FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide

Training, position, manager’s leagues, contracts, fitness, healing and chemistry styles cards. Find out more about them on our FIFA 20 Consumables Guide.



FIFA 20 Consumables Cards

Introduction to the FIFA 20 consumables cards

In modern football, good players don’t make a winning team. They need to be supported by their club. It may be specific training, more stringent physical preparation or simple treatment for an injury. In FUT 20, this support is actioned by using consumables.

Consumables are one of the four cards’ types in the game. By definition, they are all the cards that can be applied to players or managers to improve some of their characteristics. They differ from the other cards because they expire after passing its effect to players or managers’ cards, making them more valuable or more adjusted to the goals of the team. Consumables are cards applied on players or managers that make them more valuable.

There are eight types of FIFA 20 consumables, each one with a part to play:

1 Player’s Training
2 Goalkeeper’s Training
3 Position
4 Manager’s League
5 Contracts
6 Fitness
7 Healing
8 Chemistry Styles

The training cards improve the stats of players during one match. The manager’s league cards allow you to change his preferred league, what may be important to get good individual chemistries. The fitness and the healing cards are responsible for improving the player physical condition or for getting him back from an injury. The chemistry style cards are a good way to get players to play just like you want and keep them at a level to do so (fitness wise and injury free). Last but not least, the contracts are essential if you want to use players and managers. All these cards are important, but some more than others.

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate TeamTo buy consumables go to Transfers – Transfer Market – Consumables Search


Just like any other type of card, FIFA 20 consumables can be found in packs through the following ways:

✔️ when you create a new club, from the Starter Pack;
✔️ when you buy them at the store;
✔️ when you play FUT Draft, FUT Champions, Squad Battles, Division Rivals or Squad Building Challenges;
✔️ when you complete objectives;
✔️ when you win tournaments or seasons that include packs as reward;
✔️ or when you receive Daily Gifts, Welcome Back packs and other prizes.

Our suggestion is that, if you need any specific consumable, you should go directly to the transfer market and buy it using the filters on the ‘consumables’ window. In that way, you will be spending only the coins you have to spend and you will be moving quickly to adhere to the needs of your club. Obviously, if you get a consumable card in a pack you will not discard it. You can use it for your own club or if you do not need it you can sell it in the market.

There is no limit for the FIFA 20 consumables that you can store in your club. The consumables pile is unlimited. You still need to respect the slots available on the transfer list and on the transfer target, but you can store unlimited repeated cards in your club.

The gamers without Ultimate Team experience may face some problems using FIFA 20 consumables. Firstly, it is important to clarify that all these cards are applied on players. The only exception are the contracts. They can also be used on managers. League cards can also only be applied to managers.

To apply a consumable you should start by selecting the player or the manager in which you want to apply, going to ‘My Club’ or to ‘Squads’ – ‘Active Squad’. With the item selected, you just need to choose ‘Actions’ and then ‘Apply Consumable’. This will bring up a list of all consumables, sorted in folders, and you will be able to choose the one you want to use.

The fitness cards are the only cards that can be applied at once to the whole group instead of doing it individually. In order to do that, you have to go to the active squad menu (‘Squads’ – ‘Active Squads’), selecct ‘Squad Actions’ and then ‘Apply Squad Fitness’.

You can only use consumables that you have stored in the consumables pile or immediately after buying them.

You can use any of the three card’s qualities (gold, silver or bronze) independently on players’ or manager’s. For example, you can apply a bronze training card to a gold player.

The staff cards are responsible to increase the consumable’s effect. You just need to store them in your club and the bonus is automatically assigned. The head coaches give a bonus to the training cards, the goalkeeper coaches give a bonus to the goalkeepers training cards, the fitness coaches give a bonus to the fitness cards, the physios give a bonus to the healing cards and the managers give a bonus to the contracts. If you want to know the bonus the staff stored in your club is giving to specific consumable’s, simulate its application. Ie, choose a player or manager, select ‘apply consumable’ and choose the type of consumable that you want to apply. Before cancelling the operation, you can check the boost percentage on the screen. If your staff bonus is being shown incorrectly when you are trying to apply a contract, healing, fitness or training card, not matching with the staff you own in your club, exit your Ultimate Team and open it again. To learn more about this topic, please take a look at our staff guide.

The following table show you the differences between the eight types of FIFA 20 consumables:

Price Range
Player’s Training Head Coach Player +3 to +15 No 21 150 to 5000c
GK’s Training GK Coach Player +3 to +15 No 21 150 to 5000c
Position Player 39 150 to 5000c
Manager’s League Manager 45 150 to 5000c
Contract Manager Pl / Manager +1 to +28 Yes 36 150 to 5000c
Fitness Fitness Coach Player +10 to +60 Yes 6 150 to 5000c
Healing Physio Player +1 to +5 Yes 24 150 to 5000c
Chemistry Style Player 24 150 to 5000c

We will analyse each one of these cards in more detail.


