FIFA 18 Weekend League – Frequently Asked Questions

FIFA 17 Weekend League - The 20 Most Common Questions (FAQ)


FUT Champions, and FIFA 18 Weekend League in particular, are a huge success. However, there are many people who still don’t know how everything works. To stop with the questions like ‘why am I not qualified?” or “where is my monthly reward”, we are publishing this FIFA 18 Weekend League Frequently Asked Questions which includes the answers to the most common questions.


FIFA 18 Weekend League – Frequently Asked Questions


Every day we receive dozens of questions about the FIFA 18 Weekend League. We selected the most common ones and we will now share with you the answers to these questions.


How can I qualify to the FIFA 18 Weekend League?

You can qualify for the next Weekend League by one of the following ways:
– winning one of the two daily knockouts available (four consecutive wins);
– being promoted from division 2 to division 1 on FUT Seasons;
– holding on FUT Seasons division 1;
– winning the FUT Seasons division 1 title;
– reaching silver 2 or higher, in the previous weekend league.
To know more details about how to qualify to the FIFA 18 Weekend League, please click here.


I am in FUT Seasons division 1. Does it means that I’m already qualified for the weekend?

No. To be qualified to the weekend league, you need to complete at least one season and not being relegated to the second division.


FIFA 18 Weekend League - Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I am relegated to the FUT Seasons division 2? Do I lose the qualification to the next weekend league?

Depends. If in that week you have already met one of the qualification requirements, it doesn’t matter what happens next. For example: if you were promoted to the division 1 and then relegated to division 2, you will be qualified to the FIFA 18 Weekend League.


I qualified thru FUT Divisions while a Weekend League was running. Can I play it?

No. In that case, you won the right to play in the next weekend. After a weekend league starts, no one else can enter.


I reached Gold 3 in this weekend but it still says I’m not qualified. Why?

If you haven’t cheated, you are qualified and you don’t need to try to qualify again. You’ll receive your automatic qualification with your weekly rewards.


I reached Gold 3 on the previous weekend but I didn’t have time to claim my qualification. Will I still able to play it?

Yes, you will.


The commentator said that I’m qualified to the next weekend league, but when I go to check it says ‘not qualified’. Why?

Ignore what they say. It is not the first time that they say something that does not correspond to the truth. If you’ve met at least one of the requirements to qualify, then you do not have to worry about anything else.


FIFA 18 Weekend League - Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a limit of tries to qualify thru the Daily Knockouts?

Yes. You can only play each daily knockout up to 8 times. Since there are two tournaments of 48 hours each, you have sixteen chances to qualify to the next weekend league.


I’m already qualified. Can I still play the daily knockouts?

No. You can only win a daily knockout once.


Is there any time when the FIFA 18 Weekend League coexists with the Daily Knockouts?

No. The first daily knockout is open between Monday and Wednesday and the second one between Wednesday and Friday. The Weekend League starts when the second daily knockout ends and it expires when the first daily knockout of the following week begins.


According to the FIFA 18 Weekend League calendar, there is only one more round. Why?

FUT Champions was a big investment for Electronic Arts and there is no reason to end it. The FIFA 18 Weekend League takes place uninterruptedly between October 2017 and August 2018. The schedule is being published as the competition goes on, and for that reason sometimes it shows one more round and in other times it shows two rounds.


I played a few games in the weekend but I didn’t ranked. Why?

You need to complete at least five matches to rank. It doesn’t matter the results. If you play less than five matches, you will not receive any reward on that week. It’s like you haven’t played at all.


This month I reached Gold 1 three times and I only missed one Weekend League. Why my monthly tier is not Gold 1?

Your monthly tier depends of the games you win in each month. If you miss a weekend, it will be like you have lost all those games, so naturally your monthly level will drop. That’s why it is important to play all the games you can even if you can not longer reach the next weekly tier. To know how many wins you need to reach a certain tier, click here.


I already played all the Weekend League matches but I haven’t received any reward. Why?

The weekly rewards are not delivered as soon as you finish your matches. According to Electronic Arts, you will receive them before the start of the next Weekend League. Most likely, they will be delivered around 6pm (UK time) of every Thursday. You can follow our calendar to know the exact time for each round.


I already played all the Weekend Leagues of this month but I haven’t received any reward. Why?

