The Entire Collection of FIFA 19 Content Mistakes

The Entire Collection of FIFA 19 Content Mistakes

This wasn’t a good year for FUT content creators. Our friend Dan made an incredible work compiling all the FIFA 19 content mistakes in a single list. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


The Entire Collection of FIFA 19 Content Mistakes

113 mistakes and still counting…

Checking content before it’s tweeted/released is avoidable. It’s crazy how many times EA miss things. Most of the issues below are incredibly petty and not worth talking about. However, listed together they show that this isn’t just the odd mistake here and there it’s a constant lack of care and attention to a game that has thousands spent on it weekly.


Below we have listed all the content type mistakes of FIFA 19 in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

MISTAKE 130 August 21st
EA tweeted out the TOTW. However, they included inform Cohade twice.

Nice one ea from FIFA

MISTAKE 129 August 6th
EA re-released the Van Dijk POTY SBC. However, they accidentally showed the 92 POTM Van Dijk card as the SBC reward and had to remove and re-add it.

Only EA thigs from FIFA

MISTAKE 128 August 4th
EA released an SBC for the final of the FIFA eWorld Cup. However, it required two nations Saudi Arabia and Argentina as EA expected Argentina pro Nicolas to make it the final instead of the German MoAuba whom he played in the semi.

New eWorldcup sbc from FIFA

MISTAKE 127 July 31th
EA released batch 3 of special items for the Festival of FUT promo. However, FUT Future Star De Jong featured in this batch of players. He was an untradeable SBC player and shouldn’t have been released, with his max price, 10k, being 800 coins less than his quicksell value.

Packed SBC FS De Jong, his price range is 10k… from FIFA

MISTAKE 126 July 25th
EA released an SBC reward Kurzawa item for the Ligue 1 League SBC set. However, they mistakenly showed the SBC reward Akanji item in the view rewards section of the SBC – not Kurzawa.

There is something wrong with the player picks from FIFA

MISTAKE 125 July 16th
In January EA issued skill move upgrades for certain players. However, for no apparent reason, if any of those players received a TOTS card then the TOTS shows the non upgraded skill move rating. Examples include Trezeguet, Sarabia and Onyekuru. It does not apply to the concept version of the card, only the actual TOTS.

What’s happening to the player skills? Onyekuru became 3star skiller?! from FIFA

MISTAKE 124 July 14th
EA posted a promotional graphic for their eSports Twitch stream. However, the graphic had the incorrect dates on.

Watch Dec 14-16 … what? from FIFA

MISTAKE 123 July 13th
EA released two new SBCs. However, they both appeared twice in the SBC menu.

Anyone else have two of both this and kovacic? from FIFA

MISTAKE 122 July 11th
EA posted a Q&A with Pro FIFA eSports player nicolas99fc on their Snapchat story. However, to go with one of the questions they needed to show a FIFA 19 TOTS Ronaldo card but instead showed a FIFA 18 TOTY Ronaldo card.

How have EA managed to fuck up this bad? from FIFA

MISTAKE 121 July 6th
The EA Snapchat posted a promo for the USA vs Netherlands World Cup Final. However, they used the Luxembourg flag rather than the Netherlands flag.
MISTAKE 120 July 3rd
Marquee Matchups were due to be released. However, they forget to add them and they eventually appeared 3 and a half hours late.
MISTAKE 119 July 1st
EA again released the weekly objective that is completed when all the other objectives are. However, it didn’t work. Again.

Surprise, Surprise guess what dosent work. from FIFA

MISTAKE 118 June 15th
EA released a new set of weekly objectives. However, one of these required you to use Argentinian league players to get a Chilean league TOTS card.

Buonanotte plays in the chilean league, not in the superliga argentina from FIFA

MISTAKE 117 June 9th
EA released a guaranteed Eredivisie TOTS SBC. However, they couldn’t decide how to spell Eredivisie.

Eredivisie SBC

MISTAKE 116 June 6th
EA released the weekly rewards. However, the red pick for LW TOTS Dembélé was in the RW position.

