FIFA 19 Premier League Goalkeepers Guide

FIFA 19 Premier League Goalkeepers Guide


Who are the best FIFA 19 Premier League goalkeepers? Let’s find out!

FIFA 19 Premier League Squad Guide

The Best FIFA 19 Premier League Goalkeepers


Goalkeepers are the players that are used least on the field. Because of this they are also first ignored when building a team. Most players start their purchases with a forward, later they strengthen the midfield, the defence and only later the goal. The truth is a good goalkeeper may be worth a lot of goals. They are a good investment because they are normally the most economically accessible players.

Now that Thibaut has leaved this league, the goalkeepers with most prestige in the Premier League is David De Gea. The most rated goalkeeper playing in England is also the most searched for by this league’s teams so this makes him more expensive.


De Gea 91 Manchester United ESP
Hugo Lloris 88 Tottenham Hotspur FRA
Ederson 86 Manchester City BRA
Alisson 85 Liverpool BRA
Bernd Leno 84 Arsenal GER
Kasper Schmeichel 84 Leicester City DEN
Kepa 83 Chelsea ESP
Jordan Pickford 83 Everton ENG
Rui Patrício 83 Wolverhampton Wanderers POR
Petr Čech 82 Arsenal CZ
Guaita 81 Crystal Palace ESP
Nick Pope 80 Burnley ENG
Fabricio 80 Fulham ESP
Tom Heaton 80 Burnley ENG
Sergio Rico 80 Fulham ESP


When choosing a good goalkeeper it’s not only down to his rating. There are two fundamental attributes for choosing a good goalkeeper: reflexes and diving.

The first measures a goalkeeper’s agility when making a save. The best on this aspect are Hugo Lloris and De Gea.


De Gea Manchester United ESP 94
Hugo Lloris Tottenham Hotspur FRA 92
Alisson Liverpool BRA 88
Kasper Schmeichel Leicester City DEN 88
Ederson Manchester City BRA 87
Jordan Pickford Everton ENG 86
Kepa Chelsea ESP 84
Łukasz Fabiański West Ham United POL 84
Simon Mignolet Liverpool BEL 83
Adrián West Ham United ESP 83
Gomes Watford BRA 83
Bernd Leno Arsenal GER 82
Rui Patrício Wolverhampton Wanderers POR 82
Guaita Crystal Palace ESP 82
Tom Heaton Burnley ENG 82


Diving is a fundamental attribute when choosing a goalkeeper. It measures the capacity for a goalkeeper to make a save when jumping.

De Gea is also the best one with this attribute, with a slight advantage over Lloris.


De Gea Manchester United ESP 90
Hugo Lloris Tottenham Hotspur FRA 88
Ederson Manchester City BRA 85
Rui Patrício Wolverhampton Wanderers POR 85
Bernd Leno Arsenal GER 84
Kepa Chelsea ESP 84
Kasper Schmeichel Leicester City DEN 83
Jordan Pickford Everton ENG 83
Alisson Liverpool BRA 82
Guaita Crystal Palace ESP 82
Adrián West Ham United ESP 82
Tom Heaton Burnley ENG 80
Simon Mignolet Liverpool BEL 80
Asmir Begović Bournemouth BOS 80
Gomes Watford BRA 80


The most experienced Ultimate Team players know that another leaning factor on a goalkeeper’s performance without considering the remaining four attributes: height. The more tall a goalkeeper is, better his chances of having a clean sheet.

Even though De Gea can’t be considered a short goalkeeper, the truth is United’s goalkeeper is 8 cm short of the mighty Fraser Forster, this gold goalkeeper holds the title of tallest Premier League Goalkeeper. Cech is a very tall goalkeeper while Lloris and Claudio Bravo make both part of the shortest goalkpeers of this league.


Fraser Forster Southampton ENG 201 / 6′7″
Nick Pope Burnley ENG 200 / 6′7″
Asmir Begović Bournemouth BOS 199 / 6′6″
Wayne Hennessey Crystal Palace WAL 198 / 6′6″
Petr Čech Arsenal CZ 196 / 6′5″
Joe Hart Burnley ENG 196 / 6′5″
Jonas Lössl Huddersfield Town DEN 195 / 6′5″
Sergio Rico Fulham ESP 194 / 6′4″
De Gea Manchester United ESP 193 / 6′4″
Simon Mignolet Liverpool BEL 193 / 6′4″
Alex McCarthy Southampton ENG 193 / 6′4″
Ben Foster Watford ENG 193 / 6′4″
Artur Boruc Bournemouth POL 193 / 6′4″
Sergio Romero Manchester United ARG 192 / 6′4″
Alisson Liverpool BRA 191 / 6′3″


De Gea is, more than ever, the best option to the goal. He has the best reflexes and diving, the two most important attributes, in the entire Premier League. LLoris, Ederson and Alisson are natural alternatives to the United’s goalkeeper, if you cannot afford him. It’s much more difficult to pick the fifth best goalkeeper. In our opinion, this position is in good hands (literally) whether you choose Rui Patrício, Kasper Schmeichel or Bernd Leno.

In terms of economic choices, our suggestion goes also for Patrício. Except for his speed, he is a very balanced goalkeeper that everyone can pay.

FIFA 19 Premier League GoalkeepersTOP 10 GOALKEEPERS

01 91 ?? David De Gea
02 88 ?? Hugo Lloris
03 86 ?? Ederson
04 85 ?? Alisson
05 83 ?? Rui Patrício
06 84 ?? Kasper Schmeichel
07 84 ?? Bernd Leno
08 83 ??????? Jordan Pickford
09 83 ?? Kepa
10 81 ?? Guaita

FIFA 19 Premier League Squad GuideBest FIFA 19 Premier League Goalkeeper


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  1. Hi Rodrigo
    I use 4-3-2-1 with this team
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    Subs: martial, mahrez, kovacic, m.dembele , lingard, bailly, Robertson

    I’m selling Pogba as I find him too slow and clunky which means I will have a transfer budget of around 120k , any suggestions for a replacement cm (I’ve tried Fabinho and Jorginho already and not liked them) and is there anywhere else I need to improve the squad

  2. Hello Rodrigo! I am getting a bit confuse. I just recently replace my goalkeeper from Lloris to De Gea. However, after few matches I realise De Gea couldn’t perform like how Lloris can do. I am not sure whether I applied the wrong chemistry (Wall) for him and make him unable to perform well. I also read lots of bad review about De Gea. May I know base on your experience, is De Gea still the best goalkeeper in EPL in FUT 19? Or should I replace back to UCL Lloris?

        1. Hello Rodrigo. I am having difficulty choosing a CDM for my EPL squad. I really need your advice on this. I was thinking either UCL live Fabinho, gold card kante, or fut swap deal dembele? You may also suggest any other better choice if you have anything in mind.

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  3. I just need to know Patrício and Schmeichel’s advantages and disadvantages cus they’re both so even and I can’t decide

  4. Hello, Rodrigo
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