FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup can be played since May 29, 2018. However, if you think that this is only another version of Ultimate Team, you are wrong. The goal is still to build your dream team but now the rules are different. Hopefully, we will cover on this guide everything you need to know about this special game mode.



Introduction to the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup

The most awaited FIFA 18 update

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


Q: What is the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup is a new separate game mode within FUT.

Q: How much does FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup costs?
A: It is free. If you own a FIFA 18 copy, you can download the FIFA World Cup update without having to pay.

Q: I don’t own a FIFA 18 copy. There is any way to play the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: No. You have to buy FIFA 18 to play this game mode.

Q: What else do I need to play this game mode?
A: Besides a FIFA 18 copy, you only need a console, internet connection and all previous updates.

Q: For which platforms is FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup available on?
A: It is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Q: How can I get the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup game mode?
A: It’s extremely easy. Just download and install the free update on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on May 29, as well as on mobile devices on June 6.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

Q: What is the size of this update?
A: 5.55 GB for Playstation 4, 5.66 GB for XBox One, 5.6 GB for PC and 1.3 GB for Nintendo Switch.

Q: For how long I will be able to play it?
A: The game will still be available to play after the World Cup Russia 2018.

Q: Can I manage my FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup squad from Web App or Mobile Companion App?
A: No. It can only be accessed from your retail copy of FIFA 18.

Q: Does the World Cup update includes other game modes besides Ultimate Team?
A: Yes, it does. It features four game modes: a replica of the World Cup, custom tournaments, kick-off and Ultimate Team.

Q: How do I start FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: After you download the free update, go to your FIFA 18 main menu and select ‘FIFA World Cup’. Then, you just need to click in ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’.


Game Modes

How to play FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


Q: Which game modes are available in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: The following game modes are available:
1 Single Player and Online Full Tournament (from group to knock-out stage and final)
2 Single Player & Online Draft
3 Squad Building Challenges
4 Objectives

Q: Can I play FUT Champions o the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: No, FUT Champions will only be available on regular FUT. You won’t be able to play divisions either.

Q: How can I invite a friend to play against me in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: You can not do it. Play-a-Friend mode is not available in this special game mode. If you want to play with your national team against your team’s friend, you will have to invite him to play on FIFA World Cup kick-off, outside Ultimate Team.

Q: Can I play with a friend on the same team?
A: Yes, except on online tournaments.

Q: What is included in the free FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup update?
A: FUT World Cup features all 32 National Team crests, National Team kits, the official match ball, new stadiums and all-new look and feel within FUT 18. The title update will include new broadcast packages too.

Q: Which stadiums are included in this game mode?
A: All 12 official stadiums from Russia World Cup are included, featuring immersive atmospheres, national team banners, and high-resolution crowds. You can see the full list and the details for each one clicking here. These stadiums can be used in FIFA World Cup™ Ultimate Team, but you can’t use them in regular FUT. You also can’t use stadiums from regular FUT in FIFA World Cup™ Ultimate Team.


The Players

The players and their cards on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


Q: Who are the players included in this game mode?
A: In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup, you have the chance to build your dream international squad with stars from all 32 qualified nations plus 17 legendary FIFA World Cup™ ICONS.

Q: Which teams are qualified for the World Cup Russia 2018?
A: Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Australia, Iran, Japan, Korea Republic, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.

Q: I heard that popular teams like Italy, USA, Netherlands, Ireland and Chile are also available. Is this true?
A: No, it is not. They are only available on Custom Tournaments, not in Ultimate Team.

Q: How can I add Buffon, Vidal and Robben to my FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup club?
A: You can not. Only players from the 32 teams attending the FIFA World Cup will appear in FUT World Cup.

Q: How many players will feature on the FUT 18 World Cup update?
A: Each country features more than 23 players who participated in at least one qualifying match. In total, we estimate around 1,000 players.

Q: Which FUT 18 Icons I will be able to find in the update?
A: The following Icons will be available:
?? Pelé
?? Diego Maradona
?? Ronaldo
?? Lev Yashin
?? Thierry Henry
?? Lothar Matthäus
?? Carles Puyol
?? Ronaldinho
?? Laurent Blanc
?? Jay-Jay Okocha
?? Rui Costa
?? Deco
?? Luis Hernández

Q: Who are the new Icons available?
A: This game mode will feature some of the most iconic players from the tournament’s history, including four new icons:
?? Miroslav Klose
??????? Gary Lineker
??????? Bobby Moore
?? Hidetoshi Nakata

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

Q: How many versions of each Icon are available?
A: Only one story for each ICON is available.

Q: There is a popular player that I can’t find. Why?
A: Not every player was added to the database. However, EA has plans to add more players during the competition.

Q: There will be new face scans for FIFA 18 World Cup update?
A: Yes. There will be over 40 new face scans and some noticeable changes. These will run across all modes in FIFA 18 – not just World Cup.