The monthly rewards are not delivered as soon as you finish your matches. According to Electronic Arts, you will receive them before the end of the following month. Most likely, they will be delivered around the middle of the month. You can follow our calendar to know the exact time for each month.


FIFA 18 Weekend League - Frequently Asked Questions


I know that Electronic Arts already delivered the rewards but when I go to my app, I can’t find them. Why?

FUT Champions rewards are only available on the console/PC. You will not find them on the Web App or on the Companion App.


There is no difference between the Gold 1 and the Gold 3 rewards. Is this correct?

No. Each level has its own reward. You can check the weekly and monthly rewards for the three platforms, clicking here. Remember that the cards you get on the monthly rewards are untradeable.


Are there monthly rewards for PC gamers?

Yes. Whether you play on the PC, XBox One or Playstation 4, you will always be entitled to weekly and monthly rewards, according to your performance.


Why is the FIFA 18 Weekend League for PC shorter?

The Weekend League for consoles has 40 matches, while for PC it has only 25. There is no need to increase the number of matches on PC because in this platform the distribution is more perfect since there are less players.


Why the weekend league direct qualification is more difficult for PC gamers?

Before January 2017, PC players needed to reach elite 3 or higher to be qualified to the next weekend league. For consoles, they only needed gold 3. This was explained by the fact that for PC there was a higher concentration of players in the elite levels. However, since that date the requirements for PC and for consoles are the same ones.


Is there any risk to lose the packs if I don’t open when I receive them?

No. The packs you receive as Weekend League rewards can be opened anytime. They don’t expire. If you want, you can save them to open when better cards are in packs, as is the case of the Team of the Year.


I will be out when EA releases the weekly rewards. Will I loose the rewards?

No. You don’t have to claim your weekly rewards before the next round starts. They will be waiting for you as soon as you open FUT on your console next time.


Are the cards I receive as reward untradeable?

Depends. The cards from the weekly rewards are tradeable. You can sell them on the transfer market. The cards from the monthly rewards are untradeable. You cannot sell them and you don’t make profit when you try to discard them. However, you can use them to complete squad building challenges.


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  1. Can i wait to redeem my player picks to nettet weekend or will they still be frim this weeks totw?

  2. I have just got 1979 points in Division Rivals as qualification to FUT Champions. Tomorrow there is Division Rivals rewards awarded and I will get 80 points. With that I will reach to 2000 points. According to my knowledge the qualification process is still on when the 80 points is awarded. So am I right that I will qualify this weekends FUT Champions? Of course if I play today or tomorrow morning more games in Division Rivals and get 21 more points I’ll reach the 2000 earlier and from 3 games I’ll get 21 points in Division 7 regardless of the result if I won’t forefit the games. Another question is: is there possible to move ahead the FUT Champions place? So if I qualify this week can I start tournament next week? I have slight flu at the moment so in case it won’t cure before weekend is there chance to play next week instead if you are not well to compete this weekend? Thanks in advance. Looking forward my first FUT Champions whether it is this weekend or next.

    1. Hi.
      1) Yes, you will qualify of those 80 points. Don’t forget to redeem your FUT Champions Points prior to the start of the Weekend League.
      2) Yes, that’s possible. In that case choose to hold onto those Points in order to enter into the Weekend League in a different week, just note that you can’t hold more than 2,000 FUT Champions Points at a time, so any Points that would be earned by playing Division Rivals matches, or gained from Division Rivals rewards, could be lost if you are already holding the maximum 2,000 Points.

  3. My Xbox live gold ran out this morning and when I go to claim my rewards from the weekend Leauge it say I need live gold for that feature. Is there a way to claim them without live gold?

  4. Hey I played my games over the weekend. Was my first time in the comp. How do I claim my winnings. I got silver 2

  5. If youve already qualified into the WL for the upcoming weekend, then you also get promoted from division 2 to 1 what happens.

  6. i play fut champions , and i take 14 win .. the fut champion is done for my week .
    so i wait my rewards and i don’t get anything , is the rewards is monthly ? or …. i don’t know what happens wit me .
    where and how i get rewards >> thanks.