Player Training Cards

Boost your player’s stats

The only role of players and goalkeepers training cards is to increase one or all six technical attributes, during a single match. After you apply one of these cards, its effect is reflected in the following match. It expires after this. The only difference between these cards is that technical attributes of goalkeepers are different from the technical attributes of other players.


You can find a complete explanation about FIFA 20 training cards here

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


Position Change Cards

Change your player’s position

The position change cards allow you to change the preferred position of a player to the one that is printed on the card. For each card that you use, you can change a single player’s position only once. Using several cards, you can change the player’s position as many times as you want.

Position’s cards contain information about the old and the new position. If a player’s favourite position doesn’t match with the old position printed on the card, we cannot apply that card to him. It means, for example that you will never transform a left back into a left winger.


You can find a complete explanation about FIFA 20 position change cards here

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


Manager’s Leagues Cards

Change your manager’s league

The managers contribute one point to the individual chemistry of all players from the starting eleven that have the same nationality or the same league as them.

As it is not always possible to match the leagues, there are cards that help solve this problem. They allow you to change the league printed on the manager card to the one that is printed on the card. For each card that you spend, you can change league once. You can change the manager’s league as many times as you want.


You can find a complete explanation about FIFA 20 manager’s leagues cards here

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


Contract Cards

The most important consumable

The role of the contracts is to increase the amount of games that a manager or a player can play.

The number of contracts printed on players and managers cards decreases every time you use them in a match. When the number of matches printed on the players or managers cards reaches zero, they cannot be used in a match until you apply them a contract card again. These cards can be applied in any time. You don’t have to wait until they run out of contracts.


You can find a complete explanation about FIFA 20 contract cards here

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


Fitness Cards

Boost your player’s fitness

The only role of these cards is to add the fitness points indicated on the item to the physical condition that is printed on the player card.

There are two types of fitness cards: individual and squad’s cards. The first ones, allow you to recover only one player. The other ones increase the fitness of all your 23 players – starting eleven, substitutes and reserves.


You can find a complete explanation about FIFA 20 fitness cards here

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


Healing Cards

Recover your players from injuries

Fitness cards are useless if a player has an injury. In this case, you’ll have to apply a healing card if you want to use this player immediately, or you can at least reduce his downtime. This is the only role of healing cards.

There are two types of healing cards: the ones that are specific for each type of injury (foot, leg, knee, arm, head, back or upper body), that can reduce up to 5 matches, and the ones that cure a player no matter which type of injury he’s got, reducing the wait up to 4 matches.


You can find a complete explanation about FIFA 20 healing cards here

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


Chemistry Styles Cards

Redistribute your player’s stats bonus

Chemistry Style is a card that allows players to choose which attributes will be affected by the chemistry. These cards can be applied to a player to change their style of play adjusting the players attributes to their squad needs. They do not change your chemistry numbers. They redistribute the stats that will receive chemistry boosts which will increase the value of specific in-game stats – thus increasing the player’s ability to perform.


You can find a complete explanation about FIFA 20 chemistry styles cards here

FIFA 20 Consumables Cards Guide for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team


FIFA 20 Consumables: Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about the FIFA 20 consumables

Q: Where can I get FIFA 20 consumables cards?
A: On the Transfer Market. Choose the filter ‘Consumables Search‘ if you are looking for training, position, leagues, contract, fitness, healing or chemistry styles cards.

Q: Can I apply a consumable on a player of a different category?
A: Yes. You can use any of the three categories of these cards (gold, silver or bronze) independently of players’ or coach’s category.

Q: When I apply a training card to a player do his improved attributes stay this way forever?
A: No. It lasts one match.

Q: If I apply many training cards to a player, can I make accumulate its affect?
A: No. For each match, any attribute can only be improved once.

Q: What happens if I apply a training card to a player that stays on the reserves or on the bench?
A: Nothing. He will continue to benefit from the training effect until he plays.

Q: It is possible to apply positioning cards to turn a CDM into a ST?
A: Yes, it is. You just need to apply ST-CF, CF-CAM, CAM-CM and CM-CDM cards.

Q: When should I apply a contract card?
A: No later than when a player or a manager can be prevented from participating in a match due to lack of contracts.

Q: What means the numbers that are in a contract card?
A: It is the number of matches that the player can play before running out of contracts according to the player category.

Q: When should I apply a fitness card?
A: Avoid having to do it. We suggest that you do only if your players are with fitness lower than 90.

Q: When should I apply a chemistry style card ?
A: When you feel that your team and player need a improvement in some attributes.

Q: Why stadiums, kits, badges and balls are not consumables?
A: Because you can not spend them. They are Club Items.

Q: How can I reduce the cost of consumables?
A: Start by hiring staff oriented to the FIFA 20 consumables cards that you most often use. Don’t forget that rotation is one of the FUT 20 success keys.

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