Q: Will players keep their regular FUT 18 ratings?
A: No. Players in World Cup will have refreshed ratings on this game mode. Besides that, the database will feature up-to-date squads from every qualified nation.

Q: Why aren’t FIFA World Cup™ Players showing as Bronze, Silver, or Gold?
A: Even though it doesn’t show, players still have ratings that correspond to Bronze, Silver or Gold.
Items you get, like contracts, will still apply to players based on their rating, just like they do in regular FUT, even though you can’t see if they are Bronze, Silver or Gold. To know their quality, just look to their ratings: bronze players are rated 64 and below; silver players are rated from 65 to 74; and gold players are rated 75 and above.

Q: Will In Form versions be available?
A: No. In this game mode, there is only one type of card.

Q: There will be special In Form cards for regular FUT 18 during the World Cup?
A: Yes.

Q: Are FIFA 18 World Cup cards dynamic items?
A: Yes! Built to match real-world performance, these items will update based on the performances of players who stood out on matchday, with upgraded stats, ensuring a fresh and relevant experience for the entire tournament.

Q: How often ratings and stats will be upgraded?
A: Every day. More than 50 cards will be updated along the tournament.

Q: Can a player get more than one upgrade?
A: Yes. If he stood out more than once, he has good chances to see his card be improved.

Q: How the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup cards look like?
A: They all have a new visual.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide



How different is chemistry in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


Q: How chemistry works in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: It is very similar to the chemistry in regular FUT 18 but focused on confederations and nationalities. You will get individual chemistry points for:
✔️ loyalty, after complete 10 matches with that player in your club;
✔️ manager’s nationality, if it matches with the player nationality;
✔️ position, if the player plays in the natural position or a similar position;
✔️ nationality, if the player links with teammates from the same nationality (strong link);
✔️ confederation, if the player links with teammates from the same confederation but different nationality (weak link).

Q: Can you explain better what has changed in chemistry?
A: Sure. In a general way, nationality links are now strong links (instead of clubs) and confederation links are weak links (instead of nationality and league). For example: Ronaldo and Messi are from different confederations but Iniesta and Rooney are from the same one (Europe).

Q: What are the colours of the links in this game mode?
A: There are three colours:
3 Green | Same Nationality (and obviously, same confederation)
1 Orange | Same confederation but different nationality
0 Red | Different confederation (and obviously, different nationality).

Q: How different is the chemistry of Icons compared with the core FUT?
A: Nothing changes in their chemistry. When you’re applying chemistry to your Icons in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup, you’ll notice that players that do not share the same nationality of the Icon and are not Icons themselves will have weak chemistry links. For stronger chemistry, use players that share nationality with the Icon. Icons will also have strong chemistry links with other Icons.

Q: Why don’t the players I get in packs have loyalty bonuses?
A: Unlike in regular FUT, players you get in FIFA World Cup™ packs don’t come with loyalty bonuses on them already. Play 10 matches with them to unlock their loyalty bonuses.

Q: How many confederations make part of the game?
A: Five: UEFA, CONNMEBOL, CONCACAF, CAF and AFC. As you can see on the top image of this page, each card shows the nationality and the confederation of the player.


Squad’s Management and Rewards

How to manage your squad

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


Q: Do I get a free starter pack to start building my squad?
A: Yes. Everyone get a starter pack that features 29 items with 23 players, 1 manager and 5 club items to get you started. It will be enough to start playing the game mode.

Q: How many players can I keep in my club?
A: You can keep as many players as you want in your club. However, only 23 players are allowed to be in your squad.

Q: How many squads I will be able to manage?
A: Only one. The EASFC items that give you extra squad slots don’t work with this game mode.

Q: Do you have suggestions for my squad?
A: Sure. We published squad guides for all confederations:

Q: Are the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup players cards untradeable?
A: Yes, they are. You can not sell them or trade them with a friend. In fact, Transfer Market, Transfer Targets and Transfer List are not available in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup. All the other cards are also untradeable, including consumables.

Q: What happens if I pack a duplicate card?
A: Since the market doesn’t exist, EA created a system to deal with duplicate cards. Basically, you will not need to discard them. You can store up to 100 players in your Duplicate Storage until you use them on WC squad building challenges. You can use those duplicates for FIFA World Cup™ SBCs to get FIFA World Cup™ rewards, but you can’t use them in an SBC directly from Duplicate Player storage. Make sure you swap them into your current Club first so you’re using the duplicate for the SBC, and not a Player that you’ve added chemistry Items to or gotten the loyalty bonus on already. You can still quick sell your FIFA World Cup™ Consumables, since those are shared between regular FUT and FIFA World Cup™ Ultimate Team.

Q: How I delete my FUT WC club to start a new fresh one?
A: There is not a direct way to delete your FUT WC club. You need to delete your regular FUT 18 club in order to get a new FUT WC.