Another mistake? Why dembele red tots card is RW?! from FIFA

MISTAKE 115 June 6th
EA released the weekly rewards. However, the club was incorrect on Diagne and Yilmaz’s red player pick cards.

Mistake #65244 from FIFA

Red picks are broken diagne plays for Galatasaray from FIFA

MISTAKE 114 June 5th
EA tweeted out the TOTW. However, one of the informs had the wrong club on his card and a correction tweet was issued.

MISTAKE 113 June 4th
EA released an in game message explaining the FUT Swap situation. However, the message had clearly not been proof read as it had several mistakes, including the date. They later released a message about the ‘make good’ reward and got the date wrong, again.

Murillo Mistake “Make Good” is released from FIFA

MISTAKE 112 June 4th
The first June FUT Swap card arrived. However, it was incorrectly available to buy on the market.

MISTAKE 111 June 3rd
League upgrade packs eventually arrived! However, the graphic used for them said FIFA 17.

Fifa 17 flashback sbcs????? from FIFA

MISTAKE 110 June 3rd
League upgrade packs were advertised in game as being released. However, they weren’t.

Upgrades announced but not in SBCs from FIFA

MISTAKE 109 June 2nd
A guaranteed Süper Lig TOTS SBC was released. However, the pack just gave any random gold rare card, not a TOTS.

psa: super lig tots guarantee is glitched from FIFA

MISTAKE 108 June 1st
The final Champions League Marquee Matchups SBC was released. However, one of the sub SBCs description incorrectly said Real Madrid when it should have said Juventus.

Add it to the list! from FIFA

MISTAKE 107 May 31st
A new weekly objective was released. However, it did not say what the reward was.
MISTAKE 106 May 31st
EA finally released the thing we’ve all been asking for, that ability to buy FIFA points on the companion app! However, the incorrectly priced the 1600 FIFA points add on and made it the same price as 1050 FIFA points. This issue was of course promptly solved…

MISTAKE 105 May 31st
A new End of an Era Godin SBC was released. However, the graphic said FIFA 17 rather than FIFA 19.

Looks like EA forgot to change the fifa logo from 17 to 19 from FIFA

MISTAKE 104 May 29th
A new kit SBC was released!!! However, while visible on console, the kit appeared as a grey kit template on the web/companion app.

PSA: The europa league kit still doesnt show up. from FIFA

MISTAKE 103 May 29th
A new TOTW was released. However, the rating of inform Handanovic was wrong, it matched his TOTGS card whereas it should’ve been 1 higher, as seen with Eriksen.

MISTAKE 102 May 24th
Liga Nos TOTS was released. However, TOTS Vlachomodis’ price range had a minimum of 70k rather than a maximum, meaning he could not be sold.

Price range too high

MISTAKE 101 May 24th
EA tweeted out an image of the Liga Nos TOTS cards. However, they said ‘10 of the best’ but the graphic shows 11 players.

MISTAKE 100 May 22nd
We have our 100th mistake! The TOTW was released with a record breaker Wondolowski card in it. However, the initial tweet showed this card as being 78 rated and a correction tweet had to be sent showing the actual rating of 82.

MISTAKE 099 May 22nd
After the community had to literally beg for them, EA released league upgrade packs. However, unlike the league specific 25k packs they released for other promos and for TOTS last year, they released an SBC that turned 11 rare premier league players into two untradeable 81+ rated premier league players. These were terrible value and quite clearly not what the community had been asking for.

MISTAKE 098 May 21st
An SBC was released that offered players two kits and a 25k pack. However, on XBOX the 25k pack was tradeable whereas on PlayStation it was not. The PlayStation SBC got updated and anyone who did it while the reward was untradeable received a tradeable compensation 25k pack as well.

PSA: If you completed the kit sbc on ps4 and received an untradeable pack as group reward you just have been granted a tradeable one. (Gold Players Premium) from FIFA

MISTAKE 097 May 18th
A MOTM card Mbaye Diagne was released. However, the ratings were based on Diagne’s silver card, which got a winter upgrade. This meant the pace stat was the same on the winter upgrade card as on the MOTM card.

