The Entire Collection of FIFA 20 Content Mistakes

The Entire Collection of FIFA 20 Content Mistakes

FIFA is a best-selling game but it is far to be perfect. It looks that 1,000 eyes are not enough to find daily mistakes. Our friends ‘FIFA20Mistakes’ and Dan made an incredible work, compiling all the FIFA 20 content mistakes in a single list.


The Entire Collection of FIFA 20 Content Mistakes

The list of the most important FIFA 20 content mistakes

Checking content before it’s tweeted/released is avoidable. It’s crazy how many times EA miss things. Most of the issues below are incredibly petty and not worth talking about. However, listed together they show that this isn’t just the odd mistake here and there. It’s a constant lack of care and attention to a game that has thousands spent on it weekly.

Below we have listed the content type mistakes of FIFA 20 in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

MISTAKE 095 April 21, 2020
In a reveal for #TOTSSF on consoles, EA used the old Serie A logo, specifically the one from 2018-2019, not the newer, 2019-2020 logo.

MISTAKE 094 April 15, 2020
EA announced the newest TOTWM squad, which includes Marco Fabian on the Philadelphia Union. Marco Fabian is no longer on the Union, as he currently plays for Al Sadd Sports Club in Qatar. Besides that, they spelt Marco Fabián, using a number 1 for the “i”.

MISTAKE 093 April 10, 2020
Not all players have featured on the FUT Birthday image.


MISTAKE 092 April 06, 2020
here are multiple players who are in the game, who do not have names. No names are visible on console or companion app.

MISTAKE 091 April 05, 2020
Once again, there is a bug that avoid to see the description of objectives.

MISTAKE 090 April 04, 2020
EA delivered the wrong rewards.


MISTAKE 089 April 01, 2020
The latest update is affecting the badges of a few clubs.

MISTAKE 088 March 28, 2020
Scoring headers from crosses result in a game crash on PS4 which inevitably gives you a loss.

MISTAKE 087 March 21, 2020
EA released an objective that had “lobbed through balls” as a challenge. Players were completing the objective but the challenge was not registering the players’ progress. They have now altered this objective to try and correct the problem.

MISTAKE 086 March 18, 2020
EA released a Rare Players Pack objective with a broken requirements. One of the challenges says to “complete 5 squad building challenges”. However, bronze, silver, gold upgrades, also, league SBC’s do not count, even though they are all “SBC’s”

MISTAKE 085 March 18, 2020
The Mid-Icon SBC is rewarding Prime Moments version of Riquelme.

MISTAKE 084 March 18, 2020
If you pack a new TOTW Moments card, the pack automatically skips itself. There is no “pack animation” after you open the pack.
MISTAKE 083 March 18, 2020
Loan Player Packs contain tradeable items.

MISTAKE 082 March 16, 2020
Liga NOS SBC rewards are showing up players from the Chinese Super League.

MISTAKE 081 March 12, 2020
Every Icon can only be released once in Swaps. However, by mistake Schmeichel was included in Icon Swaps III.

MISTAKE 080 March 11, 2020
FUT Swaps are back… or not.

MISTAKE 079 March 11, 2020
Saint-Maximin was 85 rated on the official EA Spanish Youtube channel, when he was supposed to be 84 rated.

MISTAKE 078 March 10, 2020
Emmanuel Adeboyor’s character model is not quite correct. His player has white legs and white hands. Perhaps there are newly released cards that are also incorrect.

MISTAKE 077 March 06, 2020
Regular versions of CONMEBOL Sudamericana players were in packs while they should have been just the special versions.

MISTAKE 076 March 06, 2020
Patched in 3…2…1

MISTAKE 075 March 04, 2020
A new TOTW is out. However, EA have wrongly rated the new Rajkovic TOTW item of 79, instead of 81 as it was supposed.

MISTAKE 074 March 03, 2020
EA Twitter account revealed Riquelme as a new Icon. However, the tweet was deleted since he was not in packs as advertised Besides that, he was showing up as a GK with the name Allsop in concepts. .

MISTAKE 074 February 29, 2020
In the FCC qualifiers, an EA licensed event, pros had to play a game of “rock paper scissors” because they were unable to invite each other to a match. Hard to take this eSport seriously when dealing with situations like this.

