FIFA 19 Serie A Forwards Guide

FIFA 19 Serie A Forwards Guide


Who are the best FIFA 19 Serie A forwards? Let’s find out good centre forwards and strikers to your team!


FIFA 19 Serie A Forwards Guide

The Best FIFA 19 Serie A Centre Forwards and Strikers


The forwards are the players on which fall the most responsibility of scoring goals.

The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Italy had a huge impact in Serie A. He is the world’s most popular player.


Cristiano Ronaldo 94 Juventus POR
Gonzalo Higuaín 88 Milan ARG
Mauro Icardi 87 Inter ARG
Ciro Immobile 87 Lazio ITA
Dries Mertens 87 Napoli BEL
Edin Džeko 85 Roma BOS
Mario Mandžukić 84 Juventus CRO
Alejandro Gómez 84 Atalanta ARG
Andrea Belotti 82 Torino ITA
Simone Zaza 82 Torino ITA
Luis Alberto 82 Lazio ESP
Josip Iličić 81 Atalanta SVN
Arkadiusz Milik 80 Napoli POL
Fabio Quagliarella 80 Sampdoria ITA
Lautaro Martínez 79 Inter ARG
Duván Zapata 78 Atalanta COL
Giovanni Simeone 78 Fiorentina ARG
Leonardo Pavoletti 78 Cagliari ITA
Kevin Lasagna 77 Udinese ITA
Felipe Caicedo 77 Lazio ECU
Patrick Cutrone 77 Milan ITA
Patrik Schick 77 Roma CZ
Roberto Inglese 77 Parma ITA
Rodrigo Palacio 77 Bologna ARG


To score goals shooting is necessary. If either by foot or head, the most important attribute for a forward are: shooting, heading and pace.

Most goals are scored with the foot so good shooting is a necessary attribute for a forward.

The best forwards are the ones that best shooting: Ronaldo and Higuaín.


Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus POR 93
Gonzalo Higuaín Milan ARG 87
Ciro Immobile Lazio ITA 87
Mauro Icardi Inter ARG 85
Edin Džeko Roma BOS 85
Fabio Quagliarella Sampdoria ITA 85
Dries Mertens Napoli BEL 83
Arkadiusz Milik Napoli POL 83
Josip Iličić Atalanta SVN 82
Andrea Belotti Torino ITA 81
Simone Zaza Torino ITA 81
Mario Mandžukić Juventus CRO 78
Duván Zapata Atalanta COL 78
Luis Alberto Lazio ESP 77
Lautaro Martínez Inter ARG 77
Mirco Antenucci SPAL ITA 77
Alejandro Gómez Atalanta ARG 76
Giovanni Simeone Fiorentina ARG 76
Khouma Babacar Sassuolo SEN 76
Leonardo Pavoletti Cagliari ITA 75
Roberto Inglese Parma ITA 75


Jump, strength and stamina are the ingredients to the new physical attribute, very important when we are analysing the best forwards: jump to score with the head; strength to dispute the ball with the opponents; and stamina to sprint in direction of goal at any time of the game.

Zaza, Mandžukić and Belotti are the strikers with the highest phsysicality stat.


Simone Zaza Torino ITA 86
Mario Mandžukić Juventus CRO 85
Andrea Belotti Torino ITA 84
Lautaro Martínez Inter ARG 81
Andreas Cornelius Atalanta DEN 81
Felipe Caicedo Lazio ECU 80
Łukasz Teodorczyk Udinese POL 80
Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus POR 79
Andrea Petagna SPAL ITA 79
Duván Zapata Atalanta COL 78
Ciro Immobile Lazio ITA 76
Alberto Paloschi SPAL ITA 76
Leonardo Pavoletti Cagliari ITA 75
Gonzalo Higuaín Milan ARG 74
Arkadiusz Milik Napoli POL 74
Edin Džeko Roma BOS 73
Giovanni Simeone Fiorentina ARG 73
Mauro Icardi Inter ARG 72
Roberto Inglese Parma ITA 71
Patrick Cutrone Milan ITA 71
Khouma Babacar Sassuolo SEN 71


Depending on the style of play and formation, having good shooting and heading may not be enough for a striker. Especially in games that privilege counter-attack, pace is a very important attribute.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Alejandro Gómez are the fastest strikers in Serie A.


Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus POR 90
Alejandro Gómez Atalanta ARG 90
Dries Mertens Napoli BEL 89
Kevin Lasagna Udinese ITA 88
Gregoire Defrel Sampdoria FRA 87
Francesco Caputo Empoli ITA 87
Lautaro Martínez Inter ARG 83
Ciro Immobile Lazio ITA 82
Gianluca Lapadula Genoa ITA 81
Simone Zaza Torino ITA 79
Andrea Belotti Torino ITA 79
Mauro Icardi Inter ARG 78
Giovanni Simeone Fiorentina ARG 78
Patrick Cutrone Milan ITA 76
Rodrigo Palacio Bologna ARG 76
Felipe Vizeu Udinese BRA 75
Rodrigo Javier De Paul Udinese ARG 74
Gonzalo Higuaín Milan ARG 73
Luis Alberto Lazio ESP 73
Patrik Schick Roma CZ 73
Alberto Paloschi SPAL ITA 73


Obviously, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best striker but only a few can pay for his price. Hopefully, this league has at least three other amazing strikers: Higuaín, who is a goal machine; Mertens, is faster, has a bad header but plays a lot for the team; and Immobile, who is a kind of mix of the other two.

For lower budgets, there are also quality options like Icardi or Alejandro Gómez.

FIFA 19 Serie A Forwards

01 94 ?? Cristiano Ronaldo
02 87 ?? Dries Mertens
03 87 ?? Ciro Immobile
04 88 ?? Gonzalo Higuaín
05 87 ?? Mauro Icardi
06 84 ?? Alejandro Gómez
07 82 ?? Andrea Belotti
08 82 ?? Simone Zaza
09 79 ?? Lautaro Martínez
10 84 ?? Mario Mandžukic

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  1. no love for Muriel?? i play him with immobile and left of cuadrado..and slay..they link up well.. on a budget u cant go wrong.

  2. Here is my team in a 4312 formation
    GK:84 Szczesny
    RB:83 Cancelo
    CB:85 Manolas
    CB:84 de Vrij
    LB:86 Alex Sandro
    CM:85 Naingolan
    CM:85 Milinkovic-Savic
    CM:84 Allan
    CAM:84 Cuadrado
    ST:84 Gomez
    ST:87 Immobile
    I have around 40-50k budget any improvements.

  3. Hi I play 4231
    Go 84 Szczesny
    Rb 83 Cancelo.
    Cb 86 skriniar
    Cb 88 Koulibaly
    Lb 83 Kolarov
    Cdm 85 Matuidi
    Cdm 85 Witsel
    Cam 88 Lukaku
    Cam 85 Nainggolan
    Cam Muriel
    St Immobile
    I have around a 30-45k budget any improvements???

  4. Hi! As usual, great guides, thanks! Lautaro Martínez spanish flag is incorrect, he is from Argentina.

  5. Hey, my team is
    GK: Szczesny
    RB: João Cancelo
    CB: Manolas
    CB: UCL De Vrij
    LB: UCL Ghoulam
    CM: Matuidi
    CM: Nainggolan
    CAM: Milinkovic Savic
    RW: Cuadrado
    LW: Perisic
    ST: Immobile
    I’m thinking on getting Mertens, should I get him as a ST or a CAM… also, if there are any suggestions on how to improve it

    1. Hi. Mertens is a great player but if you are scoring many goals with Immobile, then use him as a CAM. I also think there are other better LWs than the one you are using.

  6. Who would u prefer if u already have mertens, i play allround so need air and ground goals

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