MISTAKE 096 May 17th
The EPL TOTS was due to be released. However, it got leaked, and in classic EA style the defence stat on the Van Dijk card was wrong.


MISTAKE 095 May 10th
TOTS MC arrived! However, the tweet showing the team included players only available through SBCs, meaning users thought they’d packed a TOTS such as Sissoko and the regular card was showing up as a mistake. In response to this EA added the three affected players to the packable TOTS set and gave everyone who packed the normal cards the TOTS version as well.

MISTAKE 094 May 10th
A TOTS Moments Ødegaard card was released as a SBC. However, on completion of the SBC the walkout animation played and the TOTS card could clearly be seen to be poorly overlaid on top of his base silver card.

You can actually see the Ødegaard’s Silver card behind his tots… from FIFA

MISTAKE 093 May 8th
Premier League Player of the Season voting was released. However, upon voting for a player a quote appeared, talking about how good a month the player had rather than season.

EA with the mistake yet again from FIFA

MISTAKE 092 May 7th
A UCL Marquee Matchups SBC was released. However, the rating and chemistry requirements were the wrong way round.

Did EA switch chemistry and rating requirements? from FIFA

MISTAKE 091 May 7th
The Bundesliga TOTS voting was released. However, the video showing the nominees included Timo Werner but the voting website did not include him.

Timo Werner is in this video that EA posted but not in the vote itself from FIFA

MISTAKE 090 May 3rd
EA released a weekly objective that was achieved when all the other weekly objectives were completed. However, while this is a really good addition and credit EA for doing it (I hope they do it every week), the reward was glitched and a large number of users didn’t receive it after completing the other objectives.

EA strikes again with another disappointing night of FIFA ? from FIFA

MISTAKE 089 May 3rd
May’s FUT Swap reward SBCs were released. However, when viewed in Spanish the Base ICON reward SBC’s description said it was for a middle tier ICON.

"Middle Icon Pack" in the description in Spanish. Base Icon in English. (Hope they give middle) from FIFA

MISTAKE 088 May 2nd
The Polish EA Sport FIFA YouTube account posted a video about ICONs. However, it included Prime Icon Moments Makélélé, Campbell and Lampard, cards that do not exist in the game.

MISTAKE 087 Apr 30th
EA tweeted it out the POTM nominees. However, the tweet incorrectly said they were for March not April. It had to be deleted and corrected in a new tweet.

MISTAKE 086 Apr 29th
EA released a POTY Van Dijk SBC. However, the tweet announcing this including the wrong twitter account for the PFA.

MISTAKE 085 Apr 26th
EA released a marquee matchups SBC set. However, in the Dutch version of FUT, SJ Earthquake’s was translated into Dutch, while all the other team names remained English.

They translated the name of SJ Earthquakes to Dutch… from FIFA

MISTAKE 084 Apr 24th
EA released a TOTKS Christian Eriksen SBC. However, the tweet announcing this said he had a TOTGS card. It was subsequently deleted and a corrected version was tweeted.

MISTAKE 083 Apr 23rd
EA released a Gonçalo Guedes UEFA Europa League TOTKS SBC. However, when playing the game in Portuguese, the description for this SBC incorrectly said the card was Gonçalo Paciência from Frankfurt, not Gonçalo Guedes.

MISTAKE 082 Apr 19th
I normally start these with the context then explain the mistake, but there’s literally no context here. EA have somehow managed to make all the Prime Icon Moments cards called Allsop.

Appearently all prime moments van bastejs are now a bronze 94 rated english goalkeeper named allsop. Typing van basten in the search doesnt show the 94 version. Even ingame he has the goalies face, body and stats. Cheers EA! Cant wait to play with a 1.2mil bronze gk from FIFA

MISTAKE 081 Apr 12th
EA released a new batch of Icon SBCs. However, (this is gonna be a long one) instead of the Prime Icon Moments SBCs that were promised, normal Prime Icon SBCs were released. The community was blamed for this as we didn’t like the fact the SBCs were costing too much compared to the cards market value. Instead of working on making the cards on the market cheaper they decided to not release the SBCs…

MISTAKE 080 Apr 9th
The UCL RTTF cards were being used on EA’s Official Snapchat. However, Van Dijk’s card had his TOTY stats on it by mistake.