MISTAKE 073 February 26, 2020
EA have released the new TOTW sixteen hours sooner than usually.

MISTAKE 072 February 23, 2020
EA tweeting out a “Flashback SBC” when it is a Player Moments card design.

MISTAKE 071 February 22, 2020
EA incorrectly updated some UEL RTTF cards causing an unnatural inflation in some prices. EA are going to revert these changes, so anyone who bought the upgraded cards will likely lose coins.

MISTAKE 070 February 21, 2020
Untradeable items on the market?

MISTAKE 069 February 17, 2020
Squad Battes rewards got released but many players are receiving a unknown pack that features 60 rare gold items that cannot be opened.

MISTAKE 068 February 09, 2020
This is getting ridiculous. Several players received a message from EA granting them De Jong TOTY item for watching the eClub World Cup. Sounds great, right? Well, according to EA this was (another) mistake and in fact they will not receive anything. How is this possible?
UPDATE: almost one week later, EA have reverted their own decision and ahve assigned De Jong TOTY item for everyone who has received the message.

MISTAKE 067 February 05, 2020
EA has released a new SBC for Dayot Upamecano. However, they spelt his name ‘Dayo’ instead of ‘Dayot’.

MISTAKE 066 February 05, 2020
EA tweeted the new TOTW saying that it would be released at 6am instead of 6pm UK time.

MISTAKE 065 February 04, 2020
According to the official Headliners FAQ, an upgrade based on a team’s winning streak is updated within 48 hours of a team winning their fourth game in the winning streak However, EA took four days to update Salah and Wijnaldum Headliner items.

MISTAKE 064 February 02, 2020
In the current TOTW, IF Luuk De Jong has 3* weak foot. However, his red version which should be the same card, has 5* weak foot.

MISTAKE 063 February 02, 2020
EA just released a Weston McKennie SBC. The card they tweeted has different stats than the one in game. Shocking.

MISTAKE 062 February 01, 2020
In one of the Ødegaard challenges, EA state you need to score in 5 separate rivals matches, yet the counter says 0/4.

MISTAKE 061 January 30, 2020
The FUT Champions and the IF version of Iličić have different stats.

MISTAKE 060 January 26, 2020
Flashback David Luiz has conflicting stats across different platforms.

FB David Luiz still has different Dribbling stats from FIFA

MISTAKE 059 January 24, 2020
In the Week 3 – Bronze challenges, the objective states you can assist in “any FUT mode” however, it is glitched and doesn’t allow assists in FUT draft, which is a FUT mode. Gold and Silver objectives were also visible for everyone but this was fixed later.

MISTAKE 058 January 24, 2020
EA just released headliners batch 2. On the companion app, they are available in packs for “^countdownto^”. They continue to produce content without checking their work.

MISTAKE 057 January 23, 2020
EA released a Ben Yedder POTM which required a few squads, one being an 86. There was a glitch which allows it to be an 80 rated! Obviously, EA took less than 25 minutes to remove the SBC.

MISTAKE 056 January 23, 2020
For many players, FUT champions rewards were not working on the web app/companion app. The message prompts you to log in from console or PC. However, it doesn’t work on console or PC.

MISTAKE 055 January 21, 2020
Player Moments Sané SBC was released with no expiry date. While unusual, this could be the EA’s intention. However, they have confirmed in-game that was indeed just another mistake.

Ea: Leroy sane SBC will never expire! Also Ea:“Earn a special Leroy sane for a limited time” from FIFA

MISTAKE 054 January 15, 2020
Pack probabilities are no longer available in-game.

MISTAKE 053 January 15, 2020
Without reason, a few players have been removed from the “players” sbc tab in fifa. The affected players are Bernardo Silva, Trent POTM, and FB Marcelo.

MISTAKE 052 January 10, 2020
EA released three TOTY sbcs a few hours ago. They were available for about an hour before they got removed.

MISTAKE 051 January 09, 2020
In the most recent Marquee Matchups, EA spelt Athletic Bilbao wrong, by leaving out the L in Athletic.

