FIFA 19 Serie A Defenders Guide

FIFA 19 Serie A Defenders Guide


Who are the best FIFA 19 Serie A defenders? Let’s find out good right-backs, left-backs and centre-backs to your team!


FIFA 19 Serie A Centre Backs Guide

The Best FIFA 19 Serie A Centre-Backs


A goalkeeper task is made easier if in front of him are quality central backs. Their function is to stop the opponent from getting dangerously close to your team’s goal.

Chiellini is still the highest rated centre back playing in Italy.


Giorgio Chiellini 89 Juventus ITA
Kalidou Koulibaly 87 Napoli SEN
Leonardo Bonucci 86 Juventus ITA
Medhi Benatia 86 Juventus MOR
Milan Škriniar 85 Inter SVK
Kostas Manolas 85 Roma GRE
Miranda 85 Inter BRA
Stefan de Vrij 84 Inter NED
Raúl Albiol 84 Napoli ESP
Andrea Barzagli 84 Juventus ITA
Daniele Rugani 82 Juventus ITA
Alessio Romagnoli 82 Milan ITA
Francesco Acerbi 82 Lazio ITA
Federico Fazio 82 Roma ARG
Marcano 82 Roma ESP
Mattia Caldara 80 Milan ITA
Nicolas Nkoulou 80 Torino CAM
Mateo Musacchio 80 Milan ARG
Ştefan Radu 80 Lazio ROM
Germán Pezzella 79 Fiorentina ARG


On a centre back, two attributes assume particular importance on their performance: defending and physical, which represents strength, stamina, aggression and jumping.

A player with good at defending will have an easier chance of dispossessing the opponent and avoid him reaching your box.

It’s the case of Chiellini and Barzagli. It’s really hard to get past them.


Giorgio Chiellini Juventus ITA 91
Andrea Barzagli Juventus ITA 89
Kalidou Koulibaly Napoli SEN 88
Miranda Inter BRA 88
Leonardo Bonucci Juventus ITA 87
Medhi Benatia Juventus MOR 87
Milan Škriniar Inter SVK 87
Kostas Manolas Roma GRE 86
Stefan de Vrij Inter NED 86
Raúl Albiol Napoli ESP 86
Daniele Rugani Juventus ITA 85
Francesco Acerbi Lazio ITA 85
Federico Fazio Roma ARG 85
Alessio Romagnoli Milan ITA 84
Ştefan Radu Lazio ROM 84
Marcano Roma ESP 83
Mattia Caldara Milan ITA 83
Mateo Musacchio Milan ARG 83
Cristian Zapata Milan COL 82
Andrea Masiello Atalanta ITA 81


The physical attribute shows the old heading capability but also how likely the players are to win game with their body. This is a crucial attribute when looking for the best centre back.

In this chapter, Koulibaly is who stand out.


Kalidou Koulibaly Napoli SEN 86
Medhi Benatia Juventus MOR 85
Federico Fazio Roma ARG 83
Omar Colley Sampdoria GAM 83
Giorgio Chiellini Juventus ITA 82
Milan Škriniar Inter SVK 82
Kostas Manolas Roma GRE 82
Juan Jesus Roma BRA 82
Sebastian De Maio Bologna FRA 81
Leonardo Bonucci Juventus ITA 80
Francesco Acerbi Lazio ITA 80
Alessio Romagnoli Milan ITA 79
Marcano Roma ESP 79
Nikola Maksimović Napoli SRB 79
Cristian Zapata Milan COL 77
Filip Helander Bologna SWE 77
Miranda Inter BRA 76
Stefan de Vrij Inter NED 76
Bastos Lazio ANG 76
José Luis Palomino Atalanta ARG 76


Defending and heading may be useless against fast opponents. It’s necessary to fight fire with fire. No one likes feeling impotent when seeing you get overrun by extremely fast players. Even though, in a way, centre backs aren’t that fast, every team needs one of these players with a high pace attribute.

Manolas is clearly the fastest centre back playing in the Serie A.