MISTAKE 079 Apr 5th
A new FUT Weekend League started. However, the ability to use attribute cards was mistakenly allowed and could not be fixed until the next weekend league. (Think this fits into the list as it’s a very simple mistake that a quick check could’ve fixed, even if it’s not ‘content’).

MISTAKE 078 Apr 5th
A new weekly objective was released requiring goals with Colombian players. However, although spelt correctly the line after, Colombians was spelt ‘Columbians’.

When EA can’t spell “Colombian” correctly twice from FIFA

MISTAKE 077 Apr 5th
New Prime Icon Moments SBCs were released. However, the graphic on the companion app said FIFA 17 rather than FIFA 19.

MISTAKE 076 Mar 31st
New promo packs were added to the store. However, they had an incorrect 33 days until expiry. This was eventually corrected.

MISTAKE 075 Mar 30th
New SBCs were released for the FUT Birthday promo. However, the FUT loading screen leaked a Flashback Nani and Prime Icon Moments Van Basten card as they had not yet been released.

MISTAKE 074 Mar 29th
New weekly objectives were released. However, the objective requiring goals with German players was translated incorrectly when viewing FUT in Mandarin. It said goals with Bundesliga players were required instead.

(A humble request) EA, Please check your translations, at least the important ones, before releasing it from FIFA

MISTAKE 073 Mar 29th
New FUT Birthday objectives were added for Boateng, Guarin and Milinkovic-Savic. However, the graphic on the loading screen showed the FUT Birthday SBC Perisic card as a weekly objective reward rather than Milinkovic-Savic.

MISTAKE 072 Mar 28th
EA tweeted out their latest Pitch Notes. However, the link did not work and gave a 404 error.

EA link goes to 404

MISTAKE 071 Mar 18th
A Prime Icon Moments SBC for Dennis Bergkamp was released. However, the picture used on the SBC on console was of Patrick Kluivert. The title of the SBC on the companion app said it was for Patrick Kluivert. The whole SBC was removed, those that managed to complete it got both Icons, those who did a part of it got to keep the reward packs and have their submitted cards returned.

Add another to the list from FIFA

Bergkamp or Kluivert?

MISTAKE 070 Mar 15th
Champions and Europa League MOTM/Hero cards were released. However, while Ronaldo played the majority of the game on the left wing his hero card was a striker. This decision was defended by an EA FUT Live Content Producer, who condescendingly replied to heat maps of Ronaldo’s game showing he played left wing and questioning the striker position with ‘Probs cos he played ST…’ The position change itself probably wouldn’t have made this list but the response from the EA employee is a bit hostile and maybe sheds some light on why we’ve seen so many content mistakes this year.

MISTAKE 069 Mar 12th
The Carniball promo meant new SBC challenges were released based on that days chosen nation. However, while the nation was Argentinian the SBC was German. The Argentinian SBC was released later that day suggesting it was not an intentional move to mess up traders, could still have been though.

Umm EA, thats the wrong nation from FIFA

MISTAKE 068 Mar 12th
The Carniball promo meant new special players were released every day. However, after a pretty much flawless promo, credit to EA on that, the EA Fifa France twitter account leaked that days promo. Leaks don’t normally make this list but this one included an image of an Alejandro Gomez card which had his club badge as Atlanta United rather than his actual club Atalanta.

MISTAKE 067 Mar 6th
The Bundesliga POTM voting was released. However, the Willi Orban card used in the graphic was German when his in game nationality was changed earlier in the year to Hungarian.

1000 eyes didn’t spot Bundesliga POTM is usually red from FIFA

MISTAKE 066 Mar 6th
The Bundesliga POTM voting was released. However, the post mentioned purple cards when the Bundesliga POTMs have been red all year with the Premier League POTMs being the purple ones.

