FIFA 18 Wishlist: Players Ratings

FIFA 18 Wishlist


Share with us your players ratings wishlist and get to know if the rumours will meet your expectations or not.


The players ratings of FIFA 18 will be gradually announced on early September.


FIFA 18 Wishlist: Players Ratings

The new players ratings for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

This is the time of the year when everyone has an opinion. Everyone dreams with the perfect FIFA. In order to have the best FIFA possible, it is important that players ratings be as real as possible.

One of the most discussed updates has to be with the best players in the world. Part of the community wants Ronaldo as the most rated player, but Messi fans don’t agree. Depending on the progression that had the previous season, it is natural that some players are overvalued and others undervalued. In these cases theirs ratings should be updated. Which new players ratings may we expect to FIFA 18? Continue reading to find out…

FIFA 18 Wishlist: Players Ratings

Messi vs Ronaldo

Likelihood: High

Now that Ronaldo signed a deal with Electronic Arts, there are good chances to see him again as the most rated player of the game. He will probably will keep his 94 rating, while Messi should keep the 93 rating. EA is not given preferential treatment to Messi anymore, so it is very unlikely to see them both with the same rating.


Most Popular Upgrades

Likelihood: Very High

There are many popular players who will receive a huge rating upgrade for sure. It’s the case of Theo Hernández, Maxime Lopez, Mattia Caldara, Lucas Tousart, Christian Pulisic, Joel Pereira, Naby Keita, Andrea Belotti, Ousmane Dembelé or even Emre Mor.


Top Players Ratings

Likelihood: Medium

According to EA Sports, the players ratings that we can see on screenshots and on the trailers are not final. But they could be. In previous years, many of the provisional players ratings were final. This is the estimated players ratings for the most popular FIFA 18 players:

Cristiano Ronaldo – 94
Lionel Messi – 93
Neymar – 92
Luis Suárez – 92
Manuel Neuer – 92
Robert Lewandowski – 92
David De Gea – 90
Eden Hazard – 90
Gonzalo Higuain – 89
Gareth Bale – 89
Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 88


More players ratings will be revealed in august during the FIFA 18 Gamescom presentation. Obviously, we will publish them in our website.


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