Kostas Manolas Roma GRE 83
Juan Jesus Roma BRA 77
Martín Cáceres Lazio URU 76
Bastos Lazio ANG 75
Kalidou Koulibaly Napoli SEN 72
Milan Škriniar Inter SVK 72
Medhi Benatia Juventus MOR 70
Mateo Musacchio Milan ARG 70
Lorenzo Tonelli Sampdoria ITA 70
Omar Colley Sampdoria GAM 70
Giorgio Chiellini Juventus ITA 69
Ştefan Radu Lazio ROM 69
Nicolas Nkoulou Torino CAM 69
Miranda Inter BRA 68
Stefan de Vrij Inter NED 68
Andrea Barzagli Juventus ITA 68
Marcano Roma ESP 68
Giancarlo González Bologna COS 68
Vitor Hugo Fiorentina BRA 68
Wallace Lazio BRA 68


Giorgio Chiellini is our first choice for this position. He is the one with the best defending stats. The Juventus’ defender is the most expensive of all centre backs in Serie A but there are many other high-quality options. Most of the times the big question is to decide who will partner with Chiellini? Koulibaly is stronger but Manolas is faster, making him a better option if you already have a slow CB in your team, like Bonucci. The Italian defender is the most balanced CB in this league but needs someone fast playing next to him.

The Italian football is known by its defensive and tactical style. It’s no surprise to find great defenders for amazing prices. You don’t need a good budget to build a strong defensive line in this league.

FIFA 19 Serie A DefendersTOP 10 CENTRE-BACKS

01 89 ?? Giorgio Chiellini
02 87 ?? Kalidou Koulibaly
03 85 ?? Kostas Manolas
04 86 ?? Medhi Benatia
05 85 ?? Milan Škriniar
06 86 ?? Leonardo Bonucci
07 85 ?? Miranda
08 84 ?? Stefan de Vrij
09 84 ?? Andrea Barzagli
10 78 ?? Juan Jesus

FIFA 19 Serie A Squad GuideBest FIFA 19 Serie A Centre-Backs

FIFA 19 Serie A Right Backs

The Best FIFA 19 Serie A Right Backs


Full backs have the role of troubling the job of wingers. In addition, good full backs also support their team mates on offensive manoeuvres.

Florenzi is the most popular right backs playing in Serie A.


Alessandro Florenzi 82 Roma ITA
Elseid Hysaj 81 Napoli ALB
João Cancelo 81 Juventus POR
Šime Vrsaljko 81 Inter CRO
Mattia De Sciglio 78 Juventus ITA
Ignazio Abate 78 Milan ITA
Dušan Basta 78 Lazio SRB
Davide Calabria 77 Milan ITA
Lorenzo De Silvestri 77 Torino ITA
Rick Karsdorp 76 Roma NED
Kévin Malcuit 76 Napoli FRA


There are very important attributes for any right back: defending and pace.

Since they’re defenders they should have good defending capacities. This reduces a team’s risk of conceding.

In Italy, no other right back defends as well as Hysaj and Vrsaljko.


Elseid Hysaj Napoli ALB 79
Šime Vrsaljko Inter CRO 78
João Cancelo Juventus POR 77
Mattia De Sciglio Juventus ITA 77
Dušan Basta Lazio SRB 77
Lorenzo De Silvestri Torino ITA 77
Alessandro Florenzi Roma ITA 76
Ignazio Abate Milan ITA 76
Davide Calabria Milan ITA 76
Rick Karsdorp Roma NED 72
Kévin Malcuit Napoli FRA 72


A flanked game tends to be faster than a game based in the middle of the field. The players that fill these spaces are obligated to be fast, both penetrating defensive and attacking moves of the team. Pace is one of the most important requirements for a good full back. Even in FIFA 19.

João Cancelo is the fastest one.


João Cancelo Juventus POR 88
Rick Karsdorp Roma NED 87
Alessandro Florenzi Roma ITA 84
Kévin Malcuit Napoli FRA 84
Elseid Hysaj Napoli ALB 81
Šime Vrsaljko Inter CRO 81
Ignazio Abate Milan ITA 81
Davide Calabria Milan ITA 79
Mattia De Sciglio Juventus ITA 77
Dušan Basta Lazio SRB 74
Lorenzo De Silvestri Torino ITA 72


Florenzi and Cancelo are the best choices for who needs good Serie A right backs. Šime Vrsaljko and Elseid Hysaj are also valid offers if you don’t want to spend so much coins.