1000 eyes didn’t spot Bundesliga POTM is usually red from FIFA

MISTAKE 065 Mar 2nd
A set of MOTM cards were released. However, the De Ligt MOTM card was not in packs on PS4. It was eventually released and those who packed his normal card when it should’ve been the MOTM received the MOTM on Mar 6th.

Isn’t De Ligt supposed to be orange as well? from FIFA

Logged into FIFA and found a MOTM De Ligt in my unassigned pile even though I didn’t pack him, why is this? from FIFA

MISTAKE 064 Mar 1st
The FUT Player Days promo released past informs back into packs. However, the graphic on the FUT loading screen showed a 91 rated inform Luka Modric when in fact the actual card was 92 rated.

MISTAKE 063 Mar 1st
A Prime Icon Moments SBC for Cannavaro was released. However, the tweet informing people of this showed a graphic of a 93 rated Cannavaro with different Pace, Shooting, Defending and Physical stats. To avoid the apology tweet they had to do when a very similar problem happened 13 days prior with Flashback David Luiz, the tweet was quickly deleted.

Cannavaro with wrong stats

MISTAKE 062 Mar 1st
Engagement rewards and a Two Player Pack for accessing the Web/Companion App were released. However, some users only received a Two Player Pack and got their Ultimate Pack later, while some users received a Rare Mega Pack, Ultimate Pack and a Two Players Pack.

MISTAKE 061 Mar 1st
The new set of FUT Swap SBCs were released. However, for some users the inform Hulk card was described at being a OTW Hulk.

In Dutch it says OTW Hulk, not TOTW. from FIFA

MISTAKE 060 Mar 1st
TOTGS Neymar was selling for 2.5M on the market. However, this card was being re-released in the upcoming promo so his max price range was changed, to 0, making him extinct.

TOTGS Neymar locked? Can’t sell on app or console. Start price and bin are greyed out as shown and can’t click the + button. He’s extinct and trying to make a profit from FIFA

MISTAKE 059 Feb 28th
Special cards are coloured differently from normal cards. However, for no apparent reason, the background of some types of special cards became a plain black colour.

Love the new card designs!! from FIFA

MISTAKE 058 Feb 27th
A Prime ICON Moments Seedorf SBC was released. However, the message in game announcing it specified it was available for a limited time when it fact it was unlimited.

What kind of sorcery is this? from FIFA

MISTAKE 057 Feb 27th
The new TOTW was tweeted out with Izzo having an 83 inform. However, this was wrong, and users were informed the cards rating had been changed to 84 in a separate tweet from EA.

MISTAKE 056 Feb 26th
The image of Falcao for his UEFA Europa League Moments card was replaced with a dynamic image. However, it was an image of Manolas, not Falcao. Eventually it was changed to the correct dynamic image.

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t Falcao from FIFA

Falcao now has a dynamic image from FIFA

MISTAKE 055 Feb 25th
Normally when a weekend league closes the option to redeem entry for the upcoming weekend league becomes available. However, following the conclusion of this weekend league, the option was not available, and players were presented with a message telling them there was no upcoming weekend league. It was subsequently made available later that day.

Probably for the better from FIFA

MISTAKE 054 Feb 22nd
The upcoming week’s weekly objectives were released. They contained one objective they stated players would gain an untradeable inform if they assisted with an inform card in 5 separate Divison Rivals wins. However, this was wrong, as the game did not need to end in a victory for the assists to count towards the objective. This ‘issue’ was ‘fixed’ in a matter of days even though nobody wanted it to be.

Weekly Objective

[PSA] You can complete the TOTW weekly objective without winning games from FIFA

MISTAKE 053 Feb 21st
A UEFA Europa League (UEL) Moments SBC was released for Radamel Falcao. However, in the tweet announcing this the SBC was wrongly described as a UEFA Champions League (UCL) Moments SBC.

MISTAKE 052 Feb 19th
EA had a page on their website that allowed players to see all the winter upgrades. However, they forgot about it and did not add the Serie A upgrades to it until the Ligue 1 upgrades were out.

MISTAKE 051 Feb 19th
Wojciech Szczesny received a winter upgrade to make his card 86 rated. However, he was only given a 10k max price range when the cheapest 86 rated cards were going for 24k, making him instantly extinct.