MISTAKE 050 January 08, 2020
EA have updated dynamic images for TOTW players. However, they put Banegas picture on Kolarovs card. EA have also confused Kompany and Ben Yedder. Thought this was a glitch at first. However, it’s just a mistake.

MISTAKE 048 January 07, 2020
EA are advertising the Bundesliga POTM. However, in their announcement, they use Max, twice. I believe Kostic should be there instead of a duplicate Max.

MISTAKE 047 January 07, 2020
Kante is currently in the TOTW and TOTY. There have been many people who have lacked the TOTW version in the past 40 minutes, when it should be the TOTY. This is a HUGE mistake.
MISTAKE 046 January 07, 2020
EA released a flashback David Luis, however, they failed to double check their work, and had Ibrahimovic’s name in the description.

MISTAKE 045 January 06, 2020
EA announced Mané in the #TOTY as a 98 rated (left picture). However, his in game rating says 97. Other than the rating, there are many attributes that are different as well. Surely it couldn’t be that hard to double check you have the correct attributes, EA.

MISTAKE 044 January 06, 2020
EA made a mistake with the fan vote for the 12th TOTY player. We should have Son and Bernardo Silva. Instead, EA gave us Ziyech and Hazard.

MISTAKE 043 January 06, 2020
EA tweet a video releasing the new #TOTY cards. However on their website, the TOTY shows every position as Alex Telles, who is not in the TOTY.

MISTAKE 042 January 02, 2020
Harry Kane’s latest IF was announced and released as a 92 by EA. They then upgraded his card to a 93, the correct rating if you take into consideration his other special cards.

MISTAKE 041 January 02, 2020
Everyone received their FUT champs player picks as a rare gold player pick rather than the RED version of the current TOTW.

MISTAKE 040 January 01, 2020
EA tweeted out the new Team of the Week with the hashtag #TOTY. Team of the week and “team of the year” are not the same thing.
MISTAKE 039 December 22, 2019
EA release Prime icons two days ago. However, they did not release them properly as the companion app and web app don’t show the names, player bios, or player faces of new icons.

MISTAKE 039 December 19, 2019
EA tweet a picture of the current FUTmas SBCs, however Jesus is not available at this current moment.

MISTAKE 038 December 17, 2019
EA released a Thiago Mendes FUTMas card reusing the exact same image as his TOTS card from FIFA 19. It might not seem like a big deal, however his image clearly still has his Lille kit, while he is currently on OL.

MISTAKE 037 December 13, 2019
EA says they fixed the visual glitch on the companion app regarding skill moves and weak foot. However, the “fix” is still wrong, showing one less ⭐️ in the respective category for every player.

MISTAKE 036 December 11, 2019
In the most recent UEFA Marquee Moments sbc, players have correctly done each requirement yet one remains unchecked. Have only seen this issue on the companion app. However, this is the second time this mistake has occurred.

MISTAKE 035 December 04, 2019
A simple spelling error on the companion app, but it’s a mistake nonetheless . “8 goals in AN FUT match”.

MISTAKE 034 November 30, 2019
For more than once during the Black Friday event, EA have advertised the wrong pack reward for a flash sbc. They say a “rare golds players pack” when that is not the correct reward you receive in game.

MISTAKE 033 November 27, 2019
In the most recent UEFA Marquee Matchups sbc, players have correctly done each requirement yet one remains unchecked. Perhaps EA meant maximum and not minimum?

MISTAKE 032 November 24, 2019
EA are still advertising the Flashback Paulinho sbc even when it is expired and not available.

MISTAKE 031 November 22, 2019
After the recent companion app update, skill moves and weak foot are no longer displayed properly. Every player has “0” for each category making it impossible to check actual attributes on the app.

MISTAKE 030 November 14, 2019
EA released a TOTW sbc that was available for 5 minutes. Since they don’t double check their work, it had incorrect requirements.

MISTAKE 029 November 12, 2019
Apparently EA messed up with the “Base Icon Pack” of Icon Swaps. People have reportedly gotten the middle version of some icons rather than the base version.

MISTAKE 028 November 10, 2019
Daily challenges were left out of FUT after the previous ones expired.
MISTAKE 027 November 10, 2019
EA leaked a Corona Road to the final SBC in a tweet, which they quickly deleted.