FIFA 19 Serie A Right BacksTOP 10 RIGHT-BACKS

01 81 ?? João Cancelo
02 82 ?? Alessandro Florenzi
03 81 ?? Šime Vrsaljko
04 81 ?? Elseid Hysaj
05 76 ?? Rick Karsdorp
06 76 ?? Kévin Malcuit
07 78 ?? Ignazio Abate
08 78 ?? Dušan Basta
09 78 ?? Mattia De Sciglio
10 77 ?? Davide Calabria

FIFA 19 Serie A Squad GuideBest FIFA 19 Serie A Right Backs

FIFA 19 Serie A Left Backs

The Best FIFA 19 Serie A Left Backs


Left backs have exactly the same role of their team mates on the other flank. In other words, they try to make a winger’s job hard and participate in the team’s offensive manoeuvres.

On the Serie A, there is a left back that stand out more than the other ones: Alex Sandro.


Alex Sandro 86 Juventus BRA
Aleksandar Kolarov 82 Roma SRB
Faouzi Ghoulam 81 Napoli ALG
Domenico Criscito 81 Genoa ITA
Ricardo Rodríguez 80 Milan SUI
Kwadwo Asamoah 79 Inter GHA
Mário Rui 78 Napoli POR
Cristian Ansaldi 78 Torino ARG
Dalbert 76 Inter BRA
Riza Durmisi 76 Lazio DEN
Luca Antonelli 76 Empoli ITA
Danilo D’Ambrosio 76 Inter ITA
Cristiano Biraghi 75 Fiorentina ITA
Davide Santon 75 Roma ITA


Besides being the highest rated LB, Alex Sandro is also the one who defends better in this league.


Alex Sandro Juventus BRA 82
Aleksandar Kolarov Roma SRB 81
Domenico Criscito Genoa ITA 80
Faouzi Ghoulam Napoli ALG 78
Ricardo Rodríguez Milan SUI 78
Kwadwo Asamoah Inter GHA 78
Luca Antonelli Empoli ITA 77
Danilo D’Ambrosio Inter ITA 77
Cristian Ansaldi Torino ARG 74
Cristiano Biraghi Fiorentina ITA 74
Davide Santon Roma ITA 74
Mário Rui Napoli POR 72
Dalbert Inter BRA 71
Riza Durmisi Lazio DEN 71


Dalberto is faster than any other left back.


Dalbert Inter BRA 91
Alex Sandro Juventus BRA 85
Mário Rui Napoli POR 84
Riza Durmisi Lazio DEN 81
Cristian Ansaldi Torino ARG 78
Cristiano Biraghi Fiorentina ITA 78
Domenico Criscito Genoa ITA 77
Faouzi Ghoulam Napoli ALG 77
Kwadwo Asamoah Inter GHA 77
Ricardo Rodríguez Milan SUI 73
Davide Santon Roma ITA 73
Luca Antonelli Empoli ITA 72
Danilo D’Ambrosio Inter ITA 72
Aleksandar Kolarov Roma SRB 71


Alex Sandro is, in our opinion, the best left back playing in Serie A. He’s fast, good dribbler and defends well. He is an amazing player.

If pace is all you need, then Dalbert may be who are looking for. Ghoulam and Mário Rui are also decent choices but they are much slower.

FIFA 19 Serie A Left BacksTOP 10 LEFT-BACKS

01 86 ?? Alex Sandro
02 76 ?? Dalbert
03 81 ?? Faouzi Ghoulam
04 78 ?? Mário Rui
05 81 ?? Domenico Criscito
06 79 ?? Kwadwo Asamoah
07 82 ?? Aleksandar Kolarov
08 78 ?? Cristian Ansaldi
09 80 ?? Ricardo Rodríguez
10 76 ?? Riza Durmisi

FIFA 19 Serie A Squad GuideBest FIFA 19 Serie A Left Backs


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