Max 10k…

Cheapest 86s

MISTAKE 050 Feb 19th
Milan Škriniar received a winter upgrade to make his card 86 rated, and boost his league SBC reward card to 88. However, while updated on console, the league SBC card graphic showed, and still shows, as 87 when viewing the Serie A league SBC rewards on web/companion app.

Serie A League SBC Rewards display Skriniar as an 87, despite being upgraded to 88 over 3 months ago. from FIFA

MISTAKE 049 Feb 17th
Yann Sommer has a headliner card. As he has an 87 rated inform his headliner was 88. However, upon receiving a winter upgrade the inform went to 89 and the headliner went up 4 ratings to 92. EA admitted their mistake in a tweet and stated his rating will not change and the card will not update unless he gets a 92 rated inform.

MISTAKE 048 Feb 17th
Marco Reus received a winter upgrade and as such his second POTM card got upgraded to 94. The card had all it’s physical stats increased. However, later that day these stats were changed to reduce the size of the increases without any reasoning from EA.

Reus stamina change from FIFA

MISTAKE 047 Feb 17th
Axel Witsel got a winter upgrade, making his inform 87 rated. However, while already extinct on the Xbox market, EA reduced his max price range by 20k.

MISTAKE 046 Feb 16th
A Flashback David Luiz card was released. However, it had a lower rating in game to the one tweeted and EA had to upgrade the in game version to match.

MISTAKE 045 Feb 15th
Raheem Sterling made it into the team of the week, meaning his inform card was the only version in packs. However, upon receiving a winter upgrade in that same week, some people packed the upgraded card instead of the inform.

Packed sterlings upgrade when he had an inform out

MISTAKE 044 Feb 15th
Aymeric Laporte made it into the team of the week, meaning his inform card was the only version in packs. However, upon receiving a winter upgrade in that same week, some people packed the upgraded card instead of the inform.

Just packed Upgraded Laporte. Should it not be his 86 TOTW? from FIFA

MISTAKE 043 Feb 15th
Prime Icon Moment Cards were released. However, while being called Icons they did not come under the Icon category and were subsequently unusable in SBCs requiring Icons. This was fixed by changing the SBCs, rather than the cards, to accept Icons or Prime Icon Moment cards.

Prime Icon Moments DONT Count As An Icon In “Iconic” Icon SBC’s from FIFA

Looks like they fixed the icon requirememt from FIFA

MISTAKE 042 Feb 15th
The Winter OTW graphic was tweeted. However, OTW Giovinco and OTW Boudebouz weren’t in it even though they are in the game.

MISTAKE 041 Feb 13th
The Prime Moment Matthaus card was visible on the FUT loading screen. However, the stats shown were different to the ones in game.

MISTAKE 040 Feb 13th
The Henry Prime Moment card was posted on the EA website. However, it had the description for Patrick Viera, even though Viera hadn’t been released as prime moment icon.

Viera is most likely a getting a Moment card (Error with Henry’s Moment description on EA Website) from FIFA

MISTAKE 039 Feb 12th
Special Goalkeeper cards were released. However, their reaction stats weren’t upgraded.

Can confirm, Cech has 77 reactions in Div Rivals, from FIFA

MISTAKE 038 Feb 12th
EA’s Snapchat posted a Steven Nzonzi Road to the Final card to represent Roma. However, the card does not exist and Florenzi has one they could’ve used.

NZonzi doesn’t even have a rttf card from FIFA

MISTAKE 037 Feb 12th
EA’s German FUT twitter account tweeted a graphic about the OTW promo. However, it was quickly deleted as it was before they were due to be released and ratings and nationalities were wrong, with Balotelli being an 82 rated Frenchman.

MISTAKE 036 Feb 9th, Feb 19th, May 17th
Nation changes were released, meaning the flags on players cards were updated to the correct country if they had changed nationality since the release of FIFA 19. However, for some cards when you viewed the details section it still said the old nation. This happened to:

Feb 9th. Villalba has the Paraguay flag but his details say Argentina.

