FIFA 20 Daily Objectives List and Rewards

FIFA 20 Daily Objectives

A fresh batch of objectives is released every single day as part of the new Season Objectives. In this always updated page, you will be able to discover the FIFA 20 Daily Objectives List and its rewards. Complete dynamic daily Objectives in-game or in the web & companion app to earn XP. From squad management goals to dynamic in-match challenges, the harder the challenge, more XP you’ll receive and the higher are your chances to win a better season reward.

FIFA 20 Daily Objectives are an easy way to earn XP in FUT. The Objectives vary in difficulty and are consistently updated. Each day, at 6pm (UK time), at least four new objectives are released. If you don’t claim your rewards before the Objectives reset, EA’ll automatically add them to your Club and you will be informed by a pop up. Don’t forget that by completing a daily group, you will receive extra XP.

Let’s find out the list of FIFA 20 daily objectives.


FIFA 20 Daily Objectives

List of all FIFA 20 Daily Objectives
FIFA 20 Daily Objectives List and Rewards

Here is the list of all FIFA 20 Daily Objectives, sorted in alphabetical order (more will be added throughout the year):

SMO Squad Management Objectives (can be completed everywhere)
IMO In-Match Objectives (cannot be completed on the Web and Companion Apps)

180 XP SMO APPLY FITNESS | Apply a Fitness item to any Player
180 XP SMO BUY A PLAYER | Buy any Player from the Transfer Market using Buy Now
180 XP SMO LIST A PLAYER | List any Player on the Transfer Market
180 XP IMO FUT FRIENDLIES | Score a goal in any FUT game mode.
180 XP IMO PLAY TWO | Play Two matches in any game mode
180 XP IMO SCORE 5 GOALS | Score 5 goals in either Rivals or Squad Battles
180 XP IMO SCORE A FINESSE GOAL | Apply a Finesse goal in any game mode
180 XP IMO SCORE A GOAL IN ONLINE SWAPS | Score a goal in online swaps
180 XP IMO SCORE A GOAL IN SURVIVAL | Score a goal in Survival
180 XP IMO SCORE A HEADER | Score a Header with any player, in any game mode
180 XP IMO WIN A GAME | Win a match in any game mode


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  1. Right Now i am on 90,000 XP and 10,000 XP away from getting storyline pedro. Does anyone know if ea will release more objectives before season 6 ends?

  2. I’m currently on 98626xp for this season and I’m desperate to get the storyline Fred card at the end of the season. I’ve done all the objectives that I can rn but I’m still short. Is there anything else I can do or do I just have to pray for ea to release more objectives on Thursday?

  3. Hi
    Yesterday I did the header and volley daily challenge twice and never got the 180xp either time and today I’ve done the score a goal in survival twice and yet again didn’t get the 180xp please help with this

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