FIFA 19 Manual

FIFA 19 Manual - Digital Game Manual Instructions

Read or download the official EA Sports FIFA 19 Manual for all platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The digital game manual instructions are available in several languages, including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Dutch and Arabic.

You bought FIFA 19 but you can not find where the manual is, right? Sounds familiar. Don’t worry. If you need to know something about this game, just check the official FIFA 19 manual. You can find it right here.



FIFA 19 Manual

Digital Game Manual Instructions for EA Sports FIFA 19

EA have stopped printing game manuals and including them in the box. But don’t worry. We provide here the FIFA 19 Manual, complete and original, to each platform and in eleven languages. They are hosted on our servers which means that you can read them safely, fast and whenever you want.

Each digital manual has around 28 pages and its size ranges between 0.4 Mb and 2 Mb.

You are free to download any FIFA 19 Manual. Just click in the language and platform that you want:


Playstation 4

Xbox One



What’s inside the FIFA 19 Manual?

What you can find on the FIFA 19 Manual?

In this EA Sports FIFA 19 Manual, you will be able to find the following chapters:

01 Getting Started

02 Complete Controls

03 This Year in FIFA

04 Starting the Game
Get Onto the Pitch
Choose Your Club, Game Difficulty and Control Settings
Connect with EA Sports Football Club
Earn Rewards for Past FIFA Experience

05 Playing the Game
Main Menu
Game Screen
Match Preparations

06 The Journey
Making your Mark

07 FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)
New to FUT: FUT Division Rivals
Squad Battles
Squad Building Challenges
FUT Champions
Draft Mode
Transfer Market

08 The New Kick Off

09 Career
Player Career
Manager Career

10 Skill Games

11 Practice Arena

12 Online
Pro Clubs
Online Friendlies

13 Need Help?

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  1. Question! I already read that I can download the manual in Spanish, but my question is can I put the game in SPANISH and play in Spanish?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes (Admin)

      It depends on where you bought your game. If that option is available on your country, then all you have to do is to select the flag of your country on the intro screen.

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