Q: What happens when I delete my regular FUT 18 club?
A: You lose everything: coins, records, players and other cards of both regular FUT 18 and FUT WC clubs.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

Q: What is the reward for winning a tournament?
A: If you win the title, you will be rewarded with coins and packs. The online tournament rewards better than the single player tournament.

Q: The prize is always the same or if I win more than once the prize changes?
A: It is always the same no matter how many times you get the title.

Q: Do I get anything if I don’t win the tournament?
A: Sure. At the end of every match, regardless of the match result, you get a pack with one player. You also get coins depending on your performance in each match and difficulty level (single player mode). When you finish the tournament you get another reward according to the stage. As expected, the more matches you win, the better is your reward.

Q: In a single player tournament I get a lower reward if I play in a lower difficulty level?
A: No. It is always the same. You get the same reward no matter if you play in amateur, semi, professional or world class. The difficulty level only affects the performance reward you get at the end of each match.

Q: Does complete a match in FUT Draft will grant me a free player?
A: No, it doesn’t. That offer is only valid for single player and online tournaments.

Q: How FUT Draft for FIFA 18 World Cup works?
A: It works just like the core FUT Draft but with the database of the update.

Q: Can I use the players from the regular FUT 18 to complete SBCs?
A: No, you can’t. Only WC players can be used to submit squad building challenges.


Coins, FIFA Points, Packs and Regular FUT

How FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup works

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide


Q: Can I use my regular FUT 18 players in the FUT 18 World Cup?
A: No. To keep this experience as authentic as possible, you won’t be able to bring your current squads to the FUT World Cup. This is a completely separate game mode.

Q: Can I use my FUT 18 World Cup players in the regular FUT 18?
A: No. Players found in FUT World Cup will only be available in the World Cup mode.

Q: Can I use my consumables of the regular FUT 18 in the FUT 18 World Cup?
A: Yes. Consumables are the only cards that you can share between FUT’s. For example, you can apply a contract card that you have in the regular FUT 18 to a FUT WC player.

Q: How do I get more players for my club?
A: Transfer Market is not available in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup. So, the only way to get more players is to get them in packs or matches, SBC and objectives rewards.

Q: How can I get packs?
A: You can get packs buying them on the FUT WC store or winning them by playing matches.

Q: How do I buy packs featuring FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup content?
A: Players and consumables are available in special World Cup packs that you can buy in the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup store. World Cup content is not available in the regular FUT 18 store and regular packs.

Q: Do I need to use FIFA Points to buy FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup packs?
A: No. You can buy them using FIFA Points but you can also do it using coins. You’ll also be awarded coins and packs as you progress through the World Cup.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup Guide

Q: Can I pack Icons from the 1 player pack?
A: Yes. However, the card weight for these cards is extremely low, so it won’t be easy. Icons are also available via SBCs.

Q: How many packs there is in FUT WC and how much they cost?
A: There are 24 packs available in this game mode. You can see their details clicking here.

Q: Can I use my coins from regular FUT 18 in FUT 18 World Cup?
A: Yes. You can use your FUT 18 coins and FIFA Points in FUT World Cup to purchase packs from the FUT World Cup Store.

Q: Can I use my coins from FUT 18 World Cup in regular FUT 18?
A: Yes. You can use your FUT 18 World Cup coins and FIFA Points in regular FUT to purchase packs from the regular Store.

Q: Since the world cup is only one month, what is the point to buy FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup packs?
A: For fun. Most of the people who played FUT 14 WC still have good memories of it.

Q: Why would I spend my regular FUT 18 coins buying packs on the World Cup store?
A: Because for every Standard or Premium pack you purchase in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup, you will receive equivalent pack value in the regular FUT 18.

Q: Do I receive anything on FUT 18 if I buy a confederation pack?
A: No. There are only two offers: if you buy a 7.5k or a 5k WC pack, you receive on your original store a free 7.5k Premium Gold Pack or a 5k Gold Pack respectively.

Q: Is this offer valid if I buy the packs with FUT Coins? What about if I receive them as rewards?
A: For every FIFA World Cup™ Pack that you purchase with FUT Coins or FIFA Points, you’ll get an equal value Pack to open up in FUT. This does not apply to FIFA World Cup™ Packs you’ve won from tournaments. You won’t get a FUT Pack for any FIFA World Cup™ Packs that you’ve gotten as rewards, only ones that you’ve bought.

Q: Are the free packs I receive in my core FUT tradeable?
A: Yes, you can sell the cards.

Q: Do regular coins and FIFA Points carry over to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team World Cup?
A: Not exactly. Draft Tokens, Coins and FIFA Points are sharable between FUT 18 and WC 18. It’s a shared wallet. You have access to your single balance within both modes. Any purchases in regular FUT or FUT WC will draw from that balance.

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