Is this good enough to be put on the list? (Nation : Argentina) from FIFA

Feb 9th. Kondogbia had the Central African Republic flag but his details said France, it has since been fixed.

Kondogbia’s nation is still down as France. Unfortunately he doesn’t link with French players from FIFA

Feb 9th. Pedro Obiang has the Equatorial Guinea flag but his details say Spain.

Pedro Obiang updated nation (still says Spain though) from FIFA

Feb 9th. Junior Firpo has the Spanish flag but his details say Dominican Republic.

Feb 9th. Shandon Baptiste has the Grenada flag but his details say England.

There must be another country called England that I haven’t heard of yet. from FIFA

Feb 19th. Inform Ilias Chair has the Moroccan flag but his details say Belgium.

This current TOTW players nationality is classed as Belgium when his card shows he is Moroccan. from FIFA

May 17th. TOTS Declan Rice has the England flag but his details say Republic of Ireland.

Ea fuck up

MISTAKE 035 Feb 8th, Oct 26th
Scream cards were released in the Halloween promo with the promise that they would have two stats upgraded and over time these would change so that they had different variations of upgraded stats. However, these stats didn’t change until over 3 months later.

MISTAKE 034 Feb 8th
The Marcus Rashford POTM SBC was released. However, the description for one of the sub SBCs talked about Van Dijk being player of the month as it had been copied from last months POTM SBC and not changed.

EA too lazy with the new potm so another copypasta from FIFA

MISTAKE 033 Feb 7th
Graphics for a new card were tweeted out. However, it was shown that this, along with other graphics, were just poorly overlaid on old ones.

MISTAKE 032 Feb 6th
A February FUT swap SBC was released. However, it described the card as being for January.

Didn’t know it was January from FIFA

MISTAKE 031 Feb 6th
Voting for Bundesliga POTM was released. However, it described the Italian player Caligiuri as German.

Good job ea.. first he’s a RB and second he’s ITALIAN from FIFA

MISTAKE 030 Feb 5th
Rewards were released for total game time. However, these were done incorrectly and got removed then reintroduced.

MISTAKE 029 Feb 5th
An icon SBC was released for Prime Butragueño. However, it had an expiry date of 22 days rather than the usual 30 and had to be corrected.

Butragueño SBC expiry has been fixed from FIFA

MISTAKE 028 Feb 1st
Dynamic Headliner cards were released into the game. However, these were not recognised as special cards so could not be found on the market using the special filter.

PSA: headliner cards are not under the special card filter right now from FIFA

MISTAKE 027 Feb 1st
A FUT Swap infographic was displayed when entering FUT. However, it showed the Swiss Steven Zuber to be German.

EA back at it again messing up countries from FIFA

MISTAKE 026 Jan 31st
A Marquee Matchups SBC was released. However, the wrong Milan badge was used.

EA put the badge od wrong club in Milano from FIFA

MISTAKE 025 Jan 26th
Quincy Promes got a MOTM card for his performance with Sevilla. However, the card tweeted played for Spartak Moscow.

MISTAKE 024 Jan 24th
A Wayne Rooney flashback card got released. However, it only had a very small stamina upgrade in comparison to the rest of his stat’s upgrades. This happened even though he is known for having very good stamina in his prime. Low stamina upgrades have been noted on other flashback cards as well.

The fact that FB Rooney has 74 stamina is a fucking joke from FIFA

MISTAKE 023 Jan 24th
A Marquee Matchups SBC was released. However, one of its sub SBCs for a Mexican league match required max 3 Mexican players rather than minimum, encouraging you to not use any Mexican players.

Seems like an odd requirement for a Marquee Matchup sbc regarding what I believe is in the Mexican League, did they mean to say Min. But accidentally put Max? from FIFA

MISTAKE 022 Jan 23rd
The TOTW was tweeted out with a 74 rated silver inform Andy Cook card. However, in game this card was a 75 rated inform gold card.

MISTAKE 021 Jan 23rd
An inform Sommer was released with 88 reflexes. However, it said he had 87 reflexes when you viewed his details.