  7. Hei, I have reached silver 2 but they let me play Daily Knockout tournament. Why? Am I qulified fir the next WL?

  8. I’ve just done my first weekend and qualified for next week will I get the jose callejon tots card for qualifying this way

  9. Hi. So it’s 40 games in 3 days. Almost 13 per day. And that is 12 min each. That’s just too much for me, can the time be reduced ? Or can i play the PC champions ?

  10. I got 11 wins last weekend league but according to the fut champs calender im not qualified for next weekend league?

  11. Hi, Rodrigo
    new weekend league player

    last weekend, i played over 5 games, i won 2 games which means i got the lowest tier (bronze 3) and then i got weekly rewards ( i think around 2 gold packs), my question is, will i still get 2 gold packs the following week even if i don’t qualify for the next weekend league

  12. Hi, Rodrigo

    I have a question about the way that EA make the matchmaking.
    I am an Elite 3 player. Usually, at my first 20 games, I achieved a record like 18/20 or 17/20.
    After that , the matchmaking become really bad . I play with players with full icons squad. Many of them are on the first 500 of FUT Champions Leader-board . I can not understand why this happen. Can you give me an explanation about that ?

    1. Hi. We would love to clarify this point but unfortunately, there are no official details about matchmaking for FUT Champions. We know that is doesn’t work the same way it works for other game modes but that’s all we know.

  13. Damian Taylor

    If you don’t claim your rewards will your qualification for the weekend league roll over? Ie You open your rewards on the Monday after receiving them?

  14. Why is easier not removing the ridiculous momentum thing and please don’t try to deny it, it’s as obvious as it can be. Getting frustrated, might quit FIFA for good

  15. I’m curious why people put Bronze players as subs to lower their overall squad rating. Does EA match players with similar ratings?

  16. Hi Rodrigo,
    I won 11 games on the WL ( silver 2) but I didn’t had the time to play more!
    Do I qualified for the next week? Thanks

  17. the next week you can get the hashtag united kit if you win the dkt but if i am auto qualified cuz i got 18 wins that week do i still get it for free or do i need to win the dkt?

      1. What do u mean? can u pls try to get info about it cuz i cant i really want that kit when it come out n i dont think i can win the dkt i can win alot in fut champ but i still cant win the dkt

  18. Hi Rodrigo. I must say that your game knowledge and insights are great!! Can you give me some tips on how to be successful in the transfer market ??

  19. Raul Zambrano

    Hi Rodrigo. I qualified Silver 1, won 17 games in the WL. Would I earn a entry reward to this weekend league?

  20. Hi Rodrigo

    Sry if this has been explained, but I will not be able to claim my fut rewards this thursday, and will not be able to do so the next 2 weeks because of traveling.
    Do you know if its still there to be claimed 2-3 weeks after being released? I’m especially concerned about my gold 1 monthly reward.


  21. i got gold 2 in WL and i haven’t got the tick for qualifying does it only show up when the DKT ends?

  22. Hi Rodrigo,

    You will get this alote no doubt . But in my previous weekend league I suffered 3 DNF losses due to the opponent disconnecting when I was winning ! That’s 3 losses I could do without whilst trying to go up in the rankings , is there any reporting system in place to attempt to rectify this when it happens ! It’s hugely unfair on players that genuinely want to get better .


  23. Hi

    I have played a total of 7 matches this week – winning 5 (1 a final loss) Its still saying I am unranked on the leader board with 0 games played and won etc

    How do I get around this?

  24. Vinit Goundar

    I got in to my first time weekend league, I won 18 games of 40 matches a gold 3, will I get a monthly pack? Or do I have to be in the league for 4 straight weeks?

  25. If i got gold 3 and i didnt redeem my prize on thursday and reddem it on monday will i get the qualify weekend leageu token to the next weekend leageu or not?

  26. I won a match in weekend League 4-2 in extended time, but I have not received my win yet, what should I do?

  27. How come you can’t use player attributes boosting cards on the weekend league but can for qualifying that’s a joke and unfair on ppl like myself who put loadz of hours in to fifa to then loose in the final of the weekend league qualifying because some idiot has a jesus with 99 everything

  28. Is winning the single player seasons division one enough to qualify for weekend’s league?

  29. Next week i cant redeem my gold 3 reward at thursday and if i redeem it on sarurday can i play in that fut weekend?

  30. Hello!

    Why get better rewards the console players on the same rank than the PC players?

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