MISTAKE 026 November 05, 2019
EA announced that voting is closed for “September’s” player of the month. The correct month should read, October.

MISTAKE 025 November 03, 2019
A visual glitch on the FUT Champions menu. The next rank badge is identical to the current rank badge. Sometimes a purple badge can be seen in the middle of these two.

MISTAKE 024 October 22, 2019
EA officially release UCL cards in packs with absurdly low price ranges for multiple players. Many of these price ranges are 10% of what their gold counterpart sell for.

MISTAKE 023 October 18, 2019
Scream cards are not correctly shown on console when packed, or searched.

MISTAKE 022 October 11, 2019
Conflicting stats and ratings on September’s Bundesliga player of the month.

MISTAKE 021 October 11, 2019
EA announce POTM winner Aubameyang at 6 am EST. At the end of the video it says he is “available now”. 1 hour later, he is still not available.

MISTAKE 020 October 06, 2019
A OTW Nainggolan sbc was apparently leaked if you loaded the game in Norwegian.

MISTAKE 019 October 04, 2019
EA release a OTW Promes SBC, then remove it as people were falsely told that they completed the challenge.

MISTAKE 018 October 03, 2019
A sports had an issue with the registration page for the Global Series that allowed personal information of customers to be leaked. This is not ok.

MISTAKE 017 September 30, 2019
UCL versions of cards were released in packs today (unannounced) , some of which had OTW versions. People opening packs were given the “wrong” item.

MISTAKE 016 September 20, 2019
In the 20 strongest players released by EA. Frey was transferred to Nürnberg, so the badge is accurate but the text still says his old club.


MISTAKE 015 September 20, 2019
An Eden Hazard related objective was released. However, the word separate was misspelt.

View post on

MISTAKE 014 September 18, 2019
An EA Access objective was made available. However, one aspect of it did not work for some users, making it impossible to complete.
MISTAKE 013 September 18, 2019
The TOTW was released. However, the infographic stated there would be 18 players when there were actually 23.

MISTAKE 012 September 18, 2019
Inform Ibra was released after his performance for LA Galaxy. However, he had a PSG shirt on in his card’s picture.

MISTAKE 011 September 18, 2019
FIFA 20 has arrived and so have the OTW packs. However, users received random rare gold cards by accident.

MISTAKE 010 September 18, 2019
IF Ibrahimovic has a dynamic image wearing a PSG kit. Ibrahimovic plays for the LA Galaxy.

MISTAKE 009 September 18, 2019
On the web app, the loan player is advertised to be a five game loan. When opened, it’s revealed as a 7 game loan.

MISTAKE 008 September 14, 2019
The text says Romelu as the 4th strongest player, yet the card is Wesley…

MISTAKE 007 September 13, 2019
James is stated to have 86 passing, however his card says differently. Disclaimer: There have been multiple mistakes from these EA released lists which we have not included in the total count. However, this one counts.

MISTAKE 006 September 12, 2019
In the 20 strongest players released by EA. Frey was transferred to Nürnberg, so the badge is accurate but the text still says his old club.

MISTAKE 005 September 07, 2019
EA published an article on FIFA 20 player ratings. However, according to EA Sterling’s first name is Robert.

Can we add this to the list? from FIFA

MISTAKE 004 September 07, 2019
EA released August POTM voting. However, the pictures for the candidates were all the same image of Eden Hazard, Raheem Sterling’s name was misspelt and Mane was confused with Aubameyang in the previous winners section.

POTM mistake

MISTAKE 003 July 26, 2019
EA revealed a Prime ICON Zidane card. However, the stats on their social medial were different to the ones on their website.

Zidane stats from Website vs Social Media from FIFA

MISTAKE 002 July 26, 2019
EA posted the FIFA 20 cover stars images on Facebook. However, they incorrectly called Van Dijk, ‘Van Dyke’.

EA back at it again with the high notion of detail from FIFA

MISTAKE 001 July 25, 2019
EA released an update on the upcoming Pro Clubs changes. However, they talked about adding LM/RM positions when in fact they already exist and they were meant to say LW/RW positions instead.

Is LM and RM not already in the game shouldn’t that say LW/ RW from FIFA


The list of content mistakes for FIFA 19 can be found here.