MISTAKE 020 Jan 21st
The FUT Future Star Ndombele SBC was released. However, it had a Netherlands flag instead of French flag for one of its sub SBCs.

MISTAKE 019 Jan 15th
The Eredivise League SBC was released and one of the clubs that needed completing was FC Utrecht. However, the SBC has positions for LM and RM yet Utrecht have no LM/LW/LF or RM/RW/RF cards making it ridiculously expensive.

MISTAKE 018 Jan 9th
A Christian Eriksen inform card was released. However, it was at the wrong rating and had to be upgraded.

MISTAKE 017 Jan 3rd
Players were able to redeem their FUT champs rewards. However, many players got a very small random amount of coins. EA did not explain why this happened.

Random FUT Champs Coins

MISTAKE 016 Dec 21st
UEFA Europa League Road to the Final cards were tweeted out. However, Mathieu and Kondogbia were missing from the graphic and had to be tweeted separately.

MISTAKE 015 Dec 14th
The Champions League Road to the Final cards were updated and a tweet was sent showing this. However, in the tweet Renato Sanches had not been upgraded and was 81 rated, yet he was 84 in game.

Not only did the UCL RTTF cards get upgraded, but EA forgot to upgrade Renato from FIFA

MISTAKE 014 Dec 7th
Champions League and Europa League Team of the Group Stage cards were released into the game. However, these were both not recognised as special cards so could not be found on the market using the special filter.

MISTAKE 013 Dec 6th
FUT Division Rivals rewards were updated. However, the changes meant that it was more beneficial to finish in division 5 rank 2 (Rare Gold Players Pack; 50k, Mega Pack; 35k) than division 2 rank 3 (Rare Gold Players Pack; 50k, Rare Electrum Players Pack; 30k).

MISTAKE 012 Nov 16th
A POTM Sancho card was released. However, it was at LM instead of the advertised RM causing the SBC to be removed and reintroduced with his position changed.

MISTAKE 011 Nov 16th
A POTM Sancho SBC was released. However, it had a section described as ‘build a squad around Sancho’ yet the brick slot was German not English.

MISTAKE 010 Nov 15th
An ICON SBC set was released. However, it was too cheap for the rewards, meaning players could keep doing it for the packs. It was removed and reintroduced with worse pack rewards.

MISTAKE 009 Nov 15th
A Marquee Matchups SBC was released. However, it included a sub SBC for a Czech Republic vs Slovenia game when they actually played Slovakia.

MISTAKE 008 Nov 11th
The Champions League Road to the Final cards were released. However, the graphic of the cards on the loading screen did not include Renato Sanches’ card.

No Renato Sanches

MISTAKE 007 Nov 9th
An SBC was released requiring 11 gold players, two of which had to be Champions League Common Gold cards. However, on the companion app these cards were not recognised as gold and the SBC was impossible to complete.

MISTAKE 006 Oct 29th
An Ultimate Scream Koke SBC was tweeted about as being available. However, it wasn’t available and a correction was tweeted with the right release time.

MISTAKE 005 Oct 19th
Ultimate Scream promo packs were released. However, they had FIFA 18 written on them.

EA…what can you actually do correct? It says FIFA 18 on the promo packs… from FIFA

MISTAKE 004 Sep 28th
Throughout the FIFA cycle many different SBCs and Items are released. However, on several occasions the variable name is shown in FUT rather than the correct display name.

Add it to the goddam list from FIFA

MISTAKE 003 Sep 28th
The game has a selection of manager leagues including the Icon manager league and the Liga do Brasil manager league. However, searching for the Icon manager league will return no results as it doesn’t exist. While the Liga do Brasil manager league can be bought it is useless, as there are no players from Liga do Brasil in the game.

Are Icon Manager League not a thing anymore? from FIFA

MISTAKE 002 Sep 28th
Some special cards receive dynamic faces to make them different and more desirable. However, the dynamic faces regularly don’t appear on the cards in game.

This triggers me so much… from FIFA

MISTAKE 001 Sep 26th
At the start of FIFA daily rewards were given out. However, they were deemed too good by EA and got removed then reintroduced much worse.