Sports FIFA 18 Support Contact
(1) If you are not from UK, please select your country / language from the top left corner of step 1 screen.
(2) Calls may be charged according to your country rates.
(3) In order to go to step 3, you need to be logged in into your Origin account. In the previous steps, you can check the top right corner to see if you are logged in.


How well does the FIFA 18 Support Work

What can you expect from the FIFA 18 Support team?

First of all, we want to help you to choose the best contact option for your case. In our opinion, you should avoid using e-mail because they take much more time to give you an answer. Many times you don’t even get one. Calling the FIFA 18 support by phone is a better option but the waiting time is large, it may be expensive and you don’t get a proof. That’s why we strongly recommend choosing ‘Chat’ if it is available in your region. It’s free, usually fast and you can read the transcription any time in your Origin account.

To explain how well does the EA Sports FIFA 18 Support work, we need to analyse their effectiveness and the waiting time. Both depend on the type of help you need.

They are supposed to fix your issues in no more than 15 days but they take much more time in many cases. For easy issues, like unblocking a club you erased five times, they are really useful and they can do it on time. However, for more complex issues, like restoring a corrupted club, they take many months and most of the times they don’t fix it. It is really painful to contact their support about this kind of issues because it involves a lot of people from different departments and they just ask us to wait until somebody fixes it, which almost never happens. Avoid these situations, ask for a solution during your contact and, if possible, ask them to contact the specialist while you are connected to them. Don’t blindly trust in the game details provided by this service. Dozen of players reported us wrong information shared by them.

If you are contacting the FIFA 18 support by phone, don’t forget to take note of the number case because you should use it the next time you contact them about that issue. You can consult your closed and opened cases in your Origin account. Just go to, check if you are logged in, select ‘Manage Your Account’ and then ‘My Cases’.

Just a final suggestion: according to EA Support, when you reply to a case in progress from your Origin area, it sends you back to the last position in the waiting list. That’s why we recommend to contact them directly when you are trying to know the progress of your case.

EA Sports FIFA 18 Support Contact

Just one more thing: good luck! You will need it.


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  1. Mikhail Vasiliev

    Is there any settings which allows me to have full control on the player during a game-play??
    Why I can do slide tackle in the direction I am pointing to?
    a) I want to slide to direction I predict the opponent will give a pass to and not to a opponents legs.
    b) When I see I can get the ball first I want to run to direction I belive my opponent will go to after he will take a ball and cover other zone or intercept a pass but my player running towards a ball gains my desire to go other direction!
    c) using “air balls” I want to have full control when I am swithching a player when I have ball on the field and in the same time some times my players can’t control a player nearest to the ball, more over players running away from the ball and give the ball to opponent? When it will be fist???????????

  2. wow, how the mighty have fallen. from being the best fotball game out there to become this..
    i have bought every fifa all the way back to 97, but i gotto say that the last 2-3 of them has been pretty much the same game over and over again.
    and whats up with the generic faces of the new worldcup players in all the other game modes? this is an embarrasment.

  3. Mohamad bader

    Ive opened more than 150 premium gold packs and promo packs and never got a valuable player
    Why is this happening to me

  4. I bought FIFA 18 when it first came out I understand you need to play and learn but for some reason everything I do is wrong when I’m playing world class either I’m playing too fast or too slow I always make the wron pass when I do make the right pass I don’t control the ball I stumble and it’s so easy for another player and CPU tackle me with no problem it’s hard for me to pass the ball out of my defense I want to play the game because I love the game but it turns my mind away from playing and this is the only game I play but I can’t get better no matter how many videos I watch I never do it right I really need help please

  5. My thoughts exactly every game I play ends up high scores both teams no clean sheets u can be winning or losing and suddenly 2 or 3 goals come in extra time what a load of shit pathetic it stops men from moving free kicks in area half a pitch away from foul penalties etc not impressed no way get 19 yet I bought last 7 games

  6. It is rigged game you can not win because your players are not match for Al players. It is rigged.

  7. Adrian Morrison

    Bought the icon edition for my birthday for 89.99 and it was the biggest scam ive ever bought into…rang the costumer service line they werent helpful, man actually confirmed it was a scam for me moreless. so i am going to be spreading the word via facebook twitter and instagram plus word of mouth and i will also be contacting my bank tomorrow to possibley get a refund and in future i will buy pro evo instead

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